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Geise Female
130 lbs
24 years old Beorn
Geise, the ghostly Beorn
POWERS Spirit Tools

Spirit Pass
Stretching/Distorting Limbs

BIRTHDAY October 14th



Geise is a Beorn who died on Zeon during the destruction of Zeon. She lives up to the ideals of her hero Unten. The character was introduced in Pink Lemonade in the episode Dead Party. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a parallel of both Rei Carnation and Xerra, being a calmer ghost that actually upholds to the standards she couldn't hold up when she was alive as well as a Beorn that actually admired Unten.

Geise is a deceased Beorn who has her spirit reside in the Spirit Universe. She lives up to the standards that her hero Unten strives for, protecting the Spirit Realm from Doomuli threats as well as other evil-doers in the Spirit Universe. Using a telescoping power pole, Geise may not be the most powerful ghost but she certainly has the heart of a hero.


Geise is a blue female Beorn who is slightly larger than the average Beorn, having a pair of glowing yellow diamond star eyes. She features two eyelashes on the sides of her eyes. She also has pronounced cheeks. Her ears are pointed and long. She carries around a holster for her pole and has two bands of bandages wrapped around her hands.


Geise is a fairly calm, if timid ghost among her peers, usually not saying anything if anything bothers her. As such, she tends to vent to either just herself or whoever comes over to comfort her, but she will never approach anyone about their personal, emotional wrongdoings. She also has a pretty warming soul that helps welcome Pinku and Xerra into the Spirit Universe in a way that Rei cannot.

Geise was not a warrior in her old life, but in the Spirit Universe she takes up the role as a defender against evil threats such as the Doomuli. She lives up to Unten's example, taking any criticism of him as a slight against what she stands for. This also makes her fairly different from a lot of other ghosts, who spend their time in the afterlife as not a way to improve but either continue how they were in their previous life or getting worse in the case of Rei.


Geise lived as a Beorn admiring Unten on Zeon. She did not seem to be the defender she is now, instead taking up the role after her unfortunate death. She seems to have faced off some Doomuli members in the past, as she mentions knowing there are more than just Doomulus Grime.


Pink Lemonade

Geise appears in the episode Dead Party, tagging along with Pinku's group when they make their visit to the Spirit Universe. When her ideals in Unten are challenged by both Xerra and Forrester's words, she departs from the party where Xerra talks to her, explaining her own views on him but not condemning her. Barely having any time to register her words, Geise ends up joining the fight against the two Doomuli who suck up the ghosts at the party. She gets a first offense from Jigaku at the end of the episode before departing.

Powers and Abilities

Mizutai has the powers of Hydrokinesis and Aura, capable of bending water to his whims and uses Aura to further enhance his abilities. He also has skill in the katana, able to use it in conjunction with his water abilities and Aura.

Specific Abilities

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Spirit Pass - Geise cannot carry out her unfinished business, but can visit the Mortal Universe using Spirit Pass rules. She can also descend back down to the Spirit Universe on her own. She seems to have some sort of variant of the ability where she can't go to the mortal universe due to lacking a tether, but can visit it via another ghost who does have the spirit tether.
  • Spirit Tool Production - Geise is capable of producing powers for herself and her allies to use that are based off her own experiences to some extent. These are all named after types of classic Dragon Ball items.
    • Nimbus Smoke - Summons yellow clouds around the user which can either be used to protect the user or be used as a flying transportation. It's basically building material made out of clouds which has speedy properties.
    • Capsule Capture - Geise can summon a giant capsule that can capture anything, but her control over it is imprecise and requires complete concentration.
  • Spirit Tool Summon - Geise can summon Spirits she's come across herself. She has yet to actually find anyone that will willingly give her spirit abilities, so she came up with her own. That being said, the capability is there.
  • Stretchy/Moldable Limbs - Geise can stretch her limbs as well as morph them into various shapes and states.
  • Possession - Geise can possess people in the mortal universe and control their actions, although only for a short time of around 1-5 minute(s). If the subject willingly subjects themselves to possession, it can go for longer.
  • Spiritual Fusion - Geise can let her energy be used in a process known as Spiritual Fusion. This is a type of possession that merely adds power to her allies. Can only work on mortals.
  • Matter Phasing - Geise can pass through objects and walls willingly. She can also maker herself solid and tangible.
  • Floating - Geise can float off the ground almost 50 feet if she wishes.


  • Telescoping Pole - Geise has a pole that can expand and return to it's normal length that is made of very strong material. This is her primary weapon.




Rei Carnation



  • Geise's design has a couple Dragon Ball influences:
    • The pole is an obvious nod to the Power Pole from the original series.
    • Geise's design has some influences from the main characters of Neko Majin Z.
    • Her spirit tools are based off the Flying Nimbus and Capsules respectively.