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Frostbite is an original kaiju made for the fan game Godzilla Armageddon Warz.


Frostbite was once an ordinary shark, not really special in any way. One night, a fisherman came and cut off his fin. As she breathed his last breath, a large crystal crashed right next to him, and exploded, releasing a huge amount of space radiation. This mutated him into the kaiju now known as Frostbite. She only wants to see the world freeze, and plans to defeat SpaceGodzilla to simply get him out of the way of his plan.

Arcade Ending

After beating SpaceGodzilla, Frostbite jumped back into the sea. People though that they would have seen the last of the kaiju, but they were sadly wrong. Years later, the kaiju would take over the world. Hundreds of her offspring swams the seas and ravaged the land, and the world went into a huge ice age, ending most of humanity. The Frostbites are now the ruler's of the new Earth.


Frostbite has a shark motif, with the head, dorsal fins, and tail all being shark like. She is covered in large icy armor. She has a large protrusion ( not a fin ) on the back of his head, which is a cresent shape. The head is covered in an icy helmet with a large spike in the front used for charging. Her large fins end in three claws covered in ice, and a large fin covered in ice and is used as a stabbing weapon. The large dorsal fin on his back is also covered with his, along with his toe claws and the end of his tail. Inside his mouth is a tooth whorl similar to the extinct Helicoprion, which it uses to grind up food and his enemies flesh.



For a creature that was once fully aquatic, he is actually very mobile on land. She mainly moves in a quadruped stance, and fought upright.

Complete Ice Manipulation

She is able to harness ice, and use it in a variety of ways. From using the ice in his attacks, to using it as his armor.

In Godzilla: Armageddon Warz

Frostbite appeared in the game Godzilla: Armageddon Warz, as a playable fighter. She's a good character overall. Okay stats. She is a zoning character, and is a character made to annoy you. She can use her abilties to freeze his enemies, and her abilities to freeze the ground can make it hard for enemies to maneuver, as they will slide across the ice, and sometimes slip on the ice. This ice, unlike Mechagodzilla's, never freezes, and can only be destroyed from a ground-based projectile.


Power 6/8
Defense 4/8
Speed 5/8
Intelligence 5/8


Basic Attacks:

Head Butt X Frostbite nudges her head forward, using his icy helmet to hit the enemy.
Bite A Frostbite opens her mouth and bites the enemy
Ice Cutter Y Frostbite raises her fins and slices both of them diagonally.
Head Flip ↓+X Frostbite swipes her head upward, sending the enemy into the air.
Sweeping Slash ↓+A Frostbite uses her fin and swipes at the enemy in a ducking position.
Icy Swing ↓+Y Jumps forward, and swinging tail in an diagonally upwards fashion. This is a good anti-air move, but can't hit grounded enemies.
Ice Slash ↑+X Frostbite does a quick slash with his fin blades.
Tail Whip ↑+A Frostbite swings her tail diagonally, and whips the enemy.
Shark Dive ↑+Y Frostbite does a diagonal dive attack.

Unique Moves:

Buzzsaw Bite →+A Frostbite attempts to bite the enemy. If the attack connects, the tooth whorl in Frostbite's mouth activates, and she rips through the enemies flesh, and recovering a chunk of health.
Claw-Out ←+Y Frostbite claws his hands in the ground and claws it out as a projectile. On normal ground, it doesn't do much, but can be used as a short-ranged projectile. On ice, the ice goes much farther, and does much more damage. This destroys that ice tile in the process.
Head Slam ↓+X, then ↓+X An extension of his Head Flip, after using said attack, Frostbite then swipes her head down, sending the enemy downward. This also breaks ice under him, sending shards all around.
Blizzard Explosion B (With three coats) If you try to use Blizzard Coat a 4th time, Frostbite causes the ice around him to explode. This is very powerful and has some good range,

Energy Attacks:

Blizzard Coat B Frostbite sprays herself in ice, and coats himself in an icy armor. This can protect him from five individual attacks, and can be stacked up to three times. It also freezes the ground under you. This uses 1/6 of your energy bar.
Freeze Shot ↓↘→+B Frostbite shoots an icy blast from her mouth. This projectile does good damage, and can freeze the enemy instantly. It also creates an explosion that freezes the ground in that area. This uses 1/5 of your energy bar.
Ice Crash ←(Hold)→+B Frostbite rolls into a ball and flies forward. This does more damage depending on how many Blizzard Coats you have. Hitting an opponent will destroy one coat in the process. Pressing B while in-flight will have Frostbite stop by clawing his claws into the ground. On frozen ground, is creates icy shards that fly backwards, hitting the enemy. This uses 1/4 of your energy bar.


  • Frostbite is confirmed to be female.
  • Frostbite was added into the game due to the lack of kaiju in the Godzilla franchise that wield ice.
  • Frostbite's original name was Sharktic. This was changed for a few reasons.
    • The name Sharktic is used by a Twitch streamer, that I didn't know existed until I search up the name. I decided to  change it to something more generic, just in case she notices I use the same name as her.
    • The name Sharktic sounds wrong when you say it quickly.

FYI still workin' on this

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