The Rogue Bounty Hunter
AGE 35
CLASS Neutral
WEAPONS 6 Round Plasma Gun

GalaxyGuy aka: Virastrum Gala is an Ex member of the Galactic Federation. He's recently been into bounty hunting and has encountered Samus on more than one occasion. Mostly ending in crazy fights, the two occasionally team up, but have never been able to share the bounty.


Virastrum's parents (like Samus) were murdered when he was young. The scars left him this unhappy, bitter person. He joined the Galactic federation at the age of 23. There he ranked up to a drill sargent but was later kicked out for several miss fires and poor uses of his gun, (such as opening beer cans with them or firing them into the air for attention grabbing and celebration uses.) He formed his own group called Galactic Squad. For 8 years they hunted down space pirates and other humans and non-humans. But eventually he sent out his team to mine some adamantite on a near by asteroid when they we're blown up by Inter-Galactic Terrorist, Shadow-Bot. Virastrum, rage filled and even more bitter about his friends death's, he went rouge and became the bounty hunter, GalaxyGuy.


GalaxyGuy is hyper active but very mean spirited. He's been known to push around his allies and try to be dominant, (though it most of the time never works, especially with Samus.)

Appearances in games

In All-Star Heroes II: Nazo Unleashed he goes along with Samus when the distress call on Mobius is called. When there he goes through Eggman land with Samus and Eggman while it is being destroyed by Nazo. Along with the final fight with Perfect Nazo, he also fights Ganon, and Metal Sonic.

Relationship's with other characters


GalaxyGuy and Samus are not exactly friends. They will team up but never share the loot. Samus thinks of GalaxyGuy as a dumb child with Super Powers, and to a certain extent, pitys on him. GalaxyGuy on the other end of the spectrum thinks of Samus as this tool for a more easy victory. While they do annoy each other, they do get to a point after a couple of missions together where they are to an extent, friends.


Recker is the closest thing to a "Best Friend" that GalaxyGuy has after his teams murder. Recker being a kind soul, is very understanding of GalaxyGuy's anger but does has his limits. Recker thinks GalaxyGuy as his Best Friend. GalaxyGuy thinks of Recker as an annoying parasite that won't leave...but still likes Recker.

Adam Malkovich

Adam was serving under the orders of GalaxyGuy for 2 months before Adam reported his misusage of lethal weapons. So as you may expect, GalaxyGuy hates Adam's guts.

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