The GameHero is a new Home Console from Rowan productions...


Midgits are the residents of the GameHero. They have returned from the Triple Screen. They are similar to Miis in Wii and 3DS.

Midgit Store

You can sell or buy Midgit related stuff in the Midgits section of HeroStore

These are things that will help you find what you are looking for... All of these are options in search...

  • Price
  • Genre
  • Gender
  • Colors
  • Misc. Options


HeroCoins are the currency of GameHero. They are used in the HeroStore...


These are the sections of HeroStore:

  • Midgits
  • Software Updates
  • Applications
  • Videos
  • Search
  • Top Content

GameHero games

There are no GameHero Games...


  • Most games on GameHero are Fighting or Heroes...
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