The Gamehub is A home Video game system, manufactioured by CatZeti Inc 

It Was the first sucsessful video game console to Come out of Australia.


The Founder Of CatZeti Inc. Nerys Beck. Wanted to Release a Video Game Console For the Following Reasons.

  1. To Compete with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft
  2. To Make a Console Almost Entirely With Family Games
  3. To Get Australia into the Video Game Market

With those In mind, CatZeti Inc In partnership with the american based Intel, released the First 10th generation console on a May the 10th, The founder's birthday

Add Ons

Gamehub T Screen
T Screen
(Originally Known As the U Screen) Is A portable touch screen Add on for r\the Gamehub Which can display games on the Go, Act like a Wii U Gamepad, And connect To The Console

Gamehub Swingvoice
A Motion Controller/Microphone Hybrid Controller used For games Such as the Gamehub Sing Along and CZ Sports

Switchmulator. In a Partnership With nintendo, This Japan Only add on allowed players to To Play Switch games on the Gamehub.

Bang Ray. A Sci Fi looking Light Blaster used For Shooting Games

Games Released
CatZeti Crossover Racers Release game A Crossover Racing game Featuring CatZeti and Several Franchises 
Sonic Block Breaker Release Game A Kirby Block Ball Style Breakout Game Featuring Sonic On The Lost Hex
Legend Of Spyro Reawakend Trilogy Release Game A Collection Featuring The Three Legend Of Spyro Games
D6 World Adventure Release Game Geography Education With The Deadly Six
Yu Gi oh Mega Deulling Release Game A New Yugioh Game Featuring the Return of The Perfect rule, Seen in Deulists of the Roses
Crash Bandicoot, N Fection of N Fancy Release Game A New Baddie, N Fantile Is Making Neo's Minions act Babyish, Crash Needs to Free Them!
Gamehub Sing Along Release Game Inspired By Singstar, This Tech Demo for The Swingvoice Tests Your Pipes on Hits like Mannequin and Arcade
CZ Allya games 2  The Following year Compete in 12 Sports at the Allya Games in Belgium
CZ Puzzle room Month After Launch Play Some of sega's Most famous Puzzle Games Such as Snail Maze, Baku Baku and Collumns

WANNA ADD SOME GAMES? since this isn't a Nintendo console, Try To resist adding mario


The Advertisements feature The mascot of CZ inc. CatZeti.

The Cable TV And CD Player Feature Has Been Added Despite Some People moving on to Streaming,

Some of the Add Ons, Such as the Swingvoice Were Inspired By Nintendo's Controllers

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