Gabriella Brooks Female
22 years old Human

Chewout, as she appears in CrossClash.

FULL NAME Gabriella Brooks
POWERS Gum generation/manipulation
BIRTHDAY September 30th, 1998

Chewing gum, relaxing, hanging out with friends, fighting crime, listening to music


Injustice, boredom, rain, hot temperatures



Fantendo Minigame Mania

Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy


Gabriella Brooks, also known by her vigilante name Chewout, is a superhero who defends the city of Neo Metroville. After a freak accident which granted her the ability to form and manipulate chewing gum at will, she's yearned to hone her skills to become a defender of her home.


Build-wise, Gabriella has a common body type for a woman her age, standing at 5 foot 8 inches. Her hair is brown and set in a thick ponytail with a pink scrunchie, with the ends of the ponytail and a clump at the front dyed a dull purple color with "bubble" patterns.

Gabriella's hero costume has her don a a lavender leotard with a pink oval on the front, meant to resemble a bubble of gum. This is accompanied with a pair of matching gloves and sneakers, black sweatpants with a pink stripe, and a purple hoodie.

While not on active duty, Gabriella usually wears a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and sneakers.


Gabriella is laid-back, sarcastic, and cool-headed in most situations. She doesn't take much seriously, and is always ready to crack a quip at someone's expense. Her main priorities in life (aside from her work as a hero) are having fun and living life to its fullest. Despite her somewhat carefree nature, she does treasure those close to her, although she rarely flatout says so.

These traits carry over to her Chewout persona, with her considering it part of her image as a hero. However, her tendency to not take things with the appropriate level of seriousness at times can often lead her to underestimate her adversaries. She has a soft spot for the little guys in the community, and considers their safety one of her top priorities as a hero (although she is willing to help with larger, world-threatening issues if need be).


  • Gum Generation/Manipulation: Chewout is capable of forming a thin layer of gum on her skin, which she can then manipulate in various ways. It should also be noted that extremely hot temperatures interfere with her abilities: If it's too hot, the gum will become too sticky to properly manipulate.
    • Bubble Blowing: By forming gum on her lips and then exhaling, Chewout can blow bubbles which grow up to eight inches in diameter. She can then use these bubbles as projectiles which can explode into a sticky mess or use a larger one as a weak, yet functional force field.
    • Gliding: By forming "gum gliders" beneath her arms out of gum, Chewout can glide. However, this only works to her advantage should she not be wearing her hoodie, as the wings cannot fully form unless her arms are fully free.
    • Grappling: Chewout can cast a long tendril of gum as a grappling hook, but this requires a lot of concentration on her end.
    • Gum Absorption: Chewout's power also works in reverse, as she is able to absorb her gum back into her body. However, she can become nauseous should she absorb too much at once.
    • "Gum Burst": With enough concentration, Chewout can release an explosive burst of gum from her palms. However, this leaves them temporarily sore and unable to produce gum.
    • "Gum Glue": By secreting some gum on a surface, Chewout can utilize it as a type of glue, being able to stick objects or people together.
    • Wall-Crawling: By forming gum on her palms (which seeps through her gloves), Chewout can attach herself to surfaces.


Gabriella lived a rather easy childhood in the city of Neo Metroville. While her parents didn't completely neglect her needs and truly loved her, they were also somewhat easy pushovers and let Gabriella get away with a lot. As such, she quickly gained a reputation as the life of the party in her adolescent years, as well as gaining another reputation of her fondness for chewing gum.

One night, she decided to sneak out of her house with some friends in high school to pay a visit to an abandoned chemical laboratory. However, an accident there led Gabriella to come in contact with some chemicals, merging her DNA with the gum she happened to be chewing at the time, giving her gum-based superhuman abilities. She initially tried to hide these abilities from her parents, only showing them off to close friends. However, once she finished college, she set out on her own to use her powers for the good of Neo Metroville, becoming the superhero Chewout.



Chewout makes a playable appearance in SMASH BROS. EVERY SINGLE THING!.

After a freak accident causing her DNA to be merged with a piece of chewing gum, Gabriella Brooks gained a plethora of gum-based abilities. Going by the alias of Chewout, she now dedicates her life to defending the city of Neo Metroville, battling threats with sticky tricks and sarcastic quips!

Chewout can glide by attempting a third jump, and she can cling to walls.

Neutral B
Bubble Blow

Chewout begins blowing a bubble, which she shoots forward in a straight line and pops once it hits an opponent, projectile, or wall. Charging the move increases the bubble's size and power.

Side B
Gum Glue
Chewout fires some gum diagonally downwards which becomes a puddle of gum upon contact with the ground. Opponents who step on the gum are stuck to it, as if they had been hit by a Pitfall. Only one piece of Gum Glue can be active at a time.
Up B
Gum Grapple
Chewout casts a tendril of gum diagonally upwards, being able to use it to grab onto ledges or opponents and pull herself upwards.
Down B
Gum Burst
Chewout charges up before releasing an explosive burst of gum from her palm, causing major damage and knockback. However, using this move temporarily weakens Chewout's gum-based attacks.
Final Smash
Big Blowout
Chewout begins blowing a gigantic bubble. While blowing, she can move her head around, moving the bubble and being able to trap opponents within it. Once the bubble reaches its maximum size, it violently pops, launching opponents caught in it and those near it.

Fantendo Minigame Mania

Chewout appears in Fantendo Minigame Mania as one of its many playable characters, being a Rare character hailing from a currently unnamed franchise.

Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy

Chewout appears in Tetris Attack: Fantendo Frenzy as a playable character, having been added to the game as a free update. A costume of her likeness is also available for the player to purchase for the custom avatar and other characters.

Chewout Suit Descripton
"The superhero suit of the hero known as Chewout. Literally kick ass and chew bubble gum in this comfy getup!"
Price: $100


Chewout appears in CrossClash as a starting fighter.




Ater a freak accident involving some bubble gum, Gabriella Brooks found herself with strange gum-based abilities. Now under the alias of Chewout, she strives to use her powers for the good of Neo Metroville, offering beatdowns and snarky comments to its crooks!

Chewout is a character with average stats across the board. However, she excels in aerial combat.

Chewout's alternate costume gives her original costume prior to her introduction to Fantendo.

Neutral B: Bubble Blow Chewout begins blowing a bubble before spitting it out as a projectile. Charging the move increases the bubble's size and power.
Forward B: Gum Grapple Chewout casts a tendril of gum to grab her opponent and reel them in.
Back B: Gum Burst Chewout fires a burst of gum from her palm. Despite its short range, the attack has great power.
Up B: Gum Drop Chewout leaps into the air before coming down for a powerful stomp attack.
Down B: Gum Glue Chewout flicks a patch of gum onto the ground which temporarily holds the opponent in place upon contact.
Clash Attacks

Level 1 (Bubble Shield): Chewout immerses herself in a bubble, temporarily increasing her resistance to attacks and giving her the ability to naturally reflect projectiles.

Level 2 (Bubble Bomb): Chewout surrounds herself with a bubble before popping it, dealing large damage to the opponent should they be close enough.

Level 3 (Burst Your Bubble): Chewout blows a massive bubble before launching it forward, dealing heavy damage.


  • Taunt: Chewout begins blowing a bubble, letting it pop.
  • Victory Animation: Chewout gives the camera a peace sign with a smug grin.
  • Victory Theme: Chewout's victory theme is an original track composed for CrossClash, being a heroic tune played by a electric guitar.

  • Taunt: Chewout puts her hands in her pockets and rolls her eyes.
  • Victory Animation: Chewout gives the camera a peace sign with a smug grin.
  • Victory Theme: Chewout's victory theme is an original track composed for CrossClash, being a heroic tune played by a electric guitar.


Game Appearances

Fan Art



  • Chewout's current design was created by a friend of TheFazDude.
  • The inspiration for Chewout's gliding abilities came from another one of Faz's superhero OCs.
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