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Fred: The Jungle War
Developer(s) GamerX Inc. & Chords and Bass games
Publisher(s) 77 Heru's Inc.
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Release Date(s) 6-13-2010
Age Rating(s) E10+

Fred: The Jungle War is a game being made by GamerX Inc. & Chords and Bass games, & is gonna be published by 77 Heru's Inc.. It's the first game in the Fred Series


Fred is in the Jungle, and is looking for some food, then Fred lands on the ground and confronts Vongo, who holds dead toucans, and fights Fred, Fred ends up wounded severely and as Vongo is about to finish of Fred, Dred shows up and tells Vongo not to kill Fred as Fred isn't part of the War, and let's Fred run off. Fred does run off but sees animals killing each other all around, and he stops and wonders what's going on. a group of Monkeys attack him and Knock him out and Fred wakes up somewhere he doesn't know. A monkey come up and asks him who he is, and Fred responds. the monkey sees that Fred isn't part of the War and tells him to go, but Fred demands to know what's going on. The monkey finally caves and tells Fred his name is Mongo, and that the Jungle has been in War ever since King Dred named Vongo Prime Minister, and many animals banded together as part of a Rebellion and have been fighting against Vongo and his army for years. Fred demands to help the Rebellion, and Mongo decides to make him a field operative.

later in hegame Rebellion manages to split the jungle into 2 Kingdoms, Vongonia, led by Vongo and King Dred, and the other, Simia, led by the newly elected King Fred, but Vongo doesn't like this and declares war on Simia.

Mongo tells Fred that the only way to end the war is to kill Vongo, so Mongo and Fred go on a mission to kill Vongo, which ends in Mongo and Vongo kills each other, but at that Moment Dred comes and revives Vongo and Mongo, but refuses to end the war, claiming that Vongo was the better warrior and only Vongo's say will go. Dred makes Fred a deal, if Dred beats Fred, they'll continue the war, but if Fred wins, the War will be over. After a long battle, Dred throws Fred off a cliff... what happens to him will be found in the next game.