Fusion Entertainment
Type of Company Video Gaming Company.
Founder(s) Various
Founded at/in 01/05/2011
Defunct at/in Not yet.
Area(s) Served Europe, Japan, EEUU, UAE, US
Owner(s) Various
No. of Employee(s) 5
Predecessor Teardrop Team
Successor None
Parent Company None
Subsidiaries Nova OS

Fusion Entertainment is a gaming company that merges Hybrid Co., Gearworks Gaming, Vaccum Inc., Nova OS and NextGen Solo.


In March 2011, the three founders (Half-blood2000 (tbc), Uil Team (tbc) and Stelios7 (tbc)) had worked together on Teardrop 1, and began progress on the second game, Teardrop Team soon evolved into the three companies all merging into a greater company, just after creation for Teardrop 2.

The company soon advanced with the creation of Robo Madness. Waddel was aquired as an advisor, sparking ideas for Ella-Metals 2, Teardrop and Robo Madness.

In Summer 2011, Halfy asked ShadowElise (tbc) and SonicWiki (tbc) to join Fusion, after much consideration.

They joined Fusion, and were quickly involved in a Fusion project. They stayed in this position until later that summer, when Eltario wanted a Pouchet Robo Madness professor in Fusion, his best friend SonicWiki soon followed, and Dk64Rules and WaddelDii were later acquired, the company's current position today. In December 2011, Waddel Dii and Halfy left Fantendo. Fusion was beginning to crumble, but they came back, but Waddel shortly left after. The company are slowly rebuilding, still working on the Hybrid Delta, but venturing onto other consoles too in recent months.

Halfy left Hybrid Co. with Steli who abandoned Steli Entertainment. Halfy then went to create Nova OS. But Alange95 (tbc) was soon to join but he left in June because of personal problems with another person of the company.

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