Gaming Wars is a Umbrella Game created by  Megaman the AwesomeMrGameGuyUltraLuigi SM3DW

As you can tell from the title, only Video Game Characters will star in this. It is also a Author Appeal, as it only has character's the creator wanted to add and remove. (Such as Link and Samus not joining due to him not being a fan of ethier.)

It could just be called a Author Appeal Smash Bros.

The boxart will be made once most characters are added.


You can pretty much just say it's Super Smash Bros with some unlikely characters, and other things.  It contains Final Smashes, and Smash Bros Stages too.



After a few years of the events of Subspace, a trail of Evil Energy and Dark Energy leads to a new area in Subspace. After they find out, they go to the training area. Omochao trains Mario, Megaman, Charizard, and the others. The training zone is the only stage of Prologue. You just have to learn the Controls and fight Omochao and Sandbag.

Chapter 1

Bowser and Mecha Dragon ambush Peach's Castle. Mario, Megaman, Sonic, and Yoshi prepare to fight. You adventure through Toad Town for the first stage. The 2nd stage takes place as a few rooms in Peach Castle but kind of destroyed. At the end, you get to the top floor to find a destroyed roof. Mecha Dragon flies down as the first boss fight. Once he is defeated, a cutscene comes on. The Evil/Dark Energy goes and effects Bowser. He is now stronger and eviler. You fight him as a CPU Player like Boss. A new type of boss that is like fighting a stronger CPU in Solo or Multiplayer mode.

After Shadow Bowser is defeated, the energy leaves. He then join sides with the heroes.

Elsewhere, Vector, Charizard, and Snapshot are walking across a mountain road. They are suddenly attacked by a army of Mets, Sniper Joes, Paratroopas, and other enemies. You play as them in the 3rd stage fighting foes. 

Once you beat Stage 3, Stage 4 starts with Bowser's Airship ariving at the top of the mountain.  The 3 thought Mario, Megaman, Sonic, and Yoshi betrayed them and joined Bowser. They ambush them, starting a battle. You can choose to play as Mario/Megaman/Yoshi/Bowser/Megaman or Vector/Snapshot/Charizad.

If Mario and company win, they tell the others what happened.

If Vector and company win, Vector prepares to finish off Mario before being dropkicked by Bowser. Bowser tells Vector and his team what happened. They then join the team. The heroes leave on the Airship, and fly over Yoshi's Island. The story then goes to there..

Chapter 2


Other Modes

For Fun, For Glory, and Multiplayer Battles return from SSB4. They play the same way as normal.

Playable Characters

More Rows will be added each time new character ideas are made.


Picture Name Character Information/Moveset  Final Smash
250px-Mario SSB4
Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and mascot of Nintendo, Mario! He has a similar moveset to his SSB4 and Brawl Movesets. But along with Tanooki Suit replacing capes. His Final Smash, White Tanooki Mario allows him to be invincible with doing extra damage. White Tanooki Mario
250px-Rosalina SSB4
Rosalina and Luma Protector of the Cosmos, Rosalina, along with the Lumas. Like in SSB4, Lumas will copy Rosalina's attacks when sent out. The Power Star is back and works like last time too. Power Star
250px-Bowser SSB4
Bowser Bowser, the ruler of Bowser's Castle, and King of Koopas. Also the dad of Bowser Jr, and fanfictional of the Koopalings. He has his moveset from the last 2 games. Giant Bowser replaces Giga Bowser this time. And this time the game takes control and makes it more effective. Giant Bowser
Yoshi Yoshi, the partner of Mario! His movesets are like his' movesets from Brawl and SSB4. He also has abilities from Yoshi's New Island. Mega Eggdozer
Villager The first non Mario character to join the battle. Villager from Animal Crossing! He has the same moveset as his one in SSB4. And his Dream House Final Smash stays the same. Dream House
Wii Fit Trainer The Wii Fit Trainer, weighs into battle! She has the same moveset as her SSB4 one, along with Final Smash. Wii Fit
Kirby garridk
Kirby The defender of Dreamland, Kirby! Like in other games, he has his Smash Ability from Amazing Mirror/Super Smash Bros Games and can copy abilities from his foes. Ultra Sword
250px-Mega Man SSB4
Megaman Capcom's greatest video game character returns! He has his attacks from his fighting games and Megaman 1-10 games. Megaman All-Stars Beam
Little Mac Little Mac, the Punchout World Champion! Like in SSB4, he is strong on ground and weak in air. Nothing really changed about him in this game. Giga Mac
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, the famous blue hedgehog and mascot of Sega! His moveset was changed to be a less cheap moveset, and Super Sonic was also changed to last shorter and be a bit less overpowered. Super Sonic
Ice Climbers Nana and Popo, the Ice Climbers! There moveset didn't really change also. And they brought back the fact that both die if Popo dies. Iceberg
250px-Charizard SSB4
Charizard Charizard, one of the best Pokemon! He has his same moveset from SSB4 and not much really changed about him. Mega Charizard X
Pit Pit! He has his same SSB4 Moveset. And that's all. Three Sacred Treasures


All Characters can be unlocked when you encounter them in Story Mode.

Picture Name Character Information/Moveset Final Smash How to Unlock
250px-Luigi SSB4
Luigi The brother of Mario, Luigi! He has his moveset from SSB4, and like always he can jump higher then Mario. And he throws Green Fire. Poltergust 5000 Win 5 Games
Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Princess Peach The Damsel in Distress and Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach. Peach has her movesets from previous games which like all movesets involve attacks from there own games. If you don't reconize her Final Smash, it is Peach Beam from Paper Mario. Peach Beam Win 10 Battles
Luigi - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Dreamy Luigi Dreamy Luigi from Mario and Luigi: Dreamteam! He uses other Dreamy Luigis along with Luigianary Attacks. He is one of the few 3DS Counterparts. Luigianary Ball Play 75 Games as Luigi
269px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Toad Toad, the species of Mushroom Kingdom Citizens. There no longer an attack from Peach anymore. The Toads are now playables. They have there speed and agility from SMB2 and SM3DW. They can also attack fast. Toad Army Win 25 Games as Peach
Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario The son of Bowser, Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr can attack similar to Bowser, along with using Bob-Ombs and Koopa Shells. He can also transform into Shadow Mario! Shadow Mario can use paint, speed, and other abilities. Koopa Clown Car Win 25 Games as Bowser
Geno The hero from the Star World, Geno. He was chosen to be the doll to come to life, because he seemed to be more powerful then Mario or Peach. Geno has only made 2 apperances in games as a main character from Super Mario RPG and as a cameo character in Superstar Saga. But now he joins the battle with his RPG attacks. Geno Swirl Play 500 Games and clear Smash Run completely.
Kamek The wizard who raised Bowser, and gives power to his minions, and Bowser once he fails. Kamek has his attacks involving being able to hover, wacking them with his broom, or using spells. Count Fang Win 45 Games as Bowser or Bowser Jr, or both.
Baby Bros The Baby Bros! Another duo in the battle! Unlike Ice Climbers, you can go on if one another dies. They have similar attacks to Mario and Luigi, despite being weaker. They do originate from Yoshi's Island games instead of Super Mario, like with Kamek or Yoshi. Super Baby Mario Win 40 Games as Ice Climbers
220px-Wario MPIT
Wario Wario from WarioWare and Super Mario Land! (Also Mario Sports) He attacks with a moveset like his SSBB one. Wario Man Win 30 Games as Mario
Donkey Kong garridk
Donkey Kong From DK Isle, Donkey Kong! His movesets involve his normal attacks from other Smash Bros game, and throwing barrels. The way to unlock him is a reference to the other Mario characters with there own series. Boss KO Win 10 Games as Mario, 10 as Wario, 10 as Yoshi, and 10 as Luigi.
Diddy Kong garridk
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's Nephew, Diddy Kong! He has the Peanut Shooter, the Jetpack, and his other abilities. And he can even use both for his Final Smash. Peanut Shooter + Jetpack Play 30 Games as Donkey Kong
Metaknight Metaknight! His moveset is less OP so he can be used in Online Matches. His Final Smash is also changed. Knight's Fury from Kirby Super Star, where he flies around the stage throwing fire and attacking players. Knight's Fury Play 20 Games as Kirby
250px-Dedede KRTDL
King Dedede The king of Mt. Dedede, King Dedede. He has his hammer, and Gordos to throw. Why not Waddle Dees? Scroll down and you'll know. Grand Hammer Play 20 Games as Metaknight
KRtDL Bandana Dee
Bandana Dee Bandana Dee, the main Waddle Dee. He has his spear. That's pretty much the source of most of his attacks. Waddle Dee Army Complete 2nd Smash Run Stage
Kirby (3DS) The 3DS version of Kirby. He uses the new abilities from Triple Deluxe. And instead of stealing powers from inhaling, he can just do damage to his foes so he doesn't become a Kirby Clone. Hypernova Play 120 Games
Greninja The final evolution of Froakie, the Water Type starter Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y. His moveset is like his SSB4 moveset. He has water attacks, and ninja related attacks. Night Slash Play 200 Games
Sceptile First a Fire Evolution Starter at it's final form. Then a Water. Now Grass. Due to his normal stats having speed as there highest point, Sceptile can run faster then a lot of characters in this game. Along with Energy Ball, his Slashing attacks, and other attacks too. Mega Energy Ball Play 280 Games
Blaziken Dream
Blaziken Fire, Grass, Water, and another Fire. Because Blaziken is just awesome. Why not have him? This just means more Mega Evolutions too. He has Fighter Type and Fire Type moves pretty much, along with some other attacks. Mega Blaziken Play 360 Games
SSB5 Lucario
Lucario Blaziken isn't the only Fighting Type around here. His moveset is like the one from SSB4 and SSBB. Mega Lucario Play 50 Games as Blaziken
Mii Mario
Mii The Mii! Play as your own Mii! Have them dress up like a character and they use there abilities! Cause there Mii! Mii Parade Play 780 Games
Pepsiman Pepsiman! Why was he added? Why not? He is Pepsiman! He uses Pepsi, punching foes, and other attacks. Giant Pepsi Can Roll Play 400 Games
388px-Vector (Statue Room)
Vector Vector the Crocodile! A member of Team Chaotix. He is the more powerful member. So his main point is his power. He has a low speed. Team Chaotix Music Play 200 Games
Snapshot The Skylander, Snapshot. Why Snapshot? Why not Snapshot? He has his arrows, ice and water, and other attacks. Trap Team Play 70 Games as Vector


Picture Stage Info/Hazzards

How to Unlock

3DS Battlefield
Battle Field. No hazzards. Ground. And 3 platforms. A great place for a battle. Starter Smash Bros
Final Destionation. Battle on a platform between Earth, and the Sun. No hazzards. Just a ground and a epic background. Starter Smash Bros
The Smash Bros Boxing Arena! It has a Punch Out Counterpart also. No hazzards besides the lights being able to get knocked onto the foes. And the ropes, if ropes count. Starter Smash Bros/Punch Out
Peach's Castle Grounds. Unlike fighting on the rooftop in Melee, your fighting infront of it. Instead of Bullet Bills, Goombas and Koopas attack. Starter Super Mario
Bowser's Castle. A deadly zone. You fight infront of a pit of lava. After awhile, Lava Rock Bowser comes out and attacks the players. Starter Super Mario
Mk7rainbowroad12 19 11610
Rainbow Road! The most memorable stage from Mario Kart. Why? Because it was that annoying stage we all love and hate. Shy Guys also drive around trying to hit you. Starter Super Mario
SSB5 Mario Galaxy
The Mario Galaxy Area! With Starship Mario and Airships in the background. Bullet Bills come out of Airships and try to hit you. Gravity is also defied here. Starter Super Mario
Luigi's Dreams. Your attacked by random creatures from the Dream World.  Unlock Luigi and Dreamy Luigi Super Mario
Cookie Country from Return to Dreamland. Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos come to attack you. Nothing else. Starter Kirby
The Halberd. You ride across the Halberd on a platform while being attacked by cannons. Unlock Metaknight Kirby

Assist Characters




Alternate Costumes


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