Fusion Boom Boom
Boom Boom's transformation
Original Character(s) Boom Boom
Achieved By Touching the Heat Reactor in Dusty Desert
First Appearance Koopalings Quest
Latest Appearance Koopalings Quest
Main Ability/ies
Allows Boom Boom to use fire powers, such as shooting fire from his hands, surrounding his fists with fire, and creating fire shields.

Fusion Boom Boom is a form of Boom Boom which first appeared in the game Koopalings Quest as a boss in the Dusty Desert-Tower level. He has all of the same abilities as his original form except that he can attack using fire.


Koopalings Quest

Fusion Boom Boom appears as a boss in Dusty Desert-Tower in Koopalings Quest. The reason why he is fighting the Koopalings is because Fawful brainwashed Bowser into turning against his minions, but he doesn't know that Fawful was behind it.

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