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Garden Adventure is an adventure game created by Moonlight Studios. It is the first game in the Sketchl (Series) and will be for the 3DS. The game will be released in 2014 and will be published by Fantendo.


On the night of Halloween, a family move away from their home leaving a distraught garden. Then, suddenly, a beam of light shines down on the garden and brings it to life. Sketchl, a lost pencil, joins forces with many other garden characters to try and return to their family.


Name Image Description
Sketchl Sketchel.png Sketchl is a pencil that got lost in the grass. Sketchl is now leading the crew to find their new home.
Chuckit Chuckit.png Chuckit is a bucket that got left in the sandpit. She can throw sand and create a unlimited supply.
Fluffums 150px Fluffums is a cuddly toy that got left in a treehouse. Fluffums is a small dog and is very good at combat skills.
Squeaker Squeaker.png Squeaker is a small mouse which was a family pet, then got lost and resided under the patio. He decides to help the crew out, so he can be reunited with his friends.
Stylo Stylo.png Stylo is a 3DS stylus that, along with Sketchl, got lost in the grass. Stylo can create drawings, like he were on Letterbox.
Holly Holly2.png Holly is a plant, which fell off the bush before the beam of light shone down. She can now fight and has great knockback skills.


Name Image Description
Spiked Twig The Spiked Twig is a common item, it has good knockback and damage, but is quite heavy to lift, and is bad to perform combos with.


There will be 14 worlds in the game, each containing 5 levels.


Image Name Desciption
Distraught Garden
Moonlit Streets
Autumn Forest
Abandoned Park

Swift Village

Image Name Desciption
Lunar Woods
Mist Fields
Miniture Village

Gold Rush City

Image Name Desciption
Toy Land
Amusement Arcade
Virus Skyscraper

Colossal Desert

Image Name Desciption
Sink Sands
Magic Colums
Crumbling Temple
Secret Hideout

Strike Boulevard

Image Name Desciption
Bright Light Fairground
Lightning Stretch
Bolt Valley

Rocky Road

Image Name Desciption
Stonoid Cliffs
Heartbreak Spires
Doomstride Caverns
Bat-Fueled Cave
Terror Terror Mountain

Laser Time Casino

Image Name Desciption
Chip Hallway
Note Flyway
Dodge, Dodge Railride

Here are the other worlds that have been confirmed but are unknown where they will occur

  • Amazon Camp
    • Dedidous Jungle


Name Image Description
Tuft Mole Tuft Mole is the first boss, and the boss of the garden. He is a mole with a tuft of grass upon his head. He is quite easy to defeat, he must be hit 6 times.


You're point is
Chuckit, after Sketchl makes fun of her
I like Rabbits, who rabbit on about frog's, who ribbit on about Kangaroo's, who hoppit along the road, until the lights tell them to stoppit
Squeaker, when he meets Holly

Beta Elements

Main Article: Garden Adventure/Beta Elements

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