Gamers FTW

This is a Kunai Production! Do not edit besides spelling errors!

Gamers For The Win (or called Gamers FTW) is a game for the 3DS by Kunai Inc. It is about a kid named Ethan, and is a mircrogame type game, like the WarioWare games.


Ethan and his grandmother are cleaning up the attic. Ethan's Grandma asks him "Do you like video games?" Ethan had always been a gamer. "Yes... but why do you ask?" His Grandmother pulled out a unopened NES and Super Mario Bros. His grandmother had gotten it for Ethan's father, but someone else had gotten him a SNES. He went to his house later. He looked at the unopened box. They dissapeared into pixels. The pixels broke off into his systems. He must get them back! "It's time to play!"


Like I said before, Gamers FTW is a WarioWare style game. You go from video game system based microgames, in each conosle. Thats it. Here are the levels.

World 1- SNES

World 2- N64

World 3- Gameboy/Gameboy Color

World 4- Gameboy Advance

World 5- Gamecube

World 6- DS

World 7- 3DS

World 8- NES