Game & Watch Adventure
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platforming, Adventure
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Game & Watch Adventure is a platforming game, developed and produced by Nintendo released for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is an unexpected revival of the classic series of simple games, Game & Watch, and features many elements from these games.


The game is a sidescroller, with 2D levels. The world in which the game plays is not very reminiscent of the classic Game & Watch games, in which everything looks rather flat; instead, the only thing that is still flat is Mr. Game & Watch himself, as well as a few bosses, types of enemies and most obstacles. The environment is still coloured black on many spots to resemble the old look of the original games, however.

Mr game n watch

Mr. Game & Watch, as he appears in the game.

The gameplay is different from most platforming games in how the world is more structured like a maze, where the player can take many different ways to get to the end of an area. However, the player needs certain items to get access to certain areas; for example, the player can only enter a very high area if they have the Parachute equipped, because otherwise they won't be able to reach there. During every area, the player can equip a maximum of 4 items; if they want to see all of the routes and possibly find other secret items, they could replay the level with other equipment. There are a few rooms in every area where Mr. Game & Watch can save the game and change equipments. He can also perform a few regular attacks with his bell, to attack enemies with.

Aside of the equipment items, there are also collectible items, such as many types of hats that Mr. Game & Watch can wear. They generally don't have any effect on the gameplay, and are just merely collectible items that can all be found in the game. Additionally, a sidequest in the game is to find all the secreat treasures; these are special items that resemble small statues, shaped like objects from various other Nintendo series. After finding 5 of them, the player can upgrade one of their equipments every time.

Another major gameplay element is the concept of parallell levels. Mr. Game & Watch can enter small portals and then get transferred to the background of a level, where a similar yet slightly different part of the level appears, with portals on other areas. This can make access available to other areas that are normally not accessible.

During the levels, the player can aditionally collect Flower Coins to spend at shops, to obtain additional items that the player may use.


The player may spend their Flower Coins that were collected at the shop, a location host by a character known as Occo. The shop only appears in some levels at specific places, usually before a boss fight, and the items and characters will help Mr. Game & Watch during the battle.

Name Image Description Cost
Cheery Bomb A striped bomb with a happy face on it. After it is purchased, Occo will move behind Mr. Game & Watch to the next room, and throw it at the boss to deal damage. It deals more damage to foes of the Soft and Flat class. 3 FC
Ticky-Tock A metronome-like creature which will be placed in the room by Occo. Once it activates, it will make the foes move in slow-motion for a brief moment. 5 FC
Dempy An imp-like figure which runs around the room during the fight. It will repeatedly stab the enemy with a small trident. 5 FC
Waterfell A blue blob-like creature or object which will make a waterfall appear in the middle of the screen. It is especially effective against Fiery foes. 6 FC


These items are needed to pass certain areas. Four of them can be carried at a time. They can be swapped around using the D-pad.

Name Image Description
Manhole Manhole Manholes are laid on two small black ledges on the sides of, for example, a pit. They can be needed when Mr. Game & Watch comes across a pit, but something hinders him from jumping over it; for example, there could be spikes over the pit, or the ceiling could be too low to jump.
Helmet Helmet g&w The helmet is needed in areas where things drop from the air, such as wrenches, debris, etc. It does not protect him against spikes, however.
Parachute Parachute The parachute can be used to jump very high, making the player able to reach high areas.
Diving Helmet Diving helmet The diving helmet makes Mr. Game & Watch able to swim underwater, rather than just floating on top of it, giving him access to more areas.
Hammer Hammer g&w The player can use a hammer to attack objects like switches, rocks, etc.
Fire stick Fire stick The fire stick can be used to burn obstacles, like wood.
Frying pan Frying pan The frying pan can, oddly enough, be used as a boomerang. It has a long reach, and thus can be used to reach faraway switches.
Fish bowl Fish bowl The fish bowl can be used to soak things with water, such as a fire to make it go out. It can also make plants grow. If it collides with ice, it will freeze.
Spray Spray Spray can be used to blow wind at objects, being able to, for example, flip things over.
Bomb Bomb g&w Bombs can be used to blow up rocks or cracks in walls. They can also be thrown.

Overworld Items

These can be found on the normal overworld, usually hidden in other objects that drop them when attacked with the correct item. Sometimes, enemies can also drop an item.

Name Image Description
Berry Restores 20% of Mr. Game & Watch's health.
Tangerine Restores 40% of Mr. Game & Watch's health.
Apple Restores 70% of Mr. Game & Watch's health.
Melon Restores 100% of Mr. Game & Watch's health.
Clover Grants Mr. Game & Watch an extra life.
Four-Leaf Clover Grants Mr. Game & Watch three extra lifes.
Pink Star Temporarily makes Mr. Game & Watch's attacks stronger.
Yellow Star Temporarily makes Mr. Game & Watch invincible.
Cyan Star Temporarily makes Mr. Game & Watch invisible to enemies.
White Star Temporarily makes Mr. Game & Watch of really small size.
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