GHOST SMILE: Block n' Boo! is a 2016 downloadable title for the V2, created by GHOST SMILE developers Inora. Released as a prelude of sorts to GHOST SMILE III, the game is canon but not especially important to the series, being a pet project created for the GAME CHALLENGE 1. The game is most notable for the fact that it features new assets from that game and bridges Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and GHOST SMILE III.

Following our hero Smile once more, he's thrown into an obstacle course by old enemy Chaos, and will have to travel through bite-sized versions of various Universes he's visited, and use Spirits to help him along the way. The game is a Breakout clone and a spiritual successor to Kirby's Block Ball. Reception has been (TBA).


Where I Come In...

Following Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, we join Smile who is sitting in a tavern in the Zaxinian Lifts. Upon finishing his drink, he lays down some USA CASH MONEY on the counter and leaves.

Smile: No one to one to beat up....only time to be alone.

Walking around, he kicks up some dust and sighs before hearing a cry for help.


Smile quickly follows the sound, slinking along the ground into the alley where the noise is coming from. In the alley, he finds nothing but a portal.

Smile: Oh jeez, mysterious portals. These things are never good.

Smile cautiously uses his stretchy arm to feel around inside the portal, but when he tries to pull it back in, he finds it's stuck.

Smile: What the-

The portal then sucks in all of his Spirits and himself before closing. Two people run into the alley, as the camera shows them to be Valerie and Ike.

Ike: What was that noise of distress?
Valerie: Loud noises in an alley.....doesn't necessarily have to be violent....

Ike sighs as the screen fades to black.

Twisted and Turned

Smile wakes up inside a small square room modeled after the Spirit Universe. As he investigates, he looks baffled.

Smile: I've seen some stuff....but this.....

Smile adjusts a model of the Spirit Council Mansion. spooky.

Walking over to a door, he tries to open it, but inadverdently triggers an alarm.

Smile: Oh, great.

Looking around, he carefully steps back.


Smile looks around, disturbed and agitated at the same time.

Smile: Lemme guess, Chaos?
Intercom (Probably Chaos):......JUST GO THROUGH!

Sighing, Smile opens it and walks into a chasm which he falls into.


Falling down into the pit, he eventually falls into a tube and is condensed into a spherical form.

Smile: least I lived. But this is pretty uncomfortable...

Rolling down the tube, he eventually falls into another large diorama which resembles the Spirit Universe, this time with spikes, mysterious blocks, and even some enemies.

Smile: Chaos, I'm not having fun!

Still trapped in his ball form and unable to escape it, he falls onto a "paddle" of sorts.

Intercom (Probably Chaos): AVOID THE HAZARDS! BREAK BLOCKS!
Smile: Has my life become so lame that it's just a big Breakout clone now? Well...ugh...suppose I have to appease Chaos this time....

Smile rolls his eyes and leans against the paddle as it launches him into action.

Upon completing a few of the stages, Smile arrives in an arena that resembles the Gothic Castle.

Smile:....My back can't take much more of this.

Looking all around, he finds that the room doesn't have any blocks and desperately searches for an exit.

Smile: Alright, Chaos, are you waiting for me to die of boredom?

Suddenly, Puppeterror crashes down into the arena from the sky and growls at Smile.

Smile: Oh, you're here now? Great. Look, man.

Puppeterror chomps at Smile and he leans back nervously.

Smile: I know you and I aren't exactly good friends, but-
Smile: Guess Chaos is pulling your goes nothing....



Smile launches himself at the beast, and upon defeating him, the beast disappears in a puff of smoke.

Smile: Look, I fought the ghost dog, I broke the blocks, I avoided the spikes....what do you want?

In another puff of smoke, three doors appear, one with a castle painted on it, one with a mirror painted on it, and one with a jack-in-the-box painted on it.

Smile: Well, looks like I'm not done yet...

Smile launches into one of the doors and enters the next diorama...

...Where I Come Out

Upon completing all 10 miniature "Universes", destroying the blocks, completing mini-games, and battling the various old foes populating the worlds, Smile reaches a large arena, spikes surrounding it.

Smile: Alright, what bad guy now? Just don't tell me you brought Myth-

Chaos then spontaneously appears in the center of the arena.

Smile: Oh, you finally decided to grace me with your presence.
Chaos: No fear? No excitement? I really hyped this battle up, you know.
Smile: You tried to, Chaos. But I know you're just playing around with me. Kind of surprised it took you 3 years to get around to it.
Chaos: Playing the big brother, are you? I guess that's the part of Order in you. The part that means you'll always be a miserable moping mess.
Smile: I've gotten wrapped up in some....pretty big stuff. I don't let people like you get under my skin anymore.
Chaos: Well, whether you're enthusiastic or not, this has been a big project for me. After fleeing the dreadfully boring resort, I learned that I had become no stronger than a MORTAL. Disgusting.
Smile: Pretty funny, in my opinion.
Chaos: So, I embarked on a quest to map the Universes you visit. Duplicate pieces of them, and steal a few monsters to spice things up. Thus, the world as envisioned by Chaos.
Smile: Not a world I'd like to occupy anymore. Let me out and I won't trap you in an unbearably painful prison.
Chaos: Oh, Smile. I've grown a little jealous of you. You visit so many worlds, you have such adventures, you have all these friends. Yet you are too stoic and quiet to appreciate them.
Smile: I....
Chaos: If I wasn't a hate-mongering hellbeast I'd be a great psychiatrist, I've always thought. Anyways, these neat little Theme Park versions of your favorite places have been a distraction. Your true Spirits and your Universal Shift? They've all been in my possession....and an excellent power source.
Smile: Oh great, what are you gonna be, Perfect Chaos?
Chaos: It's Ultimate Chaos, for your information!! You have no special powers, you have NOTHING. Once I kill you, I'll leave this little funfair and wreak pure chaos onto all the worlds you've protected so diligently.
Smile: Powers or not....I have an duty to fulfill. I won't let you do that.



In a tough battle, Smile defeats his old nemesis once more, causing to him drop his Spirits as well as his Universal Shift. Uncurling from his ball form, he walks over to Chaos, who is collapsed on the ground.

Smile: You're right, Chaos. I haven't appreciated what I have. And I need to start doing that.
Chaos: How could you.....but....I!!! Ugh!
Smile: Now, stay down.

Using his Icy Spirit, he freezes Chaos to the ground and traps him in his sick and twisted theme park for the foreseeable future.

Smile: Now then.....I think I'm going to go to home.

Using his Universal Shift, he heads to the Spirit Universe, leading into the events of GHOST SMILE III.

Post-Credits Scene

We see Chaos melting out from the icy prison and coughing up some water.

Chaos: That rotten....thinks he can....ugh!

Getting up, he snaps his fingers and changes into a dry suit.

Chaos: All this effort, completely wasted. And my power....gone!

He blasts a portal at the wall.

Chaos: Now then, what evil scheme can I participate in next...

Walking up to the portal, he shows a toothy grin.

Chaos: Has to be some other cosmic evil out there.

Chaos walks into the portal and it closes, leaving his fate open.



As mentioned before, GHOST SMILE: Block n' Boo! is, at it's core, a Breakout clone with elements of various other Breakout clones (like Arkanoid) incorporated. Using the control stick by moving it back and forth and left and right, you'll control a paddle within a certain area to bounce Smile, in this game shifted into a spherical form, across various themed stages to break every block (although some stages have more varied goals) present.

Of course, the game's not completely simple, as Smile can attain Spirits by hitting them in the stage. These Spirits have varied abilities and act as power-ups, wearing off after either a time limit, getting hit, or completing the level. Some Spirits are merely to make things easier, while some MUST be used to advance.

Hazards like spikes and enemies complicate your objective, and at the end of each Universe (the game's worlds) you'll face a boss battle which can harm or halt you in some way and must be hit multiple times to be defeated. If any type of hazard hits you, you'll instantly die (with a few exceptions) and have to retry the stage, although Smile has infinite lives.

In the main menu, Smile will be able to select the stages simply from a menu, play the Order and Chaos (see Upgrade section) modes for each stage, or visit the Cutscene Theater. In addition this is where the Upgrade Shop is located, but to buy something you'll need to level up, which is explained below.

Resembling previous titles in the series, this game features Leveling Up. By hitting Spectral Energy scattered across each level with Smile, you'll collect it, and after collecting enough Spectral Energy, you'll gain levels. Upon gaining a level, you'll earn Ghost Points, which can be used within the Upgrade Shop to get new upgrades for Smile.


Character Description



As expected, Smile is once more the main character and fresh off his appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, sporting the spooky design he did in that game.

Forced into this game (and his spherical form) by his nemesis Chaos, it's up to him to traverse through mini versions of the universes he's visited before and eventually confront his recurring foe.

Quiet, tired, and always on to the next place, Smile hides his pretty lonely nature with a heavy layer of snark. His encounter here makes him decide to head back home, which will certainly NOT lead into a brand new adventure...




Recurring GHOST SMILE villain Chaos is the other main character, being the antagonist of the game, sporting an unchanged design from his Fantendo Sports Resort appearance.

On the run after his last scheme, Chaos builds a land made from bits and pieces of various Universes as a distraction for Smile in order for him to steal his Spirits and Universal Shift and then enact his REVENGE.

Snippy, rude, and a fast talker, Chaos may seem like an emotionless monster but these traits only hide the childish rage he has inside. The game's conclusion has him back at square one, but on the loose to antagonize Smile again one day...


Boss Description



This spirit is a giant, feral dog ghost help up by chains. He's been controlled by Mythic in the past and now Chaos holds his chains, but it's been shown that he's not all that bad, just a little rough.

His battle takes place in a rather basic arena, the only threats are Puppeterror himself and falling off the stage. Puppeterror will attack by ramming into Smile to knock him off the screen, or eat him and spit him out toward the end of the stage at high speeds.

Hit him five times to win, pretty simple.



A ghost mercenary who is armed to his teeth with guns and explosives, being disinterested in any real causes and having loyalty to only one thing: money. And he'll get his paycheck, no matter what. It seems like Chaos offered him enough (or he's mind controlling him).

Mercii's arena is rather basic, but some of Mercii's mercenaries will come on screen to assist him. Mercii attacks with his laser gun, which will actually damage Smile, and bombs which can knock Smile around.

To defeat Mercii, you'll need to hit him 8 times. Not too difficult, but a little more interesting than Puppeterror.



A rather unpleasant spirit who uses mirrors and illusions to make people feel miserable and hopeless, an emotion which gives him great joy. Smile shattered him before, but that won't stop Chaos from bringing him back.

The arena Shard is fought in is rather basic, but the walls of glass will cave in upon too many hits. Shard will attack Smile by blasting glass shards at him or slashing at him with a glass sword to send him rocketing downward.

To defeat Shard, you'll need to break his glass armor by hitting it 3 times and then hit his spirit 3 times. Upon destroying one side, he'll move so another side protects himself, so be careful.



Once a peaceful Jack in the Box who was scrapped due to an error while making it, Mythic altered this abandoned toy to become a murderous monster, and now Chaos has it under control. Oh, great.

The arena here features a few holes for other terrible toys to come through as well as a red switch behind Hack in the Box. He'll bounce around, attempting to squish Smile, and hurl knives at him to pin him down.

Smile will need to hit the switch behind Hack to release a bomb from the ceiling into his box and damage him. Do this 5 times to win.



A robot who towers over other robots, spirits, and humans alike. Having a disgusting skeletal appearance, Silverspine's surperior intellect, size, and hatred for the "inferior" humans make him a dangerous enemy, especially in Chaos' hands.

Electric fences surround this area on all sides, and malicious robots will also enter the stage. Silverspine is surrounded by four reactors that power a force field around him, and will stay stationary, summoning more robots and blasting Smile with super hot lasers.

To defeat this boss, Smile must collect the Water Spirit and use it to shut down all four reactors and then hit Silverspine. Hit him five times from here to win.



A monster made of smores, having been created by Dr. Kyandi, a madman who controlled the Candy Universe with his Key of Power. Now on it's own, it's allying with Chaos.

Rock candy spikes line the ceiling of this arena, and blenders and ovens scattered everywhere further complicate the battle. Shamore sits in the center of the arena, and can use it's cracker shield to bounce Smile back, use hot chocolate blasts to burn him, and marshmallow bombs to make him stuck.

Smile will need to break the shield by hitting it 10 times  and then attack Shamore. Hit it five more times to end the battle.



A mystery of a boss, Chainex is the champion of The Arena, being a large, armored warrior of an unknown species who always wields a chain. Is he allying with Chaos by choice? For money? Is he being controlled? No one seems to know.

Spikes surround this arena, and audience members will join the fight randomly. Chainex can whip Smile with his chains to do damage to him, or hurl Smile away by wrappping him up in chains, and he'll turn in different directions to avoid damage.

Smile will have to hit Chainex from the front side 5 times to defeat him.



While the other bosses are monsters in the metaphorical sense, Seasonite has no morals because, well, she's just a giant bird who wants to eat Smile. Pretty simple. Smile slayed her, but Chaos has his ways of bringing creatures back...

Seasonite can lay enemies to help her out, or if Smile hits one of the Quad Mountains, he'll also be messed with. This bird attacks by eating Smile and spitting him in a random direction, clawing him to do damage, or firing bomb eggs at him to blast him around.

Smile will have to hit Seasonite 8 times to defeat her.



A gigantic electric eel and malicious spirit, Dreadlight sucks the emotions, life, and intelligence out of a person, leaving an empty, coma-like husk behind. Seems like a perfect match for Chaos..

Dreadlight is fought underwater, with enemies abound, and pieces of ships scattered around, next to four chains, and Dreadlight himself. Dreadlight will attack by spitting electrified spheres that will stun Smile and leave him numb, and by one-hit killing him with the dreaded Soul Suck, which is lethal if not avoided.

Smile will need to attack all four chains to bring Dreadlight to the surface, where he can easily be attacked before sinking back. You'll need to do this twice to defeat Dreadlight.



The true form of Chaos, an all-powerful beast who has absorbed an insane amount of energy, in this case Smile's TRUE spirits and the Universal Shift. This battle will decide it all.

Ultimate Chaos is fought in a wide circus tent, spikes hugging each wall. Ultimate Chaos will fly over the stage, attacking Smile from above. Using a new breath, Block Breath, Chaos summons various blocks, and Smile will need to break them to cause Ultimate Chaos to land, but Ultimate Chaos can also call any enemy in the game to slow or stop his progress.

Having a number of varied attacks, Ultimate Chaos can fire Fire Breath to damage Smile, Ice Breath to freeze Smile, Earth Breath to slow down his speed, and Wind Breath to alter his trajectory, as well as use spear lasers to knock Smile downwards, and swoop down for a one hit kill.

Once Smile gets Ultimate Chaos to land, he'll need to attack him, something he has to do a whopping 10 times to complete the game and put an end to the madness.


  • Meralds: Green slimey spirits that act as basic enemies. Once you get near them, they'll crank back their arms to punch Smile. One hit will defeat them.
  • Ilvers: Gray slimey spirits that are slightly more difficult than Meralds. They'll crank back their arms to punch Smile, and two hits will defeat them.
  • Latinums: Shiny platinum spirits that are much stronger than the Ilvers. Upon spotting Smile, they'll quickly punch forward, and you'll need to hit them three times.
  • Chuckies: Large crimson spirits that will grab Smile and throw him in a random direction. One hit from the back will take care of these pests.
  • Mercenaries: Violent spirits that work for Mercii. They're stationary, and upon seeing Smile, will fire their laser guns at him. One hit will do it.
  • Glasks: Spirits that possess shards of glass. They'll fire glass shards at Smile, but a single hit will take them down.
  • Jacks: Abandoned toys that work for Hack in the Box. They'll hide in their boxes and then pop out to attack Smile. Hitting them while inside the box will do nothing, so time your hit well. They only have one health.
  • Barrel Monkeys: Mischevious monkeys hiding inside a barrel. They'll roll toward Smile and while they can't hit Smile, they'll knock him back if they get rolling. Hit one while stationary to defeat them.
  • Silver Bots: Silverspine's robotic minions. They'll track Smile's movement and try to fire missiles at him, making them harder than the other ranged enemies. Two hits will take them out.
  • Candy Guards: Guards made of candy-canes. They wear armor and upon spotting Smile, charge toward him with sharpened lollipops to stab him. Two hits will take them out.
  • Magmusks: Giant mammoth-esque spirits that are made of lava. They'll lay dormant until Smile hits them, upon which they'll charge toward Smile at high speeds to stab him with their tusks, kick him around, and spit fireballs at him. They're rather rare, and have 5 health, but reward Smile with a bounty of Spectral Energy.
  • Hammeros: Armored warriors that battle in The Arena. They're slow but powerful, slamming down a hammer to crush Smile and create shockwaves that'll knock him back. Smile will have to hit them twice to take them down.
  • Spuckles: Armored warriors that battle in The Arena. They're stationary enemies who have two health, and will punch Smile with their spiked gloves when he gets near them. Attacking from the back is the best strategy here.
  • Bowros: Armored warriors that battle in The Arena. They're quick enemies who constantly dash around to avoid Smile, firing arrows to try and kill him. Two hits is all you'll need to take them down.
  • Throses: Prickly little spirits, these anthromorphic roses have glowing yellow eyes and will pace around, being easy targets seemingly. Don't let them fool you though, as they'll random stop in their tracks and become surrounded by lethal spikes. Time your hits right and hit them three times to defeat them, or use a Spirit against them.
  • Picniks: Playful spirits that inhabit picnic baskets and will prance around. If Smile launches toward them, they'll dash away off-screen, but if you can catch one long enough to hit it once, it'll release a bounty of Spectral Energy and even an optional Spirit at times.
  • Burrowmoles: Pesky moles that inhabit the underground, they'll randomly pop up from their holes to toss rocks at Smile or pick him up and hurl him around. Hit these pests three times to defeat them.
  • Spooksnows: Annoying spirits that live inside snowmen, Spooksnows will throw snowballs at Smile to freeze him, hurl him in a random direction, and build other Spooksnows to assist them. Hit them three times to deal with them before they get too annoying.
  • Gunslingers: Pirates who once worked for Captain Spectre. They can fire guns at Smile to hurt him, use slow cannons to one-shot him, and fire rocks at him to knock him backward. Three hits will take care of them.
  • Swordfighters: Pirates who once worked for Captain Spectre. They can slash at Smile, throw their sword like a boomerang, and even summon other Swordfighters with a pirate call. Three hits will take care of them.
  • Whytes: Shark spirits that inhabit underwater, they'll swallow Smile and spit him in a random direction, or bite him to do damage. Five hits will defeat them.
  • Chaos Clowns: Monster clowns that work for Chaos Clowns. They can use a joy buzzer up close to take Smile down, roll bowling balls to knock Smile backwards, breathe fire to take him down, and even whistle to summon a random enemy. Five hits will defeat them.
  • Flams: Flaming spirits that show up frequently. They'll fly around and breathe fire/spit fireballs to take Smile down. Three hits will take them down.
  • Ics: Icy spirits that show up frequently. They'll fly around slowly and act as support to other enemies, breathing ice/spitting ice balls to freeze Smile. Three hits will take them down.
  • Breezs: Windy spirits that show up frequently. They'll fly around at high speeds and are rather tough to catch, but don't damage Smile, instead sending him off-course with a gust of wind. Three hits are all you need.
  • Stus: Odd spirits that show up frequently. They'll fly around and send out waves of energy that do no damage, but temporarily reverse Smile's controls before dashing away off-screen. Hit one once to get a large amount of Spectral Energy.


Every Universe here except one debuted in either GHOST SMILE or GHOST SMILE II. Being mini, twisted versions of the real places, some details have changed and things are undoubtedly headed down the wrong path here.

Universe Description Stages

The first Universe in the game (and the series for that matter), the Spirit Universe debuted in GHOST SMILE and has been a series mainstay ever since.

The realm where ghosts live, the Spirit Universe breathes spooky, having gothic architecture and being stuck in perpetual twilight...

This world is rather easy, introducing the player to the basics of the game.

The first level! This stage introduces players to the basics of the gameplay, featuring a simple layout with 5x5 Spirit Blocks and a background resembling Spirit Central.
The game's second level features the introduction of the Marksman Spirit, which must be collected. There are a few enemies in this stage and some spikes on both sides of the stage, as well as a layout of mostly Spirit Blocks with a few Target Blocks. The background is modeled after the Graveyard.
This stage has a background styled after the Spirit Council mansion and a matching layout. There's a wide variety of blocks here, new and old, but few enemies, and the Marksman Spirit makes a return.
The level before the boss is modeled after the Gothic Castle dungeon and doesn't have too many blocks but makes up for it in the quantity and variety of enemies, with spikes lining the left and right walls.
This area features the battle against Puppeterror. It resembles the arena where Smile fought the boss in GHOST SMILE. There are no hazards except falling off the screen and the boss himself.

This Universe debuted in GHOST SMILE II, being the game's first fully fledged new location.

Themed around Victorian-era England, everything from the architecture to the dresses radiates sophistication, but secret tombs and bone-chilling temperatures assure you that not everything is right here...

This is one of three Universes that can be selected upon completing the Spirit Universe. Each one introduces new features and slightly ramps up the challenge.

The first stage of the second world ramps up the difficulty, featuring new enemies and a few spikes scattered across the walls and ceilings. This stage features the new Order Spirit, which you'll need to break the Chaos Blocks. It's modeled after a snowy village in the Victorian Universe.
The Universe's second stage is the first of two modeled after Order's Castle. This one takes place in a long, painting filled hallway. The stage is pretty standard besides the paintings. Some, when destroyed, will act as holes that Smile should avoid, while others act as portals to end up out another painting. You'll need this to break all the blocks.
The second of two stages modeled after Order's Castle. This room takes place in the dining hall, where unlit candles rest on the table. Interestingly, this level features some invisible blocks that can only be revealed by lighting the candles (use the Order Spirit to do this). Be careful though, going over a candle will extinguish it and cause the block to hide once more.
This stage is based upon the Victorian Universe's mini-dungeon, the Ancient Temple. It's a pretty tough stage, featuring spikes scattered across the stage, enemies, and a gimmick in the form of the statues. If Smile hits a statue, they'll fling him in a random direction. This can be advantageous, but it can also result in his death.
This arena features the battle against Mercii. It's rather simple, being modeled after Mercii's Airship and having a cold, metallic, and up-close feeling to it. The main distinguishing feature here is that enemies will randomly walk onto the stage.

This Universe debuted in GHOST SMILE and reappeared in the sequel as the starting Universe.

Melancholy and harsh, everyone and most things in this universe are made of glass, meaning that you'll always see yourself. As many monsters can tell you, you won't always like what you see...

This is one of three Universes that can be selected upon completing the Spirit Universe. Each one introduces new features and slightly ramps up the challenge.

The first stage of the Mirror Universe has slightly higher difficulty than the Spirit Universe. It's modeled after the Mirror Tavern, which is currently on fire. Don't get hit by the fire or you'll take damage! You can also collect the newfound Heavy Spirit to shatter Glass Blocks from above.
The next stage is based upon a Glass Temple. It's a rather standard level, featuring heavy use of the Heavy Spirit. No pun intended. Various blocks and spikes are present, but not many enemies. It's a sacred place, after all.
The third stage is modeled after the courtyard where the famous Shattered Mirror rests. The stage seems rather simple at first, not many blocks but a bunch of enemies, but upon firing yourself into the mirror, you'll end up in a reverse version of the stage! You'll need to clear both to finish the level.
The Universe's final normal stage is modeled after the ominous dungeon of the Universe from GHOST SMILE, the House of Mirrors. Each area is a randomized mini-stage, featuring various layouts, some with few enemies and some focusing on enemies. Clear one area to open the door in that area, and after completing 4, you'll reach the final area. Clear it to advance to...
This arena features the battle against Shard. It's the final room of the House of Mirrors and seems pretty basic, but hitting the walls or ceiling too many times will cause them to break into glass pieces and leaves a big open hazard for Smile.

This universe debuted in GHOST SMILE and it's story line was further advanced in the second game's storyline.

Resembling the world's biggest playset, the Toy Universe seems fun and inviting with it's action figure inhabitants, but there's undoubtedly some corruption at work...

This is one of three Universes that can be selected upon completing the Spirit Universe. Each one introduces new features and slightly ramps up the challenge.

The opening stage for the Toy Universe is set in the Universe's famous Bright Central, various houses and shops in the background. There are a couple enemies around, but not any hazards besides that. The main feature of this stage is the new Explosive Spirit, which must be used to destroy the various Stone Blocks present.
The follow-up stage features Gearguy's house. You'll see the no-nonsense toy engineer at work in the stage, his projects scattered around the stage. At first the level seems very imposing, as a lot of the blocks are hidden or surrounded by impenetrable spikes. The answer to this problem are the gears scattered across the stage, which must be activated by using the Explosive Spirit around them, which will reveal new blocks and cause the spikes to withdraw. Chain reactions!
This stage is also located in Bright Central, but has Smile be shrunk down by the Tiny Spirit. In this form, there are various hazards including giant sized enemies, large objects that act as bumpers, and various toy people walking around. If one steps on Smile, he'll be instantly defeated. Be careful!
The penultimate stage of the Universe takes Smile inside the Abandoned Factory, where Symbil is on a rampage. The layout of this level is pretty normal and there aren't any enemies or hazards besides Symbil, but he's quite the annoyance. He can slam down his cymbals to create a shockwave that'll send Smile hurtling toward his doom, clap them over him to stun him, and smash him with them to instantly defeat him. Using the Explosive Spirit will temporarily halt this pest, but he can't ever be fully taken down.
This arena features the battle against Hack in the Box and is modeled after the deepest room of the Abandoned Factory. Holes in the walls will release enemies to assist the villain, and a red switch in the back of the stage will help Smile in the conflict...

This Universe debuted in GHOST SMILE II.

A futuristic universe where everything went down the drain, robots have taken over and a select few freedom fighters yearn to take it back. Though Smile helped them do so, this theme-park version hasn't been so lucky...

This universe is of medium difficulty.

The Mechanical Universe's first stage takes place in the center of the city. It's undoubtedly a bit harder, featuring various enemies and an electric fence surrounding the left and right walls that will instantly doom Smile to an untimely demise. Force fields block various blocks here, and you'll need to break the reactors with the new Water Spirit present here to take them down.
Another city stage, things get more complicated here. The tough enemies and electric fence return, but now the Glitch Spirit is harassing Smile as well. He'll make it so that his hits will occasionally simply go through blocks and enemies, although this means Smile might also be saved from death. It's down to luck here.
This stage takes Smile to the dingy underground town of the Rebel Base. Enemies have taken hold in this stage, and there are a large number of blocks. To help Smile out, he can hit Rebel Blocks to summon the help of a Rebel once. Lucas will scare off some enemies, Hank will wipe out enemies who get close to Smile, Suzanne will snipe any blocks Smile gets near, and Helen will build a barrier near one electric wall to help Smile out.
In the fourth stage, Smile ventures into Silverspine's Tower, the vile robot's base of operations. Each floor of the tower has a different theme starting with using the Water Spirit, fighting enemies, avoiding spikes and the electric fence, clearing out a huge amount of blocks, and closing with hitting the Engineering Spirit into machines to fix them up.
This arena features the battle against Silverspine. It's a large metallic room at the top of his tower, shield reactors scattered across the stage that Smile will need to take down. The main hazard here is that the electric fence surrounds the ceiling, and left and right walls, so you'll need to stay away from bouncing there, as well as robots that will come in to assist their master.

Originating in GHOST SMILE II, this sugary-sweet Universe is a bit lighter and softer in compared to the other Universes.

Bright colors and a joyous atmosphere make this Universe populated by sentient candy a popular destination. The only threat is the doctor with a god complex Kyandi...

This universe is of medium difficulty.

The sugary sweet Candy Universe opens with a stage based on the Caramel Village. There are a number of yucky enemies present as well as rock candy spikes on both sides of the stage, and a decent number of blocks to ramp up the challenge. The gimmick here is the caramel pond in the middle of the stage which cannot be crossed unless the player speeds across it with the Sugary Spirit.
Another Caramel Village stage, this level doesn't have as many blocks or enemies, but rather rock candy spikes on the left, right, and top walls, as well as candy canes that will act as powerful bumpers towards Smile. Be very careful if you want to beat this level.
This tasty test has Smile visiting the heart of the Caramel Village, where various graham cracker people and houses lie, as well as the gluttonous Hungry Spirit, who rests at the end of the stage and will roll back and forth. The stage's graham blocks can ONLY be destroyed by him inhaling them, so you'll need to knock into him with the Sugary Spirit at the right angle to take care of every block.
A bit of a change of pace, the fourth stage takes Smile inside the vile Dr. Kyandi's bakery. There are a decent amount of blocks and enemies, but the real challenge here are the blenders and ovens. Getting caught in a blender will send Smile flying in a random direction, and ovens act as bumpers, and if you hit it from the front, Smile will be fried and instantly die.
This arena features the battle against Shamore, in the deepest room of Kyandi's Bakery. Rock candy spikes line the ceiling, and you'll also need to dodge the returning blenders and ovens.

This combat-crazy Universe made it's debut in GHOST SMILE.

From a glance this Universe may seem just fine, being a grassy hillside village under the shadow of a volcano. However, when a place is so focused on bloodshed, there's bound to be danger...

This universe is of medium difficulty.

The lethal Duel Universe begins with a stage set in the rather peaceful Hillside Village. There aren't any enemies roaming around actually, but there are a lot of blocks, and if you take too long, the volcano behind you will erupt, sending insta-kill magma towards Smile. Don't mess around here.
The dangerous dungeon known as the Volcanic Crater is the setting of this stage. There's flowing magma constantly running downward that will instantly defeat Smile, as well as a number of enemies, but few blocks, although most of them are blocked by ice barriers or hidden. You'll need to collect the Greedy Spirit and use it to pull levers in the stage that will change the temperature and lava flow of the level.
A rather unique level taking place in the famous arena. No blocks are present, instead, Smile will have to take on hoards of enemies and spikes surround the stage to make things harder. At the end, you'll fight a random previous boss, and defeating it will complete the level.
Beneath The Arena lies the labyrinth-like Underground Caves. Each room has it's own blocks and spikes and enemies are scattered throughout it. Hunt down every block in the maze to win.
This arena features the battle against Chainex, and takes place in, well, The Arena! Spikes surround the stage and enemies will occasionally enter from the audience to assist the champion.

This season-centered Universe first appeared in GHOST SMILE.

The Season Universe's only constant is that it's beautiful, but it's defining trait is the Seasonal Tree which can be used to forcefully change the season of the Universe to reveal secrets...

This universe has a high difficulty level.

This Spring themed stage takes Smile to the center of the universe, where thorny vines line the grassy area. If Smile bumps into any of these vines scattered across the stage, he'll be instantly defeated, and there are a lot of enemies and blocks, making for a difficult stage. Some blocks are even guarded by a thorny vine, which must be blown away with the Wind Spirit.
This Summer themed stage has Smile visit the breezy beach. A number of tough enemies appear, and if you fall in the sea at the top of the stage you'll be lost into it, complimented by the large number of blocks. Umbrellas act as a bumper, picnic baskets hold goodies when knocked into, and a slight breeze will alter Smile's course slightly.
This Fall themed stage is set in the lively Leafy Burrow, where sharp rocks line every wall and monsters roam around. Some blocks are blocked by sharp rocks, and you'll need to pop into various mole holes to get around. However, you'll also need to fight the moles before you can take their holes, so be careful.
This Winter themed stage is set in the haunting Icy Fortress. Strong enemies roam around, and ice spikes cover the walls, a number of blocks being hidden or out of reach. To remedy this is the Seasonal Tree in the center of the fortress, and hitting it will change the season manually. You'll need to use every season if you want to find each secret and complete the stage.
This arena features the battle against Seasonite and takes place in the plateau in the dead center of Quad Mountain. The hazards here are the enemies Seasonite spawns as well as each mountain. If Smile hits a mountain, they'll have a different effect on him (Spring reverses the controls, Summer instantly lights him on fire and kills him, Fall makes him faster, and Winter freezes him).

This universe made it's debut in GHOST SMILE and later came under siege in the game's sequel.

One of the darker Universes in the series (and that's saying something), an unknown cataclysm swept the world into darkness, artifacts and human remains buried under the flood.

This universe has a high difficulty level.

The penultimate Universe opens with a stage where Smile visits the Sailor's Fortress. Lots of enemies roam around and falling into the tide on the left and right walls will instantly kill Smile, but the main feature here is the lighthouse in the center. Hitting it will tilt it's position, and the light will reveal invisible blocks depending on where it is.
A final resting place for many pirates, the Watery Graveyard acts as this stage's setting, having him enter an crashed ship underwater. Inside the ship are lots of ghastly enemies and jutted out pieces of wood that act as spikes, in addition to intangible whirlpools. Collect the Icy Spirit here and freeze the whirlpools to make them tangible Ice Blocks that can be destroyed.
Another undersea stage, Smile heads into the Aquatic Cavern, where he begins above water on a wooden piece of a ship where piranhas will wait to swallow him whole and jagged cave pieces threaten him. Upon destroying the blocks here, the floatsam will sink underwater where new enemies and a whole new host of blocks appear.
Boarding Spectre's ship, Smile sets out for adventure once more in another arena styled level where he'll have to defeat every pirate and use the Ice Spirit to break all 5 cannons that will fire at him to finish the stage. If he falls into a cannon, he'll be able to fire himself to tear through enemies at high speeds and gain temporary invincibility.
This arena features the battle against Deadlight, and has Smile go underwater in the Aquatic Cavern once more. There are four chains connected to anchors that'll assist him, but pieces of sunken ships and deadly enemies are also waiting to hurt him.

This universe debuted in...this game, actually! It's Chaos' own creation and the final Universe of the game.

Forgoing the odd abstract final Universes in the previous games, this universe is certainly still twisted, resembling a monstrous carnival with hazards a plenty and freaks at every turn.

This universe is very difficult, testing your skills and making use of things you've learned in the previous Universes.

The final Universe in the game begins inside a twisted circus tent, where killer clowns roam around plus there's a wide assortment of blocks from each Universe, and you'll need to collect every Spirit to take them all down.
The second stage in the Carnival Universe is in front of a fast-paced roller coaster with gaps in it and loops that defy the laws of physics. Smile will need to finish the stage, one heavy with blocks and enemies, before the roller coaster finishes it's cycle, or it'll derail and run Smile over.
The third and final arena stage, Smile must once again defeat every enemy in this abandoned merry-go-round, each round having enemies from a different world, with spikes lining the merry-go-round horses. Metal as hell or terrifying?
The game's last normal stage has Smile inside an eerie House of Mirrors, where he'll have to overcome 20 different rooms with their own theme, having different layouts, enemies, hazards, and Spirits. Upon making it through this marathon, you'll enter...
This deadly arena features the final boss against Ultimate Chaos. Spikes surround this circus-tent like area, and Chaos can summon any enemy in the game to assist him, making this a tough battle for sure.


Spirit Description

~Silent Sniper~


  • Marksman Spirit
  • Spirit Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Mandatory

"Take aim."

"This grim spirit is the very first spirit shown off in all GHOST SMILE games, originally having been collected in the imposing Gothic Castle on Smile's first quest.

When collected here, Smile will be able to fire a single Shadow Bullet ahead to defeat enemies and take out pesky blocks, including the Target Blocks which require it's use. However, after firing six bullets the spirit will stop working, so use this ally well."

~Order Officer~


  • Order Spirit
  • Victorian Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Mandatory

"There will be order!"

"This spirit is the final one Smile collects in GHOST SMILE II, being all that's left of Order and the only tool he has to defeat the villainous Chaos. Here, instead of being silent, he's authoritative and strict.

Upon collecting the Order Spirit, Smile can release a blast of energy that will instantly wipe out Chaos Blocks, make enemies docile for a few seconds, and even make spikes and such non-lethal for a few seconds. You get three blasts, so use them well."

~Gentle Giant~


  • Heavy Spirit
  • Mirror Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Mandatory

"Here I come!"

"A longtime spirit friend of Smile, the Heavy Spirit makes up for what he lacks in mobility and willpower with a kind demeanor and sheer power.

Once collected, Smile will be able to slam downwards to take out columns of blocks below him and be able to destroy the otherwise unbreakable Glass Blocks. Enemies below him should also watch out, but after a period of time he'll lose this spirit."

~Explosives Expert~


  • Explosive Spirit
  • Toy Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Mandatory


"Smile's second spirit, the Explosive Spirit is what could only be described as an extreme demolitions enthusiast. Mischevious, wild, and dangerous, it's a good thing he's allied with Smile rather than his foes.

When collected, Smile will be able to create an explosion around himself that will wipe out nearby blocks, enemies, and even the sturdy Stone Blocks. However, you only have three blasts, so use them well."

~Astonishing Aquanaut~


  • Water Spirit
  • Mechanical Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Mandatory

"Let's go deeper..."

"A spirit with a rather varied design history. GHOST SMILE had a purple fish design, it's sequel had a rain drop, and this game has a design inspired by the Wind Spirit's first design. It's pretty complicated, but this quiet diver spirit isn't, being a simple spook with a fondness for the sea.

Upon collection, Smile will be able to use the Water Spirit to charge forward, surrounded by jets of water. Using this will daze enemies, instantly defeat firey enemies, make Smile immune to firey hazards, and make machines malfunction. Pretty useful for such a basic guy. After a period of time, it'll evaporate."

~Saccharine Spectre~


  • Sugary Spirit
  • Candy Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Mandatory


"A spirit that basically defines the term "Sugar Rush". It's always looking for more sweets, but since it's a ghost, they pose no danger to it. However, it can undoubtedly get a little out of control, so Smile should manage it well...

Once Smile collects the Sugary Spirit, he'll be able to dash forward at high speeds. You can use this to clear out blocks quickly, knock enemies away, or cross sticky paths. The sugar high will die down after a period of time."

~Greedy Grabber~


  • Greedy Spirit
  • Duel Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Mandatory

"Give that here!"

"The Greedy Spirit is Smile's ally, which means he's pretty heroic, but trust me, it doesn't mean that he's perfect. In fact, his greed can get the best of him, and he can't keep his hands off of something alluring.

With the Greedy Spirit, Smile will be able to pull switches, hurl enemies away, and grapple onto the blocks to save him in a tight spot. After a while, this spirit will head off to find treasure elsewhere. It's just in his nature."

~Calm Cruiser~


  • Wind Spirit
  • Season Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Mandatory

"We can float in the breeze..."

"A calm spirit that seems to be less focused on grand adventures and saving the multiverse and more interested in hanging out with his friends in the breeze. Not a bad life, or a philosophy for that matter.

Smile can get the Wind Spirit and with it, he'll be able to blow forward a powerful gust of wind. Enemies in it's path will be blown away, projectiles will sway out of the way, and even the pesky Thorn Blocks will clear out. Upon using enough wind, this spirit will float off to another place."

~Wintry Wraith~


  • Icy Spirit
  • Flooded Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Mandatory

"Let's kick some ice!"

"Oh, man. This guy's sense of humor is lukewarm, to say the least, speaking mostly in ice related puns that are sure to give you a brain freeze. He's not all talk though, and is quite useful when he puts his jokes on ice.

With the Icy Spirit on his side, Smile will be able to release a chilly breeze forward that will freeze enemies in their tracks, stop projectiles in mid-air, and make liquids solid. All three of these things allow Smile to break these as Ice Blocks, which is pretty useful. Once you use a certain amount of this icy wind, the Icy Spirit will make off like a glacier. Alright, I'm done now."

~Flip Friend~


  • Gravity Spirit
  • Carnival Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Mandatory

"Get ready to FLIP!"

"GHOST SMILE II's penultimate spirit, this handy ghost allowed Smile to change gravity, which was vital in traversing the Chaos Universe, and is quite useful here as well.

Although the spirit can only be used once to flip and once to get back, it's very important to Smile's success, as you'll be able to launch him forward from the ceiling to hit certain out of reach blocks. In addition, enemies won't target you when you're upside down."

~Slimy Spook~


  • Ectoplasm Spirit
  • Spirit Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Optional

"Sssssslow down..."

"A spirit from GHOST SMILE II, the Ectoplasm Spirit sports a new design here, but is still the slithering, hissing, and above all spooky fellow who Smile originally allied with. With it, Smile will be able to shoot an Ectoplasm Blast that will solidify into an Ecto Block after a few seconds.

If Smile shoots into it, it'll slow him down greatly and drop him downward rather than continue his trajectory, which is great for last-minute saves. In addition, enemies who wander into it will be greatly slowed down and vulnerable for attack. You'll only get three blasts, so use them well."

~Bone-Chilling Businessman~


  • Treasure Spirit
  • Victorian/Mirror/Toy Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Optional

"Let's get to looting!"

"A spirit who's so indescribably rich that it's ridiculous. Anything he touches seems to increase in value, so it's good that he's rather kind and loves to share his wealth.

With this wealthy wraith at Smile's side, all Spectral Energy will be worth twice as much when collected temporarily."

~High Hero~


  • Cape Spirit
  • Victorian/Mirror/Toy Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE II
  • Optional

"Prepare for my fists of justice!"

"A silly spirit that was a superhero in it's mortal existence. Now simply a cape, he still has his blind patriotism and hammy personality, but also keeps his kind attitude and need to do good, in whatever form that may be.

Temporarily, the Cape Spirit will allow Smile to whack foes with the cape, slow his descent, and even block attacks and getting hit by hazards with a well-timed button press. Except pitfalls, he can't avoid those. Not even superheroes are perfect, kids."

~Hearty Healer~


  • Heart Spirit
  • Victorian/Mirror/Toy Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Optional

"All we need to do is put some heart into it!"

"A nurse in her past life, this spirit was originally simply a collectible item that had to be returned for an item, but GHOST SMILE II gave it a much more useful purpose. She's as kind as ever here.

If Smile manages to get her, she'll temporarily shield him from all harm, even pitfalls. She doesn't last long though, so use this time wisely."

~Rigid Replica~


  • Snowman Spirit
  • Season Universe
  • Debuted in GHOST SMILE
  • Optional

"What a day to be jolly!"

"A spirit that once inhabited the Season Universe, he's full of holiday spirit all year and has a special talent for changing his appearance, taking Smile's appearance when the two ally together.

Like any good gift, Smile gets a lot of use from this guy even if it's for a small period of time. It'll take the form of Smile, and can be hit around with Smile to be twice as effective as he'd normally be alone."


  • Swift Slime: This upgrade is rather cheap and allows Smile to enter a "Super Mode" with a well-timed hit, where his speed is increased and he'll tear through blocks rather than immediately bouncing back.
  • Slow Slime: This upgrade is a bit different from it's namesake but just as strong. When purchased for a small price and equipped, Smile will be able to slow down by tapping him lightly with good timing, allowing for greater precision and saftey. When combined with the Slime Streak, it can be rather useful.
  • Crystal of Shadow: An upgrade with a decent price tag. If you can save up the Ghost Points, it's a rather useful tool, as it gives Smile an extra hit point.
  • Key of Power: An upgrade with a hefty price tag. It'll give Smile an extra hit point, and can only be accessed after buying the Crystal of Shadow upgrade.
  • Stone of Spirit: An upgrade with an insane price tag, being the most expensive upgrade. Upon purchasing it, Smile will have a whopping four health. You'll need to buy the Crystal of Shadow and Key of Power first, though.
  • Order Mode: An upgrade with a cheap price tag. This allows Smile to pick "Order Mode" on levels, making the game easier but making Spectral Energy have half the value.
  • Chaos Mode: An upgrade with a cheap price tag. This allows Smile to pick "Chaos Mode" on levels, making the game harder but making Spectral Energy have twice the value.
  • Shattered: A decently priced upgrade, this will give Smile his Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered design and makes him have higher attack power.
  • Sports Resort: A decently priced upgrade, this will give Smile his Fantendo Sports Resort design and makes random good things happen to him at the start of each stage.
  • Victory: A decently priced upgrade. This makes Smile get a small amount of Spectral Energy for beating a level and a big amount upon beating a boss stage.
  • Crabby Mood: A decently priced upgrade. By pressing a button at the right time, Smile will be able to redirect attacks at enemies and do damage to them.
  • Seasonal Status: A decently priced upgrade. Smile will have a small chance to do a random status effect to enemies upon hitting them, whether that be a random one hit kill, freezing them, hitting nearby enemies as well, or rendering them docile for a few seconds.
  • Elder's Power: A decently priced upgrade. Smile will be able to, by pressing a button right before hitting the paddle, see the best trajectory to follow.
  • Gaze's Power: A decently priced upgrade. Smile will be able to, by pressing a button right before hitting Spectral Energy, double the value of it.
  • Red's Power: A decently priced upgrade. Smile will be able to, by pressing a button right before hitting an enemy, surround himself in a firey shield that will make him more powerful and invincible for a few seconds.
  • Frown's Power: A decently priced upgrade. Smile will be able to, by pressing a button right after launching, make enemies sad and therefore docile for a few seconds.
  • Fear's Power: A decently priced upgrade. Smile will be able to, by pressing a button right before launching, scare all enemies on-screen away.
  • Champion's Chains: A high priced upgrade, Smile will be able to harness a weapon like the Chain Spirit, allowing him to whip enemies and attack them as well as grapple onto blocks for precise attacks.
  • Pitfall Resurrection: A high priced upgrade, if Smile falls off the screen, he'll be saved once from instant defeat.
  • Spike Resurrection: A high priced upgrade, if Smile hits a spike or spike-like hazard, he'll be saved once from instant defeat.
  • Glitched Out: A high priced upgrade, Smile will have a small chance to completely dodge attacks or hazards.
  • Cutscene Theater: A very high priced "upgrade" that Smile can buy, it opens up the Cutscene Theater section of the main menu, which allows you to view the game's cutscenes and the trailer for GHOST SMILE III.


  • Spirit Blocks: Bright green glowing blocks that exist as the game's main targets. Simply hit them once to destroy them and be bounced back (most of the time).
  • Spectre Blocks: Bright yellow glowing blocks that are less common but can be found more often as the game progresses. Hit them twice to break them.
  • Spooky Blocks: Crimson glowing blocks that are found in the later Universes, taking three hits to destroy.
  • Wraith Blocks: Jet black blocks that are only found in the Carnival Universe. They take three hits to destroy, but also spawn enemies from them.
  • Target Blocks: Blocks that have the color scheme of a target, and knocking into them will simply send Smile bouncing back. You'll need to fire a Shadow Bullet at it with the Marksman Spirit to destroy it.
  • Chaos Blocks: Red blocks with Chaos' face on them, knocking into them normally will actually hurt Smile, making them rather deceiving. The only way to wipe these pesky blocks out are with the Order Spirit.
  • Glass Blocks: Blocks made of glass, they'll send Smile backwards at high speeds, reflecting him toward the paddle. You'll need to smash them from above with the Heavy Spirit's might.
  • Stone Blocks: A sturdy type of block made of stone. There's a single crack in each one, and knocking into this block normally will simply stop Smile in his tracks and kill his momentum, sending him straight down. Use the powerful Explosive Spirit to break these blocks.
  • Rebel Blocks: White blocks with a red R in the center, these blocks cannot and do not need to be destroyed, instead helping Smile. Knock into one to summon a Rebel to help Smile out, although they can only be used once and only appear in a single level.
  • Shield Blocks: Blocks made of pure energy, there's no way to physically take these things out, instead, Smile will need to use the Water Spirit to shut down the reactors powering them.
  • Thorn Blocks: Another type of specialty blocks, Smile will take damage if he knocks into these spiny shapes, and must instead use the Wind Spirit to blow them off the stage.
  • Ice Blocks: Blocks that are actually CREATED by Smile, using the Icy Spirit will create these when applied to water, enemies, and hazards. Simply ram into one once to break it.
  • Carnival Blocks: Red blocks with white stripes, Smile can only find these blocks in the Carnival Universe and they're rather annoying in that they take the form of another random block, and you'll need to hit them once to reveal which one you got. Using the Wind Spirit, Icy Spirit, and Water Spirit, you can remove the facade immediately.
  • Ecto Blocks: Another type of block similar to the Ice Blocks, the Ecto Blocks are made from the Ectoplasm Spirit's blocks. They can't be broken, instead, they'll trap enemies and slow them down, same with projectiles, and even Smile himself.


Reception to the game has been rather positive, although nothing about the game was labeled as too interesting or unique, many peoplen took a liking to the game's extensive detail in various sections.


  • The game was originally planned to be a Tetris clone with the GHOST SMILE theme, but Inora believed a Breakout clone would be a bit more interesting and allow for more possibilities.
  • Only 3 Universes were excluded from the game, the Mythic and Chaos Universes (both the final worlds from GHOST SMILE and GHOST SMILE II respectively) due to them being rather similar and Inora wanting to include a brand new final Universe, and the Superhero Universe, as it was deemed too boring and lacked potential for this sort of game.
  • The Icy Spirit's quote is the same quote spoken by Mr. Freeze in the 1997 train wreck Batman & Robin.
  • Some of the new spirit designs present take inspiration from both it's predecessors, most notably the Marksman and Water Spirits.
  • The Water and Icy Spirits were originally in the opposite locations, which is interestingly shown in a few leftovers like the Spirit menu's listings and the order they're collected in in the Carnival Universe.
  • The Ectoplasm Spirit was originally a mandatory spirit, something indicated by how it works and how many uses it has. However, it was replaced by the Order Spirit due to Order's significance to the Victorian Universe and Inora's fear of making it's use too similar to other spirits. The Order Spirit was also originally optional, and had the same function EXCEPT for it's effect on Chaos Blocks, which were non-existent.
  • The game features 8 spirits from GHOST SMILE and 7 from GHOST SMILE II. Interestingly, this wasn't done on purpose and it's a coincidence that they're nearly equal.
  • Every Universe that originated in GHOST SMILE has a boss battle from that game, except the Duel Universe. This was because Inora wanted the game to really feel like a tribute to both of the games. Chainex's inclusion was due to the character Victor becoming a hero, and he originally appeared in GHOST SMILE II as an optional super tough boss battle in The Arena.
  • Here, the Snowman Spirit actually changes to look like Smile's current design compared to the more cartoonish design in GHOST SMILE II and generic appearance in GHOST SMILE.
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