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Galactic Defender Rosalina
Developer(s) Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) 2012
Mode(s) Story Mode
Age Rating(s) PEGI: 3


Media Included Wii: Optical disc

Galactic Defender Rosalina is a Wii game developed by Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions. It has Rosalina as its only playable character.


Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom was invited to Peach's Castle for a party for the Star Festival. However, Bowser came in and called upon a giant barrier that surrounded the whole planet. Avoiding anyone to leave the planet nor get in. Luckily, Rosalina was in her Comet Observatory and saw everything. Pondering how to help her friends, Polari suggested her to cast the Rainbow Grand Star, the only artifact that could destroy that barrier. However, the Rainbow Grand Star was long ago split in seven pieces which are hidden in the other planets of the galaxy. As she was about to leave, a turquoise Luma called Mapi volunteered herself to aid her in her journey.

Will Rosalina and Mapi find the Rainbow Grand Star pieces and save the Mushroom Planet from Bowser's hands?



Artwork Name Info
189px-Rosalina MK7
Rosalina Rosalina has been assigned to get the Rainbow Grand Star pieces in order to save the Mushroom Planet
Mapi Mapi isn't actually playable but she uses her powers to grant Rosalina the Star Spin


Artwork Name Info
Co-Star Luma The Co-Star Luma is always willing to give a helping hand. Call a friend to grab a second controller to make the Co-Star Luma join the game!
480px-SMG Polari
Polari Polari guides Rosalina throughout the game. And, for some Starbits, he'll reveal you locations of the Comet Medals
Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade was also outside the planet when Bowser caged it. They'll often appear to help Rosalina


Artwork Name Info
478px-Nsmb2 bowser
Bowser This time he hasn't kidnapped a princess but a whole planet! Rosalina has to reform the Rainbow Grand Star in order to destroy his Planetary Locker
Bowser Jr NSMBU
Bowser Jr. Like father, like son. Junior will constantly try to hinder Rosalina's journey
Koopalings Even if they actually aren't Bowser's children, that doesn't mean they aren't willing to prevent Rosalina to gather the Rainbow Grand Star pieces. With big mechs by courtesy of Bowser Jr.


The game is similar gameplay-wise to the Super Mario Galaxy games. The worlds are represented by the 7 planets where the pieces of the Rainbow Grand Star are hidden. The planets are also divided in several sections. To finish a level, Rosalina must reach the flagpole or defeat the boss.

Rosalina is able to use the Star Spin and several power-ups, among them is the brand new Gum Flower. Unlike Super Mario Galaxy, where the player only had 3 HP, Rosalina has 8 HP, making the Life Mushrooms only able to recover all the Energy at once.

Once the player gets a 100% completion (Beating Story Mode, finding all exits and collecting all Comet Medals), Rosalina will be promoted to Galaxy Goddess and receive a new outfit.


The game uses the Wii Remote + Nunchuk

  • Control Stick: Move
  • A button: Jump
  • B button: Shoot Starbits
  • Wii Remote: Star Spin, point at screen to collect Starbits
  • Z Button: Ground Pound, duck


Regular items

Artwork Name Effect
Life Mushroom Refills whole health
File:1upmushroom with transparency.png
1-Up Mushroom Grants an extra life
Coin NSMB2
Coin Can refill 1 HP. Collect 100 to get an extra life
Starbits You can feed them to Hungry Lumas or to Polari to reveal you locations of Comet Medals. They can also stun enemies
CometMetal (1)
Comet Medal They're hidden in the planets' sections, one per level. You need to find all of them to become a Galaxy Goddess
Rainbow Grand Star piece These are the game's plot device. Rosalina needs to find seven of these pieces to reform the Rainbow Grand Star. However, these pieces are held by the Koopalings...


Artwork Name Effect
Fire Flower

Fire Rosalina

Rosalina can throw fireballs that can light up or melt certain items to trigger events. It disappears after a certain time

Ice Flower
Ice Flower

Ice Rosalina

Rosalina can create frozen lilly pads on water or lava to walk on them. It disappears after a certain time

Bee Mushroom

Butterfly Rosalina

Rosalina can fly up for a certain time, stand on flowers and climb sticky walls. It disappears when Rosalina walks on water or receives damage

Boo Mushroom

Boo Rosalina

Rosalina, transformed into a Boo, is able to hover, turn invisible and pass through certain walls. It disappears when Rosalina passes through light or receives damage


Rainbow Rosalina

Rosalina becomes invincible for a brief time

Bubble flower nsmbu version by machrider14-d5tj4rv
Bubble Flower

Bubble Rosalina

Rosalina can throw bubbles to trap enemies. She can also breathe underwater for an unlimited time. It disappears when she receives damage

Gum flower by machrider14-d5rwezo
Gum Flower

Gum Rosalina

Rosalina becomes gooey. Her Star Spin has a longer reach and is able to go through pink colored Warp Pipes, which lead to secrets or pump air into her to become a bubble an float for a brief time. It disappears when she takes damage

Hot air suit icon
Hot Air Suit

Hot Air Rosalina

Rosalina gets an inflatable suit that makes her fly up and reflect some projectiles. Her Ground Pound is much stronger though fire attacks make her unable to move. It disappears when she touches something sharp.

The planets

Coming soon...


  • Butterfly Rosalina resembles a menelaus blue morpho, or morpho menelaus
  • Even if the Rainbow Star itself doesn't appear ingame, Rosalina can turn into Rainbow form after using a Star
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