Geist (PokéJourney)
Starting Species Ghastly
Ending Species Gengar
Hometown Realmsville
Availability Goldenrod Trail
Party Status Permanent
Voice Actor Tara Strong (All Forms)
Abilities Levitate (Before Gengar)

Cursed Body (Gengar) Shadow Tag (Mega Gengar)

Geist is a character in PokéJourney: The Shirla Chronicles. She joins the party on the journey while the party travels on the Goldenrod Trail after she apologizes for a harmless prank done to them.

Personality and Aptitudes

Geist has a sense of humor that often shows itself, but she doesn't overdo the humor. This humor often manifests in harmless pranks and jokes that could defuse a potential terrible situation. Underneath the humor, she very is loyal to her friends and family. Geist is not blind to other people's intentions, however. She is currently the Shirla equivalent to 24 Earth years.

As a Ghost type Pokémon, she can hover around to move around even as a Gengar. As a Gengar, Geist can tap into the power of a Gengarite to become a Mega Gengar. She can only access this power during battle and will last until the battle is done. She does not use "Levitate" or hover in battle as either a Gengar or a Mega Gengar.


Geist can learn the following techniques. Level up attacks are learned the same regardless of form.

Level Up Techniques
Type Technique Description Level Learned
Psychic Hypnosis The user suggests the target to fall asleep using hypnotic suggestions. 1
Ghost Lick The target is licked with the user tongue. May cause paralysis 1
Ghost Spite The user unleashes a grudge, temporary stopping an enemy from hitting the user with a move that struck previously. The Spite target can still hit others with the spite effected move, however. 5
Normal Mean Look The user gives a forceful, mean look that stops an enemy from escaping. 8
Ghost Curse If the user has the Ghost typing, the user cuts half of own HP to call a HP draining curse on an enemy. Otherwise, sacrifices some Speed to boost Attack and Defense. 12
Ghost Night Shade Subjects a target to a ghostly mirage. Does damage equal to the level of the user. 15
Ghost Confuse Ray A sinister ray is exposed to the target to confuse the target 19
Dark Payback Stores power to later attack. If hit while storing power, this attack's power is doubled 22
Poison Smog A weak poison gas is expelled on the target. May cause poisoning. 26
Poison Clear Smog By throwing a special type of mud, the user clears all stat changes. 30
Ghost Shadow Ball A shadowing, ghostly ball is throw at a target. May lower the target's Special Defense 34
Psychic Dream Eater The user somehow eats the dreams of the target. The user restores HP equal to half of the damage dealt. 39
Ghost Ominous Wind A ghostly and frightening wind is blown towards the target. It may increase all the user's stats. 42
Fire Will-O-Wisp A sinister, blue-white flame is sent to the target causing a burn. 45
Dark Dark Pulse An aura filled with dark thoughts is released. The target may flinch after being hit. 50
Ghost Hex Attacks with a ghostly spell. This does heavy damage to a target with a status problem. 56
Ghost Destiny Bond After use, the target will faint when they cause the user to faint before the user's next attack. 61
Ghost Nightmare Implants a bad dream on a sleeping target or worsens a target's dream to slowly drain the target's HP. 65
Poison Sludge Bomb A horrible bomb of unsanitary sludge is detonated on a target. MAy Poison the target.


Team Techniques
Team Technique Attack Teammates(s) Teammates'/'s Technique(s) Descriptions
Tutor Techniques
Tutor Type Technique Description Conditions
Spect Ghost Shadow Punch This punch is delivered through the shadows. It's a guaranteed hit. Geist must be a Haunter or a Gengar to learn.
Spect Ghost Shadow Claw Attacks with claws of shadows that causes critical hits easier. Geist must be a Haunter or a Gengar to learn.
Spect Ghost Astonish A loud shriek startles the foe as the user attacks. This may cause the target to flinch. Geist can learn this in any form.
Spect Ghost Grudge Between the use of this move and the next one, anyone who faints the user will be unable to that KO'ing technique on anyone for the rest of the battle. Geist can learn this in any form.
Spect Poison Toxic The target is affected by a nasty poison. This causes a poisoning unlike others that worsens as time goes on. Geist can learn this in any form.
Spect Poison Venoshock A special poisonous liquid drenches the target. The attack doubles its power on poisoned targets. Geist can learn this in any form.
Tsunami Dark Sucker Punch Delivers a cheap punch to the target that allows the user to move first. This fails if the target isn't readying an attack. Geist must be a Haunter or a Gengar to learn.


  • Although Geist is indeed a female, she cannot learn any moves that cause infatuation or be affected by anything that causes infatuation from anyone. This also applies to techniques that require a form of attraction to function. Said attraction based techniques and Abilities will fail if used on Geist.
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