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Galvan Artifacts are mysterious objects capable of awakening latent power, created by harnessing power from planets. These objects range from clothing to weaponry, but all possess consistent traits.

Creation and Use

Galvan Artifacts are forged by harnessing potent energy residue from the creation of planets. This power is harnessed through massive underground structures known as Cathedrals, and while it can technically be applied to any object, most Artifacts are clothing or weaponry, as the wielder needs to have physical contact with their Artifact.

When used, Galvan Artifacts awaken the wielder's latent power, increasing traits that are already there yet are often not apparent without the Artifact. The powers awakened depend entirely on the user - in the case of Sparklings like Volt, they provide elemental powers, but humans like Umbra and Robyn Sephora seem to react with a wider array of effects.

List of Galvan Artifacts

  • Galvan Scarf (wielded by Volt)
  • Galvan Headset (wielded by Hailey)
  • Galvan Mask (wielded by Strato)
  • Shadow Scythe (wielded by Umbra)
  • Galvan Reader (older model wielded by Robyn, newer model wielded by Logi)
  • Galvan Rapier (wielded by Eddy)
  • Galvan Blood (possessed by all Aesir)