The Frosted Donut Block is a block first appearing in New Super Mario World. It is a variant of the Donut Block that appears to be covered in pink and light blue frosting, hence the name.


Each Frosted Donut Block has a counter on it, starting at a predetermined number from 1 to 4. Each time a player steps on the block, the counter decreases by one. If the counter is at 1 and the block is stepped on again, it will fall immediately. A player using Boost can tap a Frosted Donut Block to decrease its counter, whether to help or hinder the other players, but cannot cause it to fall.


Frosted Donut Blocks are the functional inverse of the regular "glazed" Donut Blocks. When dealing with a Donut Block, it is recommended that a player jumps repeatedly to avoid standing on one for too long, which will cause it to drop. Meanwhile, the Frosted Donut Block can be stood on for as long as necessary, but repeated jumps will cause it to fall.

Sets of Frosted Donut Blocks are often placed near projectile-throwing enemies, to force players to economize their jumps. They tend to appear in the same levels as Donut Blocks, which are typically athletic levels.


  • It has been revealed that, while the frosting can be eaten, the block itself is sadly inedible.
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