Fusion Fighters is a crossover fighting game by Fusion Entertainment made for the Hybrid Delta. It features 40 of Fusion Entertainment's finest characters, battling it out and a rapid beat em' up free for all. It was bundled with Fusion Heroes and was released one year after Fusion's form date, March 25, 2012.


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The gameplay works with a Super Smash Bros.-esque beat em' up damage gauge, but a small bar on the character icon whilst in battle showing how much 'Guts' they have left. Guts drop after multiple hits. Less guts leads yourself to being more vulnerable. There are also different modes in the game to play. With up to four players playable. The character icons invisible but appear visible when the player is still for a while or the player has just received a KO. It can be played online as well as offline.


Some unique modes were shown in the gameplay trailer such as Stratosball Dodgeball. Where you must throw balls at the three other players and build up their damage gauge for a eventual KO, (with the Stratosballs of course).

Another mode is called Pumpkin Peril, based off the Robo Madness game of the same name. It's a frantic free for all where you have to smash all the armour off your opponents with your pumpkins, extra ones can also be thrown.

There is also gameplay features from Robo Madness's battle mode, except the race mode of the game, which is excluded, most likely due to Fusion Racers.

And the final mini-game mode is Run For Your Life!, where you have to run away from a Fusion villain.



In total, the game has 40 characters to choose from.


Artwork Name Series Description


Teardrop Teardrop
Arcois Opaque View
Scyplo Robo Madness Scyplo is a balanced character, his best point being speed. He takes most hits well, and can quickly deal damage, and is pretty good usable by beginners. He sure is the type of character that is good to use at the start.
Betolpy Robo Madness Betolpy, unlike Scyplo, is all about strength. He will knock most characters out of area quickly, and can survive most attacks, but a fast character can knock him out of area if you aren't careful.
Ella Metals Ella-Metals

Ella Metals, wielder of metal and protector of VineVille, she knows how to protect her city, but does she know how to defeat others? Well, only time can tell. She's got her metal moving skills and her sword to help her.

Andy Pasta Ella-Metals Somebody had to be the laughing stock at school, he had to find a purpose for it someday, he joins for a fight for The Pasta's.
Scoutry Shooting Beat Meep! It's time to show the Scouter Drone can shine in the scuffling spotlight.


Artwork Name Series Description Moveset
Knights of Atlantica Teardrop

Rocky, Rufus and Ayla join the fight! They appear as a trio, the player being able to change between the three in mid-battle. Rocky is fast, all-around, with a great defense; Ayla is slow, but with great projectile attacks and Rufus is a big, slow character, but with great physical movements.

Inferadness Teardrop
Borealis Teardrop
Ritvert Teardrop
Snowless Teardrop
Prometheus TechPong Well well well, looks like he can fight!
Lienzo Opaque View The shy, yet sly sidekick to Arcois certainly knows the language of fighting. As he's here to pack a punch!
Matthew MicroWorld
Cheepel Robo Madness Cheepel is a extremely fast and skilled character. He is able to dodge many attacks, but because of his small size, he is easy to knock around. Although he is hard to use, it's pretty much worth it.
Elfain Robo Madness

Elfain, while being slower then Cheepel and weaker then Betolpy, she is well balanced character and haves some of the best projectiles in the game. She is pretty easy to use for beginners.

Melice Robo Madness
Tina Robo Madness
Dashed Koopa Dashed Koopa Dashed is a defensive character that is slow, but very durable. It will be hard to knock him even when he receives high amount of damage, although a fast character can make fast work of him.
Snively Snively Snively is a character who uses grass-typed attacks. He can attack from afar using vines and push them near him, and is great at dodging moves (he haves one of biggest shields). But if he is attacked by fire attacks, it's pretty easy to knock him around.
Lily Snively Lily, like Snively, is a character who is grass-typed. Unlike Snively, she isn't that fast, but is much better at taking attacks, and can do a few powerful-wind attacks.
Gladis Skyrise
Lexi Lexan Ella-Metals Lexi Lexan, controller of Lexan, she may be a goth, but she has a hidden urge to fight, and to win. She is quite a fast character sliding about on lexan.
Samuel Think Ella-Metals Samuel Think, a character who can change he psychological aspect of peoples minds? Think about it.
Leila Metals Ella-Metals Leila Metals, the older sister of Ella Metals is more powerful than Ella, but slower, and uses raw metal moves in her moveset. It's back to basics.
Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli

Mr. Chilli the unpredictable lawyer, wow, who expected that? As a very tall character, Chilli has one projectile, and the rest full combat moves. Well who expected that?

Athene Metals Teardrop
Kaisser Cassia TBC
Psy-Chick TBC
Recto Flat Pack Puzzler
Padge Padge
Malcom Leychester The Factor
Sixty Four Sixty Four Saga
Hark Fandemonium series
Fantenstuck 4 Fantenstuck
Marcus Fantendo - Wounds of Time
Cap'n Wally Fantendo - Wounds of Time
Sunny Fantendo - Wounds of Time

Downloadable Characters

Artwork Name Series Description Moveset
Strafe Strafe

Tier List

40. Cheepel

39. Sunny

38. Tina

37. Chilli

36. Dashed

35. Ella

34. Lienzo

33. Prometheus

32. Kaisser

31. Matthew

30. Think

29. Lexi

28. Leychester

27. Lily

26. Gladis

25. Snowless

24. Strafe

23. Borealis

22. Athene Metals

21. Wally

20. Jairo

19. Teardrop

18. Scyplo

17. Marcus

16. Leila

15. Infer

14. KoA

13. Betolpy

12. Elfain

11. Andy

10. Melice

9. Padge

8. Ritvert

7. Scoutry

6. Psy-Chick

5. Hark

4. FantenStuck 4

3. Wally

2. Snively

1. Arcois


For the list of quotes, go here.


There are a total of 20 stages in the game.

Default Stages

Unlockable Stages

  • The Chess Board


  • Bullet BoB - A simple Bullet BoB which does it's purpose.
  • Pumpkin Hat - Gives the player a easy to learn head smashing ability.
  • Chair - A basic chair from the Mr. Chilli series can be used as a weapon or a platform.
  • Chilli
  • Paper Plane
  • Sauce Cauldron
  • Vine
  • Pawn
  • Lasoo - Lasoo a player closer to you.
  • Stratosball
  • Attack Up - Makes each attack you make increase damage by 1 percent.
  • Defense Up - Makes each hit you recieve decrease by 1 percent.
  • Speed Up
  • Lily's Staff - A wooden staff which can be used as an attacking item and to heal allies.
  • Nature Rose - Item which can be used to stun enemy characters.
  • Space Traveler - Spaceship which can be used for a few seconds to fly around the stage and shoot lasers.
  • Blast Tower - A tower which releases powerful bombs.
  • Dashed's Shell - A blue shell which chases opponents, and sends them packing with a boxing glove.
  • M1911
  • TAR-81
  • Rebel Sniper -
  • Space Cheerius -
  • Ciretako Book -
  • Colour Balls -
  • Graffiti -
  • Tech Pong Paddle -
  • Paper Plane -



  • This game was originally for the Hybrid Fusion, but was ported to the Hybrid Delta upon reveal of the Delta.
  • Fans complained on how the Robo Madness Robots would have a extreme advantage on taking every hit equal, but to their delight, this wasn't added.
  • Strafe appeared with special permission from Twenty-Second Choice. But as added as DLC, as Strafe wasn't a Fusion character.

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