Gargoyle's Quest 3
Developer(s) Capcom, Saurus
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Gameboy Advanced
Genre(s) Video Game
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of USA Febuary 23, 2002

25px-Flag of Europe Febuary 20, 2002

25px-Flag of Japan Febuary 15, 2002

Mode(s) One-Two players
Age Rating(s) E10 12+
Media Included GBA cartridge

Gargoyel's Quest 3 was made by Capcom and Saurus. The cartridge was an opaque dark green. It's development stopped in 2004 due to the DS's release.


Like the first game in the series, this is a platformer. It is much like Demon's Crest, but has more diverse areas ranging from a forest to a desert to space. You play as Firebrand jumping and Fireballing you're way threw a new enemy. Mutated clones of red Arremers. While the game starts of with a very happy and adventurous tone, in the later levels it becomes much darker. The first few obstacles you encounter are blocked paths, getting lost, etc. However the last few are giant Arremer clones, a zombie Phlanax, and the last boss. The end boss is never actually seen in the game. Firebrand just assumes it's the giant blue star that keeps appearing at night. The final fight of the game is against a red Arremer merged with the moon. Once the moon is destroyed and the Arremers are freed the surprisingly small star passes the planet and disappears. There is a multi player mini game. It requires the wireless connector. The goal of the mini game is to get to the end of a cave and defeat the other player. If connection is lost during this, the game will go back to the main menu.


A= Jump

AA= Jump then hover for up to five seconds

B= Spit Fireball

R= Fly up for five seconds

D-pad= Move

Start= Pause

Select= item select screen

L= use item

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