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Frostburn, the "rarest Magma Sentinel".
Full Name Frostburn
Current Age 21 (as of 2018)
Date of Birth March 1st, 1997
Gender Male
Species Magma Sentinel
Location New York City Outskirts
Align Heroic
Current Status Alive
Class Misfit
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Pyrokinesis
Vulnerable To Water
Nationality Bermudan
Mr. Frostburn, Blue
First Appearance Aero & Beam

Frostburn is a blue Magma Sentinel in his twenties and a member of the Misfits. Grouped alongside Aero, Beam, Blizzard, and Mission, he was a participant in the battle against E.N.D.O.

Frostburn's first appearance is as a supporting character in Aero & Beam. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Frostburn's body resembles Birnstone's, but he's made of a dark blue magma instead of the deep red that most Magma Sentinels are made of. In addition, he has two triangular blue eyes on his face and a firey mohawk. Besides the dusty yellow scarf around his neck, he also has dark red sunglasses over his eyes.


Early History

Frostburn's history is mostly a mystery, although he was born from spontaneous generation like other Magma Sentinels and was raised in the Bermuda Triangle. In his early twenties, he decided to move to New York City and join the Misfits to be a hero like his idol, King Ash.

Aero & Beam

A cocky punk, Frostburn arrived at the Misfits expecting to quickly climb the ranks and lead, but was put in place after a fighting exam with Aero. Although he didn't get along with his allies at first, Aero standing up for him showed him that he was being a jerk, and he decided to turn his act around. In the battle against E.N.D.O, he was a key fighter.


Frostburn starts out as loud and cocky, often boasting about his skills and his looks. In addition to this, he's rather stubborn and a sore loser, hating to admit when he lost and boosting his confidence by insulting others. These traits make him a bit of a bully, and quickly get on the nerves of the people around him.

Frostburn's character develops though, and he eventually grows to become more of a nice guy. Although he keeps his egotism, he's willing to change when he made a mistake, and becomes more fond of the people around him, even forming somewhat of a friendship with the others. In addition, he decides to stop insulting his allies and instead tease them.


Frostburn is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, packing a big punch and above average strength. In addition, his status as a Magma Sentinel gives him pyrokinetic powers, which range from a blast of flame to a firey punch.

However, this also leaves him at a disadvantage when faced with enemies who use water. He's also a bit slow on his feet, sacrificing strategy and maneuverability for raw strength.




  • Unlike the other members of his team, Frostburn was created by Misfits creator .etherealknight and fleshed out by Aero & Beam author Sr.Wario.