Ganondorf (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Legend of Zelda
Official Debut Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Beast Ganon

Ganondorf is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from the Legend of Zelda franchise. He is no longer a clone.


Ganondorf may not be a clone, but his playstyle remains the same. He is slow, powerful, and calculating. He is prone to getting hit with combos due to slow attacks overall. He still packs power in spite of a new moveset.

Special Moves
Neutral Special Dead Man's Volley Sends a electric magic ball that goes faster when deflected. Hold to create a larger one to split.
Side Special Deflecting Arm Deflects projectiles; Hit with hand to send the projectile at the foe, else, sends away from Ganondorf
Up Special Levitation Flies up with arms crossed. Can hover in place on command before falling.
Down Special Ground Punch Punches the ground for an area of effect shockwave. Flies straight down if used in the air.
Final Smash Beast Ganon

Ground Attacks:

Jab: Sends out a palm strike that's infused with darkness.

Side Tilt: Kicks his foe. Taken from previous Smash iterations

Up Tilt: Twirls a trident

Down Tilt: Slices with the swords from Wind Waker like Ganon does in Ocarina of Time.

Side Smash: Uses the Twilight Princess sword as if it was an axe.

Up Smash: Slices the air with swords that Ganon used in the final battle with Link in OOT.

Down Smash: Smashes his Twilight Princess sword down.

Dash Attack: Checks foes with a trident

Get Up (Back): Kicks up, both forward and back

Get Up (Forward): Uses a back both forward and back.

Get Up (Trip): Punches forward and back.

Air Attacks:

Neutral: Kicks once.

Forward: Uses a punch thrown overhead style. Taken from previous iterations.

Back: Sends a backfist of darkness.

Down: Ganondorf stomps with both feet.

Up: Holds up a dark energy ball


Pummel: Bashes the foe with the corrupted sword's handle. The sword is from Twilght Princess.

Forward: Punches the foe.

Back: Drags his foe before letting them go behind him.

Down: Does the "Dark Flame Choke", dropping foes down.

Up: Holds his foe up and punches them.


Crawl: No

Wall Cling/Jump: Neither

Tethering: No

Jump Number: 2

Standing Still: Stands confident and straight. Appears to mimc his levitation pose from Ocarina of Time.

Idle 1: Smirks while flourishing dark energy in one hand.

Idle 2: Crosses his arms as if he's annoyed.

Entry: Walks through a portal of darkness.

Special Animation:

Up Taunt: Spins around and appears to power up while laughing

Side Taunt: Uses the "I will beat you up." gesture of pounding his cupped hand with a fist of a darkness.

Down Taunt: Pulls his sword from Twilight Princess out, then puts it back.

Victory Animation: Crosses his arms and laughs.

Victory Animation 2: Brings his arms together and then spreads them. He, then, shows the back of his hand revealing the Triforce of Power.

Victory Animation 3: Swings his Twilight Princess sword and puts it in the ground. Taken from Melee.

Trophy Info


Dubbed the "King of Evil," Ganondorf spreads nothing but more evil to gain more power in Hyrule. He is a reincarnation of Demise and his hatred for the Hero and the Goddess, Hylia. Possessing the Triforce of Power, he poses a huge threat to Hyrule. In Smash, that power and cunning shows through here. It is up to the Hero of Hyrule stop his villainy from destroying the peace of Hyrule.  

​Ganondorf (Alt):

Ganondorf's Dead Man's Volley is slow, but powerful so watch out if it gets deflected. The charged variant splits into smaller one, but those are also deflectable. The Deflecting Arm deals with projectiles uniquely, sending projectiles away if the hand doesn't hit the projectile. Hitting the projectile with hand sends it back. Levitation is a good recovery with some control, but leaves him wide open while it happens. Ground Punch creates shock waves, but the air based ones are weaker.

Beast Ganon:

Ganondorf shows his vile use of the Triforce of Power and transforms into a pig-like beast. He stomps once burying, any foe, and gallops off the screen taking anyone he contacts. He is, however, easy to dodge. He is actually slower and slightly smaller than previous entries, but his power is still there.

​Alt Costumes/Palettes

Alternate Costumes
Default Black Bares his OoT appearance
Palette Brown His armor turns brown
Palette Blue Resembles Ganon of Link to the Past vaguely
Palette Pink Somewhat resembles Yuga Ganon of Link Between Worlds 
Palette Green Armor turns green.
Palette Red Armor turns red.
Palette Grey Armor turns grey and hair turns white.
Alt Black His Twilight Princess appearance.
Alt Black A modified Wind Waker appearance
Alt Gold Takes Onox's armor, minus the helmet
X-Over Black Takes the Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Dracula's appearance.

Special Attrib.

  • Kirby regains Ganondorf's hair and gains Dead Man's Volley as a Copy Ability
  • His victory theme is his encounter theme in many Zelda games.


  • The director wanted to embrace Ganondorf from all the Zelda timeline canon. Ganondorf was overhauled to better reflect this vision. The costumes of different eras were imcluded for closely similar reasons.
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