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SSB Mario Series white.png Fryguy
SMB2 Fryguy.png
The official art of Fryguy, possibly from DDP.
Health 9

(5 HP on his own, then 1 HP per fireball)

Power Fire-Type-Pokemon-Sword-and-Shield.png Fireballs

Splitting into fireballs

First appearance SSB Mario Series white.png Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic, Famicom Disk System, 1987 (Japan)

Super Mario Bros. 2, NES, 1988 (international)

Latest appearance SSB Special Stages Series.png Ultimate NES Remix, 3DS, 2014

Fryguy is a living fireball that, so far, has appeared solely in Super Mario Bros. 2 and its remakes.

Found in the icy World 4-3, he spews fireballs at the heroes. Since it's impossible to touch him (something he makes blatantly clear in Super Mario Advance 1: "I'm too hot to touch!!!"), the heroes must use Mushroom Blocks to beat him down. Once they do, however, he then splits into four smaller fireballs that attack by bouncing, a possible prototype to the Fire Snake. The heroes must use Mushroom Blocks to beat those down, too. They'll want to try to get all four fireballs down with a single Block, because if they take down less than that, the remaining fireballs go faster and bounce longer, making it harder to defeat them.

A softlock existed in earlier versions of SMB2 where, if you killed one of the flames while shrinking, it would drop off the screen like a normal enemy instead of poofing out. The game would then somehow think that there were still flames left, and thus the door would never appear.

Fanon appearances


  • Fryguy is the only SMB2 boss that is not an animal.