GHOST SMILE is a 2014 action RPG developed by Inora. A reboot of the  Ghost Smile franchise, the game keeps the famous characters of the original and the unique Universal Shift feature, but adds on new Ocarina of Time style gameplay as well, along with RPG and platforming elements.


Smile is a "ghostborn", one of few ghosts born as a ghost rather than being alive once. A shy bookworm, Smile has only one wish, to experience true life for just one instance. Smile visits the Council of Spirits, leaders of the Spirit Universe. Although reluctant to, they tell him of the Crystal of Shadows, which will allow him to return to life. However, they reveal that the crystals have been scattered across the universe and gift him with the power of the Universal Shift, which will allow him to travel across universes. Smile visits the Gothic Castle and begins his quest to attain the 6 Crystals of Shadows.

Inside the Gothic Castle, he battles through demons and at last reaches the Crystal of Shadow in the universe. However, it is guarded by a wolf-like ghost known as Puppeterror. Smile defeats the ghost, and learns that he was being controlled by a villainous spirit named Mythic. Mythic is low on power though, and can either kill Smile or escape. Mythic chooses to flee, and Smile collects the first Crystal of Shadow. However, he also visits the Spirit Council and learns more about the ghost known as Mythic. They learn that Mythic was once a terrible beast who wreaked havoc on the Mortal Universe. Having no choice, the Spirit Council used their collective powers for a temporary solution, to turn him into a ghost by shattering his Crystal that he used to heal himself. Mythic was reduced to a single ash, although across the years he slowly regained his power. The Spirit Council tells Smile that the situation is much bigger than they expected, and if Mythic got his hands on all 6 shards, he could wreak havoc on all worlds once more. Although Smile is disappointed that the adventure is going to be worse than he expected, he accepts the challenge and uses the Universal Shift to go across the Universes and collect the 6 Crystals of Shadows.

He does and at last reaches Mythic, who has molded a new universe as his lair. Smile fights through the chaos and reaches Mythic at last who plans to steal the crystals now and wreak havoc across the multiverse. The two battle, and Smile prevails, using skills he had learned to at last reduce Mythic to an ash once more. As the universe begins to collapse, the Spirits he befriended carry him to the Spirit Council. The Spirit Council offers him a place on it, but he wishes most to be a human and live life truly. They oblige and a flash of light overtakes the screen. It then shows a young man walking down the street smiling.


The game is an action-adventure game with RPG elements. Players play as Smile as he explores the open-world and takes up the main task to attain the 6 Crystals of Shadows, however he can engage in side quests for various optional rewards. Smile's main tools are his appendages which can be used for hack n' slash combat, and the unique Universal Shift feature, which allows Smile to experience an alternate reality that although similar to other realities, has different Spirits, locales, bosses, and dungeons. The game also has optional boosts that can be attained by defeating enemies to get experience. There are many puzzles to solve as well.

Across the game the player can attain Spirits, which are similar to Masks from Majora's Mask. These tools range from new abilities to access to small areas, and range from mandatory to optional. Collecting all Spirits yields the Demonic Spirit, which allows Smile to fill up a Rage bar by pulling off combos, which allows the player to temporarily become a demon with doubled attack and invincibility.


  • SPIRIT UNIVERSE: A world full of ghosts and gothic architecture. Some places of note are Spirit Central, a city full of shops, the Graveyard, and the Spirit Council Mansion. The dungeon for this world is Gothic Castle, and the boss is Puppeterror.
  • TOY UNIVERSE: While the Spirit Universe is purposefully scary, the Toy Universe is downright unsettling, populated by toys who each have a hideous rictus grin to send shivers down your spine. Places of note are the Candy Cane Central and various buildings. The dungeon is the Abandoned Factory and the boss is Hack in the Box.
  • DUEL UNIVERSE: A grim and tough universe where culture is focused around bloody combat. Taking place in a lava filled volcanic ecosystem, the player meets various gladiators of all shapes and sizes. Places of note are the Hillside Village and the arena. The dungeon is the Volcanic Crater and the boss is Victor. The story of this world involves the Crystal Belt, which holds the Crystal of Shadows of the world. Smile fights his way to the top, but the belt is stolen by the greedy former champion Victor.
  • MIRROR UNIVERSE: A sad and somber universe where everything is made from glass, and people's feelings reflect off of it. The NPCs are all gloomy glass people, and places of note are the shattered mirror(a large landmark that shows the ideal world to the viewer) and the various Glass Temples. The dungeon here is the House of Mirrors, and the boss is the spirit known as Shard.
  • SEASON UNIVERSE: A beautiful and windy universe that constantly changes seasons with various effects that alter the universe. Places of note are the Seasonal Tree, which can be used to change seasons, the Igloo(winter only), leave pile(fall only), beach(summer only), and pool(spring only). The dungeon is the Quad Mountain, and the boss is Seasonite.
  • FLOODED UNIVERSE: A quiet and eerie universe that is flooded. Places of note are the abandoned ship and the Sailor's Fortress. The dungeon of this world is the Aquatic Cavern and the boss is Deadlight.
  • MYTHIC UNIVERSE: An abstract universe full of offbeat gravity, enemies, and oddball hazards. This small universe only has a dungeon, End of the World, and the boss is Mythic.

Side Quests

There is a heavy focus on Side Quests in addition to the main story, with each universe holding 3, and each yielding a new Spirit.

Spirit Universe

Somber Spirit

The Spirit Council has been getting frequent reports of noise keeping them up at night. Smile must go around at night, and use the Explosive Spirit to make a spirit appear. He will tell that his heart has ran off and now he can only sob. He tells Smile that the heart has gone to the Toy Universe, where he learns that the heart has ran off. From there, Smile must visit every universe and then catch the heart with the Greedy Spirit in the Flooded Universe. Return it to the sad spirit to get an entire level up.

Know it All

A spirit named Knowhoa has appeared in the universe after beating Mythic, who is annoying everyone with his constant trivia. You confront him and he promises to leave if you answer his 5 questions about the game correctly. Do so to get the Smart Spirit who will offer hints to puzzles and brawls if equipped.

The Spirit Trials

Complete the other side quests in all worlds and a gigantic tower will appear out of the ground in the center of town. Enter and you will battle three foes from each world in a non-stop brawl. Defeat them all to get the Trophy Spirit.

Toy Universe

Gearguy's Missing Gears

Gearguy, the universe's engineer has been reduced to but eyes and a mouth by 5 mischevious Toy Dashers. The player must locate the Dashers, use the Greedy Spirit to get the gear back, and return them all to Gearguy to get the Gear Spirit.

Talking Toys

Visit Gearguy and use the explosive spirit to break inside his storeroom and recover the Nosey Spirit. Then, go inside the Abandoned Factory and use it to talk to the five un-finished seemingly silent toys. They thank Smile for his company and each give him a key. Collect them all and take them to the warehouse near Gearguy and you'll find a bag of 100 coins.

The Tiny Toy

Visit the Toy Collector to learn that he has lost a Golden Marble in a mouse hole in his house. Go to the Toy Universe's store and purchase the 100 coin Tiny Spirit and use it to go inside the mouse hole. Collect the marble and give it to the Toy Collector who will give you the "far less" valuable Ultra Potion.

Duel Universe

Return to the Arena

After you have completed the Universe once, you can replay the arena. Defeat every foe to win the Power Spirit and become the champ once more!

Courage Once More!

A powerful brawler named Leo's Courage Spirit has ran away. The player must buy pieces of a lion costume from every world each costing 10 coins and give them to Leo to wear, which will allow him to get it back. Leo realizes that he doesn't need it, and gives it to Smile as a reward for his troubles.

Victor's Trouble

Victor has reformed, and wishes to fight once more, but his battle with Smile has scattered the four parts of a good fighter, Wit, Strength, Agility, and Strategy have been scattered. Smile must fight each of these who are hidden in the Volcanic Crater to get them to join him. Victor will give the player the Edge Spirit as a reward.

Mirror Universe

The Sweater Problem

An old glass woman named Glina is trying to be "hip" and buys a hideous sweater that is blinding glass people due to it's raw and sheer ugliness. The player must avoid Glina until night and then go to the shop where a Mirror Spirit is hiding, due to it not wanting to look at Glina. The player must catch the runaway spirit and then use it to show Glina how ugly it is. She destroys it and the player is given the Mirror Spirit to keep.

Play us a song, you're the Piano Ghost

The somber people of the Mirror Universe need someone to brighten up their nights. The player must go to the Mirror Tavern and talk to the bartender, who needs a new musical artist. The player must copy the song everynight without missing any notes for three nights and the bartender will allow you to keep the Musical Spirit.

The Child's Burden

The bored Glass Children wish to enter the Mirror Tavern just once and have an Official Spirit, but do not know how to use it. The player must enter and find an entrance for the children. They will give Smile the spirit as a reward.

Season Universe

The Seasons of Squirrell

An anthromorphic squirrell living in the universe seems to have a bad time each season. In the Spring, rain is falling down on him constantly, so you need to buy him a new umbrella from the story, in Summer he's looking for a sea shell, which the player must find with the Water Spirit, in Fall leaves are covering him and he must be un-earthed with the Greedy Spirit, and in Winter he needs 5 acorns, which are scattered across the seasons. Complete all this to get the Seasonal Spirit, 50 coins, and a horde of XP.

Do you want to build a Snowman?

In Winter, two spirit kids want to build a snowman, but they lost their supplies in a blizzard. The player must now find a hat, carrot nose, and stick arms by using the Greedy Spirit to un-earth the supplies. You'll get the Snowman Spirit.

Surfing Summer Safari

In Summer, the Surfing Spirit is engaging in a surfing contest. Complete his minigame in first place to win him.

Flooded Universe

Fishy's Surfing Safari

After you have attained the Surfing Spirit, a large swordfish named Fishy appears in the water around the Sailor's Fortress. Race him with it to attain the Fish Spirit.

In a Crabby Mood!

On the Ocean Floor a gigantic hermit crab empty shell rests. Enter it to discover a group of angry crabs. Defeat all 10 to get the Shell Spirit.

Bubbly Blast

After completing the Aquatic Cavern, re-enter it and make your way to the end to find a small baby bubble named Bub. Escort him to the beginning of the dungeon while protecting him from getting hit by enemies. The family of bubbles will then give Smile the Bubble Spirit.


Image Name In-game Description Location
Marksmanspirit MARKSMAN SPIRIT


"This spirit was excellent at shooting targets and foes from afar. It allows Smile to aim and blast Shadow Balls at Targets or foes."

Explosivespirit EXPLOSIVE SPIRIT


"This wild spirit was always bouncing off the walls and causing mischief. Now, Smile can put this mischief to work by creating Bombs to do massive damage to foes or to destroy tough rocks and statues."


Greedyspirit GREEDY SPIRIT


"The Greedy Spirit was just that, greedy! He always grabs onto anything he can find. Smile can use his greed to pull himself up to higher ground or to disarm foes."



"This spirit was pretty lazy and loved food. However, his rotund body shape will be a useful tool to Smile. With this Spirit he can jump onto some fragile floors and break them, as well as sink."



"A free rebellious spirit, and one with the wind. Smile can utilize this energy while on Wind Pads to float a small distance."

Waterspirit WATER SPIRIT


"The Water Spirit was calm and one with H20. Smile can swim with this spirit and attack underwater using a torpedo dive."

Heartspirit HEART SPIRIT


"The Sad Spirit's heart. Return it to him for a reward."

Smartspirit SMART SPIRIT


"This spirit given to you by Knowhoa is just as smart as him without all the annoying blabber. It'll offer useful hints."

Trophyspirit TROPHY SPIRIT


"A beautiful looking spirit, and your last. Serves no purpose besides getting congratulations from all your pals."

Gearspirit GEAR SPIRIT


"A spirit gifted to you by Gearguy. Allows you to use the Gear Attack to mow down baddies at high speed, with the cost of poor control."

Noseyspirit NOSEY SPIRIT


"A spirit that just LOVES gossip. Allows you to listen in on the broken toys' conversations and talk to them."

Tinyspirit TINY SPIRIT


"Boop. This cute lil' spirit allows Smile to shrink to the size of a mouse. You might get stepped on, but who knows what you'll find down a mouse hole."

Powerspirit POWER SPIRIT


"This powerful spirit increases your attack power when equipped."

Couragespirit COURAGE SPIRIT


"The spirit of courage. It rewards those who make bold jumps and search every nook and cranny with XP."

Edgespirit EDGE SPIRIT


"This spirit gives you an EDGE over the competition. Get it? Ha. Most enemies will not be able to see you with this equipped, so you can surprise them. Unfortunately, it slows Smile down heavily."

Mirrorspirit MIRROR SPIRIT


"This poor spirit has to see many bad fashion choices, so it's glad to be used for something else. Smile can look into it to see hidden coins, items and XP."



"The Musical Spirit ails somber souls and will cure Smile as well. Play it to cure any status effect."

Officialspirit OFFICIAL SPIRIT


"This well respected old spirit will make Smile more appealing to the common folk and every item in every store will cost 5 coins less, besides items costing 5 coins."



"This spirit is one with the seasons. Change the season of the spirit to give a special effect to your attack. Fall has a chance of piercing defense, Winter could freeze the foe, Summer could burn the foe, and Spring could make the foe dizzy."

Snowmanspirit SNOWMAN SPIRIT


"This frosty spirit allows Smile to create a jolly old Snowman to redirect foes attacks. Kills any fire enemy in half the hits."

Surfingspirit SURFING SPIRIT


"The Surfing Spirit is totally radical! Allows Smile to travel on top of water at high speeds."

Fishspirit FISH SPIRIT


"This fishy' spirit allowed Smile to speak fish to the fish pirate guarding a horde of treasure."

Shellspirit SHELL SPIRIT


"The Shell Spirit was a gift from the crabby crabs Smile defeated. It will allow him to hide in a shell and be invincible, but immobile."

Bubblespirit BUBBLE SPIRIT


"A bubbly spirit that will let you breathe underwater infinitely when equipped."

Demonicspirit DEMONIC SPIRIT


"King of spirits, this spirit of rage was attained after every other Spirit joined Smile. Use it to berserk for a small amount of time and devestate foes."


Dungeons and Bosses

Image Name Description Boss
TBA GOTHIC CASTLE An ancient haunted castle located inside the Spirit Universe. The puzzles are relatively simple and platform heavy.



The player must utilize the Marksman Spirit in this battle, and fire Shadow Balls at the four possessing strings possessing Puppeterror, which will drop the wolf ghost to the ground, where the player can damage it. The strings will possess it again, and the player must repeat this 2 more times. It attacks by biting Smile and flying into Smile.

TBA ABANDONED FACTORY An eerie toy factory full of un-finished toy abominations. Smile will have to use various patterns and use the factory's moving platforms to make it to the end of this twisted place.



The player has to face a creepy Jack in the Box like robot who uses knifes to attack. Smile must avoid his twisted slashes and shoot an arrow at the red alarm above Hack in the Box to move the platforms, and then put a Bomb on the platform which will carry it to Hack in the Box and then explode to harm him. Do this 4 times to win.

TBA VOLCANIC CRATER A cave that leads into the insides of the volcano. The player must be very careful to not fall into the magma for an insta-kill. Puzzles revolve around careful climbing and platforming.



The greedy former champion and an ape like gigantic warrior. Smile must avoid his crushing attacks and use the Greedy Spirit to launch him off the platform into the lava, which will send him flying in pain. Do this 5 times to win.

TBA HOUSE OF MIRRORS An eerie and confusing house of mirrors. The majority of the dungeon is a twisting and turning maze.



An evil ghost who possesses an armor made out of glass. He uses his mirrors to bring sadness and paranoia to the people of the universe and then feeds on the sadness. Shard attacks by sending flying shards of glass across the arena and using a glass sword. Smile must sneak behind Shard and climb up the glass ladder, and then use the Heavy Spirit to fall down onto the armor's headpiece and shatter it, leaving Shard open to attack. Do this 6 times to win.

TBA QUAD MOUNTAIN Four mini-dungeons in one! Each mini-dungeon is based off of a season and has unique foes and puzzles. Completing one gives the player a Season Orb. Collecting all 4 Season Orbs opens up the entrance to the boss battle.



A large bird who wishes to make Smile her meal. Seasonite flys around two platforms that share a Seasonal theme. In Winter, Seasonite spits freezing bombs at Smile, in Summer fireballs, in Spring drops toxic rain, and in Fall drops spiny leaves. The player must use the Wind Spirit to fly over to a platform to change the second platform's season to the opposite of the current season Seasonite is on. When Seasonite flys over, she'll take damage. Do this 7 times to win.

TBA AQUATIC CAVERN With an eerie atmosphere yet calm music, the Aquatic Cavern is an interesting dungeon. The puzzles revolve around the Water Spirit, changing water levels, and using air wisely.



A gigantic electric eel who sucks out all emotions from a spirit or body and leaves the shell behind. Deadlight spits homing torpedos that are electrified and if you get too close will suck out your emotions, resulting in a one-hit kill, while releasing various zombie-like shells to attack. The player must destroy all the shells, then swim underwater, break the four anchors to release the cage which will lift Deadlight out of the water where he is utterly helpless and can be attacked. Do this 8 times to win.



An odd abstract fortress created by Mythic using his powers. The End of the World features 6 unique odd sections, each utilizing the spirits of the previous dungeons.



The final battle. The first phase has Mythic become a gigantic dragon above a lava pit. The player must fire shadow balls at the four chains suspending the dragon in the air to drop Mythic into the fire. The second phase has Mythic become a gigantic hand who moves stones around, and the player must remember the correct one and blow it up. The third phase turns Mythic into a gigantic samurai, and the player must avoid his sword. Then, Mythic will charge a powerful attack and the player must use the Greedy Spirit to take the sword and slash Mythic. The fourth phase has the player chasing Mythic by destroying glass and avoiding falling into lava, at which point they can stomp on Mythic. The fifth phase has the player flying through a course while avoiding Mythic's attacks to land on top of Mythic and attack him. The final phase has the player battling Mythic underwater. Hit him 10 times to end the battle.



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