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Gaia Wan
Gaia Wan, the biomechanical wanderer.
CURRENT STATUS Travelling the world
AGE At least 650
BIRTHDAY Mid-1300s
CLASS Telekinetic



Gaia Wan is a telekinetic biomechanical golem, built by early worshippers of The Fan and The Enemy in the mid-1300s. Combining a powerful robotic body with a human's capacity for deep thought, Gaia has been travelling the world for ages, seeking greater answers about her purpose and recording the history of mythology on Earth.


Gaia Wan is a fairly tall golem made of stark white porcelain, with very clearly defined joints on her limbs. She has a single glowing blue eye on the left side of her face and sculpted "hair" that's essentially merged to her head. A series of rectangular "vents" circles around the bottom of her neck. Gaia usually wears an iridescent blue-green sleeveless robe and baggy brown pants, along with two bracelets, decorated with small trinkets she collects during her travels.


Gaia Wan is enthusiastic and tends to be fairly friendly, often stopping on her journey to spend time with locals. She's open to sharing what she's learned over the years and is eager to learn from others too, although she often unintentionally comes off as condescending.

Having been created by worshippers of The Fan and The Enemy, Gaia Wan is often fascinated with them, dedicating her time to researching them and other deities. Her knowledge of them is slim, but she views the escalating war with The Threat to be an opportunity to learn more, even though she sees the conflict itself as needless.


Gaia Wan was built in the mid-1300s, by humans worshipping The Fan and The Enemy. Seeking to ascend beyond their human bodies, they designed a functional ceramic frame and gave it life by sacrificing pieces of themselves. Gaia was kept under their watchful eye as she studied the world, but one by one, their sacrifices caught up to them, leaving Gaia alone. Decades of researching their rather limited writings and confining herself to her home bored Gaia Wan, and she set out to explore the world she had read so much about.

Power and Abilities

Gaia Wan possesses potent telekinetic abilities, and is capable of levitating even large objects such as her personal greenhouse. These powers are fueled by feeding tea leaves into her vents, and just as certain brews may leave her calm or energize her, Gaia's powers can be affected, becoming more steady to control or more powerful.




  • Gaia Wan's name is a layered play on words; Gaia referring to earth due to her ceramic body, and a gaiwan being a lidded bowl used to make and serve tea.

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