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GHOST SMILE: Spooky Spirits
Developer(s) Inora
Publisher(s) Inora
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre(s) 3D Action RPG
Release Date(s) October 2015

GHOST SMILE: Spooky Spirits is a 2015 action RPG developed by Inora as a side downloadable title for Halloween, utilizing GHOST SMILE II's base. It's also Sr.Wario's entry into the Spooky Scary Writing Competition.

The game follows Smile as he attempts to regain his various abilities from a mysterious thief named Jack, causing him to end up in the Spooky Universe as he battles against classic monsters.


Smile is roaming the multiverse after the events of GHOST SMILE II, when he is ambushed by a mysterious thief named Jack, who uses a magical bag to steal Smile's spirits, Universal Shift, and Possession. Jack opens a portal and hops through it, with Smile following close behind. Smile hops through the portal and finds himself in an odd realm known as the Spooky Universe.

Smile finds himself in Macabre Town, an eerie town set in perpetual midnight. Smile meets the mayor, Mayor Meek, a Yeti who informs Smile that he and the others in the Spooky Universe were created by Jack, who they know little about. Meek tells Smile about Jack's hideout, a gigantic tower that reaches to space. Smile, eager to regain his abilities, heads off. Once there, he finds that the entrance to the tower is blocked by a lock that can only be opened by four magical Jack O' Lanterns.

Heading back to town, Smile asks around and learns that the Jack O' Lanterns belong to the rulers of the four corners of the Spooky Universe, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Werewolf, and The Pharaoh. Smile heads off to defeat them and gain the Jack O' Lanterns he needs.

Smile faces against the legendary monsters, which he finds odd that they are alive, and collects their Jack O' Lanterns. He returns to the tower and uses them to open the eerie tower. Smile begins climbing, solving difficult puzzles and facing tough enemies. Eventually, he reaches the top floor, where he meets Jack.

Jack explains that he was a scientist spirit living in the Spirit Universe when he came upon a book that told of four magical Jack O' Lanterns on a barren universe known as the Spooky Universe that would allow him to ascend from life and death to become a god. Inventing a machine, he traveled there and created monsters inspired by classic monsters to get the Jack O' Lanterns. However, they rebelled, not wanting the multiverse to be under the control of a madman, and hid them away. Jack explains that he heard of Smile's adventures and stole his abilities to lure him to collect the Jack O' Lanterns.

Jack becomes Halloween Jack, an all-powerful monster god. Things look bad for Jack when his four curses unite, and become the Curse of Halloween Night. Smile becomes Halloween Smile, and an epic battle ensues. Halloween Smile weakens Halloween Jack, and then traps him inside a Jack O' Lantern for all eternity in his tower.

Taking back his abilities, he returns to the mainland, where he apologizes to the guardians of the Jack O' Lanterns. With Jack defeated, they forgive him, and vow to turn the Spooky Universe into a better place together. Smile frees the Curses, and with his Universal Shift vanishes, continuing to wander the multiverse, looking for people in need.


GHOST SMILE: Spooky Spirits is very similar in gameplay to GHOST SMILE II, using the same controls and engine. However, several things have changed in this game. The primary villain, Jack, has stolen Smile's spirits, his Universal Shift, and his Possession. In order to get back, Smile must roam the Spooky Universe to collect 4 Jack O' Lanterns from 4 bosses. Along the way, he has to use Curses, a new item that is a mixture of Spirits and Possesion. To extend game time, Candy Pieces are scattered across the Spooky Universe, which Smile can collect and trade with Glorbap for Maps and Files.



Character Description



The main character. Smile is a wandering ghostborn who ends up in the Spooky Universe after being ambushed by Jack. Smile's design has also changed to reflect his new state of being. Smile still has his stretchy appendages, but must rely on Curses for advanced abilities.

By the end of the game, Smile takes on the role of a hero, changed by his experience.


Character Description
Jack The main antagonist. Jack was a scientist spirit who traveled to the Spooky Universe in order to become a god, getting Smile wrapped up into a new adventure in the process. Jack is manipulative, cold, and intelligent, but deep-down is simply a greedy creature who just wants more power.
Mayor Meek A yeti who is the mayor of Macabre Town. He's old, forgetful, and sleepy, but also a wise and experienced old creature. He'll supply Smile with information.
Mr. Thornite A gigantic Venus Fly Trap who is a bit of an Omnivore. His favorite food is money, and will give Smile items in exchange for it. Thornite grows all across the Spooky Universe, and has various burrows across it where Smile can buy things. He also loves jazz.
Glorbap The classic 50's alien with a green body, three eyes, and a space-man suit, located in Macabre Town. Glorbap is a bit of a weirdo, obsessing over little things and speaking in a jumbled version of english. Smile can exchange Candy to him for Maps and Files (which talk about GHOST SMILE lore).


Boss Description


A monster inspired by the famous count, featuring the same appearance and personality. Dracula is fought inside a large circular room with a chandelier in the middle. Dracula will fly around, sending out bats and attempting to drain your blood. Smile must lure Dracula under the chandelier, and use the Vampiric Curse to become a bat, and fly up to cut the chain on the chandelier, causing it to crash down on Dracula. Do this three times to defeat him.



A monster inspired by the tragic creature, featuring the same appearance and personality. Frankenstein is fought on top of Lightning Hill, and will walk around, smashing the ground to send out shockwaves and conducting electricity to blast at Smile. Smile must wait until Frankenstein is electrically charged and then conduct electricity towards him with the Prometheus Curse. This will overload Frankenstein, frying him. Do this three times to defeat him.

The Werewolf


A teenage student of Suburbia who became a werewolf! He's an anti-social nerd when human, but a vicious beast in his wolf form. The Werewolf is fought in a small area of the Wolf's Woods, with tall trees all around. The Werewolf attacks by clawing Smile and charging at him. Smile must avoid his charge, causing him to run up a tree. Then, Smile must use the Full Moon Curse to claw down the tree he's on, causing him to fall to the ground, doing damage. Do this three times to defeat him.

The Pharaoh


An ancient pharaoh who REALLY dislikes intruders in his pyramid. The Pharaoh is fought in a large square room, and will teleport around, casting dark magic from his staff. Smile must avoid his dark magic, causing him to get annoyed and stand still to perform a giant spell. Then, Smile must walk up to him and use the Mummy Curse to turn his mask into dust, doing damage. Do this three times to defeat him.

Halloween Jack


Jack with the power of the 4 magic Jack O' Lanterns. Halloween Jack is fought on a giant outside square platform on the top of his tower. Halloween Jack will stay in the center of the platform, surrounded by Jack O' Lanterns, summoning monsters and shooting fireballs. Smile must use the Curse of Halloween Night to fly around and destroy the Jack O' Lanterns, and then attack his head. Do this three times to defeat him.


Area Description Notable Places

Macabre town.png

An eerie town in the center of the Spooky Universe, set perpetually at midnight. This is the hub of the game, where Smile can meet various friendly monsters.
Mayor Meek's Cave
An icy hillside cave with a cozy inside where Mayor Meek lives. Smile can always stop by to enjoy the view or get info from Mayor Meek.
Midnight Central
The main area of Macabre Town, a strip of various shops and buildings where various monsters live.
Four Ghost's Square
A quiet square isolated from town with four paths, each leading to an area in the Spooky Universe, with Jack's Tower in the center. Legend says that four ghosts haunt this area, giving it it's name.


A sunny village that seems perfectly calm, but is in the shadow of a twisting trail that leads to Dracula's Castle.
Sol Village
A warm tight village that is always in the sun, populated by friendly, unaware citizens, selling their wares.
Twisted Path
A cobblestone path away from Sol Village leading to Dracula's Castle. Various enemies and tricks lay here, with leafless trees littering the twisting path.
Dracula's Castle
Vampyra's dungeon. This giant forboding castle features the Vampiric Curse, which Smile must utilize to solve various puzzles, involving the various halls and rooms of the castle.


A dim village styled around Victorian England, with a spooky science fiction twist. The inhabitants are paranoid and on-edge, and for good reason.
Frankenstein's Lab
The famous birthplace of Frankenstein. Smile must carefully search the abandoned lab for clues about Frankenstein's location.
Winter Village
A small village set always in wintertime. Smile can take refuge in the pub or ask around, but most of the citizens are paranoid and unfriendly.
Lightning Hill
An outside dungeon of sorts. Smile must go over a bridge of enemies to reach the path to Lightning Hill, where Frankenstein rests. Along the way, Smile must solve various enviormental puzzles to progress up the hill, using the Prometheus Curse which is also found here.


A small American-esque town in an age not unlike the 80's. A mix of the urban and nature, with inhabitants that all know each other well. They think that, at least.
Downtown Suburbia
A small town with friendly inhabitants that resembles an idyllic version of the 80's. Talk to the jocks and nerds or stop by the ice cream parlor for a scoop.
Suburbia High
The local high school. Smile can visit, and he'll have to talk around and investigate the various rooms of the school to learn information of the legendary Wolf's Woods.
Wolf's Woods
A creepy forest at the edge of town, constantly talked about and feared. This dungeon consists of a maze with various areas including brain-teasing puzzles and monsters. To assist with these puzzles, Smile can collect the Full Moon Curse.


A sandy expanse similar to Ancient Egypt, with the towering pyramids always in-sight. There aren't many here, besides rumor-spouting nomads and merchants, and the mummies, of course.
Hiero Desert
A sandy expanse that seems endless. Smile must roam around, fighting enemies and solving puzzles to find the end of it.
Legendary Oasis
The only source of water in Hiero, a place where those lucky enough to escape the desert rest. Smile can meet nomads and merchants here, and take a break. In the end though, he'll have to solve a puzzle to reveal the entrance to the Great Pyramid.
Great Pyramid
The largest pyramid in Hiero, where the legendary Pharaoh lives. Smile must enter this place and battle undead enemies and solve puzzles with the Mummy Curse, while avoiding booby traps.


A giant tower in the middle of Macabre Town. This area is just a giant dungeon, the enormous tower where Jack lives.
Jack's Tower
The final dungeon. Smile must use all four Curses to climb the giant tower, each floor featuring tough enemies or a difficult puzzle.


This item replaces Spirits and Possesion for this title as Smile's main puzzle-solving tool. Curses are mementos Smile can find that when used allow him to transform into a monsterous form. With it, he'll be able to use new abilties to assist in battle and puzzle solving.

Curse Description





"A vampire's curse. When Smile uses it, he'll become a vampire. In this form, he can can drain the health of enemies and transfer it to him or fly around as a bat."





"A monster's curse. When Smile uses it, he'll become a manmade monster. In this form, he can use immense strength to smash enemies or boulders in his way and conduct electricity."





"A werewolf's curse. When Smile uses it, he'll become a werewolf. In this form he can claw through materials and enemies or break into a sprint."





"A mummy's curse. When Smile uses it, he'll become a mummy. In this form, he can access doors with hieroglyphics on them and turn enemies and certain objects into dust."





"The ultimate curse. When Smile uses it, he'll become Halloween Smile, who can fly around and shoot homing firey pumpkins at his enemies."