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Game Boy Color logo.png
A Game Boy Color
Developer(s) Nintendo
Console Type Handheld
Generation Fifth
October 21, 1998
Discontinued September 25, 2003
Color screen
Backward Compatibility Game Boy
Forward Compatibility Game Boy Advance
Predecessor Game Boy
Successor Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Color is the fourth model and a hardware upgrade from the Game Boy, released during the fifth generation of video games. As the name suggests, the Game Boy Color had the ability to display multiple colors on its screen. Compared to the Game Boy, the design is also a bit smaller, and the processing power is twice as fast. All Game Boy games are backwards compatible with the Game Boy Color, and some games on the former console would display more colors if played on a Game Boy Color. Other games were made exclusive for the system, indicated by a clear, see-through cartridge, while games that could be played on both Game Boy and Game Boy Color had a black cartridge.

The Game Boy Color was compatible with all the accessories of the original Game Boy, and also featured an identical layout of buttons, albeit with the Start and Select buttons being horizontal rather than at a slant. Playing games that did not have any color can be played in color using a color pallet, done by using a combination of the directional pad and the A or B buttons.

While simply an upgrade for the Game Boy, the Game Boy Color was arguably as big of a success, selling around 53.58 million units worldwide. Despite this, it was the shortest-lived Nintendo handheld, being discontinued in 2003, nearly five years after its release. Like the Game Boy, all Game Boy Color games are backwards compatible with the Game Boy and forwards compatible with the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System via the Super Game Boy.

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