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Game Freak:
HAX and the Textured Hero
The official North American cover.
North American Cover.
Developer(s) Leading Games
Publisher(s) Nin.png (In fandom of course)
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) Oct. 10, 2012 (NA)
Oct. 13, 2012 (JAP)
Oct. 14, 2012 (PAL)
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Nintendo Wii Disc, Nintendo DS Cartridge, Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero is the first game, that will probably be made into a series, called Game Freak.


One day, a gamer and minor hacker, named Jake, tried creating a new character for a game he plays. However, when he was done the textures and vertexing the model, the character glitched up. Jake got confused, as the character, that once looked like himself, looked like a pile of colorful shapes, of all sizes. The computer froze when Jake tried putting him in the game, then the screen turned colorful. Jake decided to test the game to see if it worked, so he went over to his "GameBoxStation2" and put in the game, and started playing. The character was in the game, but before Jake could turn off his game, he heard something, laughing. He looked at the game and his new character was laughing at him. Then he spoke in a low voice: "Fool!". He whistled and a wormhole appeared right in front of Jake, sucking him into his game. Jake lay, dazed and confused, until found by two characters of the game.


The gameplay is very unique, and can be vaguely compared to the LEGO video game's gameplay. It includes features like the ability to switch characters, like in the LEGO games. There are also Power-ups, and bosses. The gameplay also has a hint of the "Super Mario series" gameplay.





Secondary Antagonists


"The Game"

Main article: "The Game"

"The Game" is the game that Jake gets sucked into during the events of Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero. Without the game being hacked, the game was highly compared to a cross between Kirby's Epic Yarn and Super Mario Galaxy.


A sequel has been announced, it is called Game Freak: Legend of the Sea, as it is part of the newly announced Game Freak series.


Existence Software

This page is a work of fiction, and does not depict an actual product.
Existence Software

This page is a work of fiction, and does not depict an actual product.
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