Full Moon Studios is an American video game company that is a division of Electronic Arts. It was formerly a division of CDX Interactive that was aimed at darker games unsuitable for its parent company. It was sold to its new owner after EA and Lone Planet gave up the rights to CDX Heroes: The War Of The Worlds, after CDX announced that Vicinity Saga: Phase Two would cease development in favor of a CDX Heroes-based series to "rival" the Vicinity Saga.


The division was started up to develop Cartoon All-Stars Battle Royale (which is no longer related to CDX anymore in any way), parterning up with Lone Planet. Sometimes, they would develop kid-friendly games on a rare basis. It is not to be confused with Full Moon Features.

Sale to Electronic Arts

After financial failures of their games, Phase Two ceasing development, CDX and Lone Planet's deal expiring, and its former parent acquiring THQ Nordic and Heavy Iron Studios, and reviving Acclaim Entertainment and Midway Games, the studio's fate was uncertain. Later, after EA and Lone Planet sold their rights to CDX Heroes: The War Of The Worlds back to CDX, the company and EA struck a deal that would have CDX sell Full Moon to EA. The deal was completed on July 27, 2019. Under EA ownership, the studio now works with various different EA subsidiaries.


Full Moon develops games aimed at teens and/or adults. When they were still owned by CDX, they also developed some kid-friendly games on various consoles. The majority of their games are released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, The V2, and TimeStrike Neo. Rarely, their games are also released for the Nintendo Switch.

The logo features a full moon on a cloudy sky at night, with text reading Full Moon in big, bold letters, with the word, Studios, at the bottom. Previously, the logo featured a boy on the moon, which was removed due to it resembling the DreamWorks fishing boy. After EA acquired Full Moon, an EA byline appears on the bottom of the logo.


  • This was CDX Interactive's first division at adult-audiences, as CDX's parent company is aimed for kids and family of all ages.
  • Unlike its current parent, they are ironicly siding with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to ban loot boxes and microtransactions.
  • Unlike most game publishers, Full Moon Studios has never published a game on their own. Instead, they mainly develop their games with other companies.

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