Blast From The Past.
The Game Boy R's slogan.

Game Boy R
The official Game Boy R logo.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo
Product Family Game Boy
Generation Nine
Storage 128gb (microSD)
Release Date(s)
November 14th, 2019
Ever-updating library of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.
Predecessor Game Boy Advance
Successor none
The Game Boy Redux, more commonly referred to as the Game Boy R, is a nostalgia-based video game console released on November 14th, 2019. It is meant to serve as an ever-updating hub of classic games from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance line of systems. The console is meant to serve as a nostalgic reminder of Nintendo's past, while also providing consumers with a wide-range of classic Nintendo titles that are well-rounded balanced experiences.

The Game Boy R launched with twelve different titles overall, with the console itself being priced at $60. It came with three pre-installed games, the console, and a charger for the console.



The Game Boy R's default design sports a nice color scheme consisting on a mix of orange and purple. The design closely resembles a regular Game Boy Advance, but has a few noticeable differences. For one, this is the first Game Boy console in history to use four buttons, with X and Y being used on certain games to improve the experience (example: X pulls up a map for you to look at in Metroid II: Return of Samus). The second new feature is wi-fi, which is used for downloading other games via the console's virtual shop, City Boy. Another change is that instead of using batteries, the GBR instead uses a UBS C charging cord, the same cord that the Nintendo Switch uses. Finally, there's the addition of a reset button, which works as a way to deactivate the system and reset the game without holding down the power button.

Besides that, there are a few minor changes, too. Select is used as the "home button" of the system, with it providing the ability to close the game currently being played and return to the menu. Instead of one speaker, there are now two of them, both providing quality sound. Other than that, everything else returns from older Game Boy iterations, including the headphone jack, the screen, the D-Pad, the A and B buttons, and the shoulder buttons.

City Boy is the Game Boy R's equivalent of the eShop on other Nintendo consoles. It's updated regularly with a selection of games, ranging from the well known to the obscure. The highest a game's price can be is $4.00, while certain games are absolutely free. You must be connected to wi-fi in order to access City Boy, which you can turn on or off on the home menu.


Game Overview

Description: Mario's very first handheld adventure! Mario must travel throughout the brand new kingdom of Sarasaland to rescure the one and only Princess Daisy from the evil Tatanga. Explore the four corners of the kingdom and save the day once more!

Price: None

Year Released: 1989

Metroid2 boxart

Description: Samus is back and is out to fully eradicate the Metroid menace. She's setting a course for SR388 and she's taking no prisoners. The game plays just like a regular 2D Metroid game, but is one of the first GBR games to utilize the new buttons.

Price: $2.00

Year Released: 1991


Description: The dastardly King Dedede has stolen all of the food in Dream Land along with the Sparkling Star. It's Kirby's job to go and stop the mad king! This is the game that introduced Kirby's main gimmick: his inhale ability and his floatiness.

Price: $1.00

Year Released: 1992


Description: Wario has ended up on Kitchen Island, where the nefarious Captain Syrup has stolen a statue Wario desires. The game is knwon for it's use of helmets, which give Wario the ability to pound the ground, shoot fire, or even fly.

Price: $1.00

Year Released: 1994


Description: After Captain Sugar's dastardly crew messes up Wario's castle, and he's out for revenge! Wario Land II is more of the same Wario Land gameplay you love, but now with transformations like Puffy Wario and Flat Wario.

Price: $1.00

Year Released: 1998


Description: Pikachu and all of his pals from Kanto and Johto have been mixed with the gameplay of regular ol' pinball! Become a pinball master and catch some of your favorite Pokemon in this fun pinball experience. Who knows who you'll meet?

Price: None

Year Released: 1999


Description: Wario has been teleported to another world and must save it from an evil monster hoard. Wario Land 3 is more of the gameplay you loved from Wario Land II with even MORE content that the last game.

Price: $2.00

Year Released: 2000


Description: A world in need of a legendary hero calls to Link, and Link answers! Link must now collect the eight Essences of Time in order to stop the evil Veran from making time stop forever! The game combines the gameplay of a regular Zelda game with a handheld flair.

Price: $1.00

Year Released: 2001


Description: A world in need of a legendary hero calls to Link, and Link answers! Link must now collect the eight Essences of Nature in order to stop the evil General Onox from messing with the four seasons! The game combines the gameplay of a regular Zelda game with a handheld flair.

Price: $1.00

Year Released: 2001


Description: A completely new Sonic experience made exclusively for the Game Boy Advance! Sonic and friends must band together in order to stop Eggman from taking over South Island once again. The gameplay is very similar to the Classic Sonic games of yesteryear, focusing on platforming and speed.

Price: $1.00

Year Released: 2001


Description: The commanding officer of the Orange Star Army, Andy, has been accused of attacking other troops without a reason. You must beat the other team by taking over their base/destroying their troops, with the game being turn-based ala Pokemon.

Price: $3.00

Year Released: 2001


Description: While looking for a legendary treasure, Wario stumbles across the Golden Pyramid. With the help of a black cat, he's going to get that treasure! This game is the first to remove Wario's invincibility factor, but it's still the same Wario Land fans know and love.

Price: $2.00

Year Released: 2001


Description: It's more of what you liked from the first game and more! Along with being Cream the Rabbit's first appearance, the game is more fast paced and has even larger zones than before! Save your friends from Eggman's evil grasp once again!

Price: $2.00

Year Released: 2002


Description: Join Wario and his colorful cast of friends in a microgames megapalooza! The selection of quirky fast-paced microgames never ceases to get old, which is also partially due to the fun characters like Kat & Ana, 9-Volt, Jimmy T., and others.

Price: $2.00

Year Released: 2003


Description: The bad doctor has torn the planet apart via the Chaos Emeralds! You must stop him before everything gets more cataclysmic! The gameplay is different, as the game lets you choose a partner to tag along with a partner in order to traverse these levels.

Price: $2.00

Year Released: 2004


Description: The final installment in the hit Mother/Earthbound trilogy, Mother 3 provides a deep storyline that's complemented by tight gameplay, beautiful graphics, and enjoyable characters. This is also the first time Mother 3 has been released to other regions.

Price: None

Year Released: 2006

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