The Embrace Pokemon
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Recent Game 3DS Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Availability Starter
Final Smash Mega Gardevoir/Gardevoir & Gallade

Gardevoir makes it's first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Gardevoir first appeared in Poke,on Ruby and Sapphire and quickly became a fan favorite. It uses a wide variety of Psychic and Fairy-type attacks as well as create barriers. It has very high defense stats within Super Smash Bros. Aesthetically, it appears much like its model from Pokken Fighters.


Gardevoir is a rather light fighter with moves that do knockback but are below average when it comes to power. However, she boasts great defensive stats and has one of the most durable shields in the game. Many of its attacks have a secondary ability to protecting itself from damage. She is very powerful with creating and maintaining barriers. In addition, it can enhance its abilities slightly through various special attacks such as Calm Mind and release it as a blast through Stored Power. Some of her attacks also has great range making her a good camping/defensive character. Her speed is average and she is a rather floaty character with a great jumping ability.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Fairy Blast, Fairy Launch 3%, 5% Gardevoir pushes one hand forward which causes a barrier power to hover from her hand. It then places both hands forward and blasts the opponent away. The first attack can connect to the second attack. The second attack also produces a barrier power then will launch players away.
Forward Tilt Moonlight Blast 5% (clean), 3% (late) Gardevoir raises it's fist upwards and launches opponents up. It is a rather slow attack but has good vertical knockback.
Up Tilt Barrier Blast 3%, 2%, 4% Gardevoir causes her barrier to break; attack upwards and launches opponents upwards. It is a very good attack that has KO potential. It also attacks on both sides. The first attack can cause the second and third attacks to connect as well.
Down Tilt Pixie Point 6% (clean), 4% (late) Gardevoir blasts the ground in front of it with energy and will knock opponents slightly upwards. It is very quick and can be spammed.
Dash Attack Barrier Bash 3% (start up), 6% (attack) Gardevoir dashes forward while putting up a barrier. It has the added benefit of not only damaging players but also protecting Gardevoir from even powerful attacks. It does more damage in the attack rather than the start up. It has great priority.
Forward Smash Psychic Slash 20% (clean charged), 18% (late charged), 13% (uncharged clean), 9% (uncharged late) Gardevoir slashes forward with Psychic infused blades from its arms. It has good reach since Gardevoir steps forward; slashing. It does more damage with a clean hit rather than late in the attack.
Up Smash Fairy Twirl 5.5% (charged per hit), 3.5% (uncharged per hit) Gardevoir raises its hand while infused with energy and twirls for five rotations when fully charged, three hits if uncharged. The attack can suck in opponents and deals hitstun during the attacks before the final hit that launches opponents up.
Down Smash Fairy Whirl 10% (charged), 12% (charged hit 2), 6% (uncharged hit 1), 10% (uncharged hit 2), 8% (mist charged), 4& (mist uncharged) Gardevoir charges the attack and then spins in a circle: releasing a pink mist that extends outwards. The mist can do damage when released and will linger for 5 seconds after the down smash is inputted.
Neutral Aerial Magical Twirl 2%, 2%, 2%, 4% Gardevoir twirls in the air; dealing multiple hits before launching the opponent on the second hit. It has some start up and landing lag but it is an effective technique.
Forward Aerial Fantasy Kick 2% (loop), 5% (final) Gardevoir performs a flip and kicks in a full circle while engulfing the kick in a barrier. It does very good knockback and is a great to connect an attack. The final attack does the most damage and knockback but only if the previous attacks connects.
Back Aerial Barrier Break 18% (close), 12% (far) Gardevoir creates a barrier behind itself and then causes it to break. It has good splash damage and range though it does much more damage close up than far away.
Up Aerial Angelic Grace 4%, 3%, 4% Gardevoir waves its hands over its head which deal multiple hits of damage. The first and last hit does the most knockback so sometimes they do not connect properly.
Down Aerial Fairy Drill 3.5% (per hit) Gardevoir kicks downwards and spins in a circle while in the air. It does 6 full rotations quickly while hitting the opponent. The attack doesn't do knockback but hitstun,
Grab --- --- Gardevoir grabs the opponent.
Pummel Psyvolt 4% Gardevoir shocks the opponnent with it's mental power.
Forward Throw Psychic Launch 3.5% (first throw), 5% (second throw) Gardevoir rotates the opponent in the air in front of Gardevoir and then launches the opponent forward straight through the air; dealing damage.
Back Throw Reverse Psychic Launch 2.5% (first throw), 6% (second throw) Gardevoir takes the opponent waves them above her head and launches behind Gardevoir.
Up Throw Fairy Wing 6% Gardevoir launches the opponent upwards by using her abilities. It launches pink and yellow dust into the air.
Down Throw Barrier Prison 4% (throw), 6% (launch) Gardevoir slams the opponent into the ground; creates a barrier, and then smashes the barrier; spiking them up in the air.
Floor Attack (front/back) Psychic Sweep 5.5% Gardevoir sweeps around while slashing with her psychic powers.
Floor Attack (trip) Psycho Wave 4% Gardevoir uses her powers to create a small barrier than blasts outwards; hitting close by opponents.
Edge Attack Pixie Push 7% Gardevoir pushes forward with her hands; hitting the opponent with Fairy energy. It launches them horizontally.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Disarming Voice 8% (-2% longer held) Gardevoir begins singing and creates a radius around her. Anyone hit by the Disarming Voice has hitstun but not too much knockback. It does less damage the longer the special button is held. The radius gets larger the longer it is held but becomes less powerful.
Custom 1 Hyper Voice 15% (charged), 10% (uncharged) Gardevoir can charge this attack and releases a single shot that knocks opponents within a radius upwards for high damage and knockback.
Custom 2 Echoed Voice 3% (first hit), 12% (second hit) Gardevoir releases a single song that has a wide radius. The first hit does small amounts of damage but zero knockback. However, if it hits an object/stage element; it will bounce back for enhanced knockback and damage.
Side Special Wonder Room 0% Gardevoir uses the attack which acts as counter but doesn't deal damage. Instead, it halves the damage down to Gardevoir and negates launch damage. The more it is performed, the less time it has to connect.
Custom 1 Magic Room 0% Gardevoir puts up a barrier around it that reduces the damage and knockback by 3.5x when hit by an item. It becomes shorter/smaller when held down or performed consecutively
Custom 2 Synchronize --- Gardevoir will absorb the attack via a barrier. Pressing down special causes her to release it as a return psychic projectile that contains the same amount of damage.
Up Special Teleport 0% Gardevoir spins in a circle and teleports away. Where it appears is dependent on where the control stick was pushed.
Custom 1 Flash 4% (teleport out), (teleport in) It does damage but has a shorter area of recovery. When used, it creates a blinding flash that does more knockback than damage on both the teleport in and the teleport out.
Custom 2 Misty Terrain 0% Has a much longer recovery distance but has a slower start up and ending animations. Gardevoir wraps herself in misty and vanishes. It functions much like the default.
Down Special Reflect 0% Gardevoir will erect a barrier that will last a certain amount of time. It is able to walk without charging it. It will reflect projectiles but not melee attacks. It also doesn't deal damage directly. It will reflect projectiles within the barrier back at opponents. It gets smaller and shorter with overuse.
Custom 1 Magic Coat 2.x Gardevoir will shine slightly. If she is attacked during this time with a projectile, she will reflect it back with 2 times the power it received.
Custom 2 Future Sight 8% Gardevoir performs a counter by glowing. When she is attacked, she vanishes and then appears behind the opponent; performing an attack that has a set damage percentage.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Psybeam 15% (far), 10% (mid), 8% (far) Gardevoir fires a Psybeam that does high knockback and damage when it connects. However, it is quite slow thus making it a bit harder for it to connect fully for a clean hit and makes Gardevoir vulnerable. The further it travels; the less damage and knockback it does and the slower it travels.
Custom 1 Mist Ball 1% (per hit), 10% (charged), 6% (uncharged) Gardevoir can charge this attack and fire it. Charging it does hitstun and damage. It does weak damage uncharged while charged. It is a bit weaker and smaller but much faster with little lag in the start up and ending lag.
Custom 2 Psycho Boost 0% Holding down the special button causes Gardevoir's Psychic based attacks to do more damage than its Fairy or other type moves. It doesn't do any damage.
Side Special Stored Power 3% (base), 13% (mid), 22% (full) Gardevoir uses this attack in conjunction with Calm Mind. Without Calm Mind, it is a very weak attack where Gardevoir launches a blast in front of it. With a full Clam Mind, it can create a massive blast with high knockback that has a good range to it.
Custom 1 Ancient Power 3% (base), 13% (mid), 22% (full) It does the same amount of damage as the default but it has much more knockback. It also has shorter range but has less lag at the end. The size of the blast increases the longer the Calm Mind is held.
Custom 2 Cosmic Power 3% (base), 13% (mid), 22% (full) It does the same amount of damage but it causes a vacuum effect that pulls in opponents into the attack. It is slower than the default.
Up Special Moonblast 3.5% (per hit) Gardevoir glows with a moonlight power that propels her upward as a slight diagonal angle that can be slightly controlled by tilting the control stick to a certain direction. It will push opponents as he travels; dealing multiple hits.
Custom 1 Dazzling Gleam 2% (per hit) Gardevoir vanishes into a dazzling light that has more control over Moonblast but deals less damage but longer histun. She also does less knockback but more hitstun.
Custom 2 Fairy Wind 6% (close), 3% (far) Gardevoir has a much longer recovery distance but has a longer start up and ending lag that makes her vulnerable. The attack only does one hit and will launch opponents far away. It expels a high wind barrier while she moves forward; pushing away opponents.
Down Special Calm Mind 0% Charging this attack will increase Gardevoir's power, increasing her power, jump, and defense by 2 points. It works best with Stored Power in that she can accumulated up to 3 Calm Minds and then release it using Stored Power. However, she can loose the Store Mind's after 40 seconds of activating, being KO'd, or receiving tons of damage.
Custom 1 Healing Mind 0% It only increases the the stats by 1 point but heals Gardevoir by 8% after performing a full Healing Mind. In addition, it only gives 50% of the power to Stored Power thus weakening it's attack.
Custom 2 Meditate Mind 0% It raises opponents stats by 4 points but it takes much longer to charge the attack and can only perform it once and then give it to Stored Powered.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Mega Gardevoir --- Gardevoir transforms into Mega Gardevoir. All of her attacks have much more damage and knockback. As well she is capable of vanishing when rolling and dashing and has a slightly increased range. She can also levitate in the air much like Peach but for an extended period of time.
Final Smash 2 Gardevoir & Gallade --- Gardevoir envelopes an area in a square like barrier that prevents opponents from leaving but they can enter. Gallade then enters and begins slashing at opponents and slash widely at opponents while she uses Shadow Balls to blast at opponents. The Shadow Balls bounce of the barriers. After a duration time, she decreases the size of the barrier which increases the speed of her Shadow Balls. Then then causes the barrier to explode; launching opponents upwards.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Gardevoir throws up its hands while pink dust floats about it while saying "Gardevoir!” (Up)
  • Gardevoir pivots on one leg and turns in a circle elegantly (Right)
  • Gardevoir stands up straight and arc its back while lifting her hands to the air. (Left)
  • Gardevoir holds out its hands and pink dust poofs out and then closes back up.(Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Gardevoir waves its hand in the air as pink dust sprinkles out.”
  • Gardevoir yells and lifts its hands into the air.”
  • Gardevoir spins in place and waves her hand in front of the camera.

On Screen Appearance

  • Gardevoir appears out of a Pokeball as a pink light shoots up.
  • Ralts appears, evolves into Kirlia, and then evolves into Gardevoir.
  • Gardevoir appears via Teleport and then spins in place while emitting pink energy.

Victory Animations

  • Gardevoir waves its hands and pink energy flows out of them. It continues waving its arms up and down.”
  • Gardevoir uses its hand to brush her cheek and it then spins in a circle and does a cute pose.”
  • Gardevoir holds out her hands and causes Psychic energy to flow in between them.”
  • Gardevoir holds out a barrier and makes it shrink and grow.
  • Gardevoir appears next to Ralts and Kirlia who celebrate her victory. It waves to them as they jump up and down.
  • Gardevoir spins around while releasing brilliant pink energy around it.”

Fan Cheer

Male/Female cheer saying "GAR-DE-VOIR!!"

Losing Animation=

  • Gardevoir faces forward while smiling and clapping.
  • Gardevoir appears dizzy and stumbles back and forth.
  • Gardevoir holds its head down as it breathe heavily; looking tired.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the victory theme against a Gym Leader from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Fighting Stance

Gardevoir remains relatively still but will sway slightly back and forth. It keeps its hands held downwards.

Idle Poses

  • Waves its hand slightly in front of its face.
  • Straightens up and raises both hands up.
  • Dusts off the dress-like appendages near its waist.
  • Winks and holds up its index finger.

Misc Animations


Kneels down with both hands placed on its lap.


Floaty jump. Gardevoir keeps its hands pointed downwards.


Gardevoir vanishes and then reappears.

Ground Dodge

Gardevoir vanishes and then reappears.

Air Dodge

Gardevoir vanishes and then reappears.


Slow walking speed. Gardevoir walks slowly forward while slightly swinging its arms.


Levitates and propels itself forward.


Falls to its knees and rests its head on one hand that is propped up.


Trips and lands on its butt. with a shocked expression.


Gardevoir tries to use a force to push itself away from the edge.

Home-Run Bat

Swings the bat with both hands and spins after doing it.

Star KO


Screen KO

Gardevoir slams into the screen with its dress-like appendages bouncing and a shocked look on its face.


Gardevoir's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

"Gardevoir is the Embrace Pokemon and is a dual Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon. Gardevoir is an expert at it's psychic powers and can even manifest it's power enough to create small black holes that distorts gravity and time itself. It can form such a strong relationship with its trainer and can sense with he or she is in danger. This type of bond is so strong that it makes an almost unstoppable team! It will sacrifice it's life to protect its trainer or those it cares about. Is that why it is mashing the Nintendo mascots? Maybe it is just trying to protect its trainer?"

Gardevoir (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Yellow

"Gardevoir used Reflect as a Pokeball Pokemon in which it could reflect projectiles back at opponents; even inside the barrier! Gardevoir brings this attack into her special move pool and it is as powerful as ever! When activated, Gardevoir can maintain the Reflect even when moving and attacking. That is quite amazing actually that it can keep up with its mental fortitude. However, it will lose power over time and activating it over and over may even damage Gardevoir. As well, only projectiles will be reflected back at the sender but melee attacks can pass through the barrier."

Gardevoir (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Dark Green

"Gardevoir can perform the powerful Psychic-type attack, Psybeam. This attack is powerful in the hands of a Psychic expert and that is what Gardevoir is! It has excellent range but deals less damage and knockback the further it travels from Gardevoir. As well, it travels much slower the further it travels away from Gardevoir. In the Pokemon series, it has a good chance of confusing opponents but this doesn't translate well into Super Smash Bros. Just make sure to keep Gardevoir protected in the back as she is vulnerable to attacks."

Blue Gardevoir

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

"Mega Evolution has Shiny forms too believe it or not! However, they don't necessarily correlate with the original Pokemon. This color scheme is based off Mega Gardevoir's Shiny form with the black....errr....body dress. It does look pretty similar to it's original Shiny form and rather elegant! That black color is simply stunning while contrasting its white skin! Let's show the others how Gardevoir means business by using some of those psychic and fairy powers!"

White Gardevoir

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

"While Gardevoir is already pretty white as it is but this color swap makes it look super white! Like porcelain white! Save for those whacky red and blue designs that adorns portions of its body. Wait...doesn't that look like another certain Fairy-type Pokemon? Sure! That's Togepi, the Spike Head Pokemon! Both share the same type which is Fairy though, besides that, they aren't really that similar save for the fact that they have a two stage evolutionary line."

Gardevoir (Calm Mind and Stored Power)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Pink and Purple

"Gardevoir is unique as it can use two attacks in conjunction with each other and those are: Calm Mind and Stored Power and both are Psychic type attacks. Calm Mind allows Gardevoir to boost its stats momentarily several times in a match but they do have a time limit so it's best to use them when you can. In addition, the duration of the effect is shortened the more it is used. Gardevoir can also use Stored Power which releases the power from Calm Mind but this of course means it loses the stat boosts. Does Gardevoir keep the stat boosts or unleash it? Your choice!"

Gardevoir (Wonder Room)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Black

"Gardevoir can call forth Wonder Room which creates a barrier around Gardevoir which negates the launch power of an opponent and slightly reduces the damage done to Gardevoir but only if the attack connects with an attack. It doesn't deal damage back to the opponent but really aids Gardevoir in its defensive options! Try to time this attack but Gardevoir can turn the tables on the opponent and greatly destabilize the opponent! Be careful though as Gardevoir's time of connecting between the attack and the opponent shortens with every use."

Gardevoir (Cyan)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"Shiny forms are unique of Pokemon that differ from coloration but, in actuality, are that much different! Gardevoir exchanges its green coloration with a more lighter blue coloration. Also, the spike green portion also has a more orange tint to it rather than th eusual red. Finally, the body dress it wears has a purple coloration to it. That is pretty something! It also helps that Ralts and Krilia also has the same coloration in their Shiny forms as you can see! Runs in the family I guess!"

Gardevoir (Dark Green)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"Gardevoir has a pretty straight forward color scheme with green, white, and red. However, this color scheme is based off a fellow Fairy-type Pokemon: Florges. Florges has the benefit of having various colors such as red, yellow, orange, blue, and white. These are based on what kind of flowers the players finds Florges in...err...its previous evolutions. However, Gardevoir doesn't have such a radical color scheme. It still sports the green portion of its head but the body has become a much more darker green that looks like a leaf of some sort."

Gardevoir (Down) Black

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"Gardevoir has the ability to use Psychic and Fairy-type attacks such as Confusion, Healing Wish, and Psyshock. However, it is unable to use those attacks here in Super Smash Bros. Gardevoir has the ability to unlock its inner potential and use it against its foes. This power manifests itself in a pink dust energy that can be used for attacks. Plus, it just looks super pretty and cute! I bet it can make the air sparkle with that energy!"

Brown Gardevoir

Unlock: Complete a Marth Character Challenge

"Gardevoir shares its types with Psychic and Fairy making it a dual type Pokemon! This makes Gardevoir connected to both Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon. In addition, it can also activate its Mega Evolution making it connected to other Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving! What Psychic types and Mega Evolutions does it share with? That's right! Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam! This color scheme is the yellow and brown color scheme these Psychic behemoths possess. Go at 'em Gardevoir!"

Mega Gardevoir

Unlock: All Star Mode

"Gardevoir can activate it's Mega Evolution form for it's Final Smash. Once activated, it's Fairy and Psychic attacks double in power, range, and launching ability! Gardevoir becomes a force to reckon with and can decimate the battle field; leveling all of the fighters. In addition, it has super armor in all of its attacks and can use its mental powers to levitate itself high into the air. If that wasn't enough, it can use its psychic abilities to draw in opponents and bring them closer to its field of attack! That is pretty amazing!"

Gardevoir & Gallade

Unlock: Unlock all Gardevoir's trophies

"Gardevoir and Gallade share the same type of Pokemon evolution: Ralts and Kirlia. If the Kirlia is female, it evolves into Gardevoir but if male and exposed to the Dusk Stone, Kirlia evolves into the gallant Gallade! While Gardevoir is the epitome of love and dedication, Gallade is the epitome of courage and chivalry. Gardevoir can summon Gallade and encase the opponents into a barrier and then throws various Psychic attacks at opponents. The opponents will just slam into the barrier and bounce back. Gallade makes his appearance and relentlessly attacks those trapped with its blades! That&s what you call teamwork!"

Palette swaps

Color Title Color Notes Status
Light Green Light Green Gardevoir's default appearance. Starter
Cyan Cyan Based off her Shiny color scheme. Starter
Purple Lavender --- Starter
Yellow Yellow --- Starter
Black Black Black form with red portions where the green was. Starter
Dark Green Dark Green Coloration based off on Florges. Starter
Green Green Opposite of her default color scheme. Starter
Pink Pink --- Starter
Red Red Based on its palette swap in Pokken Tourment Starter
Gray Gray Resembles a sprite from Pokemon Red and Blue. Starter
Blue Blue Resembles her Mega Evolution Shiny form but with darker blue. Locked
White White Resembles Togepi. Locked
Yellow Brown Resembles the Abra evolutionary line. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"Embracing the Future" Time: 3:90 Scene: A desert cliff in the desert

The scene unfolds to a cliff overlooking the desert with a thunderstorm raging over head. It then cuts to Pikachu, charging forward while crackling with energy. The camera swings round and it shows Kirby running forward with a determined look on its face. The close up cuts to Pikachu's face and then to Kirby's face. They both jump and they strike in air with Pikachu and Kirby kicking. Following them, Charizard and Bowser strike each other in midair while bounding away from each other. Lucario and Zero Suit Samus strike each other and also bound away. Finally, Greninja and Sheik strike each other in mid air and then bound back.

Both parties land on either side and stare each other down. The camera pans across the Nintendo cast; close up to their faces and then cut to a pan along the Pokemon cast. Pikachu charges an electrical attack, Charizard fills its mouth with fire, Lucario creates a massive Aura Sphere, and Greninja begins create a Water Shuriken. On the Nintendo side, Kirby charges his hammer, Bowser begins to summon fire from his mouth, Zero Suit Samus charges her Plasma Whip, and Sheik covers her hand with darkness.

A single flash of lightning sears across the stage and they all fire their attacks that streak across the landscape each other. Light flashes up, bathing all of the characters in a white light causing them to shield their eyes. However, it suddenly vanishes and focuses into a single figure that is composed entirely in light.

As the light begins to fade, the camera pans up to the figure as the light fades: Gardevoir! Gardevoir waves its hand as if saying "tsk tsk tsk!" Bowser blasts a plume of fire at Gardevoir and she swings around and reflects it back; sending Bowser off the cliff. Lucario dashes forward and tries to attack but Gardevoir catches the attack and launches Lucario away who skids along the ground. Greninja then appears and tries to slam its foot down on Gerdavoir but she suddenly vanishes behind Sheik. She uses her Psychic powers to grab a hold of Sheik and tosses her into Lucario. Pikachu, Kirby, Greninja, Charizard, and Zero Suit look forward as Gardevoir smiles at them and begins to create a huge barrier that encompasses the entire screen; making it does white.

It then cuts to game play footage of Gardevoir:

  • Gardevoir appears via Teleport and does its up taunt.
  • Gardevoir is shown running; demonstrating that she isn't a strong runner.
  • It shows Bowser trying to attack Gardevoir using his forward aerial but she blocks it uses her shield. The shield doesn't show any sort of weakening.
  • Gardevoir is seen throwing a Pokeball and throws it off the stage.
  • Gardevoir is seen standing alongside Peach, Zelda, and Rosalina and they all do a graceful pose.
  • It shows Gardevoir kneeling next to Pikachu who is laying on the ground.
  • It shows Gardevoir performing her Reflect move which reflects Samus' charge shot back.
  • It shows Donkey Kong performing a Psychic attack that creates a barrier around her. The attack connects but it shows Gardevoir only being knocked slightly away from the attack but, as it collapses, it shows another Donkey Kong performing a charged Giant Punch to Gardevoir; launching it away with a KO.

It then cuts to a CGI scene where Gardevoir is seen laying on the ground. Donkey Kong stands over Gardeovir and goes to reach to grab it when Gardevoir uses it's Disarming Voice by singing - knocking away Donkey Kong along the ground. The previous cast is seen standing far away as Gardevoir begins to shine brilliantly as it is performing Calm Mind. It releases the blast which causes the screen to flash out and then cuts to game play where it launches players away.

It cuts into the Super Smash Bros. 5 title screen.

  • It then shows Gardevoir falling to the ground and doing a spin but Donkey Kong comes up from behind and goes to attack.
  • Gardevoir's eyes glows and it Mega Evolves into Mega Gardevoir and launches Donkey Kong far, far away.


  • Gardevoir is the second Pokemon to be promoted to playable status. The first being Charizard.
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