An ordinary head of Garlic, as it appears in Super Mario Star Journey.
Item Type Status/Health
Kind of Item Leek
First Appearance Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
Latest Appearance Super Mario Star Journey
Restores health, might give the eater a stinky breath.
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Garlic is the favorite snack of Wario, acting pretty similar to a Mushroom's effects on Mario. In the Wario Land series (specifically Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and Virtual Wario Land), it could turn Normal Wario into Bull Wario. Some later games instead went with an extra added effect; eating a bunch of heads of garlic would let you get a stinky breath. the stench could defeat some enemies, but isn't handy to come in contact with other persons. Like normal Mushrooms, Garlics have various variations, which each has a different effect.


Here are the many garlic variations.

Garlic Bottle/Pot

In the original two Wario Land games, eating a Garlic Bottle/Pot would turn Small Wario into Normal Wario, and Normal Wario into Bull Wario. Bull Wario has stronger ground pounds, stronger dashes, and can use his horns to stick to the ceiling.

Super Garlic

Lets the eater grow twice at height. In races, characters can do it in their engine to get a speed boost. In some games, it gives a reverse speed boost, and can be laid down on the road, like Banana Peels. It also restores health.

1-Up Garlic

Gives the eater an extra life.

Mini Garlic

Shrinks the player to a mouse's size. This could be handy to escape, or to find hidden places.

Mega Garlic

Grows the player to a giant's size, for a short time. When Mega, nobody can stop it, and it can destroy ANYTHING, besides the ground and hard blocks. This item is especially for the destructive one (like Wario).

Golden Garlic

In races, a Golden Garlic could give multiple speed boosts, as many as the player wants. However, when used one time, the player must use it multiple times, before it disappears.

Poison Garlic

A very deadly sort that could let players die.

Fire Garlic

Sets the player on fire.


  • Like Mushroom and Super Mushroom, Garlic and Super Garlic look much the same.
  • Wario eats sometimes a Garlic to become Wario-Man.
  • Garlic has the same shape as Wario's nose.