Gary Doyle Male
17 years old Inkling

Gary, as he appears in Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy.

FULL NAME Gary Doyle
POWERS Standard Inkling abilities, sonic scream
BIRTHDAY July 8th, 2002

Video games, music, making new friends, pizza, hugs/cuddles


Conflict, thunderstorms, bullying, public speaking


Random Rumble: Revamped

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

Super Smash Bros. Unbounded


Fantendo Minigame Mania

Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy


Gary Doyle is a Splatoon fan character created by TheFazDude. He is a young Inkling, hailing from Inkopolis. He mainly serves as a mascot for Faz's work, although he has made appearances in various crossover titles.


In short, Gary can be described as an average Inkling boy build-wise. He has the standard figure for male Inklings, but is a few inches shorter than the average height of one of his age (a fact which bothers him greatly). His eyes are a deep blue.

Due to a genetic oddity, Gary's natural ink color is a bright red, similar to the ink used for Team Ketchup. While this doesn't interfere with his ability to shift his ink color, he usually keeps it red (aside from Turf Wars), feeling as doing otherwise would be lying in a sense. His hairstyle is the "Topknot", a ponytail-like style in which two medium-sized tentacles protrude from his hair. Four smaller tentacles are also present further down.

Gary's usual outfit consists of the Retro Sweat, a pinkish sweater adorned with a image of Judd and a phrase in the Inkling language, black shorts with a red stripe on the side, and the Orange Arrows, a pair of orange and blue sneakers.


Gary can best be described a optimistic, yet awkward person with a big heart. He's usually very polite and caring, often striving to do the right thing. However, he is also socially anxious, which can lead to awkward encounters, especially around newcomers. Due to this, he often second-guesses himself in conversation and apologizes profusely for any inconvenience.

Despite all this, he'll take any opportunity to make a new friend, and keeps the ones he has close. His empathy has also given him a strong sense of justice, with one of his greatest pet peeves being bullying and inequality within the community.

A notable trait about Gary is his passion for video games. While he's willing to discuss other topics, conversations about gaming get him particularly interested, and can lead to a lengthy tirade about the subject from him. Alongside video games, he has also taken up an interest in singing, hoping to become a famous musician one day.

However, despite Gary's usual enthusiasm, he can be quite timid and shy at times. He also stresses somewhat easily, usually being caused by him trying to live up to the assumed expectations of others. It's this fear of letting others down which keeps him from coming out of his shell at times.

However, his greatest flaw is his inability to control or mask his emotions, especially if the situation at hand involves something or someone he deeply cares about. He's prone to getting flustered or angry if pushed, which often times leads him to making irrational decisions. Due to his emotional nature, he is also quite easy to read, and most can gain an understanding of his current mood solely by his facial expression.

Some of Gary's behaviors are due to him being on the autism spectrum, such as his anxiety and video games being a special interest of his.


Gary has the abilities of an average Inkling. He possesses the ability to generate ink, which he can shoot at enemies. He has a number of weapons he can use his ink with, but is mainly an N-Zap '89 main. However, he is only slightly skilled with these weapons. He can also turn into a squid and swim around in the ink he creates. He is capable of Super Jumping, which allows him to launch himself vast distances.

Due to a pair of uniquely developed vocal cords, Gary also possesses a powerful voice, which he can raise up to 130 decibels, allowing him to be heard from over a mile away. The most common application of this ability is utilize sound waves to produce various effects. This ability has two primary applications, both named by Gary himself:

  • Wailing Waves: A series of waves which act as a sonic projectile. These waves are capable of shattering glass and pushing opponents or objects away. The louder and longer Gary's scream lasts, the stronger and longer the wave "beam" becomes respectively.
  • Booyah Burst: A more controlled burst of sound in front of Gary. While lacking the range of the Wailing Waves, this move is considerably stronger, able to knock over and/or heavily disorientate opponents in front of Gary.

However, both attacks are only at their strongest if Gary partakes in a few minutes of vocal exercises before using them. If used too long/often or without warmup, they can easily result in damage to Gary's throat. In addition, the nature of his vocal cords tends to cause his voice to rise in volume and pitch should he get panicked or angry, causing quite a din that can be painful to listen to.

Aside from his combat-based abilities, Gary has also demonstrated considerable singing talent, being able to hit some very high notes with enough vocal exercises beforehand. Due to his vocal cords, these high notes can hit a register capable of shattering glass.


Gary was born with two abnormalities; a bright red ink color and abnormally developed vocal cords. Despite this, he was raised as any child would be in Inkopolis, leading a generally good life without anything special happening. He developed a love of video games and music at a young age, leading to them becoming his favorite interests. However, upon entering school, he struggled with making friends due to his abnormal ink color and general awkwardness. This lead to him being picked on at times, which he never talked about to any of the adults in his life.

However, it was during an encounter with some of his bullies when Gary discovered his vocal ability. Having been pushed to the breaking point by the teasing, he screamed at such a volume that a few of the school's windows were shattered by the sound. While this did result in the teasing coming to an end, it did get Gary into some trouble with school officials. Feeling remorse and shame for the incident, Gary vowed to control his abilities as much as he could.

Many years after this incident, Gary moved out of his parents' house after finishing school, now trying to survive on his own in the world. While he did find a small group of friends, he still feels somewhat discontent with his life, yearning for something more.


Random Rumble: Revamped

Gary appears in Random Rumble: Revamped as a modded character. He is designed as a semi-clone of Smash Ultimate’s Inkling, with the only major change being the replacement of the Splat Roller with the Woomy of Doomy (an early name for the Wailing Waves).

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Gary appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as part of the Green Faction, the team consisting of Nintendo fan characters.

Sound Frequency
Emotionally Fragile
Special Move: Wailing Waves
Gary releases a powerful burst of sonic waves through his mouth which blow back opponents and dodgeballs when active. It becomes stronger towards the apex of the scream.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something

Gary appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Something as an Assist Trophy.

When Gary is summoned, he stands in place, firing ink at enemies with his N-ZAP '89, which will increase the damage his targets take. After some time, he finishes attacking by using Wailing Waves, creating damaging sound waves that break shields and can cause powerful damage, before going away. He can be KOed.

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

Gary appears in Fantendo's Card Cataclysm as one of many Hero Cards.

FCC Gary Card
Gary is a young red Inkling hailing from Inkopolis, most notable for his extremely powerful vocal abilities, allowing him to create extremely loud sound waves. When he's not using this ability, he wields a N-Zap '89 to spray ink in battle.
Booyah Burst
Gary lets out a concentrated sound wave at the opponent, which deals heavy damage and blasts them back while also ignoring their boosted defences.

Super Smash Bros. Unbounded

Gary appears in Super Smash Bros. Unbounded as a downloadable Solo Fighter and the fourth DLC fighter overall, released to commemorate the Ketchup vs. Mayo Splatfest rematch in Splatoon 2.

Neutral Special N-Zap '89
Side Special Wailing Waves
Up Special Super Jump
Down Special Auto Bomb
Final Smash Tenta Missile Madness


Gary makes a playable appearance in SMASH BROS. EVERY SINGLE THING!.

Born with a distinct red ink color and powerful vocal chords, Gary is a shy, somewhat awkward Inkling. Despite this, though, he tries his best to put his best foot forward and help those in need.

Gary has an Ink Meter which allows him to ink his opponents, increasing the damage they take from attacks.

Neutral B
N-Zap '89

Gary fires his N-Zap '89 forward, dealing multiple hits of damage while draining his Ink Meter.

Side B
Wailing Waves
Gary rears back before opening his mouth to release a series of soundwaves which do low damage, but great knockback.
Up B
Super Jump
Gary turns into his squid form and rockets into the air at a slight angle.
Down B
Auto Bomb
Gary tosses an Auto Bomb forwards which tries to home in on an opponent before exploding into a burst of ink.
Shield B
Ink Refill
Gary hops into a puddle of ink to refill his Ink Meter.
Final Smash
Tenta Missiles
Gary pulls out his Tenta Missiles and begins firing homing missiles at opponents. The move concludes with Gary releasing a loud scream which deals heavy knockback to opponents in its wake.

Fantendo Minigame Mania

Gary appears in Fantendo Minigame Mania as one of its many playable characters, being a Super Rare character hailing from the Splatoon franchise. This makes him one of the game's few characters to hail from a non-Fantendo property.

Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy

Gary appears in Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy as a playable character, having been added to the game as a free update.


Gary appears in CrossClash as a starting fighter.




Optimistic yet awkward, Gary Doyle is just one of many Inklings living in Inkopolis. However, he has two unique traits which set him apart; His bright red ink and a pair of vocal cords which can produce supersonic screams!

Gary, much like Inkling, is a fighter with good mobility and low attack power. However, Gary is slightly lighter in exchange for higher attack power.

Gary's alternate costume gives him a Hero Suit.

Neutral B: N-Zap '89 Gary fires from his N-Zap '89, dealing multiple hits of small damage.
Forward B: Wailing Waves Gary releases a yell which produces soundwaves, which fly forwards as a projectile.
Back B: Booyah Burst Gary breaths in before letting out a shout which deals high damage. However, the shout's radius is small and takes a while to charge up.
Up B: Super Jump Gary turns into a squid and leaps into the air.
Down B: Auto Bomb Gary places an Auto Bomb down, which waddles a short distance forwards before exploding.
Clash Attacks

Level 1 (Ink Armor): Gary equips his Ink Armor, increasing his resistance to attacks for a short time.

Level 2 (Tenta Missiles): Gary fires a series of missiles at the opponent, each one doing large damage.

Level 3 (Red Roar): Pulling out a speaker, Gary lets out a staggering cry which has incredible dange and hits the opponent multiple times.


  • Taunt: Gary poses, nearly losing his balance before getting back into fighting position.
  • Victory Animation: Gary pumps a fist in the air with a cheer, only to notice the camera and gain an awkward expression.
  • Victory Theme: Gary's victory theme is the Splatfest Victory theme from Splatoon 2.

  • Taunt: Gary attempts to give the opponent a death glare, but is visibly nervous.
  • Victory Animation: Gary pumps a fist in the air with a cheer, only to notice the camera and awkwardly fold his arms.
  • Victory Theme: Gary's victory theme is the Splatfest Victory theme from Splatoon 2.


Game Appearances

Fan Art



  • Gary's name is partially inspired by the gar, a species of various fishes that have an elongate body resembling that of a pike and long narrow jaws.
  • Gary's natural ink color being red was chosen because red is TheFazDude's favorite color.
  • Gary's birthday, July 8th, is recognized as Video Games Day, referencing his love for gaming.
  • Gary's vocal abilities were somewhat inspired by Pearl's similar abilities in Splatoon 2, specifically the Octo Expansion DLC.
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