Gate Between
Developer(s) Twenty-Second Choice
Publisher(s) Twenty-Second Choice
Platform(s) Novaya
Genre(s) Action Real-time Strategy
Media Included Disc, Novaya Store Digital Download

Gate Between is a game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya. It is based on the gameplay of Defense of the Ancients, a mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.


In the space between universes lies the Battlefield, spanning across the divide between the Fantendoverse and the Darktendoverse. While these gates are imperceptible to the mortal realms, they are frequently used by those of the higher planes. As a result of this, attempts were made by many different deities to take control of the gateways for themselves, knowing the political strength it would give them.

Eventually, fights begin to break out on the battlefield. Deities begin to summon champions from across the universes to fight for them in taking control of the Battlefield and the Gateways.


Summon Description Abilities
Babbyz TBA TBA
Alpha 505 TBA TBA
Hailae TBA TBA
Zimmerbane TBA TBA
Straston TBA TBA
Flora Flowers TBA TBA
Kogiana TBA TBA
Synyr and Roi TBA TBA
Dastyn TBA TBA


The basic gameplay is the same as the game's inspiration. Two teams of players fight, while minions are constantly spawned which travel from one side of the map to the other. Each team must lead their minions along each of the lanes in the map, destroying the enemy team's towers and eventually destroying their Vessel. The first team to destroy the enemy team's Vessel wins.

Players control their summon, who is selected before the match begins. As the player defeats enemy minions, summons or buildings, they gain experience which goes towards leveling up. Every time the summon levels up, they can choose to unlock or upgrade one of their abilities, either passive or active. Experience and levels gained only applies to the current match, and is reset at the beginning of each new match.

Summons are controlled from the typical real-time strategy view, and each have four active abilities which can be unlocked and upgraded by levelling up. Each ability has it's own costs from the character's resources (usually Mana) and a cooldown time which must pass after using it before it can be used again. The fourth ability is the character's Ultimate, which is very expensive and has the longest cooldown time but is very powerful.

Player progression between matches occurs by the player gaining Divinity Points and increasing the player's Deity Level. Divinity Points can be spent on purchasing new summons, upgrades or cosmetic items. When the player's Deity level increases they are given unique rewards.

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