Delicious Fruit

Fruit in Super Mario Sunshine

Fruit is a type of plant in the real world that is grown on the ovaries of a flower, and are the ways that they release seeds into the world for reproduction. They are commonly used as sources of food for both animals and humans, and this use continues into videogames where they are seen in all sorts of genres as useful items. There are many varieties of fruit that appear, each with their own colors and taste. They usually are shown to grow on different types of trees, although some fruit do not.

Common Variations


The Apple is one of the most highly known fruits, and is grown on Apple Trees. 


The Peach is another common fruit. Although commonly used to refer to Princess Peach in videogames, it still appears in many games, even those involving her; for example, her final smash involves peaches, referencing her name.

Fanon Appearances

Ice Climber DS

The Peach is an item in Ice Climber DS, despite being a fruit. It supposedly has no actual effect on players, and simply gives them points, similar to the vegetables from the first game.

Smash Tactics

Toads, the Mushroom Kingdom workers in Smash Tactics, can plant Peach Trees which can later be harvested for food


  • The Banana is actually a berry, but most people do not refer to it as such.

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