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Developer(s) Prince Bull (Yveltal717)
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan May 20th, 2021
Flag of USA March 25th, 2022
Flag of Europe March 25th, 2022
Mode(s) Single Player, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013T 12RatingCERO C

Gaiaflux: Fated Legacies is a fan-made JRPG created for the Nintendo Switch developed by Yveltal717 in cooperation with Fantendo. It is slated for release in 2021-2022. It is a standalone game, being that this is the only game in the main series.

The game follows the story of Rovias, a sorceror who gets a premonition of a cataclysmic event befalling their world of Nessyr. Aware of a looming threat that will result in the destruction of the world, they set out on an adventure to recruit the elemental kingdoms in order to halt the end of times.

Gaiaflux's primary focus is to immerse the player with the characters and the lore of how Nessyr came to be. Players are placed in an open world setting, and are encouraged to discover what secrets the world has to offer.

Banner pattern 2 Story

A long time ago in ages past, the world of Aeralan came into being. As it began flourishing with a variety of effervescent life, along with it came the divine element known as Manaphae. A type of raw magic emanating from the planet’s core. It’s influence exhumed across the land gifting those that came into contact with it, mystical, otherworldly abilities. As time marched forward, the creatures that grew to inhabit the land began to distinguish themselves from each other, as they learned to harness different forms of Manaphae. This eventually led to the formation of eleven kingdoms, who all mastered varying forms of elemental magic.

As turbulent times were to occur in the course of history, the kingdoms sought out one another through diplomacy and the cunning hand of trade. There was always a support system to fall back on, and for at least a millennia the kingdoms knew this. As things would have it however, there came a day when there is a shift in the paradigm. The seeds of discord began to plant themselves, when wells of Manaphae began to slowly be corrupted by a long forgotten form of dark magic called Genecere. A form so potentially dangerous, that it’s practice was forbidden after the first kings reigned.

With the manaphae being corrupted, it’s influence began spreading, leaving a husk of melancholic grey and darkness in its wake. It poisoned crops, tainted water, and made those who were caught in its path lose their minds. There came a point, where resources became so scarce that tension began to arise between the kingdoms. None of them could trust each other to the point of active hatred. It was as if the bonds once forged by their forefathers had never existed.

Each kingdom began to isolate themselves behind magic barriers as the Genecere spread to each of their borders. It felt as if eventually all hope was lost, that is until a young sorcerer known as Rovias, rises up to the challenge of bringing the manaphae back to the world. Known for their wayward ideas, they’re brushed off immediately, but are determined to restore Aeralan’s glory and stop the corruption. As it is told, it is their Fated Legacy.

Banner pattern 2 The World

The story of Gaiaflux: Fated Legacies takes place within the world of Nessyr. For a time, the planet flourished with divine blessings as a great element of power known as the Manaphae exhumed across the land, sea and sky gifting those that came into being with unusual and mysterious abilities.

It consists of two main continents. Ishuin and Neverius, mighty and vast as they were. There are total of twelve kingdoms.

Improved - WIP Placeholder Map

(This map is a WIP, but shows the placement of all the kingdoms in the world of Nessyr)

Kingdoms Alberaan | Venturpol | Rae-Vallah | Nautisaul | Washiro | Ethazrael | Kunomorpho | Volmer | Carigen | Reverrus
DLC Kingdoms Sedentus | Tarrival |Epochal| Wykkia

Banner pattern 2 Gameplay

The gameplay In Gaiaflux:Fated Legacies is heavily inspired by games such as Dragon Quest, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. The player controls their avatar, and their party as they travel from region to region, defeating monsters, buying items or taking on side quests from other NPCS. Similar to that of other JRPG’s, you gain experience points, during your battles in order to level up, and learn new techniques. Players need to stragetically use their abilities and resources to get through particularly difficult boss battles.


Double Joycon Single Joycon
Analog Stick Used to move your character around and to navigate through menus Analog Stick Used to move your character around and to navigate through menus
+ Used to access the start menu + Used to access the start menu
A "Main Button" used to talk, execute commands, examine, etc. X "Main Button" used to talk, execute commands, examine, etc.
B "Cancel" button used to backtrack through menus, cancel decisions, etc. A "Cancel" button used to backtrack through menus, cancel decisions, etc.
Y Parry (During Enemy Attack) Y N/A
X Parry (During Enemy Attack) B N/A
L Guard (During Enemy Attack) R Guard (During Enemy Attack)
R Guard (During Enemy Attack) L Parry (During Enemy Attack)
ZL Change Targets (During Enemy Attack) Analog Stick (P) Change Targets (During Enemy Attack)
ZR Change Targets (During Enemy Attack)


During battles, the player, along with three of their party members face off against whatever obstacle is in their way. Using menus, they have the ability to select the type of attack, magic or item they might need in order to win the battle. They also have the option to run away from battles as well, however this doesn’t apply to boss battles which will prevent the player from running. 

Once the party defeats their enemy, each party member gains EXP in order to reach new levels. When a character gains a new level, their stats grow as a well. Winning battles also rewards players with gold which can be used to purchase items. In addition to the experience points and gold awarded for successfully defeating the enemy, occasionally, items will be dropped as well that are added to the player's inventory.

Status Conditions

Effect Description


statistic otherwise known as a stat for short, is one of the many aspects of any party member that can influence the outcome of a battle. This can refer to labels given to each respective battle element, or it can refer to the point distribution that each party member has dedicated to them. There are six primary stats in Gaiaflux: Fated Legacies:

Health Strength Resistance Magic Technique Speed

  • Health Points: are the most visible stat in Gaiaflux: Fated Legacies. In game, it's presented as a meter that initally starts off as green, and eventually turns red depending on how much health is life. This stat displays how much damage a party member or enemy has left before they're defeated. 
  • Strength: How powerful physical attacks or attacks with a weapon are.
  • Resistance: How well party members are able to defend again specific attacks and magic.
  • Magic: How powerful etherial and non-physical attacks are.
  • Technique: How well players are able to dodge attacks, perform critical hits, and how powerful those critical hits are.
  • Speed: How fast the characters are, in terms of turn and in terms of evasion.

Each stat has a max base stat total of 100.


A class is a general categorization for an individual and or group of enemies in Gaiaflux: Fated Legacies. All of the classes are divided into four main categories. Melee Class, Shield Class, Bastion Classes and Medic Classes. Each of these divisions have stats that they excel in. The classes in the Melee Division excel in attack stats and speed. Shield Classes excel in defense stats and speed. The Tank Class division, can take hits and hit hard. They do however falter in speed and technique. The medic classes excel in speed and technique.

Male Rovias Shiloutte
Male Rovias Shiloutte
Male Rovias Shiloutte
Male Rovias Shiloutte

Banner pattern 2 The Basics


"Generations passed, as a young sorcerer known as Rovias, has a premonition of a beast erupting from the planet's core causing the end of the world. The premonition foretold of a grand adventure, and the six legendary kingdoms uniting once more, to protect the world. As it is told, it is their Fated Legacy."

The main character of this adventure is a sorcerer named Rovias '(Prounounced: Roh-Vehs). They are an orphan who was taken in by the Order of Light. A council of magic users who train in the art of the most exclusive Manaphae element, GloriallaBeing the player character, Rovias' is the default name, and can be changed by the player (Given that it deemed an appropriate name), however the default will always be Rovias. Their gender, and appearance is also decided by the player.

Click the link to travel to: Character Customization

Male Rovias (Character Select background)
Male Rovias Shiloutte
[[Female Rovias (Character Select background)
Female Rovias Shilouette


As Rovias embarks on their adventure across the continent of Ishuin, and eventually the world of Nessyr; There is still much for them to learn in the realm of magic.  Being a sorceror has it's perks, especially if you're one that always has their face in a book! An immense love for learning has certainly carried over with Rovias as they travel from kingdom to kingdom, learning all they can.  

There are 10 elements, that are currently known.

Phaesterus - Gaiaflux Element (Improved)
Sidonis - Gaiaflux Element - Improved
Iverne - Gaiaflux Element (Improved)
Frigidavus - Gaiaflux Element (Improved)
Gallius - Gaiaflux Element
Glorialla - Gaiaflux Element (Improvement)
Oscarro - Gaiaflux Element
Carcanegus - Element
Deciberos - Gaiagflux Element
Poloriso - Gaiaflux Element

If you wish to learn more about the Elements and the learnable spells: Travel Here

Banner pattern 2 Party Members

Stationed across the vast expase of Ishuin. They are ready to assist the avatar through thick and thin, but have to have their loyalty won at first through a mission. They're a quirky team with their own unique personalities and abilities that flourish in both the overworld and in battle. In addition ot helping you fight, you are able to romance and have a child with them. There are 37 default party members, and all candidates are available for marriage regardless of if you're playing as the male or female character


Princess Rosabelle - Final Art by Prince
Princess Rosabelle
The Crimson Lancer
Agostino Saguaro - Final|link=]]
Capt. Saguaro
The Razored Paladin
The Coal Born Smithy
Elistaire - Final Art by Prince|link=]]
The Sunshine Knight
The Bubblegum Lancer
The Ivory Troubadour


Erikson - Gaiaflux -Finished|link=]]|link=]]
Prince Erikson
The Charging Tundra
Fridolph (Improved) - Gaiaflux -Finished|link=]]|link=]]
The Lupin Hood
Gustav - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]|link=]]
The Canine Cleric
Charlotte - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]|link=]]
The Vixen Gambit
Freja - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]
The Snowflake Witch
Aksel - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]
The Last Human


Princess Seraphina
The Solar Flare
The Scourge
The Emerald Adventurer
The Dullahan Devil
The Theurge of Fate
The Eclipse Djinn


Princess Himeno
The Sonic Dove
Prince Hayate
The Razorwind Eagle
The Moonlight Revenant
The Legendary Artisan
Genji - Gaiaflux - Finished Art|link=]]
The Ardent Sky Dog
The Azure Peafowl


Prince Cortez
The Raging Tsunami
The Crimson Bard
The Electric Gemini
The Leviathan
The Amber Leone
The Mimic


Lord Mephisto - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]|link=]]
Empereor Mephisto
The Hellfire King
Rosterronius - Gaiaflux Finished|link=]]|link=]]
The Bastion of Pride
Avaerus - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]|link=]]
The Propeitor of Envy
Llamanic - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]|link=]]
The Somnolent Keeper
Eromaeus - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]
The Underestimated
Chronos - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]
The Undaunted Caretaker


Princess Zhinuang
The Gossamer Princess
The Dragon Storm
The Praying Fable
The Cerulean Shield
The Honeycomb Apothecary
The Mosaic Performer


Prince Ulysses
The Surge Protector
The Crimson Herald
The Forgotten Memory
The Porcaline Lancer
The Heartstrong Mechanic
The Vantablack Myrmidon


Chieftess Toxo Amanita
Toxo Khilvuso
Toxo Seiano
Toxo Zatch
Toxo Serin
Toxo Virah

Banner pattern 2 DLC

Fantendo Fantasm

An upcoming DLC 

I - The Leader
General Scotch
II- Second in Command
Dr Malphea
III- The Doctor
Gaiaflux - Obena (Finished)|link=]]|link=]]
IV- The Ambassador
Justice Shield
V - The Enforcer
VI- The Renegade
Captain Turbo - Gaiaflux - Finished|link=]]|link=]]
Captain Turbo
VII- The Coach
VIII- The Infiltrator
IX -The Sniper
X- The Trickster

Kingdom Bound Heroes

Kingdom Bound Heroes II

Fantendo Fantasm


In Gaiaflux, there is a mechanic known as Support that deals with relationships between characters. There are two types of support systems present in game. There is a Battle Support system, and Romance Support System both of which exist through a hidden point system, As the points increase, it's reflected by a visible grade system which is different between both support systems. Aaron is the only character that can perform the romantic supports with any of the other characters


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