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Fresh Coat is a project being undertaken by Ninkancho. The goal is to update pre-Nintendo 64 games, giving them a metaphorical fresh coat of paint, while gameplay-wise keeping them faithful to their original forms. These updated games will be sold in the Display's and other consoles' shop channels, at very low prices compared to the original costs.

Viable original systems

Target systems

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Generally, all Fresh Coat remakes have upgraded soundfonts and new vector graphics. For the sake of simplicity, these general changes will not be listed in the table below.

Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario Bros.
  • Daytime ground and water levels' backgrounds are gradated, and change colors based on the time of day in real life.
  • Fire looks more realistic.
  • Hidden Luigis appear randomly in various ways, materializing more often for player 2.
  • Luigi has unique sprites and uses his modern color scheme.
  • Moving platforms resemble the ones from Super Mario Galaxy 2, but are still orange.
  • Sound effects have been added for walking on several platform and surface types, skidding when changing direction, and falling long heights.
  • Small Fire Mario has a new sprite for shooting a fireball.
  • Static tiles, like ground, Question Blocks, and scenery, are subtly textured.
  • Taking the Warp Pipe from World 1-2 to World 36-1, the "Minus World", unlocks access to an updated Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
  • Tree levels, like World 1-3, have leaves floating in the air and falling from the trees.
  • Wall-jumping generates a spiky visual effect.
  • Water animates more realistically, and visually warps anything immersed in it.
Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Backgrounds are made of wavy fabric that semi-solid platforms and the like cast shadows on.
  • Battle Game from Super Mario All-Stars will become playable after beating a 2 Player Game.
  • Boomerang Bros., Fire Bros., and Sledge Bros. have unique map sprites.
  • Boos and Rotodiscs have motion trails.
  • Certain sound effects, like jumps, coin sounds, and the Power Meter's trill, now play in the current key of the background music.
  • Each world uses slightly different variants of the background music.
  • Extended 1-Up sound is an ascended glitch with a unique sound file.
  • Fire Flower fireballs have a green glow to them in Toad Houses, and a blue glow in airship boss rooms, referencing the miscolored fireball glitch.
  • Game Over menu has options to continue, save and continue, save and quit, or quit.
  • Ground woodgrain textures are randomly generated.
  • Hammer Mario can still enter Warp Pipes if the gray Hammer Mario glitch is performed.
  • Hidden number 3s appear randomly in various ways, mostly as particles.
  • Luigi has unique sprites.
  • Movement in water will generate a slight ripple effect, or a splash if jumping in or out of the surface.
  • Music plays when a letter is opened.
  • On the player's birthday, enemies explode into confetti when defeated, and Hammer Bros., Fire Bros., the Angry Sun, and bosses wear party hats.
  • Performing the green Brick Block or Donut Lift glitch will make the "glitched" bush resemble a topiary of the block in question.
  • Platforms hanging in the air by strings will slightly rock back and forth when stepped on.
  • Title screen has sound effects and a remix of the Super Mario All-Stars remake's music.
  • Three Hidden Luigis can be found in every level, including Enemy Courses, Battle Games, and Toad Houses.
  • Treasure chests visibly open before revealing the item inside.
  • Warp Pipes on World Maps no longer have time limits.
  • World Maps use full 3D graphics, with objects dancing more smoothly.
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Kirby's Adventure
  • Copy Abilities use their modern appearances.
Balloon Fight
  • Backgrounds now include stars, comets, and constellations, some of which are shaped like Hidden Luigis.
  • On the player's birthday, all of the balloons become star-shaped.
  • Objects are subtly lit and shaded according to their distance from Samus.
Duck Hunt
  • Dog's laughter sounds less obnoxious.
  • Reticle is moved by hovering the stylus, and touching the screen simulates a shot.
  • Bike color can be customized, defaulting to the favorite color of the user's Mii.
  • Three-dimensional environments are used in the vein of 3D Classics: Excitebike.
Ice Climber
Game Boy
Super Mario Land
  • Despite the color graphics, Superball Mario's clothes are still grayscale, to serve as a visual distinction from Fire Mario.
  • Ghost pieces are included as a gameplay feature.
  • Moving one of the sticks or pads will slightly rotate the camera around the playing field, similarly to menus in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Tetriminoes use their standardized colors, in addition to being patterned as in the original Game Boy port.
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Mario Paint
  • Cursors are moved by hovering the stylus, and touching the screen simulates a click.
  • Stamps can be saved to amiibo.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


  • Hidden Luigis have a one-fourth chance of appearing next to certain list items in this article.
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