I hunt for diamonds and minerals. Not lost cities.

Gasparo: Curse Of The Forsaken
Developer(s) Havok, Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Series Gasparo
Predecessor None
Successor Gasparo: Return Of Crysaurus
Release Date(s) March 8th, 2014
Age Rating(s) E10+
"Gasparo: Curse Of The Forsaken" is a game for the Nintendo's newest canon console, the Wii U. It was developed by Havok and Icy Cold Gaming Industries, and was released worldwide on March 8, 2014. It stars the newest Mario character, Gasparo, and his accidental discovery of an old city. The game is rated E10+, and has sold 12.8 million copies worldwide so far.

Fans of the game are awaiting the sequel, which takes Gasparo back to the city to stop the villain he faced before.


The world is kind of like an open world, much like Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy. You control Gasparo and his new crystal-like buddy, Emeraldon in this open world, and go to the different locations, such as Placid Plains, Death Desert, Backstabbing Beach, and the Ruby City. Gasparo can jump, run, flip, and mine his way through obstacles, and Emeraldon uses beams of light to evaporate special enemies or other things.



Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Please Dont Zoom In Gasparo The main hero of the story! Gasparo attacks his bag full of minerals, his pickaxe, and his brute force to stop the Crystaloonies!
TBA Emeraldon Gasparo's new friend, and the last of the Emerald People. He uses beams of light and other special abilities to help Gasparo!
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