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Friday Blake
Friday Blake, the one-woman cataclysm of capitalism.
SPECIES Human/Herald
CURRENT STATUS Open For Business
AGE 32
BIRTHDAY Unknown day in November
OCCUPATION(S) Traveling weapons saleswoman
Money, weapons, explosions, capitalism, Gramps
Hagglers, collectors, other Heralds acting superior
WEAPONS "Gramps" (Alternate Imperium)
Weapons from across the multiverse
ABILITIES Warping to other universes

Friday Blake is a travelling saleswoman who uses her weaker Herald abilities and innate knowledge of the Fantendo Multiverse to smuggle and peddle goods (most commonly technology and weaponry) between realities.


Friday Blake is a tall woman with chin-length dark hair and blue eyes. She shows a very clear preference for business suits, though the exact design of the suit transforms automatically to suit the "setting" of the universe she's in.

  • In New Prime, she opts for a clean and simple pinstripe suit, with the jacket fully buttoned and the shirt tucked in. Her tie has a tessellating hexagon pattern.
  • In Alpha Prime, she wears the same suit with a more saturated color scheme and no pinstripes. Her tie has no pattern.
  • In the LEGO Fantendoverse, she looks exactly the same as she does in New Prime, except she's made out of LEGO instead. No surprise there. Her tie has a LEGO brick pattern.
  • In Omega Prime, she wears the same suit with her jacket's buttons undone, her tie slightly loosened, and her shirt untucked. Her tie has a vine pattern.
  • In the Quaznic Fantendoverse, she wears an outfit more comparable to that of a salesperson in a bazaar.
  • In the RTAverse, she wears the same suit with a more saturated color scheme, no jacket, and her shirt untucked. Her tie has a checkerboard pattern.
  • In the Wallverse, she wears the same suit with a more muted color scheme, plus the addition of a long coat in the place of the pinstriped jacket, a wide-brimmed hat, and no tie.

Regardless of her current clothes, her expression always lies somewhere between smug and triumphant, with her smile only dropping when her business is completely derailed with no hope of recovery.

She is nearly always seen with "Gramps," an Imperium from another universe, in her hand. It looks nearly identical to Unten's version of Imperium, but with an even shorter blade, practically no sharp edge, and its cyan lines faded to the point where they are barely noticeable. As a result, it looks a lot more briefcase-like... which is fitting, seeing as that's Friday's main use for the blade.


Friday is a businesswoman with a rapier wit, a sense of humor, and seemingly an abundance of genre savvy. She claims that she's a neutral party, and that she sells weapons to anyone regardless of their motives and morals, but this isn't entirely true. She shows an obvious preference towards warmongers and villains, because either they'll be foiled by the heroes they're going up against, or they'll succeed and oppress people until somebody decides they've had enough and starts up a rebellion. Either way, the end result will be that somebody will run to her in search of a weapon more powerful than the last. She tends to be a bit high-and-mighty, regularly throwing salt in others' wounds when she can get away with it, and likes to boast a lot when she's certain that victory is hers. In business proceedings, however, she shows off a calmer and more respectful side of her that otherwise never sees any use. She still taunts and goads, of course, but not to the same extent that she does in less formal settings. Friday is completely driven by greed, and whenever she thinks she smells a profit, she cannot resist following the scent all the way to its source. As a side-effect of this, there is nothing she hates more than the potential for money earned being completely lost. It is the only thing that can stop her from smiling.

Friday's entire life revolves around violence and profit, so it's no wonder that her hobbies lean into either one or the other. She runs multiple small side-businesses, albeit none as profitable as her weapons sales, simply for the fun of it. These include casinos, gambling rings, video game and film studios, furniture stores, television stations, potion shops, coffee shops, drug cartels, newspaper publishers, travel agencies, and even a company publishing a trading card game in one universe. For some reason, she really likes frogs and pulp-heavy orange juice.


Though Friday is technically a Herald, her powers are much weaker than that of other Heralds. She can only warp herself and whatever she's carrying with her between universes, and cannot pull objects from other universes into her current one. Additionally, she is completely incapable of using Stenographer Stones. The exact reason why she doesn't possess the full powers of a Herald, yet possesses their immunity to the splitting effect, is currently unknown. If Friday herself knows, she isn't in any hurry to tell.

However, she makes up for her complete lack of traditional Herald abilities with two distinct advantages. First, Friday possesses an instinctive "travel guide" for the multiverse inside of her mind, which allows her to call up basic information about any universe she wants with a thought. Second, since she is a weapons saleswoman, she is consistently armed to the teeth with an impressive variety of weapons and tools gathered from across the multiverse.

Friday's Loot

  • Imperium (Gramps): It turns out sentient swords as powerful and picky as Imperium are really difficult to separate from their wielders, let alone convince to jump ship and become yours. In all her time spent travelling across realities, Friday has only been able to get her hands on a single copy of the weapon. It's an especially ancient one, dulled to the point of complete bluntness by the passage of time but still capable of using all of its powers. This Imperium, lovingly nicknamed "Gramps," is not for sale since she uses its pocket dimension to contain the entirety of her stock.
  • Bombs: Because you can't call yourself a salesperson in the New Fantendoverse if you don't sell bombs, potions, armor, and/or official hero merch, and Friday likes to cover all her bases.
  • Chaotic Arms: "Chaotic Arm" was a catch-all term that Friday coined somewhere during her career to refer to any weapon created using the angelic, demonic, or otherwise godly energy of a defeated opponent. It wound up sticking, funnily enough... Her stock of Chaotic Arms is limited by the fact that creating them involves defeating a particularly powerful and usually very influential fighter, but whenever she can successfully steal one, it generally sells for a high price pretty quickly. Usually to creepy collectors, though. (Friday will never understand the appeal of just putting a set of gauntlets with the powers of Unten in a display case and leaving them there, untouched, for years. What's the point of buying a weapon if you aren't gonna use it on somebody?!)
  • Crystal Swords: The market for Crystal Swords is niche due to the obscurity of the Crystal Knights, but there are still some people who appreciate the light and earth magic that these magical blades can grant by wielding them.
  • Fuse Bracelets: There's a pretty decent-sized market for combining two fighters into one. For fun, Friday only sells individual bracelets rather than pairs. If you wanna make sure you don't wind up fusing with somebody in another universe, you'd best pay for the second one!
  • Hyper Orbs: Technically, Friday doesn't carry around any Hyper Orbs, due to just how awkward they are to sell. She can't exactly predict who she'll meet next and have their Hyper Orbs stocked ahead of time! However, she offers a service in which she'll hunt down a Hyper Orb compatible with her customer in exchange for a particularly hefty fee. Once she finds it, she delivers it to the customer when she finds the time. To date, only one person has bought a Hyper Orb from her.
  • Information: Technically, it isn't a weapon, but Friday nets a tidy profit from selling information on universes to other Heralds. Those poor, poor fools are only limited to traveling to the universes they "know" about... Without Friday to point them towards new realities with her instinctive guidebook to the multiverse, they'd be stuck retreading the same ground over and over!
  • Materia: Materia is exceptionally easy to stock, and effective in pretty much anyone's hands. Who doesn't want to wield an otherwise inaccessible elemental power? She uses a few pieces every now and then herself, to get an extra edge in fights.
  • Stenographer Stones: Just because Friday can't use them for their intended purpose, doesn't mean she can't get some use out of them. On the rare occasions where she finds one, she's always sure to snatch it up in case she runs into another Herald on her travels. They always snag her a hefty profit.
  • That One Guy's Rocket Fists: A little something Friday took instead of the guy's life after he "stole" Gramps. Tracking down duplicates should be easy enough now that she knows what to look for.
  • ???: Friday has recently begun plotting her biggest score. It's a haul so monumentally powerful yet so seemingly unguarded that she's already started taking reservations for it from the highest bidders in each multiverse she visits - the Doomuli in New Prime, the Twisted Cross in Omega Prime, Starship Zeon in the Quaznic Fantendoverse, the Doomsayers in the Wallverse, and even the LEGO White Goddess of the LEGO Fantendoverse. She hasn't actually stolen this weapon yet, but if it's anywhere near as powerful as she claims it is, then it has the potential to turn the tide in every single war in the multiverse. And let her retire for the rest of her life.

Hyper Mode

Using a Hyper Orb allows Friday to transform into her Hyper Mode. As far as physical improvements go, though, Friday's Hyper Mode is a little underwhelming. She barely gets any faster or stronger, leaving her just as reliant on her equipment to claim the upper hand in combat. She does, however, gain an enhancement to her multiversal mental map that lets her track the exact location and status of anything she wants. She generally uses it in her hunt for super-rare weaponry, but can also use it in fights to keep a close eye on her enemies for suspicious behavior or to follow their movements while they're camouflaged. It also effectively enhances her focus on whatever she's tracking with her map, allowing her to move and act more precisely than usual. There is no upper limit on how many things she can track at a given time, but dividing her attention between too many things will start to hamper her ability to focus.


  • Aran Leverletto: As long as she isn't selling weapons to people causing trouble for the Misfits, Aran is usually completely indifferent towards Friday's business practices. Hell, he's even bought some Quaznic Fantendoverse tech from her on occasion.
  • Eric Riordan: Technically, Friday and this version of Eric Riordan have never interacted. However, Friday does have a bit of experience with two alternate versions of him. One tried to shut down one of her drug cartels and put her on trial. The other one got turned into a Chaotic Arm that let her tap into bury a friend's powers, allowing her to carry her wares around in its pocket dimension, but she replaced it with Gramps years ago. Based on those previous experiences, if she met this version, they prooobably wouldn't get along very well...
  • Lander: Friday has her sights set on a monopoly as the only multiverse-hopping saleswoman, and Lander is the biggest threat to that monopoly. She puts up with him for the most part, since he's one of the best sources when it comes to exotic pre-Shattering weaponry... but one day, when she thinks he's finally worn out his usefulness, she won't hesitate to knock him out of the market and claim that oh-so-glorious monopoly.
  • Mynis: Mynis sees Friday's overabundance of neutrality and apathy towards peace as a threat to peace in Omega Prime, and thus puts her name fairly high on his list of villains that he keeps his eye out for! Between his determination to topple her business and his complete lack of noteworthy and effective weaponry (despite being a rather talked-about hero in two universes), Friday reeeally doesn't like Mynis.
  • Turbo Crafter: Friday was in the middle of a particularly special transaction in an unknown Alternate Fantendoverse some time ago when, at the climax of the deal, Gramps disappeared from her hand. It reappeared, of course... An hour later. After the deal had already gone completely south. She tracked down the kid responsible later, and got both an apology and some rocket fists out of him as repayment. She forgot to get his name, of course, but at least she saw his face...
  • Zellen Harley Quimbleson: Zellen is the Herald Friday has the most experience with. The two often run into each other to trade information and goods. Not as allies, of course; it's strictly business. Though, that being said, Zellen might actually be one of Friday's favorite customers - she always knows what she wants to buy going into it, and she has an impressive sense of style... even if she did get on Friday's nerves now and then with that attitude of superiority. Now, if only that girl would stop using those crummy Angel Blades and get herself a weapon that didn't break like a twig constantly!

If you wanna know what Friday thinks of another character, feel free to leave a link to that character's page right here!


  • If it wasn't obvious from her name, Friday is based off of the "holiday" Black Friday.
  • Friday's love of frogs and pulpy orange juice are both references to the shopkeepers in FantendoQuest.

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