FOL Jellyfish
FOL WaterJellyfish
FOL AstralJellyfish
FOL EarthJellyfish
FOL FireJellyfish
FOL CandyJellyfish2
FOL DarkJellyfish2
FOL SlimeJellyfish2
Alright, let's do this one last time...


Fortresses of Light is a umbrella fighting game created by Toroko for the Infinite Content program. It is a platform fighter that has several different gimmicks that can be added or subtracted to the fight, all appearing from previous fighting games that Toroko has done such as the MXP Graph system, Antiblaze system, and the Kingdoms of Fighters team system. The game's characters are designed to be more simplistic in the vein of how Smash-style games usually work and feature a generally large roster, as opposed to Antiblaze which featured movesets that were more akin to character action games. It differs from Kingdoms of Fighters and it's sequel in that it is a platform fighter and lacks that game's MAX Mode system. It was released on The V², Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and later to the PC via Steam.

The game has since been revealed to be a "reimagining" of the Fighters of Lapis series of sorts, which has been hinted since the projects' beginning. The first three characters are identical to the initial line up for Fighters of Lapis 7, save for Miles who replaces the original Spider-Man in the line-up as well as the acronym for the game lining up with Fighters of Lapis... which was completely intentional. Much of the starting cast were all characters from the first Fighters of Lapis game, give or take a few. Many of the unlockable cast will be characters from Fighters of Lapis as well.

However, beyond it's ties to Helena's first big Umbrella project, it has carved out it's own identity with a wide array of characters, some of which feature expansive and incredibly depthful movesets and playstyles. The game also puts a bigger emphasis on status effects similar to Super Smash Bros. Discord, which multiple special status effects giving unique appearances for each character on the roster. There is a bigger focus on single player content, with two story campaigns, single player randomly generated dungeon stages with rewards, and a Sims-like mode where the characters enjoy their time away from fighting.

Reception for the game has overall been extremely positive so far, with critics praising the character movesets, aesthetics, and sheer depth the game has to offer so far.


Reveal Trailer

Miles Morales looks over the city line, which pans up to reveal dozens of light beams across the New York skyline. Flinging off the glass window of a building as shards fall down to the floor, Miles heads towards the source of the light as the camera pans across the water to focus on Wii Fit Trainer and K', who touch down onto the ground. A beam of light slams into opposite side of the water to have Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina appear from the radiance. Miles swings onto a abandoned factory building that is blasting light beams as a roar can be heard, revealing Galeem hooked up to various machines manned by Dr. Olivia Octavius, who attacks the camera with her tentacles as the screen fades to black before flashing with a brilliant light that turns into the logo: Fortresses of Light.

Finisher Trailer

Miles Morales, Wii Fit Trainer, and K' stare off into the New York city skyline before seeing more beams of light slam into the New York city ground. Peach, Mirania, B. Jenet, Mai Shiranui all appear as Mario and Sonic are locked into a battle before Mario launches off a set of twin fireballs at Sonic, which Sonic barely dodges. Tails flies over the skyline to see more beams of light touching down, with Finn, Jake, DJ Candy, Bella Goth, and a confused Glover emerging from the light. A roar can be heard as Reptflux attacks Time Square, with Mario using a star to transform into Starman Mario, the trailer coming to a close just before Mario can touch Reptflux, who stares at him with his energy core buzzing.

Lapis Trailer

Pit, Palutena, Zelda, Link, Samus, Mordecai, Rigby, Homer, Kumatora, Quorra, Mabel and Dipper appear sporadically throughout New York. Miles watches as the light begins to finally dim, showing a couple last beams disappear into the sky. Miles, Wii Fit Trainer, and K' head over to meet with Palutena and Pit, but are suddenly attacked by a unseen force. The camera then cuts to reveal all the Fighters of Lapis characters that were part of the starting roster for that first game, who all wave as "(Nearly) Everyone is Here!" flashes onto the screen as some quick gameplay is shown with the fighters.

Galeem can be seen at the end of the trailer, attempting to break free of Oliva Octavius' control, as she points over to the skyline of New York as the shadows of Nemesis, Mileena, Beetleworx Abomination, and Babidi are seen.

Chao Trailer


Stages Trailer



Fortresses of Light is a standard Smash game at first glance with meters for health, which become drained through getting hit or punched. However, Fortresses of Light was designed to be modular as compatible with various past systems such as the Mysterious X Project's graph health system, the Antiblaze style-and-health is meter system, or the Kingdom of Fighters' team building system, which balances power and health depending on how many fighters you have on your team. There is no real way to play Fortresses of Light and the way you fight will vary in the various singleplayer modes.


All controls can be rebound in the menu. Controls are shown for the Switch port only.

Button Input Button Input Button Input
Ext3 0d6Ext3 0c1 Move
Dodge (TAP)
Ext3 0d1Ext3 0e2 Jump Ext3 0d2 Crouch
Ext3 0e0 Standard Attack Ext3 0e1 Special Attack Ext3 0a6Ext3 0a7 Guard
Parry (TAP)
Ext3 0e4Ext3 0e5 Finisher Ext3 0e3 Grab Ext3 0c2 Tilt Attack
Ext3 0ea Taunt Ext3 0ef Pause Ext3 0f0 Pause

Inventory Screen (Single Player Only)

Base Gameplay

The base gameplay of Fortresses of Light is simple if you are familiar with Super Smash Bros. or other platform fighters in that the goal is to get a character's damage up so they get launched further and further, eventually knocking them off the stage or out of the boundary box.

Fortresses of Light has standard, tilt, aerial, and special attacks for every character with some exceptions (joke characters) and all characters can utilize a Guard- a transparent shield that defends the opponent in the direction they are facing. This Guard requires more thought to use, being more akin to a standard fighter. Standing while guarding will allow you to block both aerial and ground attacks, while crouching while guarding will block ground and low-ground attacks that would otherwise sneak underneath a Guard. However, doing a crouching Guard will make you open against aerial attacks. Additionally, Guards can break if used for too long or against too powerful of an attack.

The player can also parry if they tap the guard button instead. This defends against all three kinds of attacks and prevents damage from occurring at all, as well giving the player a small frame advantage that allows them to input standard attacks and some special attacks immediately. Tapping a directional input will allow the player to dodge, which will give them a invincibility window lasting a mere couple of frames but can be used to dodge a variety of attacks.

Grabs can be used to punish those using Guards, as it will take them out of a Guard state and then can be attacked for damage and then thrown or pummeled to the ground by tilting the right control stick. Pummeling can be used to inflict more damage at the risk of a fast follow up from the opponent while throwing will launch the opponent away from you.

That's the base gameplay in a nutshell, however there exists a universal system that remains active that sets Fortresses of Light even further apart from it's contemporaries.

Finishers Mechanic

In all gameplay modes, each character has access to a set of three Finishers that they can trigger using the trigger buttons. The meter charges up as a opponent gets hit or deals damage to another fighter. The meter shows the current level of Finisher that will be activated via the triggers and will rise each time the meter is fully filled out. Finishers act as powerful moves that the fighter can execute to possibly change the tide of battle. Some fighters even have more than one or have entire new systems that they replace the Finisher system with. Knowing a fighter's Finishers and using them well is crucial!

Finishing a match with a Finisher counts as a "Stylish Finish", which will result in an additional line of dialogue from the character and a different "KO" screen. These are counted as a different kind of win in the stats screen and are part of some special unlock conditions for characters.

MXP Graph System

The MXP Graph System is based off the line graph system that was originally in The Mysterious Five Project and it's sequels. A line graph represents the player's health, with it escalating as the player takes damage and lowering over time at a rate of 1 point per second. Additionally blocking, parrying, and attacking other characters decreases the graph. The player loses a stock when they gain 100 points.

Antiblaze System

Returning from Antiblaze, the Antiblaze system utilizes an energy known as Antiblaze to power characters. It is both a meter and a health system and performing powerful combos with the style ranking system reignites Antiblaze. When a character loses all their Antiblaze, they become inanimate and lose the battle. Antiblaze is shown through a percentage of how much is left- unlike the MXP Graph System, the key to winning a battle is having more Antiblaze. Every character begins with 100% Antiblaze at the start of the round. When it reaches zero, that character loses the round.

KOF Team System

Based off the revamped system from Kingdoms of Fighters B: Fight for the Future, the KOF Team System allows you to pick up to three characters and create a team. Characters are weighted in both power and health under this system, with a single character against a team of fighters being more powerful but also having no teammates to back them up or having any additional stocks.

Kingdom Cards System

The Kingdom Cards System is entirely unique to Fortresses of Light, and is a very different way to play. You can play as any character with a deck of up to 42 cards, although each card has a cost associated with it's number. Lower ranking cards play later while high ranking cards play quicker. Cards that have a equal value and are placed in the same slot in the same hand during a turn enter a "card break", where card numbers are thrown at each other at a rapid pace to determine which card plays first. The first to successfully have a higher number a total of two times in a row will play first.

There are currently two types of cards: Attack Cards and Effect Cards. Attack Cards are primarily damaging cards that may carry an effect or have a unique property to them. Effect Cards are primarily effect cards that may carry damage boosts, protect against elements, or alter the battlefield of the cards. There exist special cards that drain Antiblaze known as Antiblaze Cards, which can have the properties of both Attack and Effect cards.

Each opponent has a set amount of health to deplete. Each card chips away at that damage total.

Familiars System

An other unique system to this game is the Familiars System. This system adds a new "bar" next to the Finishers bar that increases each time the player successfully guards, parries, or dodges an attack. When it fills up completely and is activated, the player's Familiar joins the battle and uses their ability on the player, battlefield, or opponent. The Familiar is activated by pressing the Guard and Finisher triggers at the same time. Familiars also appear in the victory screen and can be attached to a character as a cosmetic even when this system is off.

To see a full list of Familiars, click this link.

Stacking Systems

Fortresses of Light allows for the stacking of multiple gameplay systems, combining traits to create new gameplay types that takes traits from both.

  • Stacking the MXP Graph System and Antiblaze System creates a system where you gain back Antiblaze and can extend it to drain it, but losing too much and resulting in 0 points on the graph will end you as opposed to 100 points. You lose points by being hit instead of gaining them.
  • The KOF Team System modifies the health values of the MXP Graph System and the Antiblaze System to balance them against your opponent, who may have a different weight of power and health to work with. As such, these systems become more important in terms of how they rank health, as you will gain and lose values much faster.
  • Stacking the Antiblaze and the Kingdom Cards system together allows you to play special Antiblaze cards, which effect your health for powerful attacks or effects. Your health pool is also Antiblaze and playing stylish hands allows you to restore Antiblaze back.
  • Stacking the MXP Graph System and the Kingdom Cards system together allows you to slowly restore health over time, but also gives you an audience to play to. The better you perform, the riskier your hands must become as certain advantages will be added to cards while raising your health graph to dangerous levels.
  • Stacking the KOF Team System with the Kingdom Cards system allows you to set up three 42 card decks for three seperate characters, who come after each other after each battle.
  • Stacking the Familiars System onto the Antiblaze System allows you to gain a 2x booster for the Familiar summoning bar when you reach style rank A or higher.
  • Stacking the Familiars System onto the KOF Team System allows you to use up to three Familiars in battle, although they are still tied to one character each. Additionally, the whole team shares the Familiars bar as opposed to each character having their own Finisher Bar.



Versus Mode is your standard match-making mode. You decide on the rules, then the stage, and then your characters. You can set what battle systems you want to utilize, time sets, stocks, or various other values to add to the fights. You can fight up to four people at once, whether they be human players or AI at various levels. Each match concludes with a victor. If there is a tie of some kind at the end of the match, sudden death occurs where the last man standing wins.

When you win battles in this mode, you earn Aether Stones and Hearts, as well as the occasional CD and Kingdom Card. While the rewards are not great in this mode, you can train here to get a good grasp on the systems and characters of the game. You also have the most control in this mode.


Collider is the single-player mode which follows your character or characters through a route. Certain story paths can be obtained by playing as certain characters, although not all characters have an story route in Collider Mode.

Collider Mode acts very much like a standard arcade route with a overview map of New York, where "mirages" appear on the map. Sometimes you are offered a choice to either go into a "mirage" that you can see clearly on the map or a mysterious mirage that hosts a harder challenge and has the ability to raise your difficulty and thus give you greater rewards. You can select 9 different tiers of difficulty, which fluctuate. Go into Mysterious Mirages to raise your difficulty level or lose a battle to lower it. Collecting Gold Orbs will allow you to keep your current difficulty and leave you where you last left off in the fight with full health.

Each Collider Route has a total of seven stages. Each story route generally has seven as well, with three of them being known: Stage 1, Stage 5, and Stage 7. Stage 7 is always the longest, featuring two boss fights back to back. Stage 5 is the middle stage and features a story-changing fight for story routes. Stage 1 is the beginning stage and sets up the story for that character. Along the way, you will encounter a random boss in Stage 6 and a Reel Stage in Stage 3.

Completing Collider once will unlock Black Hole mode.

Story Routes

These now have a subpage. You can visit it via clicking the link or clicking one of the routes in the table below.

There are three types of canon in terms of Collider story routes represented by the diagonal colored line colors on each story route:

  • Blue - All events described are 100% the canon way things happened. This is the main storyline and should be treated as such.
  • Red - Almost all events are canon, but may features deviations that don't make sense with blue storylines. Inconsistencies should be ignored, as it is a recounting of events that are mostly true.
  • Green - Most events described are false and serve as alternate universe scenarios. May have joke endings or non-canon events occurring.
Route List
FOL MilesMorales
"Return of the Collider"
FOL Mario
"Not My Brooklyn!"
FOL Peach
"Conference Interrupted"
FOL MaiShiranui
"Enter the Purple Ninja"
FOL Sonic
"Sonic Triple Trouble"
FOL Finn
"Three Short Graybles"
"Birth of Innsrealm"

Black Hole

Black Hole is the second single-player adventure mode and follows directly after one of the versions of the events in Collider- Miles' story. It must be unlocked by completing Collider mode at least one time.

When Galeem overflowed the Collider, it created a black hole under New York that sucked and disassembled it across Dharkon's Realm. The Collider is still active in the center of this dark and twisted universe, thus bringing the dimensions of those who appeared out from the Collider into this reality. As such, the map for this mode isn't as straight forward as Collider- nor entirely linear. Characters have certain paths where you must play as a character or the team they have assembled as part of the storyline for that path.

Part List
Part ShatteredNewYork
Shattered New York
Part AbstractNewYork
Abstract Backyard
Part GoldenGearGraveyard
Golden Gear Graveyard
Part AbsoluteChaos
Beyond Chaos
Part LightCollider
The Collider of Light
Part Missions

Black Hole: Shattered New York

Following the defeat of Galeem and Dr. Olivia Octavious, the Collider began to run in hyperdrive as Galeem mustered up the energy to restart the Collider. This resulted in a black hole that absorbed Miles' reality. Miles miraculously managed to come out unscathed, emerging into the new reality known as the Black Hole.
Mission List
FOL Mario
Crystal Plumber
FOL Luigi
Crystal Plumber II
FOL Bjenet
Crystal Pirate
Boss FOL Hinae
Quiz Time!

FOL Mario
Crystal Plumber
Goal: Free Mario!
Stronghold GemCaveCreatureStronghold SnowMonster

Miles arrives on a floating island made of concrete where Mario is being held. Miles must break the crystal while fending off Cave Creatures and Snow Monsters who act as the primary enemy. Mario's crystal has a total of 100 health. When broken free, Mario will wake up and ask Miles what is happening, of which Miles is unable to provide him with a satisfactory answer. Mario then asks where Luigi is, in which they are able to spot him in the distance on a similar concrete island.

FOL Luigi
Crystal Plumber II
Goal: Free Luigi!
Stronghold WaterBearStronghold ObeliskGem

Arriving on the second concrete island, Miles and Mario join forces to break Luigi's green holding crystal, which is being guarded by Water Bears and Obelisk Gems. These act as the primary enemies. Luigi's crystal has a total of 200 health. The player can select Mario or Miles Morales for this mission, with the non-selected character either being a CPU partner or player 2. After freeing Luigi, Luigi looks for B. Jenet, who is held in a purple crystal on an asphalt island. Miles, Mario, and Luigi set off to free her.

FOL Bjenet
Crystal Pirate
Goal: Free Bonne Jenet!
Stronghold WormMonsterStronghold BigBird

Arriving on the asphalt island, Miles, Mario, and Luigi head to Bonne Jenet's purple holding crystal to destroy it and set Bonne Jenet free. The crystal is guarded by Worm Monsters and Big Birds, who act as the primary enemies for this mission. Bonne Jenet's crystal has 300 health. The player can select Miles, Luigi, or Mario, with one of the non-selected characters acting as the CPU partner or player 2. After freeing B. Jenet, she summons a ship that is able to travel across the surface of the new Black Hole dimension as Miles searches for more people to help.

Boss FOL Hinae
Quiz Time!
Goal: Defeat "Hinae Arimura"!

Patrolling the Black Hole dimension is "Hinae Arimura", and likely your first boss. As you travel across Shattered New York, this creepy puppet named "Hinae Arimura" will attempt to follow you if she spots you, putting you into her boss fight. More information about her fight can be read here. After being defeated, she will slink back into the Black Hole to reform and will emerge 30 minutes later to try and find you again, although you have the ability to skip her boss fight on repeats if you can answer her questions correctly.

Black Hole: Abstract Backyard

After unlocking the key to the Abstract Backyard, Miles and allies find themselves in the weirdest, most messed up part of the Black Hole so far. They will also find a heavily protected tower that reside powerful Titans that the bad guys also want to break into.
Mission List
FOL Villager
The Tower
FOL Isenflux
The Tower II
BlackHole FOL TCT
The Tower III

FOL Villager
The Tower
Goal: Defeat Villager!

Arriving at the peak of a blocky mountaintop, Miles and his allies find the Titan Containment Tower guarded by a simple Villager. Palutena notes the Titans' energy is present here and that they can greatly help against the "bad guys". Miles asks for permission inside but is told no- before he can formulate a sneaking plan, the Villager attacks! After defeating the Villager, Miles tries to run inside but is stopped by a new threat.

FOL Isenflux
The Tower II
Goal: Defeat Isenflux!

The new threat, a Titan named Isenflux arrives and nearly takes out Miles with a frosty attack. Miles thwips into action as they fight. After being defeated, Isenlore turns into Froststone and Miles cautiously approaches inside the blocky tower.

BlackHole FOL TCT
The Tower III
Goal: Get to the exit!

Heading inside the tower, Miles Morales and the others venture inside a icy fortress containing platforming, enemies, and treasure. They need to get to the top of the tower, so manage your way up there without losing your selection of five characters and getting a game over.

Black Hole: Golden Gear Graveyard


Black Hole: Beyond Chaos


Black Hole: The Collider of Light



Innsrealm is another single-player mode that is essentially a life simulator with the playable characters. It takes place in an apartment building known as the Fortress rented out for the "Travelers of the Light". As you unlock characters, their rooms will be added to the building. You can have a total of eight active Travelers of the Light and can switch them out at any time. You can do the following in this mode:

  • Build up relationships with your fellow fighters to achieve Friendship or Romantic Links. Most fighters can form relationships with other fighters.
  • Take care of Chao pets in the Chao Garden. You will get Chao materials as you play through the game in either Versus or Collider Mode and you can use them here to grow strong, powerful Chao that you can even make into custom fighters for this game.
  • Organize living spaces and take care of fighters off the clock through a Sims-like management system. This has pretty no impact on the actual gameplay, although some fighters will develop rivalries or friendships that can lead to battles or gifts for this mode.

Røkkr Sieges

Røkkr Sieges is a mode introduced for Fortresses that add Røkkr-inflicted foes, characters from the roster that have a shadowy effect placed on them as well as growing super massive. They have stamina health bars that reach into the 50,000 range. As such, your mission is to take down Røkkr and earn rewards for doing so. When you go into a Fortress, a timer of five minutes will appear- this indicates how much time you have befor you fight the Røkkr.

Some notes about the Røkkr themselves:

  • Røkkr do not gain effects to their attacks or inflict status effects.
  • Røkkr cannot be damaged by any particular element and no status effect can hurt them.
  • Røkkr are much bigger opponents, about twice the size of their originals or larger.
  • Røkkr slowly heal off-screen.

When fighting the Røkkr, you have a full minute to damage them as much as possible then you will be kicked back to the Fortress. You deal doubled damage initially but gain power through finding Havoc Axes, which can boost your damage by 1x or allow you to immediately take on the Røkkr again. Additionally, you gain 0.1x from enemies or attacking the Røkkr successfully. As such, you can quickly multiply your damage output and finally put the Røkkr to rest.

Tempest Trials

Tempest Trials are a mode in which you go through various fights in the game (up to 6 in a row in total) with a team of four characters that act as a different stock. Tempest Trials change weekly and sometimes revolve around a theme. New maps and characters can be unlocked when Tempest Trials are active. If there is no currently running Tempest Trial, reruns of older ones will play instead. Tempest Trials also have a leaderboard for the week they run, with Aether Stones and Hearts being offered as rewards for placement.

Tempest Trials did not officially start until the game had been out for three weeks. They sometimes offer free DLC characters as rewards, which become part of the shop system a month after the Tempest Trial with them ended. They can also be obtained as part of the rerun system.

A table with all the Tempest Trials will be listed after the roster has been finalized.

Dial H for Hero


Dial H for Hero is a mode where you play as a character without a moveset at all. You are instead enlisted a H-Dial to take down various opponents and bosses in a linear rush mode. The H-Dial has unique properties in that it allows you to become any character on the roster, including ones that are not unlocked. Each character you become has a set time limit of 5 minutes before wearing off, in which a 10 second period will occur where it needs to be recharged before you can try a new random character.

Dial H for Hero is by far one of the most challenging modes in the game due to it's randomness- you won't really know what characters you click with or don't and some characters have mechanics that make them harder to use over the 5 minutes you have with them. You can exit out of a transformation at the cost of a longer recharge period for 25 seconds, in which you will need to dodge frequently and try not to lose health. Transformations and the character you play as have different health values that are not effected by each other. Each new character transformation starts at a fresh health percentage.

You decide when the challenge ends- you can either take down all the bosses, a set number of characters in the roster, or everyone. When the challenge ends, any characters you have transformed into that you have not unlocked will become unlocked.

Goddess Offerings

Goddess Offerings is a unique mode found in the Collection subcategory of the menu. It is represented by a twisted cathedral filled with colorful crystals marked by the goddess insignias. You can offer Hearts to the Goddesses, which you are informed will do nothing. This is a blatant lie, although it might as well be true as the rewards are not easy to see until you have invested a lot. Each Goddess corresponds to a mode in the game, of which they give slight advantages to if you pledge enough hearts to.

GoddessTier Palutena GoddessTier Materia GoddessTier Yuelia GoddessTier CloudofDarkness GoddessTier Mila
Palutena Materia Yuelia Cloud of Darkness Mila
By offering Hearts to Palutena, you gain slight advantages in the Collider mode, such as the price for the difficulty slider being less expensive and more rewards dropped from completing stages in Collider. By offering Hearts to Materia, you gain slight advantages in Black Hole mode, such as more rewards being dropped for completing stages or crystals being more brittle and easier to break. By offering Hearts to Yuelia, you gain slight advantages in Innsrealm. These boost the rate at which you receive Aether Stones and giving better RNG manipulation at certain tasks in Innsrealm. By offering Hearts to Cloud of Darkness, you gain slight advantages in Røkkr Seiges. These include Havok Axes being dropped more often and damage output being boosted much faster on higher difficulties against the Røkkr. By offering Hearts to Mila, you gain slight advantages in Tempest Trials. These include reward offerings being less points than normal, making them easier to obtain and decreased knockback the further you go into the trials.


Online Mode is where you can go up against opponents, with you being able to play for fun or for a rank. The more opponents you defeat, the higher your rank becomes, with losses negatively effecting your rank. A number appears to show how many fights you need to win to get to the next rank.


Now located on it's own subpage.

Starting Characters
FOL MilesMorales
Miles Morales
FOL WiiFitTrainer
Wii Fit Trainer
FOL Mario
FOL Luigi
FOL Rosalina
FOL Peach
FOL Mirania
FOL Bjenet
B. Jenet
FOL MaiShiranui
Mai Shiranui
FOL Sonic
FOL Tails
FOL Finn
FOL Jake
FOL Reptflux
DJ Candy
FOL BellaGoth
Bella Goth
FOL Glover
FOL Palutena
FOL Zelda
FOL Link
FOL Samus
Zero Suit Samus
FOL Mortecai
FOL Rigby
FOL Homer
FOL Kumatora
FOL Quorra
FOL Dipper
FOL Mabel
Mabel HammerIconKSSU
FOL KidGoku
Kid Goku
FOL JillValentine
Jill Valentine
FOL NoelVermillion
Noel Vermillion
FOL PantyandStocking
Panty and Stocking
FOL Sora
FOL Chao
Unlockable Characters
FOL Sean
FOL ClassicTails
Classic Tails
FOL MrIncredible
Mr. Incredible
FOL Elasticgirl
FOL Morrigan
FOL Rouge
Rouge the Bat
FOL Xenomorph
FOL Chrysalis
FOL RazorClaws
(Razor Claws)
FOL Arachnoid
FOL Queen
Invader Zim
FOL Garnet
FOL Squaridot
FOL Aquamarine
FOL Amazonite
FOL Ochunks
FOL MetalMario
Metal Mario
FOL Bowser
FOL Goomba
FOL PossessedZelda
Possessed Zelda
FOL Beetleworx
FOL Nemesis
FOL Mileena
FOL Babadi
FOL Metool
FOL WhispyWoods
Whispy Woods
FOL Lanky
Lanky Kong
FOL Peni
Peni Parker
FOL Gunbuster
FOL Amalia
Princess Amalia
FOL Evangelyne
FOL RileyMiller
Riley Miller
FOL Whisper
Whisper the Wolf
FOL Genie
FOL Hydron
FOL Spider-Gwen
FOL NedFlanders
Ned Flanders
FOL Axel
FOL Shiki
Shiki Misaki
FOL BlackCat
Black Cat
FOL Tyara
FOL Ethica
Kibanohara Ethica
FOL YukinaHimeragi
Yukina Himeragi
FOL Ashe
FOL Primid
FOL TifaLockhart
Tifa Lockhart
FOL Medusa
FOL Lucy
Lucy Heartfilla
FOL WreckItRalph
Wreck-It Ralph
FOL PrincessBubblegum
Princess Bubblegum
FOL Nazo
FOL Zelflux
FOL Blastoise
FOL Namine
FOL Domo
FOL Olimar
FOL Sackboy
FOL CommanderVideo
FOL Optimus
Optimus Prime
FOL Wendy
FOL Marceline
FOL Berkut
FOL RachelFoley
Rachel Foley
FOL Labrys
FOL Bliztank
FOL JolyneKujo
Jolyne Kujo
FOL Futaba
FOL Bramball
FOL WhiteMage
White Mage
FOL Rocbuequet
FOL Maddie
FOL Kermit
Kermit the Monster
FOL DonaldDuck
Donald Duck
FOL SpidermanNoir
Spider-Man Noir
FOL Isenflux
FOL Wraith
FOL Sharla
FOL MagicianMickey
Magician Mickey
FOL Midnight
FOL Gruntilda
FOL Villager
FOL Baiken
FOL DrParadigm
Dr. Paradigm
FOL Phoenix
FOL Tempus
FOL Psylocke
FOL Desiree
FOL Gentiana
FOL Noora
Noora Natsumi
FOL Yami
Yami Zu
FOL Endflux
FOL SpiderHam
FOL Terunosuke
FOL Bane
FOL Retenflux
FOL ShinyChariot
Shiny Chariot
FOL Flamewar
FOL Spinel
FOL Carmen
Carmen Sandiego
FOL Tigress
FOL CyborgSuperman
Cyborg Superman
FOL KangandKodos
Kang and Kodos
FOL Morpeko
FOL Sophie
FOL Mysterio
FOL Plankton
FOL Hugo
FOL RetroMario
Retro Mario
FOL Helbindi
Helbindi and Ylgr
FOL Unit01
Evangelion Unit 01
FOL BabySonic
Baby Sonic
FOL Sisicross
FOL KoolAidMan
Kool-Aid Man
FOL CrazyRedd
Crazy Redd
FOL FroggyChair
Froggy Chair
FOL Zipper
FOL Illnot
FOL MeiHatsume
Mei Hatsume
FOL Rinkah
FOL Randall
FOL MikeSully
Mike & Sulley
FOL Anti-Monitor
FOL GreenGoblin
Green Goblin
FOL Superdoom
FOL MisterMind
Mister Mind
FOL JackSkell
Jack Skellington


There are three types of stages in Fortresses of Light:

  • Versus Stage - A versus stage is used for battles against other opponents. They are selectable through Versus mode and are used for all fights in the game. All Versus Stages are unlocked from the start.
  • Reel Stages - Reel Stages are platforming levels that act as bonus levels in Collider. They are used to transport across New York and into stages that appear as mirages over New York. They must be unlocked to play through freely and which stages you go through are completely random for the most part. To unlock them, you must find the hidden Reels found in these stages.
  • Strongholds - Strongholds are expansive stages that feature multiple rooms, terrain, and enemies similar to Reel Stages, but are even bigger and feature bosses as well. They also contain dozens of chests holding treasures like Animals, Banana Coins, and more. Strongholds are also randomly generated and use a theming as opposed to a strict fixed layout.

In all stages, Animals appear as collectibles. Simply making contact with them will add them to the Chaos Chest. The icons that appear as part of stage descriptions are the ones that have a chance of showing up on those stages.

Stage List
Stage FOL MilesNewYork
Miles' New York
Stage FOL WiiFitStudio
Wii Fit Studio
Stage FOL OrientTown
Orient Town
Stage FOL HitimsuLab
Hitimsu Lab
Stage FOL Uchuu Kaijuu Battlefield
Uchuu Kaiju Battlefield
Stage FOL CaveofWonders
Cave of Wonders
Stage FOL Green Dolphin Street Prison
Green Dolphin Street Prison
Stage FOL GemBattlefield
Gem Battlefield
Stage FOL Strangerville
Old Penelope, StrangerVille
Stage FOL JungleMoon
Kanniball Village
Stage FOL TreasureTrove
Treasure Trove Cove
Stage FOL TwilightTown
Twilight Town
Stage FOL MushroomyKingdom
Mushroomy Kingdom
Stage FOL ScalaAdCaelum
Scala Ad Caelum
Stage FOL TitanContaimentTower
Titan Containment Tower
Stage FOL Kado
Ryu Stage (III)
Stage FOL CreepyCastle
Creepy Castle
Stage FOL NERVHeadQuarters
Nerv HQ
Stage FOL DodoAirlines
Dodo Airlines
Stage FOL PinkDiamondsGarden
Pink Diamond's Garden
Stage FOL GrandStaircase
Grand Staircase
Stage FOL DoorWarehouse
Door Warehouse
Stage FOL HeavyBurger
Heavy Burger
Stage FOL MarxSoulArena
Marx Soul Arena
Stage FOL SuperCollider
Super Collider
Reel Stages
Reel FOL AlpineClimbers
Alpine Climbers
Reel FOL YoshiIsland2
Yoshi's Island 2
Reel FOL ContraJungle
Contra Jungle
Reel FOL PalaceontheSea
Palace on the Sea
Fortress FOL Homeworld
Fortress FOL Crossroads
The Crossroads
Fortress FOL Bygga


Banana Collectibles

Image + Name Info
BananaCoin Yellow
Yellow Banana Coin
Yellow Banana Coins can only be collected in Collider Mode by Yellow-type characters. They are used to purchase upgrades and equipment from various vendors in the Innsrealm that use the currency.
Yellow Type Characters
Peach Jake Glover
Tails Pit Samus
Homer Sean Sora
Babidi Metool Riley Miller
Ashe Rachel Foley Donald Duck
Phoenix Gentiana

Yellow Bananas can only be collected by Yellow-type characters and count towards point totals and can be used to feed Chao.

Yellow Banana
BananaCoin Red
Red Banana Coin
Red Banana Coins can only be collected in Collider Mode by Red-type characters. They are used to purchase upgrades and equipment from various vendors in the Innsrealm that use the currency.
Red Type Characters
Miles Morales K' Mario
Mai Shiranui Reptflux DJ Candy
Bella Goth Dipper Kid Goku
Panty Mr. Incredible Elastigirl
Peni Parker Gunbuster O'Chunks
Spider-Gwen Axel Kibanohara Ethica
Blitztank Sharla Baiken

Red Bananas can only be collected by Red-type characters and count towards point totals and can be used to feed Chao.

Red Banana
BananaCoin Blue
Blue Banana Coin
Blue Banana Coins can only be collected in Collider Mode by Blue-type characters. They are used to purchase upgrades and equipment from various vendors in the Innsrealm that use the currency.
Blue Type Characters
Wii Fit Trainer Rosalina Sonic
Finn Finn Zero Suit Samus
Mordecai Quorra Jill Valentine
Noel Vermillion Lanky Kong Whisper the Wolf
Genie Hydron Yukina Himeragi
Aquamarine Labrys Villager

Blue Bananas can only be collected by Blue-type characters and count towards point totals and can be used to feed Chao.

Blue Banana
BananaCoin Purple
Purple Banana Coin
Purple Banana Coins can only be collected in Collider Mode by Purple-type characters. They are used to purchase upgrades and equipment from various vendors in the Innsrealm that use the currency.
Purple Type Characters
Mirania B. Jenet Rigby
Kumatora Mabel Stocking
Morrigan Rouge the Bat Xenomorph (All)
Invader Zim Possessed Zelda Mileena
Black Cat Tyara Ed
Commander Video Berkut Maddie
Spider-Man Noir Wraith Midnight
Psylocke V Terunosuke

Purple Bananas can only be collected by Purple-type characters and count towards point totals and can be used to feed Chao.

Purple Banana
BananaCoin Green
Green Banana Coin
Green Banana Coins can only be collected in Collider Mode by Green-type characters. They are used to purchase upgrades and equipment from various vendors in the Innsrealm that use the currency.
Green Type Characters
Luigi Palutena Link
Peridot Amazonite Bowser
Beetleworx Abomination Nemesis Whispy Woods
Princess Amalia Evangelyne Ned Flanders
Shiki Misaki Jolyne Kujo Rex
Futaba Magician Mickey Gruntilda
Dr. Paradigm Desiree Bane

Green Bananas can only be collected by Green-type characters and count towards point totals and can be used to feed Chao.

Green Banana
BananaCoin Rainbow
Rainbow Banana Coin
Rainbow Banana Coins can be collected in Collider Mode by any character. They are used to purchase upgrades and equipment from various vendors in the Innsrealm that use any of the Banana Coins as currency.

Rainbow Bananas can be collected by any character. They count towards all point totals and can be used to feed Chao with a 100% success rate.

Rainbow Banana

Chao Collectibles

Image + Name Info
Chao Key
Chao Keys are awarded at the end of Collider Mode and through Achievements. They also appear as gifts in Innsrealm mode. They allow one character's room in Innsrealm to be opened and to access the Chao Garden as that character. You will always gain one Chao Key for a complete Collider Mode run even if you have done that route for that character before.
Chaos Drives
Chaos Drives are dropped randomly from enemies and are awarded at the end of battles. They drop in the Chaos Chest in the Chao Garden and can be used on Chao to power them up. Below is a table that shows how the Chaos Drives effect the stats of Chao characters.
Image Color Defense Jump Run Power Mood
Chaosdrivegreen Green +0 +0 +24 +0 +1
Chaosdrivepurple Purple +0 +24 +0 +0 +1
Chaosdrivered Red +0 +0 +0 +24 +1
Chaosdriveyellow Yellow +24 +0 +0 +0 +1

Bat is an Ghost-type animal that is categorized under the Silver collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
BatIconFOL Ghost Black +4 +20 +4 +4

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Bat's case, they turn the Chao's wings, feet, and tail invisible. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Flapping Breeze Chilling Corkscrew
Bat Boom Blood Suck

Bear is an Power-type animal that is categorized under the Red collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
BearIconFOL Power Red +4 -8 +2 +18

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Bear's case, they turn the Chao's arms, legs, and ears in that similar of a bear. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Alpine Annihilator Salmon Shredder
Bear Beat-Up Hibernate

Boar is an Running-type animal that is categorized under the Green collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
BoarIconFOL Running Green -2 -6 +16 +8

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Boar's case, they transform the Chao's body to add hooves, ears, a tail, and tusks. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Boar Beatdown Tusken Takedown
Hog Hop Pig Punisher

Cheetah is an Running-type animal that is categorized under the Green collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
CheetahIconFOL Running Green -4 -4 +20 +4

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Cheetah's case, they transform the Chao's body to add arms, ears, feet, and a tail modeled after a Cheetah. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Speedy Prowl Spotted Lunge
Tail Whirlwind Cheetah Chaser

Condor is an Fly-type animal that is categorized under the Purple collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
CondorIconFOL Fly Purple -10 +30 -12 +8

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Condor's case, they transform the Chao's body to add ears, feet, and a tail modeled after a Condor. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Sand Slash Cactus Bomb
Cocky Condor Pecking Order

Dragon is an Legendary-type animal that is categorized under the Gold collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
DragonIconFOL Legendary Gold +10 +2 +4 +16

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Dragon's case, they transform the Chao's body to add arms, ears, feet, tail, horns, and a pair of wings modeled after a Dragon. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Flamebreather Piercing Gold
Lootsnatcher Cinder Snare

Gorilla is an Power-type animal that is categorized under the Red collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
GorillaIconFOL Power Red -2 -4 +2 +20

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Gorilla's case, they turn the Chao's arms, ears, feet, and forehead in that similar of a gorilla. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Jungle Drum Chest Beat
Vine Climber Primate Pummel

Half-Fish is an Ghost-type animal that is categorized under the Black collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
HalffishIconFOL Ghost Black +16 0 +4 +12

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Half-Fish's case, they turn the Chao's arms, ears, feet, and tail in that similar of a fish. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Bronze Bubble Black Emotion
Air-Swim Gill Gasher

Parrot is an Fly-type animal that is categorized under the Purple collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
ParrotIconFOL Fly Purple -10 +24 +2 0

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Parrot's case, they transform the Chao's body to add wings modeled after a Parrot, as well as adding feathered feet, forehead and tail. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Cracker Jet Feather Knife
Parrot Plume Repeat Rascal

Peacock is an Fly-type animal that is categorized under the Purple collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
PeacockIconFOL Fly Purple +6 +24 -8 -6

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Peacock's case, they transform the Chao's body to add wings modeled after a Peacock, as well as adding feet, crest, and a tail modeled after the Peacock. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Show of Power Feather Fan
Peacock Piledriver Defensive Stance

Seal is an Swim-type animal that is categorized under the Yellow collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
SealIconFOL Seal Yellow -8 +2 +20 +4

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Seal's case, they transform the Chao's body to add flippers modeled after a Seal, as well as adding a tail modeled after the Seal. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Balancing Act Navy Seal
Bubble Blow Ice Standard

Sea Otter
Seal is an Swim-type animal that is categorized under the Yellow collection of Animals, which can be given to your Chao to raise them into a powerful fighter. They interact with the Chao and then disappear when given to, boosting the stats of a Chao when given to.
Image Group Color Defense Jump Run Power
SeaotterIconFOL Sea Otter Yellow +4 -2 +22 -8

In addition to these stat changes, they also can change the appearance of the Chao. In the Sea Otter's case, they transform the Chao's body to add flippers modeled after a Seal, as well as adding a tail modeled after the Seal. They can also grant the Chao the following moves:

Otter Chaos Backstroke Swim
Shells Gate Rock Hammer

Stronghold Treasures

Image + Name Info
Dragonflower CDragonflower IDragonflower FDragonflower ADragonflower PDragonflower R
Used to boost the stats of an color character for use in single player modes. Dragonflowers can only be used by the character of the color of the Dragonflower according to their banana colors- see the Banana Collectibles section for the character colors.
  • Yellow Dragonflowers boost the stats of Yellow Type characters.
  • Red Dragonflowers boost the stats of Red Type characters.
  • Blue Dragonflowers boost the stats of Blue Type characters.
  • Green Dragonflowers boost the stats of Green Type characters.
  • Purple Dragonflowers boost the stats of Purple Type characters.
  • Rainbow Dragonflowers boost the stats of any color Type characters.
Fire BlessingWater BlessingWind BlessingEarth BlessingLight BlessingDark BlessingAstra BlessingAnima BlessingCandy BlessingSlime BlessingSpace BlessingTime Blessing
Gives playable characters a blessing that gives them elemental critical attacks. On chance, critical attacks will happen that play into one of the eight elements and add additional damage and a status effect to the victim. Only one blessing type can be equipped onto a character, and three blessings of a type can only be applied. It only works in single-player modes. They also only last a real-time week before wearing off. From top to bottom, left to right:
  • Fire Blessing: Inflicts fire damage and burns on critical attack.
  • Water Blessing: Inflicts water damage and deals the wet effect upon multiple hits. Inflicts the frozen effect on critical attack.
  • Wind Blessing: Inflicts wind damage and adds a sweeping effect to critical attacks that deals more knock-back or the shocked status effect.
  • Earth Blessing: Inflicts earth damage and buries on critical attack.
  • Light Blessing: Inflicts light damage and causes the solar effect on critical attack.
  • Dark Blessing: Inflicts dark damage and causes the umbra effect on critical attack.
  • Astra Blessing: Inflicts astral/star damage and causes the out of body effect on critical attack.
  • Anima Blessing: Inflicts magic damage and causes the Heaven Spell/Makai Spell effect on critical attack.
  • Candy Blessing: Inflicts candy damage and causes the gobstopper effect on critical attack.
  • Slime Blessing: Inflicts slime damage and causes the absorber effect on critical attack.
  • Space Blessing: Inflicts space damage and causes the shoe-glue effect on critical attack.
  • Time Blessing: Inflicts time damage and causes the chronowreck effect on critical attack.
FOL FireJellyfishFOL WaterJellyfish2FOL WindJellyfishFOL EarthJellyfish2FOL LightJellyfishFOL DarkJellyfish2FOL AstralJellyfishFOL AnimaJellyfishFOL CandyJellyfishFOL SlimeJellyfishFOL SpaceJellyfishFOL TimeJellyfish
Enchanted Jellyfish
Imbues a elemental resistance against a certain element. The effects of a jellyfish will greatly lower your damage against a type of elemental attack as well as negate any status effect associated with the element. However, it can increase the amount of damage you take from the opposing element too! Only one type of Enchanted Jellyfish can be equipped to a character, and only three of those type can be applied at a time. It lasts a real-time week before wearing off. From top to bottom, left to right:
  • Fire Jellyfish: Protects against fire damage and negates the burn effect. Weak to water elemental attacks.
  • Water Jellyfish: Protects against water damage and negates the frozen effect. Weak to fire elemental attacks.
  • Wind Jellyfish: Protects against wind damage and negates the shocked status effect. Weak to earth elemental attacks.
  • Earth Jellyfish: Protects against earth damage and negates the buried effect. Weak to wind elemental attacks.
  • Light Jellyfish: Protects against light damage and negates the solar effect. Weak to dark elemental attacks.
  • Dark Jellyfish: Protects against dark damage and negates the umbra effect. Weak to light elemental attacks.
  • Astra Jellyfish: Protects against astral/star damage and negates the out of body effect. Weak to anima elemental attacks.
  • Anima Jellyfish: Protects against magic damage and negates the Heaven Spell/Makai Spell effect. Weak to astra elemental attacks.
  • Candy Jellyfish: Protects against candy damage and negates the gobstopper effect. Weak to slime elemental attacks.
  • Slime Jellyfish: Protects against slime damage and negates the absorber effect. Weak to candy elemental attacks.
  • Space Jellyfish: Protects against space damage and negates the shoe-glue effect. Weak to time elemental attacks.
  • Time Jellyfish: Protects against time damage and negates the chronowreck effect. Weak to space elemental attacks.
Totem of Undying
The Totem of Undying is a unique item that can be found in Stronghold Chests and are exceptionally rare. They can be used as an extra stock after dying in a singleplayer mode and activate upon death. They are then destroyed to prevent you from using it again. To prevent accidental activation, leave it in a Chao Garden after collecting it or transfer it through a Chao Chest. You can have multiple Totems in your inventory as dying once will only destroy the one used.
Heroes Elixir
Exlirs are used as healing items that can heal 99 health for you and your team mates when going through Strongholds and other single player modes. They're rare and single use.
Dancers Veil
Dancer's Veil
Dancer Veils are used to speed up your character and remove the landing lag from falls. You can also use it to cancel moves into other moves. Dancer Veils last a minute in total per use and are found in Single Player modes. They are rare and single use.
Special Blade
Special Blade
Special Blades are used to power up your special moves, making them twice as powerful by either enhancing the damage they do or the speed they come out in. Special Blades last a minute in total per use and are found in Single Player modes. They are rare and single use.
Data Model
Data Model
Data Models are utilized for the Simulation Chamber, and take info from fighting enemies. These are unique items that are found in Stronghold Chests and can be tethered to a type of enemy that you want to collect information on. Not only will this give the mob's database information, but allows you to simulate battles with them using the Simulation Chamber for unique awards.
Havoc Axe
Havoc Axe
Havoc Axes are utilized for Røkkr Sieges, allowing you to immediately skip the five minutes of waiting between getting a crack at the Røkkr-embued character as opposed to needing to gather more resources and allowing them to heal. They can also be used to boost your damage output by 1x. They are very rare, appearing only in Stronghold chests or by accomplishing daily missions.
Liquid Diamond Aura
Liquid Diamond Auras can be found in Stronghold Chests as temporary huge power ups. They imbue a character with a huge boost to stats for a short amount of time and get rid of negative status afflictions.
  • Liquid Yellow Diamond Aura - Imbues character with a huge power boost of 200% and gives them electrical element damage to their attacks and resistance against electrical attacks. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Liquid White Diamond Aura - Imbues character with a huge defense boost of 200% and gives them light element damage to their attacks and resistance against light attacks. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Liquid Blue Diamond Aura - Imbues character with a huge speed boost of 200% and gives them water element damage to their attacks and resistance against water attacks. Lasts for 30 seconds.
GuacolaDurian JuiceCookie CatDog-Nut FinishFire SaltTogetherBreakfastS8E9 Transparent Finn CakeRoyal Tart SliceHam SandwichChocolate-frog-lrgBertieBottBeans
Junk Food
Every chest has their junk items, so here's junk food. It's a pun you won't appreciate. Anyway, these garbage items take up space in your inventory but do have a purpose if you use them- they can be used to heal a small bit of health. From top to bottom, left to right:
  • Guacola - Heals 4% and leaves a bad aftertaste that can inflict break on your character at a 0.15% chance.
  • Durian Juice - Heals 8% and occasionally heals slightly more.
  • Cookie Cat - Heals 10%, although eating more than two in a single sitting can cause the frozen effect.
  • Dog-Nut - Heals 15%, although devouring it has a 0.45% chance of inflicting the Makai Spell effect.
  • Fire Salt - Heals 3% and causes the burn effect.
  • Together Breakfast - Heals 15% and adds some weight to your character for a short time.
  • Finn Cake - Heals 7% and has a special effect if Finn eats it, where his landing lag will be decreased.
  • Royal Tart - Heals 11% damage but has a 50-50 chance of petrification instead, with no healing effect!
  • Ham Sandwich - Heals 5% damage, but you have to catch it first as it'll leap out of your inventory and dance when attempting to eat it from the inventory screen.
  • Chocolate Frog - Heals 75% of all damage and includes a random Kingdom Card as a reward for snagging it. Can't be stored in inventory.
  • Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - Heals 2% damage and has the chance of inflicting a random status effect on you.
Dulcet Figment KH3DDulcet Fancy KH3DDulcet Fantasy KH3DFleeting Figment KH3DFleeting Fancy KH3DFleeting Fantasy KH3DGrim Figment KH3DGrim Fancy KH3DGrim Fantasy KH3DIntrepid Figment KH3DIntrepid Fancy KH3DIntrepid Fantasy KH3DLofty Figment KH3DLofty Fancy KH3DLofty Fantasy KH3DNoble Figment KH3DNoble Fancy KH3DNoble Fantasy KH3DRampant Figment KH3DRampant Fancy KH3DRampant Fantasy KH3DTroubling Figment KH3DTroubling Fancy KH3DTroubling Fantasy KH3DVibrant Figment KH3DVibrant Fancy KH3DVibrant Fantasy KH3DWondrous Figment KH3DWondrous Fancy KH3DWondrous Fantasy KH3D

Brilliant Fantasy KH3DCharming Fantasy KH3DMalleable Fantasy KH3DPrickly Fantasy KH3DSavage Fantasy KH3DWild Fantasy KH3D
Dream Pieces

Dream Pieces are dropped by Nemesis Nightmares and regular enemy Nightmares that are used to synthesize unique Familiars known as Spirits. They can also be found in treasure chests. There are three types of Dream Pieces:
  • Figment - Common Dream Piece Material. Dropped by Nightmares and 1 Star Nemesis Nightmares.
  • Fancy - Uncommon Dream Piece Material. Dropped by Nightmares and 2-3 Star Nemesis Nightmares.
  • Fantasy - Rare Dream Piece Material. Dropped almost exclusively by 4 Star Nemesis Nightmares. Some Dream Types are locked exclusively to this type.

A Nemesis Nightmare can display it's Dream Type, which shows what kind of material it will drop as a result. There are a total of 17 Dream Types in total, with 7 being locked off exclusively as Fantasy-type materials. In order:

Triple Type:

  • Dulcet
  • Fleeting
  • Grim
  • Intrepid
  • Lofty
  • Noble
  • Rampant
  • Troubling
  • Vibrant
  • Wondrous

Fantasy Type Only:

  • Brilliant
  • Charming
  • Malleable
  • Prickly
  • Savage
  • Wild
Paint Gun Red KH3DPaint Gun Blue KH3DPaint Gun Green KH3DPaint Gun Yellow KH3DPaint Gun White KH3DPaint Gun Black KH3DPaint Gun Purple KH3DPaint Gun Sky Blue KH3D
Paint Gun
Paint Guns are used to change the color of your Dream Eater Familiars. You can usually find them in packs of ten in chests and they are sometimes rewarded when defeating a Nemesis Nightmare. Here are all the colors, in order:
  • Paint Gun: Red
  • Paint Gun: Blue
  • Paint Gun: Green
  • Paint Gun: Yellow
  • Paint Gun: White
  • Paint Gun: Black
  • Paint Gun: Purple
  • Paint Gun: Sky Blue
StopNSwopEgg CyanStopNSwopEgg PinkStopNSwopEgg BlueStopNSwopEgg GreenStopNSwopEgg RedStopNSwopEgg YellowIcekey
Stop n' Swop
These aren't really loot- these items appear in the Strongholds in secret locations. The eggs can be used to hatch Glowbos that can be used to unlock 6 very secret characters, while the Ice Key is used to unlock a secret Stronghold.
  • Cyan Egg - ???
  • Pink Egg - ???
  • Blue Egg - In the Crossroads Stronghold, three Vinny Statues appear in the randomly generated rooms. Each must be offered 30 Blue Dragonflowers each, for a total of 90 Blue Dragonflowers that must be given. Then, you need to head to Mushroomy Kingdom. The normal map will be now filled with life from The Crossroads. Do not defeat any of the enemies. A new, blue pipe appears at the end of the map by the flagpole, which will be covered in corpses of the enemies you defeat. You can retry as many times as you like, but once you go down the blue pipe, you will find the Blue Egg and will unlock a character that has yet to be revealed.
  • Green Egg - ???
  • Red Egg - ???
  • Yellow Egg - ???
  • Ice Key - ???
EarthEgg ACNHWoodEgg ACNHWaterEgg ACNH
StoneEgg ACNHLeafEgg ACNHSkyEgg ACNH
Bunny Day Eggs
During a special event, Bunny Day eggs appear across Strong Holds and can be found to help unlock Zipper T. Bunny as a playable character.

Misc. Collectibles

Image + Name Info
Aether Stone
Spring Aether StoneSummer Aether StonesFall Aether StoneFrosty Aether Stone
Aether Stones
(Normal, Spring, Summer, Fall and Frosty)
Aether Stones are the currency in Innsrealm and can be used to buy furniture and other structures in it. You can earn Aether Stones through doing jobs and tasks in Innsrealm, finding them in Strongholds, or as rewards through winning fights.

Four special variants of Aether Stones, known as the Spring Aether Stones, Summer Aether Stones, Fall Aether Stones, and Frosty Aether Stones can only be found through Strongholds. They allow you to construct special objects for use in Innsrealm, namely Spring, Summer, Fall, and Frosty furniture. They are also given out in Innsrealm during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons.

KingdomCard 0Red
KingdomCard 0Blue

Kingdom Cards
Kingdom Cards are items that you can obtain in Collider, Black Hole, Strongholds, and winning regular battles on occasion. They come in two varieties, the Red Attack card and the Blue Effect cards. When you pick one up, it will quickly tell you what you obtained. While you won't obtain duplicates until you have the full deck, certain cards have different rarities to some extent that make them either come earlier in the collection process or later, and are somewhat randomized.
Reels are collectible items that appear in Reel Stages, which are recreations of various levels from various video games or miscellaneous platforming stages. They can be collected by any character and are tucked away in the level in a secret location.
Heart KidIcarus
Hearts are a strange currency that is used for Synthesis and offerings to Goddesses. They can be found commonly and are dropped as part of enemy and boss defeats. Hearts can be used to "fuse" duplicates of Kingdom Cards to get new Kingdom Cards of equal value (slightly greater or lesser than in some cases) in a process known as Synthesis. The player can also offer the Hearts to one of several goddesses for a boon in certain modes, albeit this purpose is not stated in game.
CDs are collectible items that appear in Collider, Black Hole, Strongholds, and winning regular battles on occasion. They unlock music tracks to play at your leisure. See Music for a full list of tracks and maybe listen to some of the music yourself!
Glitch Heart
Glitch Heart
Glitch Hearts are rewards that can be collected from simulated battled with enemies using the Simulation Chamber. These can be used to "glitch" through requirements for some unlockable with a certain amount of Glitch Hearts. Not every unlock condition requires the same amount of Glitch Hearts- easier ones may only require one, while hard ones require an upwards of fifteen.
Yashichis are rare collectibles that appear throughout the singleplayer modes. When collected, all health will be restored and the player gains an extra stock. They are used upon contact and cannot be stored, however a badge appears on the save file to indicate how many have been collected.

Misc. Items

Image + Name Info
Divinity Statue
Appearing in Black Hole and Strongholds, Divinity Statues allow you to change your character loadout, buy items, and save your game file. They cannot be taken or stolen. A Divinity Statue is also a purchasable decoration for Innsrealm mode. They take Aether Stones and Banana Coins as currency.
Monsters, Inc. Door Frame
Appearing in Black Hole and Strongholds, Monsters, Inc. Door Frames allow you to teleport to locations you've previously been to in a matter of seconds. They basically act as checkpoints and Divinity Statues generally aren't too far behind when you spot one of these.
Life Jacket Monitor
Appearing in some stages and single player modes, this Life Jacket Monitor can be used by characters that can't swim to enter the water without dying and acting like normal characters. This only appears for the following characters:

This item originates from Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and served the same function of making characters usable in water.

Golden Yoshi Egg
Yellow Yoshi Egg
Yellow Yoshi Eggs can be found in Black Hole and Strongholds. Upon holding it, it will hatch into a Yellow Baby Yoshi, hungry for food. Feeding it five weakened enemies will drop a Yellow Dragonflower. Yellow Baby Yoshis have the special ability of ground shaking, which will cause it to shake the ground when held and landing on the ground. This causes floating items to drop and enemies to flinch for a short time.

Drop it off at a Stork Stop to be rewarded three Yellow Banana Coins, irregardless if you have a yellow color-type character.

Yellow Baby Yoshi 3D
Yellow Baby Yoshi
Red Yoshi Egg
Red Yoshi Egg
Red Yoshi Eggs can be found in Black Hole and Strongholds. Upon holding it, it will hatch into a Red Baby Yoshi, hungry for food. Feeding it five weakened enemies will drop a Red Dragonflower. Red Baby Yoshis have the special ability of fire spitting, which will cause it to burp out three giant fireballs that deal 7 damage after it eats a enemy.

Drop it off at a Stork Stop to be rewarded three Red Banana Coins, irregardless if you have a red color-type character.

Red Baby Yoshi
Red Baby Yoshi
Blue Yoshi Egg
Blue Yoshi Egg
Blue Yoshi Eggs can be found in Black Hole and Strongholds. Upon holding it, it will hatch into a Blue Baby Yoshi, hungry for food. Feeding it five weakened enemies will drop a Blue Dragonflower. Blue Baby Yoshis have the special ability of bubble spewing, which will cause it to emit out bubbles when the player presses the attack button, encasing weak enemies into bubbles that float around and keep the enemies from being able to attack.

Drop it off at a Stork Stop to be rewarded three Blue Banana Coins, irregardless if you have a blue color-type character.

Blue Baby Yoshi
Green Yoshi Egg
Green Yoshi Eggs can be found in Black Hole and Strongholds. Upon holding it, it will hatch into a Green Baby Yoshi, hungry for food. Feeding it five weakened enemies will drop a Green Dragonflower. Green Baby Yoshis have the special ability of flutter jumping, which will cause jumps by the player when holding it to be higher and holding down the jump button while holding the baby Yoshi will cause the player to gain more distance and stay in the air longer.

Drop it off at a Stork Stop to be rewarded three Green Banana Coins, irregardless if you have a green color-type character.

Green Baby Yoshi
Green Baby Yoshi
Stork Stop
Dropping off a Baby Yoshi will reward you with three Banana Coins of the same color of the Yoshi irregardless of the color-type your character currently is. Any Baby Yoshi can be dropped off at any Stork Stop. Talking to the Stork after he picks up a Baby Yoshi from a Stork Stop will allow you to trade Dragonflowers/Banana Coins for Blessings/Enchanted Jellyfish.
Antispark WanderingTrader
Wandering Trader
Antispark TraderLlama
Wandering Traders sometimes pop up in Black Hole and Strongholds and offer you a variety of items for trades. They have a limited number of trades a day and turn invisible when it gets dark. They are accompanied by Trader Llamas, who spit at foes for 3 damage. While not completely rare, they're not common either. They offer the best trades to the Villager character and the worst trades to Panty and Stocking, although generally it doesn't matter who your character is when trading.

Completing multiple trades with Wandering Traders will get you lower trades and rarer items up for trades. Killing Wandering Traders will evoke Illagers to have a higher spawn rate.

Mob Spawner
Mob Spawners appear in certain Stronghold Rooms and infinitely spawn enemies that are shown spinning inside. A max of five enemies can be spawned from it at a time before it no longer spawns them, but will remain active and spawn enemies once a slot is open. The Mob Spawner has a total of 30 health before it is destroyed by attacks, and destroying them is crucial to stopping enemy spawns.
Simulation Chamber
Simulation Chamber
The Simulation Chamber can use Data Models that have data on them to summon challenges for the player to take on for rewards. The Simulation Chamber has to be unlocked through clearing a Raid Boss, but once unlocked it can take a unlimited amount of Data Models to generate challenges. It's challenges involve summoning waves of enemies, which may occasionally have modifiers to make them more challenging or difficult.
Battle Portal
Appears throughout Strongholds, Battle Portals hold a random Nemesis Nightmare to battle. Challenging the Nemesis Nightmare will grant lots of treasure upon their defeat, but they can also take money from you if you lose. They can be challenged as long as you're in the Stronghold.
Vinny Statue
Appearing only in the Crossroads Stronghold, the Vinny Statue acts identical to a Divinity Statue in function, but also offers more. By offering any Vinny Statue Blue Dragonflowers, you can unlock a boss fight against Dobkeratops from R-Type, as well as the secretive Blue Swap and Stop Egg. See that section for more info.

Kingdom Cards

Kingdom Cards are part of the battle system in the Kingdom Cards System. All cards are locked by default, although you slowly earn them as you play and do various activities. You can unlock them all either through a cheat code or by completing all missions on Black Hole mode. For more information on how this system works, check the Kingdoms Cards System in the gameplay section of the page.

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KingdomCard 0Red

Attack Cards
KingdomCard 0Blue

Effect Cards


Familiars are part of the battle system in the Familiars System. All familiars are locked by default, although you slowly earn them as you play and do various activities. You can unlock them all either through a cheat code or by completing all routes on Collider mode. For more information on how this system works, check the Familiars System in the gameplay section of the page.

Familiar FOL Fairy
Familiar FOL Zellen
Familiar FOL PipoMonkey
Pipo Monkey
Familiar FOL Arsene
Familiar FOL Minimoose
Familiar FOL LeprechaunCat
Leprechaun Cat
Familiar FOL Feh
Familiar FOL Lion
Familiar FOL LumpySpacePrincess
Lumpy Space Princess
Familiar FOL Ludens
Familiar FOL Domino2
Domino 2
Familiar FOL Armight
Familiar FOL Betilla
Familiar FOL HollyLuya
Holly Luya
Familiar FOL EdithUp
Edith Up
Familiar FOL AnnettaFish
Annetta Fish
Familiar FOL HelenaHandbasket
Helena Handbasket
Familiar FOL VoodooMama
Voodoo Mama
Familiar FOL D-0
Familiar FOL FreezerBunny
Freezer Bunny
Image + Name Info

HW Fairy Portrait


The Fairy is a generic representative of the Fairy race from the Legend of Zelda. It has the power to heal even the most powerful of wounds, which include death. They were recovered from the remains of a third Zelda timeline that had crossed over from the Collider's effects in the Black Hole.

Fairy is a fairly standard healing Familiar that requires specific conditions to activate for it's effects. If summoned early, they will have no effect. When enduring over 100 damage or near the end of your Antiblaze, the Fairy can be used to return life back to your character and heal them fully. However, they have a limited use, only being able to be utilized once per match.

Fairy Heal After suffering from 100 damage, the Fairy will circle around you to heal you back to full health. Any additional damage while healing will not be healed. It cancels knockback as well. It can only be used once per match.

Zellen Harley Quimbleson


Zellen Harley Quimbleson is the full name of a Herald that's been making a lot of stops in various universes to gather Stenographer Stones so she can continue to make new dimensions of her own design. The god of Black Hole has rendered her form into this cutesy design that she was forced into when she had previously visited the Kirby dimension.

Zellen is a fairly versatile Familiar, although one who has random effects. When summoned, she has the ability to summon a powerful attack from her amiibo phone. These vary from electrical balls to fire storms, or have passive effects like healing or shields.

Plastic Power When summoned, Zellen usesAmiiboLogo to summon a powerful attack. These attacks depend on which amiibo she uses; it is usually random but can be somewhat influenced if the player taps a amiibo right before the attack, although has a chance of being random anyway.
  • Unten - Summons a giant electrical ball that deals 50 damage to those caught up in it. Causes the shocked effect.
  • Mario - Summons a giant fire storm that deals 50 to those caught in it's mess. Causes the burn effect.
  • Wii Fit Trainer - Heals the user for 50 health.
  • Rachel Harel - Puts the user in a temporary protective shield for 15 seconds. This blocks all incoming damage and cannot be broken.
  • Leah Needlenam - Summons purple colored needles all over the stage, poisoning opponents on contact.

Ape Escape Move Pipo1
Pipo Monkey

Pipo Monkeys are ordinary monkeys under the control of a mass produced helmet called the Peak Point Helmet. They follow the evil intelligent monkey known as Specter, who uses them as a army to carry out his will. Spike and those working with the professor must capture the monkeys to put a end to Specter's plans.

When summoned, the Pipo Monkey will run around aimlessly before throwing a pineapple grenade that deals a lot of damage in a small radius before running off the stage. If grabbed or caught through command grabs, the Pipo Monkey can be thrown to deal damage.

Pineapple Grenade The Pipo Monkey is summoned and runs around for about 2 seconds before lobbing a pineapple grenade that deals 25 in a small radius. The Pipo Monkey can also be grabbed and thrown to deal 8 damage, which will stun the Pipo Monkey. When they throw the grenade, they run off the stage and vanish from the match.


Persona 5 Logo

Arsene is the inital Persona of Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5. They are the living personification of the rebellious side of Joker's soul, expressing righteous indignation for his mistreatment and desiring retribution against those responsible.

When released, Arsene slowly drains the meter as he assists the player by upgrading the power of their special moves. Additionally rolls become longer when Arsene is active. Arsene only lasts for a limited time but can be utilized alongside battles as opposed to having a single move.

Rebellion When released, Arsene appears behind the player and attacks in tandem with them, dealing additional damage if he connects. He additionally powers the special move damage output by 1.3x and increases the length of dodge animations. He slowly drains the meter when used, when fully drained he disappears and has to be summoned back when the Familiar Meter is filled back up again.



Invader Zim's secondary sidekick. While far more useful to Zim than GIR, Minimoose doesn't really do anything that isn't above what Zim tells him to, so the full force of his stupid plans plays out as intended, often to Zim's own detriment. Zim has absolutely had Minimoose the entire time.

Minimoose releases a channel of energy that allows the user to teleport far away from their opponent and return back to the stage, creating a small Florpus that pulls projectiles and opponents into it similar to a black hole.

Florpus Teleport Minimoose teleports the user away from their opponent to the best of their ability, being best used to escape dangerous attacks. They can also be used for fast recovery. The point where they are summoned will generate a Florpus, a black hole that merges whatever is inside it with alternate realities. It sucks up projectiles and opponents- if opponents are sucked into the Florpus, they will rapidly change between their Makai, Heaven, Midnight Bliss, and Incubus Delight transformations before being spat out as the Florpus closes. The Florpus is active for five seconds.

Leprechaun Cat


Constructed as part of a unknown scheme, the Leprechaun Cat is a robotic cat with a leprechaun charm to them, doing an irish jig while firing small rockets. Appears as part of Zim's collection of possible Phase 2 schemes in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.

The Leprechaun Cat does an Irish jig while firing small rockets, generally being intrusive. When run into or attacked, it explodes in a massive green explosion.

Irish Rockets When summoned, the Leprechaun Cat patrols a small area around where it was summoned, firing small rockets that deal 5 damage and have a slight homing ability to them. They do not launch the foe far. When the Leprechaun Cat is attacked or ran into, it will explode in a massive green explosion that deals 55 damage and launch the opponent significantly.

Feh BtlFace D


Feh is a messenger owl that gives the players their presents in Fire Emblem Heroes, typically through the Present List. They are also usually asleep most of the time. They are seen as the mascot of the game and also host the news videos for the game.

Feh flies around the summoner, firing off colored orbs at a opponent and occasionally summoning a hero to help them. Due to the random nature of the heroes, Feh isn't the most reliable to use and acts entirely on their own.

Hero Summon When summoned, the Feh flies near their summoner and will fire orbs from their talons and head. Each orb does 3-4 damage and has a low arc. When five orbs hit a opponent in a row, a hero is summoned and deals additional damage to them.
  • Fjorm - Fjorm is summoned and attacks with her icy spear for 22 damage and deals the frozen status effect.
  • Eir - Eir is summoned and deals damage with her dagger for 23 damage and deals the nightmare status effect. She has a short range.
  • Wrys - Wrys appears next to the summoner to heal them for 20 damage.
  • Reinhardt - Reinhardt appears on horseback and charges forward with an electrical blade to deal 25 damage and the shocked effect or significant knock-back.

Lion New Pose Normal Eyes


Lion is a magical pink lion that was befriended by Steven, who was later uncovered to be a creation of Rose Quartz, Steven's mom. Lion is a generally untamed animal that Steven has to coax- he comes and goes as he pleases and nobody has been able to exert exact control over him.

Lion appears to come out from a portal, roaring as the player character begins to ride on top of him. Lion can perform a charging tackle, a sonic wave, as well as create a portal to appear at the top of the screen. Lion can only exert so much before teleporting away to sleep.

Ride the Lion Lion will appear under the player and they can ride Lion. Lion does not stop or turn very well but can attack with powerful roars that deal 15 damage with the standard attack button, charge forward for 20 damage through the special attack button, and create portals by holding the side special command. These portals always teleport to the top of the screen, either on the left or right depending on where Lion faces.

Lumpy Space Princess

DC AdventureTimeLogo

The princess of Lumpy Space, Lumpy Space Princess is a bratty and apathetic valley girl who wants to be the center of attention. She does not seem to care unless she can be the center of attention of the proceedings. She lived on her own in the forest as a hobo out of spite for her parents.

Lumpy Space Princess is one of the longest summons in the game, able to be summoned for one and a half minutes and cancel out elemental statuses and damages. While far more situational than any other Familiar, Lumpy Space Princess can also be used to heal 15 damage as well.

Lump Elemental When summoned, Lumpy Space Princess will attach herself to the ground and cancel out elemental status effects and cancel out elemental damage effects through pumping the ground with her element cancelling lumps. While she has the least amount of impact on a battle, she can be very useful in scenarios where a character's elemental status vastly outclasses your's and puts you on more even ground with your opponent. Additionally, she is out for 1.5 minutes and heals the summoner for 5 health each 30 seconds.

Ludens kojima-productions silo


Ludens is the mascot of Kojima Productions. Ludens wears an "extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit", and often carries a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo – which is based off Ludens themself. Yoji Shinkawa is the principal designer of Ludens, designing the character 20 years before Death Stranding's development. Kojima had discussed with Shinkawa the idea of an astronaut exploring a digital space, and the idea persisted for 20 years, with Kojima waiting for the right time to use it. The man in the mask is actually nobody other than Kojima himself.

Ludens is one of the most unique Familiars in the game due to his Connection ability. When summoned, Luden strikes the flag into a opponent and salutes before disappearing. He strikes fast and doesn't appear to do much damage at first, but as you continue to use him with the rest of the roster, his power will grow as he becomes "connected" with the rest of the roster.

Connection When summoned, Ludens runs towards the opponent and strikes his flag into the nearest opponent for 20 damage initially. He then salutes and teleports away. The more characters use Ludens, the stronger he becomes. Each character he connects to will give him 10+ more damage to his attack (before dropping to 5+, then 1+). The knockback he deals decreases with the more characters he connects with, however.

Domino 2
Domino 2

Amphibia logo

Domino 2 is a coastal kill-a-pillar that Anne took care of because it resembled her cat, Domino. She did not realize it's true nature until it was too late, evolving into a coastal killer moth with monstrous features. Using a cat toy, Anne was able to get it to divert it's attention away from it's froggy meal.

Domino 2 is a good summon to use as an escape tactic due to it's powerful windboxes, pushing opponents back and then hunting them down for prey. It can be used to rack up even more damage on opponents once it manages to hunt and pin down opponents using it's barbed tongue, although when used earlier on a stock it will be less effective because a opponent can mash out of it early.

Coastal Killer When summoned, Domino 2 will create windboxes around it that blow back opponents with it's wings, being a good get-away tool when first summoned. It will then chase after what it deems "prey" and then spit out webbing to disable attacks for a short period of time, then pinning them down and attacking with the barbed tongue to deal 7 damage on loop, able to deal a max of 55 damage. Mashing will allow you to break out sooner but it will get harder to break out the more damage you have sustained.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl logo

"Ho ho ho!"
Armights are members of the Subspace Army, who attack with javelin-like blades and always enter with a malevolent laugh. They first appeared in The Battlefield Fortress stage in the Subspace Emissary, very fitting as they fit right in with the Fire Emblem characters that resided in the fortress.

Armights are a good way to apply additional pressure to your opponent, although they are one of the few Familiars that can be directly fought. They have a good mix of ranged combos and a projectile attack, and can stay on screen for 10 seconds before disappearing.

Mighty Blades When summoned, an Armight will appear from the direction that the summoner is facing, then fly over nearby to a opponent to attack with their blades. They are weak to projectile attacks but strong against electrical damage. They deal damage with slashing blade combos that deal 15 damage and trap the opponent in hit stun. They can also throw their blades for 10 damage. They have a total of 50 health before being defeated- if not defeated they will fly offscreen after 10 seconds.


Rayman Origins logo DSSB

Betilla is a Nymph and the creator of Rayman. She and her sisters grant powers to their creation along the way on his original journey. She is the eldest of the Nymphs as well, being one of the Bubble Dreamer's original creations.

Betilla is a good Familiar with a decent summoning time, able to deal both damage and power up her summoner through her Moonbeams ability. The moonbeam projectile cannot be blocked/reflected/destroyed and covers a lot of stage but has a predictable arc. It also has a short duration.

Moonbeams Betillia, when summoned, attacks by weaving moonbeams together in a increasingly stronger and stronger projectile that weaves back and forth on the stage, dealing 1-17 damage before imbuing it into her summoner to make them deal 1.3x more damage.

Holly Luya

Rayman Origins logo DSSB

Holly Luya is a Nymph and one of the sisters of Betilla. She and her sisters grant powers to their creation, Rayman along the way on his original journey. She is known as the Music Nymph and is found in the Desert of Dijiridoos.

Holly Luya meditates when summoned and grants the player the ability to hover in the air, allowing them to treat the air as ground for a brief period of time, letting them recover easily. She also pulses out healing energy for the player while meditating.

Hover Holly Luya, when summoned, grants the player the ability to hover in the air. When running off a platform, the player will continue to treat it like ground for 3 seconds before entering a fall state. They also use the air as ground after exiting from a jump. As Holly Luya meditates, she releases a healing energy that heals the player for 1-2 damage per second, staying out for a total of 9 seconds.

Edith Up

Rayman Origins logo DSSB

Edith Up is a Nymph and one of the sisters of Betilla. She and her sisters grant powers to their creation, Rayman along the way on his original journey. She is known as the Gourmet Nymph and is found in the Gourmand Land.

Edith Up changes the player's size to huge and the opponents to small. This changes their properties- the player deals more damage as a giant but has a bigger hitbox, while small opponents take more knockback but have a smaller hitbox.

Hover Edith Up hits a spoon and fork together three times, magically transforming the player bigger and the opponents smaller. The player deals more damage but has a bigger hitbox while opponents take more knockback from attacks but have smaller hitboxes. This lasts a total of 7 seconds before Edith Up warps away as her magic fades away.

Annetta Fish

Rayman Origins logo DSSB

Annetta Fish is a Nymph and one of the sisters of Betilla. She and her sisters grant powers to their creation, Rayman along the way on his original journey. She is known as the Ocean Nymph and is found in the Sea of Serendipity.

Annetta Fish sinks the stage in water, diving in and out of it to attack. She is possibly one of the more deadly characters due to how water can interact with certain opponents that makes them take damage or die from it. It also alters the stage layout a bit.

Diving Sport Annetta Fish raises her hands up as water floods the stage and then swims through it, dealing 7-12 damage to anyone she spirals into through her dives and leaps through the water. She lasts for 5 seconds in total.

Helena Handbasket

Rayman Origins logo DSSB

Helena Handbasket is a Nymph and one of the sisters of Betilla. She and her sisters grant powers to their creation, Rayman along the way on his original journey. She is known as the Mountain Nymph and is found in the Mystical Pique.

Helena Handbasket circles around the entire stage on her feet, including the underside of the platform she was summoned onto. She will damage as she rams into foes, dealing more damage if attacked. She charges forward with her helmet first.

Mountain Climb Helena Handbasket runs forward with her head first, with her hat acting as a spiking ram that deals 8-11 damage. She deals 10% more damage each time she is hit, as well as gaining speed. She runs across the entire stage platform she was summoned on, including the underside, for about 7-8 seconds depending if she has been hit or not, staying longer if hit.

Voodoo Mama

Rayman Origins logo DSSB
Voodoo Mama is the secret final boss of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends' Back to Origins mode, as her alter ego Big Mama. Big Mama is a monstrous beast that when defeated, reveals her true Nymph form. However, shes hardly a real threat, with most of her boss fight seeming to be to get Rayman off her.

When summoned, Voodoo Mama transforms into Big Mama and attacks the stage in the form. While Big Mama can be defeated and climbed onto, Big Mama can deal damage with her body spikes and dangling bracelets. She acts as both a transformation of the stage and as a boss of sorts.

Big Mama
Big Mama Artwork
Voodoo Mama will transform into Big Mama, replaces existing platforms above the main platform in most scenarios. Her arms tilt and twist around as she attacks with claw attacks to ground borne opponents for 15 damage. Her weakpoint is her eyes, which take 20 damage to defeat and then boils on her arms need to be defeated in order to kill her fully. She stays on the stage for an upwards of 10 seconds if not actively fought. If defeated, a extra stock is rewarded to who defeats her, so you'll want to take the last blow if possible.


D-0 is a droid that was left inactive until he was repaired by BB-8's help. D-0 is unique among the astromech droid-types typically seen in Star Wars in that he can speak english directly, often in a nervous, pained way, reminding of us that while he is healed, there are scars that can never go away.

When summoned, D-0 rolls across the ground and then releases out a loud sound wave, doing this sound wave attack three times as he stays as close as he can with his summoner, acting as a knockback producing shield.

D-0 Megaphone D-0 produces a loud sound while trailing close to the summoner, producing a soundwave attack that deals 5 damage and deals a lot of knockback. They do this three times before fleeing away. D-0 is invincible while active but he won't deal very much damage and staying away from the player is a good way to avoid his attack.

Freezer Bunny

The Freezer Bunny was created during the Sims 2 and has been a lovable little mascot for the Sims series ever since. He was found in the back of the fridge and was heated up in a microwave for three minutes, but has been acting kind of funny since.

When summoned, Freezer Bunny will use Chillio from the Realm of the Magic expansion pack from Sims 4, which will freeze nearby opponents and destroy any flame elemental projectiles.

Chillio The Freezer Bunny floats around the head of it's summoner, or around the Plumbob if the player happens to be playing as either Bella Goth or DJ Candy. The Freezer Bunny casts Chillio if a opponent approaches too close, dealing 6 damage and the frozen effect, as well as destroying flame projectiles.

Dream Eaters

Dream Eaters are unique Familiars that you synthesize using Dream Pieces obtained through combat with Nemesis Nightmares. They are unique in that they can be customized though both function and appearance. They can also be used as pets for Chao in the Chao Garden.

Dream Eaters
DreamEater MeowWow
Meow Wow
DreamEater TamaSheep
Tama Sheep
DreamEater YoggyRam
Yoggy Ram
DreamEater KomoryBat
Komory Bat
DreamEater Pricklemane
DreamEater HebbyRepp
Hebby Repp
Image + Name Info

Meow Wow (Spirit) KH3D
Meow Wow


Horn Strike DataError
Horn Slice DataError
Horn Dive DataError
Horn Bounce DataError
Rank Spirit Rank Icon E KH3D Ingredients
  • Rampant Figment KH3DRampant Figment x 2
  • Vibrant Figment KH3DVibrant Figment x 2
Rank Spirit Rank Icon D KH3D Ingredients
  • Rampant Figment KH3DRampant Figment x 4
  • Vibrant Fancy KH3DVibrant Fancy x 2
Rank Spirit Rank Icon C KH3D Ingredients
  • Rampant Figment KH3DRampant Figment x 6
  • Vibrant Fancy KH3DVibrant Fancy x 1
Rank Spirit Rank Icon B KH3D Ingredients
  • Vibrant Figment KH3DVibrant Figment x 6
  • Vibrant Fancy KH3DVibrant Fancy x 2
Rank Spirit Rank Icon A KH3D Ingredients
  • Malleable Fantasy KH3DMalleable Fantasy x1
  • Vibrant Fancy KH3DVibrant Fancy x 2
Rank Spirit Rank Icon S KH3D Ingredients
  • Malleable Fantasy KH3DMalleable Fantasy x3
  • Vibrant Fancy KH3DWild Fantasy x2

Success Rate: 90%


Collider Bosses
Boss FOL Shark
Boss FOL CaveofWonders
Cave of Wonders
Boss FOL RoughandTumble
Rough and Tumble
Boss FOL Experiment
The Experiment
Boss FOL Dokumezu
Boss FOL Dokugozu
Boss FOL ScienceCat
Science Cat
+ Sword Shark
Boss FOL Olivia
Dr. Olivia Octavius
Boss FOL Galeem
Black Hole Bosses
Boss FOL Hinae
"Hinae Arimura"
Boss FOL PhantomBlot
Phantom Blot
Boss FOL Berkin
William Birkin
Boss FOL Spade
Boss FOL ChocoboEater
Chocobo Eater
Boss FOL Metallica
Boss FOL Teppurse
Vam Von Teppurse
Boss FOL TheSevenHeroes
The Seven Heroes
Raid Bosses
Boss FOL Naga
Boss FOL Dobkeratops
Boss FOL Derodomontatus
Image + Name Info



It's a goddamn Shark. You fight this guy in his turf, where he is able to freely swim under the water, while you're somehow weighed down onto the bottom of the ocean. He has a distinct advantage here, but don't let it intimidate you. You gotta get back home, after all.

Acting as one of the random bosses you come across during Collider Routes, Shark is a unique fight in that it takes place underwater where the Shark can freely swim around and rip into you with deceptively quick attacks. He's not in the air, so your moves that are meant to deal with that won't be as effective as you may think and he's immune to knockdown moves.

Boss Moves
Shark Bite Shark lunges forward to bite his opponent to inflict heavy damage as well as bleed. Has a easy tell: when Shark starts to wag his tail, he's preparing to do this attack.
Corkshark Shark performs a corkscrew that is very fast but very dodgable due to it's immediate tell. Deals medium damage and can knockdown foes. Shark performs this move the most often.
Prey Snipe Shark rises up into the water and then comes down in an almost dive-kick motion, able to bury foes into the ground as well as escalate his height to avoid attacks during the start up animations.

Cave of Wonders Guardian KH
Cave of Wonders Guardian

Kingdom Hearts logo

The entryway into the Cave of Wonders, the Cave of Wonders Guardian is able to raise it's mouth to allow entry into the mystical cave that houses the Genie's lamp and untold riches. In Kingdom Hearts, it was a boss that required Sora to attack it's eyes. It only allows what it considers "diamonds in the rough" to enter. He is one of the random bosses you can encounter in a Collider Route.

The Cave of Wonders is entirely stationary and moves and twists it's head during the course of battle. You want to get on the top of his head and then attack, which is it's weak point. You can additionally throw projectiles towards it's eyes, which have a thinner hitbox and don't do as much damage. Get out of the way when it performs Wonder Lasers and Diamond in the Rough, and don't stay on him too long or you'll be shaken off.

Boss Moves
Wonder Lasers The Cave of Wonders fires beams directly in front of it, which travel across the length of the stage. It deals 8 damage on contact and flinches it's foes.
Diamond in the Rough The Cave of Wonders begins a sucking animation that acts as a giant magnet for players, attempting to suck them into his mouth to perform a chewing animation before spitting them out. This deals 30 damage.
Shake Off The Cave of Wonders shakes it's head, dealing 0.5 damage to whoever is ontop of it, flinching them so they get knocked off.

Rough and Tumble


Rough and Tumble are two minions hired by Eggman to take down Sonic and the resistance. They are brothers and despite their strength, Sonic doesn't see them as much of a threat. They had previously taken over a town after defending it from badniks, but were bad rulers which drove Sonic to fight them to begin with. They have a new alliance with a mysterious party, who they aren't allowed to tell anyone about, just follow their orders. They are one of the random bosses you can encounter in a Collider Route.

Rough and Tumble appear as a boss that attacks together, acting almost as fighters before using their limited set of special attacks. They have a punch of punches and kicks that can deal some pretty decent damage, but their specials are more telegraphed and deadlier. They share a health bar, although you can defeat one before the other.

Boss Moves
Stink Bomber Rough revs up into a ball and then spins across the ground, generating a green gas that deals 1 non-flinching damage per 45 frames and will cause the opponent to get slower and eventually daze them if they stay in there too long. It is active for up to 7 seconds.
Tumble Toss Tumble counters attacks with his brute strength, able to grab projectiles or even attacking opponents and toss them away. He has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds before he can perform it again.
Brothers in Arms Tumble and Rough grab their hands and spin rapidly around, becoming a drill that spins upwards, with Rough's tail allowing for further range. They launch opponents up and make the center of the stage unsafe. It has a vaccuum effect, so you need to keep running to the left or right to avoid getting majorly damaged.

The Experiment KHII
The Experiment

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The Experiment was introduced in Kingdom Hearts II as a boss, with it's backstory being that it was created by Dr. Finklestein in an attempt to create an Heartless, which caused it to search for a heart it could call it's own. Although the Experiment, as a character, is original to Kingdom Hearts, its body is constructed from various props that appear throughout The Nightmare Before Christmas, mostly from Oogie Boogie's mansion.

The Experiment is a big boss with a lot of really weird attacks that give it even more range, making it sometimes really tough to hit due to all the damage you're taking from the Experiment itself. It likes to split itself and keep it's opponents airborne, but you can knock its pieces back into itself to deal more damage to it. It takes more damage when whole.

Boss Moves
Chute Calamity The Experiment splits off his arm, which crawls around like a snaking slinky across the stage as he's free to attack with Mindless Ray. It deals moderate damage and causes shockwaves around it. Attack the arm to stun it.
Mindless Ray The Experiment shoots out a beam from it's eyes which is far reaching and starts fairly high. Flinches and knocks back opponents, but won't launch. When it has less health, it's head will rotate to cover more range.
Chute Cyclone The Experiment can use this move to suck in foes and then launch them away for moderate damage but high knockback. He will swirl his clawed hands as he does, staying mostly stationary as he performs the move.



The former henchman of Saya during the events of Namco x Capcom, Dokumezu has a new master in Dr. Olivia Octavius, working for her alongside his student Dokugozu. He is calmer and more reserved, but still packs a lot of power with his powerful spiked club weapon. His name means "poison horse head" and well, he's exactly what he sounds like with powerful bleed inducing attacks.

Dokumezu is a powerhouse with similar stats with his student, Dokugozu, but his attacks are quicker and tend to hit low into the ground as he swings with his spiked club. He is immune to bleeding effects but can be effected by other status effects. His attacks also like to inflict bleed.

Boss Moves
Dokurenkon Dokumezu slams his spiked club into the ground and then follows up with three rapid downwards swings before breathing out a red puff of air that inflicts bleed. He deals heavy damage and his swings deal stun on impact.
Dokumezu Reppa Dokumezu charges forward and then swings his spiked club in a circular pattern, scattering his opponent into the air before discharging a red puff of air that inflicts bleed. Deals heavy damage and fixed vertical knockback.
Nullify Bleed When inflicted with Bleed, Dokumezu glows and steam comes off him, bursting with energy as he swings his spiked club around wildly before finishing with a heavy slam that deals bleed status onto his target.



The former henchman of Saya during the events of Namco x Capcom, Dokugozu has a new master in Dr. Olivia Octavius, working for her alongside his master Dokumezu. He is calmer and more reserved, but still packs a lot of power with his powerful axe weapon. His name means "poison cow head" and well, he's exactly what he sounds like with powerful poison inducing attacks.

Dokugozu is a powerhouse with similar stats with his student, Dokugozu, but his attacks are quicker and tend to hit high into the air as he swings with his axe. He is immune to poison effects but can be effected by other status effects. His attacks also like to inflict poison effects.

Boss Moves
Dokudofu Dokugozu swings his axe high into the arc, launching opponents high in the air before breathing out a toxic gust of poison air that poisons his opponents. Deals a high amount of damage and has a lot of endlag.
Dokugoza Rekkuu Dokugozu charges forward and then slashes his axe vertically, launching opponents away as he swings it up to a total of three times. He then lets out a grunt and a breath of toxic air that poisons opponents. Deals a lot of damage and allows him to travel across the stage quickly.
Nullify Poison When inflicted with Bleed, Dokugozu glows and steam comes off him, bursting with energy as he swings his axe around wildly before finishing with a heavy slam that deals poison status onto his target.

Science Cat + Sword Shark

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These two show up every single day to Finn and Jake's treehouse at 4 PM to fight. Every single battle ends with their decapitation, but don't worry, their heads grow back. This is just part of the routine.

Science Cat and Sword Shark fight as a duo. Science Cat fights primarily with potions with various effects that don't last long and Sword Shark attacks with melee attacks. They're one of the easiest bosses and tend to be used in combo showcases due to their interrupt states when they get hit and lack of revenge values.

Boss Moves
Sluggish Sword Sword Shark swings his sword around as he hops, dealing 7 damage and low knockback with each swipe. He doesn't know how to guard and this is basically his only attack, but can be somewhat of a surprise if you're not paying attention.
Levitate Potion Science Cat throws a potion that inflicts the levitation effect when it hits the player. It lasts for 3 seconds before dropping the player for fall damage.
Demon Potion Science Cat throws a potion that inflicts the Makai Spell effect on the player if it hits.
Angel Potion Science Cat throws a potion that inflicts the Heaven Spell effect on the player if it hits.

Dr. Olivia Octavius


The main villain of Collider Mode, acting as the primary antagonist of the entire game initially. She originally helped Kingpin create the Collider to cross dimensions so he could bring back a version of his family from an alternate dimension and mysteriously vanished during the final fight in Into the Spider-Verse. Fortresses of Light reveals that she not only survived, but somehow got a handle on Galeem and is utilizing him as a new, more stable way to perform the Collider experiments.

Acting as the penultimate boss for all Collider Routes, Dr. Olivia Octavius utilizes a quick moveset with her tentacles that are attached to her back, allowing her to grab characters and throw them. She can also grab non-energy projectiles and generally is good at keeping a hold on opponents.

Boss Moves
Tentacle Grab Dr. Olivia Octavius grabs opponents and then proceeds to curb stomp them into the ground, dealing 12 damage and burying opponents. It is a command grab and becomes quicker if the character she grabs has less weight.
Parallel Process Dr. Olivia Octavius can grab non-energy projectiles with one of her tentacles and fling it back for 1.7x the damage at a downward diagonal. Adds spiking properties to the move.
Quantum Physics Dr. Olivia Octavius opens up her arms to create a green particle beam projectile that phases through soft platforms and causes "glitching" that rapidly infects players with multiple status effects before they vanish, dealing a lot of weird damage that varies depending on how well certain characters take to certain conditions.
Tenta-Chase Dr. Olivia Octavius rapidly dashes forward with her tentacle arms, able to stomp over foes and rapidly move across floors, ceilings, and walls. She gains super armor during this dash and moves her body away from most projectiles, allowing her to passively dodge them.


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The secondary antagonist of Collider Mode. Galeem was captured by Dr. Olivia Octavius and is being used for experiments involving his abilities and acting as a battery for a new dimensional Collider that Olivia uses to bring all the fighters to Miles' dimension. However, breaking free from her control after her defeat, Galeem only wants to take in the world and rebuild it in his form. He must be stopped before that can happen.

Acting as the final boss for all Collider Routes, Galeem utilizes a moveset based off his Super Smash Bros. incarnation, able to summon bombs that explode in lines, summon copied versions of other fighters that explode, and utilize a variety of light based attacks. Galeem's single weak spot is the core, which if hit enough, will enter a stun state for you to openly attack him.

Boss Moves
Cross Bomb Galeem creates three or four small objects that explode in plus-shaped beams of light like X Bombs. These can be destroyed before they detonate to stop the attack.
Drill Pierce Galeem's wings contort into two to six drill-like objects which slam through the ground. At low health, it will produce four drills instead and perform the attack twice in a row. This attack spikes aerial foes.
Mirror Image Galeem produces two to three light false characters to support it, which eventually self-destruct after a period of time and can inflict damage when they do so. They fight the player but generally have poor AI.
Optic Orb Galeem produces a large blue sphere of light, which breaks apart into four to six smaller spheres that attempt to home in on the fighter. They flinch upon contact.

ChaosChild Hinae Arimura 2
"Hinae Arimura"

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Manufactured as a soulless husk that envelopes lies, Hinae acts as a puppet for the grander scheme of the person who set this up to begin with. Her body is completely broken, although she is unable to feel pain as she floats limply across the battlefield. "She" wants to know information and you will give it to her, one way or the other.

Hinae Arimura is a boss that floats around the battlefield, utilizing her Quiz! attack as a good way to apply pressure onto her target before following up with either Tears in Great Number or Chu Chu. Chu Chu is her most dangerous move as the victim will be put into a helpless role if it connects, while Tears in Great Numbers leaves her very wide open. Quiz! relies on your smarts, so get the correct answer!

Boss Moves
Quiz! Hinae quizzes the player on multiple different characters and their background. They must react accordingly through a move to be utilized on her. If they are correct, they deal damage to her and a limb flies off. If they are wrong, Hinae instead makes them deal damage by spitting out arrows from her mouth and inhumanely laughing.
Tears in Great Numbers Hinae hangs limply as she cries, her tear drops acting as bouncy, homing projectiles that deal light damage and flinch foes. After crying for a bit, she snaps back to normal, floating just like the puppet she is.
Chu Chu Hinae spins rapidly around, appearing in a apron outfit and homes herself towards the opponent to deal a command grab attack that gives off a Makai Spell effect if she makes contact with her target and then proceeds to shoot arrow projectiles while the opponent is helpless.

Phantom Blot

Mickey logo transparentFOL

An archenemy to Mickey Mouse, the Phantom Blot first got his start by smashing cameras. Since then, he is known as a powerful criminal with some sort of ability to shoot ink and control it, to some limited extent. His origins are often wrapped in mystery, and in Fortresses of Light, he's been granted power from a mysterious higher power that completely robbed his humanity.

The Phantom Blot utilizes ink and drips it constantly as he moves across the stage. He will frequently use it to deal damage as part of stage control, and can hide with Camoblot. Liquidblot doesn't deal a lot of damage but is good for Phantom Blot's follow up attacks. Shadowblot is another sneaky technique that deals quite a lot of damage and you have to dodge out of the way.

Boss Moves
Darkenblot The Phantom Blot waves his hands upwards, causing all the ink he's dripped on the stage to turn into ink pillars that deal damage on contact. This is his most common move and opens him to a quick punish as he halts movement while using it.
Camoblot The Phantom Blot turns invisible, with only his form being able to be seen, making his position nigh impossible to tell unless you look for attack sparks.
Liquidblot The Phantom Blot turns into a slashing projectile of ink that covers over his opponent and increases the amount of damage that the Phantom Blot is able to deal.
Shadowblot The Phantom Blot turns into a shadow that travels across the stage, rising to attack his opponent, dealing a lot of damage. Dodge just in time to avoid his attack!

William Birkin


William Birkin was a scientist who helped develop both the T-Virus and G-Virus, which would infect the entire city of Raccoon City. Having injected the viruses into himself, it would come to no surprise that he became mutated beyond humanity. Working with a higher, unknown power to stabilize himself, William Birkin is looking for hosts to further spread the parasite that he has become.

A strong, heavy boss with highly telegraphed attacks you don't want to be anywhere near. He is slow but his attacks allow him to lunge rather far and hit opponents. He can also deal the Bleed status, which allows him to deal damage even when not attacking. Stay away from him and take down his massive tanky health through primarily projectiles.

Boss Moves
Iron Pipe Birkin slams his opponent across with a heavy iron pipe, dealing hard damage but no knockback, just heavy flinching. Interrupts many attacks.
Piercing Claw Birkin slashes forward with his giant claws, dealing the bleed effect and moderate damage. Breaks shields.
Body Blow Birkin slams both of his hands into the opponent, knocking them down and dealing heavy damage before kicking them. Very telegraphed but has surprising range.
Hook Swipe Birkin swipes across with his claws, which has a sticky effect and acts as a command grab. He then tosses them aside for low knockback but dealing the bleed effect. Pretty powerful and considerably fast.



Spade is a circus performer and a highly skilled magician, who competes as an F-Zero pilot. He was enlisted by a higher power due to his magic performances and he took on the job to pay for the circus that is struggling, even with him attempting to win F-Zero races. He seems to actually believe in the heroes and roots for them to save the day after he is defeated, suggesting he doesn't align with the villains at all.

Spade appears to fight like Captain Falcon from the Super Smash Bros. series at first, but his heavier emphasis on projectile attacks with interesting end properties shows you how unique he can actually be. His ultimate move, Poker Face, requires tight timing but gives the player quite the advantage if done successfully.

Boss Moves
Seagull Kick Spade charges up his leg and then shoots out a spinning kick that launches his opponents away for a large amount of damage. Very telegraphed. He can do it in the air to halt his falling speed.
Magic Orb Spade pushes his hands out as the sphere that makes up his stomach fires foward, dealing moderate as it shoots straight forward, locking opponents in low knockback before launching them afar.
Gull Burst Spade fires off a bunch of seagulls from his hands, which act as ascending projectiles that deal a small amount of damage but forces his opponent to flinch and ascend upwards.
Poker Face Spade launches a bunch of cards at his opponent, which rapidly spin around, locking them into a minigame. The player hits the special attack button or the attack button to chose a card- choosing the wrong card transforms them with a Heaven Spell effect, while choosing the Spade Card deals light damage to Spade and stuns him briefly.

Chocobo Eater

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The Chocobo Eater was a boss that appeared in Final Fantasy X with some unique conditions to the fight. The fight takes place over a cliffside, so the player can actually defeat it normally or push it over a cliff. However, the Chocobo Eater can also push the player's party over a cliff as well, so it's kind of a tug of war battle. It likes the meat of Chocobos, although Chao will also satisfy it's hunger. Chocobo Eater is unique in that he seems to have no real bearing on the plot at all- he is simply a beast that wants to eat a group of Chao.

The Chocobo Eater's fight is unique in that it decreases the gravity of the stage, making jumps weaker. It also takes place over a single platform. The player can push back the beast with counter commands, or deplete its' health bar. Due to the decreased gravity, falling is much deadlier. It's powerful attacks allow it to give you a real sense of back and forth as you fight on this unusual set of conditions.

Boss Moves
Fist of Fury The Chocobo Eater slams down with it's fists, dealing quite a bit of damage in a surprising vicinity of it's attack, having misleading animations for how actually big the hitboxes are. Jump to avoid most of the damage, as it will deal damage across the ground when it makes it's impact.
Push Back The Chocobo Eater rears it's head, pushing his opponent back towards the ledge. Countering the move will reverse the Chocobo Eater's fate.
Blizzard The Chocobo Eater blasts ice onto a area of effect around it, freezing it's opponents to deal damage while they're stuck.
You're Next! The Chocobo Eater targets the player, heading directly over to them if possible. He gains additional speed and damage output when he does this.


Jojo's bizarre adventure hi res japanese logo

Metallica is the stand of Risotto Nero. Metallica shares the name of metal band Metallica. As their name suggests, they have the power to control metal, specifically iron. This means they can control the iron in blood as well in the ground. In Fortresses of Light, Metallica's user, Risotto Nero is nowhere to be seen, although is suggested he is invisible and in the background, recommended to stay out of the fights by the higher power that has been working with the other bosses. When fighting Metallica, you will only be able to see them in swarm form and they will morph into various different attacks. Attacking them while in swarm form will deal the most damage and is considered "windows" into fighting them.

Metallica is a very powerful boss, but needs to be close to their opponent to do their most powerful moves. They are able to inflict the bleed effect on most of their attacks, which can be utilized in one of Metallica's most powerful attacks. Stay away from Metallica, especially if you're bleeding. Metallica has a weaker projectile to close some of this distance and deal damage even when far away.

Boss Moves
Atlas, Rise! Metallica pulls iron from out of the ground and forms them into knives, sticking them into the opponent to deal the bleed effect and some smaller amounts of damage. Metallica likes to use this move when the opponent is far away.
Bleeding Me Metallica slashes with an iron-based slash to bleed their opponent or skips this start up if the opponent is already under the bleed effect, turning their blood into iron, which will increase the bleeding effect and deal doubled damage at doubled the rate. Metallica has to be close to their opponent to do this.
Fade to Black Metallica transforms quickly into a spiked metal gear, rolling across the ground to get across the stage quickly. Metallica will do this to get near their opponent and deals 8 damage on contact, and can bleed opponents if sweetspotted.
Invisible Kid Metallica turns invisible, similar to Phantom Blot's Camoblot move. However, when attacked, Metallica will spit out invisible blood that camouflages with the background. Attack Metallica while they're invisible to cover yourself with this blood and they won't know where you are after they become visible until the effect wears off.

Vam Von TeppurseFOLGlassColors
Vam Von Teppurse

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Vam Von Teppurse is the rogue leader of the night in an alternate dimension in Kirby's world, known as the Story Break World. She was previously thought to be defeated at the hand of Kirby and his allies. As it turns out, she is very much alive in the world of Black Hole. An incident with Gruntilda resulted Teppurse to be cursed with an appearance of an absorbing mirror. As a result, she is able to use mirror-based abilities to greater extent while keeping some of her puppeteering abilities and her dark powers. Although she wants to finish her business with Grunty, she otherwise remain still with her original goal of summoning an eternal night.

Vam Von Teppurse is a tricky opponent with a lot of moves that require the player to be cautious, especially towards the last end of the fight. Her revenge value counter is one of the roughest in the game, punishing frequent projectiles against her with a reflecting attack. Her moveset mostly relies on physical moves with the occasional ranged attack. The boss moveset was formulated by Samtendo09 (tbc) with some polishing by Exotoro (tbc).

Boss Moves
Self-Reflection Vam Von Teppurse copies herself into two or even three fake clones; the fakes have a darker or lighter tint of colors, and deal less damage and have a total of 10 health before they shatter, but can help the real Teppurse to rack up severe amount of damage if not taken care of,
Spinning Blade Vam Von Teppurse summons one or two dark, circular spinning blades and throws them as projectiles. Teppurse may send out two mirrors at the edges of the stage to redirect the blades back to her. It deals 8-9 damage and moderate knockback.
Savage Swipes Vam Von Teppurse separates into two reflections and brutally swipes her claws when nearby a fighter, dealing 11-14 damage but low knockback. To avoid this attack, stay away from Vam Von Teppurse until she reforms.
Possession Vam Von Teppurse possesses an enemies or fighter in her arena and then unleashes a launching attack from their bodies to deal 12-14 damage onto her victim, as well as inflicting the astral state onto her victim. This move is exclusive to her appearance in Stronghold stages.
Dark Tornadoes Vam Von Teppurse swirls around a fighter and then unleashes a tornado that deals 2-3 damage per second while trapped inside. The fighter will need a precise ground-bound dodge to avoid getting swept up into the tornado.
Horror Pierce Vam Von Teppurse creates a spray of dark needles that will cause 11-18 damage onto her victims and deals moderate knockback. The spread becomes weaker at longer range, requiring the player to stay away from her attack until it ends. Can spike.
Counter Reflect Vam Von Teppurse summons a mirror to reflect projectiles to deal 1.5x damage back and deal doubled knockback, discouraging projectile spamming. She does this during her revenge values, when the player has inflicted a lot of damage on her without much room for her to fight back.
Explosive Ends Teppurse mounts into her mecha-like abomination with quad-handed contraptions and fires off sudden and violent dark explosions that is foreshadowed by a small leak of darkness in the spot before they trigger. Each explosion causes 8-9 damage and heavy knockback as well as the umbra effect, but the player can end the attack earlier by damaging her enough to force her to hop off her contraption.

The Seven Heroes


Once the greatest and most powerful of heroes, the Seven Heroes saved the world from a great and terrible evil, then vanished without a trace. People were grateful for their deeds of heroism and told their legend for years to come, as it was prophesized that they would one day return to save the world again from danger. Time passed and the world prospered with peace and prosperity, and soon the legend of The Seven Heroes was forgotten amongst the people. However, the Seven Heroes returned, all turned into demons by a higher power, and started to attack the world with their legions of monsters, angered at humanity for forgetting them and their sacrifices.

The Seven Heroes are a stationary boss that utilizes the signature moves of the seven heroes that are fused together. They can teleport across the screen and change the conditions of the fight through their powers. Their weakpoint is an orb in the center of their monstrous form that will take doubled damage if hit. They pause between attacks, making their attack windows obvious, although their large array of attacks actually makes them rather unpredictable. The Seven Heroes slowly appear on the fused monster form as the fight begins, showcasing each of their unique abilities when they do. They then will cast Abyss Gate when fully formed to begin their phase 2, which requires tighter timing.

Boss Moves
Temptation The signature move of Rocbouquet- The Seven Heroes fire off a circle of hearts that imbue the victim with burning and causes attacks to miss for 2.5 seconds.
Fire Wall The signature move of Bokuohn- The Seven Heroes creates a firey wall that appears on the player's side of the field that deals 7 damage on contact and burns.
Maelstrom The signature move of Subier- The Seven Heroes fill the room with water and create three waves of water that deal 8 damage each unless guarded against. It also causes the wet effect.
Scattered Petals The signature move of Noel- The Seven Heroes cause snow to fall down as a crescent moon shaped slash appears on the battlefield, targeting the last postion of the player that deals 12 damage. After that, three homing rose petals follow the player, dealing 7 damage each and freezing on impact. The petals disappear after hitting the ground.
Psycho Bind The signature move of Wagnas- The Seven Heroes create two energy orbs that fly around the screen very quickly and then split apart. They deal 8 damage each and shock on impact.
Soul Steal The signature move of Kujinshi- The Seven Heroes attack via a scythe that acts like a boomerang projectile. If it hits the player, it drains 20 health from them and heals The Seven Heroes back quite a bit. Flinches but won't launch the player.
Rampage The signature move of Dantarg- The Seven Heroes attack via groundshaking which will stun the player if they are on the ground, who then proceed to bury the player with intense gravity, dealing 12 damage.
Abyss Gate The Seven Heroes cast this when Phase 2 of their fight begins. This takes 1 Finisher Bar away from the player if applicable in the form of a zig-zagging green projectile. It also transforms the Seven Heroes teleporting speed, tightening the window between attacks.

Raid Bosses

Image + Name Info

Naga Heroes


The leader of the Divine Dragons, her sympathy for humanity and great power led to her often being hailed as a deity by humans. She has been mentioned and seen in multiple Fire Emblem titles and is directly responsible for the creation of both Falchions, the Binding Shield and the Book of Naga. She is locked within a Stronghold and is a Raid Boss, requiring your best teams and strengths to fight her.

Naga has two phases, which are described below. In general, her first phase has her appear in her golden dragon form from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and focuses on flame attacks, which are wide-reaching attacks with a lingering presence. Her second phase, which is her goddess form, focuses on water attacks both physical and projectile attacks.

Boss Moves
Phase 1
Naga fe4 2
Naga appears in a golden dragon form, crawling across and behind the battle arena. She will utilize Fire Breath the most often, a flame attack that has her breathe a constant string of fire before retreating away. Use your recovery options to attack her in the head or use whatever you can to guard against it. Flametongue has her breathe out bouncing fire projectiles that bounce against the rooms, while Divine Breath will inflict you with the Heaven Spell effect. Sealing Sear will freeze you in place while Naga unleashes a flurry of attacks. Her openings are during Fire Breath and the start up to every single move of hers.
Fire Breath Naga unleashes a flurry of fire from her mouth, dealing 8-20 damage as she breathes out for up to 2-3 seconds. This has a lingering effect and damages on contact. She covers either the floor or air while performing it. Deal damage to her head while she does this, as it is her most reliable opening.
Flametongue Naga slashes out her tongue, creating up to three bouncing flame projectiles that deal 8-12 damage each and causing the break effect. When Naga unleashes this move, you can attack her head before she retreats into the background.
Divine Breath Naga unleashes a mist cloud from her mouth (which is an opening you can explot), which passes across the arena in a forward direction slowly. Touching it will cause you to take on the Heaven Spell effect, which will prevent you from dealing damage as well as greatly limiting your movement.
Sealing Sear Naga unleashes a scrawling of golden lines that spray across the stage, which requires quick dodging otherwise you will become sealed inside of a golden cube where you can't move and become attacked by a heaping of physical and biting attacks for 30 damage.
Phase 2
Naga begins her second form covered in light and then emerges in her goddess form. She commonly attacks with New Moon and Luna, which are a powerful physical attack and a projectile attack. Naga can stall via Chill Speed, which requires you to outlast her attack for a long opening to attack. Divine Fang has a similar effect to Divine Breath, but is a physical attack that rewards you with an opening if you dodge it. As opposed to her first form, which was attacking her during her start up animations, her goddess attacks are much faster and you need to attack her during her end lag animations after each attack.
New Moon Naga dashes forward with water under her, powerfully slamming into the player if she connects, dealing 20 damage and launching them directly up. The attack has to be dodged- attempting to guard will not work but will negate some of the damage. The endlag of this move allows you to hit her safely.
Luna Naga unleashes a powerful water shot that spins and gets bigger the longer it stays in the air. It deals 7-16 damage in this state. When it hits a wall, it creates a splash that deals the wet effect and 5 damage. The endlag of this move allows you to hit her safely.
Chill Speed Naga becomes giant and goes into the background, creating a chilly effect that reduces your speed and causes icicles to appear on the ceiling and fall on you for 8 damage each. Last long enough for Naga to come back and you can openly attack her.
Divine Fang Naga rushes forward and bites via an aura effect that transforms the victim into the Makai Spell effect. If it misses, you get a quick opening.



Dobkeratops is a recurring boss in the R-Type series and is a cyborg species of Bydo. From its chest bursts a second head, which is usually the monster's weakness. Dobkeratops is unique in that he is a secret raid boss, who can be only fought if the player offers 30 Blue Dragonflowers to a Vinny Statue in the Crossroads Stronghold. A portal will open up next to the Vinny Statue that allows the player to take on Dobkeratops from there.

Dobkeratops is a very unusual Raid Boss, being somewhat weaker than what would normally be expected from a Raid Boss although his second form is made significantly hard. His first form acts like a SHUMP section, complete with a smaller actual hitbox than what might seem. After a fake out though, Dobkeratops returns in a second form and destroys the player's ship platform, making the fight more like a real boss fight. He still has a limited number of moves in comparison but can be defeated incredibly fast due to his low health values.

Boss Moves
Phase 1
Dobkeratops is very simple in his first phase, especially for a Raid Boss. The only thing that really complicates him is his tail, which waves back and forth, often covering up his weakspot which is his chest when it is firing. The conditions of the fight are also fairly irregular, as the character will be standing on a platform that fires a shot each time an attack input is utilized. This platform is also the actual hitbox of the character. The character on top does not get damaged by attacks, but will take damage if the platform gets hit. The platform moves in sync with the movement inputs given by the player- the character cannot jump off the platform but will still do their attacks like normal. They can also not face away from Dobkeratops.
Chest Blaster Dobkeratops releases a bunch of spinning projectiles that follow in a pattern that snakes out, each projectile dealing 3 damage each. They have to be avoided- they cannot be guarded against, collected, or reflected. Dobkeratops releases this from a mouth in his chest and there are a total of 9 that come out with each release.
Phase 2
After you finish Dobkeratops' phase 1, the background goes black and your score is tallied like the original R-Type's victory screen at the end of levels. However, this is nothing but a ruse by the game. Mid-sequence, you will be shot off the platform and fall to the ground where Dobkeratops Remains lurks in a new mechanized form. Lacking a tail, the battle works like a close-knit encounter as you have to deal with Dobkeratops' new attacks, of which there are a barrage of. However, he keeps the same weakpoint- his chest where he fires his laser.

Dobkeratops Remains attacks are more powerful to the point where they'll destroy the wall behind you, inadvertently giving you more room to back away and dodge attacks as all of his projectiles still resist guards and cannot be reflected, absorbed, or collected. On top of this, Dobkeratops Remains has homing properties to some extent on all of his attacks. Continually moving is the key. You don't have a ship hitbox anymore either. Defeat him and you will see Dobkeratops' face pop from the mechanical armor and the screen will fade to black as you return back to the Stronghold.

Inching Beam A white beam that inches out like a worm, moving towards the player before heading off screen or into a wall. This beam deals 12 damage and cannot be blocked, collected, or reflected.
Chest Blaster MK 2 Dobkeratops Remains releases a red laser from his chest which exposes his weak point and has end-lag that allows him to be punished. The laser itself deals 20 damage and doesn't home, but has the widest spread of his attacks. It also cannot be blocked, collected, or reflected.
Razor Pellets Dobkeratops Remains fires projectiles that home exclusively on the player, attempting to bait them towards Chest Blaster MK 2. They deal 3 damage each and Dobkeratops Remains releases a total of five. He releases it more often if the player is in the air for extended periods of time. It also cannot be blocked, collected, or reflected.



The Quintessons are a bizarre and ancient race, whose dark history and shadowy machinations are bound up with the history of the Transformers, with ties to both Primus and Unicron. They are subtle manipulators and schemers but don't like to fight on their own, often leaning back on their subordinates to take care of it. Derodomontatus is a Quintesson Judge that wanted to retake Cybertron from the Autobots. It is currently unknown how to fight him as all Raid Bosses are tied to a Stronghold.

Derodomontatus is a very unusual Raid Boss, as he has five phases and they are fought in a random order. He also has one unique attack per phase, although all phases have attacks they all share. Derodomontatus carries the same weak point in all phases, being his hitbox. Attacking with melee or projectile attacks will deal damage to him and he has no armor frames.

Boss Moves
Phase: Death
Quintesson Death Derodomontatus in this phase uses a red beam to propel himself. When using it as an attack, he leans back at a diagonal to spread it across the available stage space. He acts more aggressive in this phase, attempting to attack more often than anything else.
Death Beam Derodomontatus leans back and fires the laser out from the bottom of his egg body to inflict 10% damage with multi-hitting effects with his red laser. The laser also inflicts the Wither effect if exposed for too long.
Phase: Judgement
Quintesson Judgement Derodomontatus attempts to play it much smarter in this phase, judging his moves to be more precise. Mirrored surfaces appear across the arena, allowing him to angle his Judgement Beam to ricochet and hit the player, although the player can also use these surfaces to do the same to him. It's kind of a puzzle.
Judgement Beam Derodomontatus fires a green energy beam from the bottom of his egg body and uses it to inflict 10% damage with multi-hitting effects. The laser reflects off mirrored surfaces that appear in the room, giving it a generally more predictable arc but more area to cover. The laser also inflicts the Umbra status effect if exposed too long.
Phase: Laughter
Quintesson Laughter Derodomontatus lets out loud, uproarous laughter as he spins his entire body around, his yellow beam spinning across the stage along with him. Although cover platforms appear in this section, his laser is no less deadly- this is no laughing matter, you're in a war! Easily one of the most difficult sections in this fight.
Laughter Beam Derodomontatus spins around laughing as his yellow beam fires from the bottom of his egg body. Cover platforms will protect you from the beams if you can use them in time, although it can also be spotdodged. Attacking with projectiles is the best option due to how the laser spins across the entire room. It inflicts 10% damage with multi-hitting effects, as well as the Levitation status effect if exposed for too long, which will continually screw you over as you ascend.
Phase: Wisdom
Quintesson Wisdom Derodomtatus ascends to the top of the ceiling of the stage and begins to move across it, his blue laser following him. This is by the most intelligent and collected he appears to be in while in this phase, as hitting him is hard. However, like judgement, mirrored surfaces appear in this fight to fire projectiles at to hit him while he's on certain parts of the ceiling or can be used to redirect his beam.
Wisdom Beam Derodomtatus fires a blue laser from the bottom of his egg body while near the ceiling of the enclosed stage, moving right to left. While it can be spotdodged, the beam can also be reflected via mirrored surfaces to harm Derodomtatus back. It inflicts 10% damage with multi-hitting effects, as well as the Out of Body status effect if exposed for too long.
Phase: Wrath
Quintesson Wrath Derodomtatus has had enough, rapidly swinging his body up and down while on a lean to create a lash effect with his purple beam. This creates a violent attack that's pretty tough to avoid but also intensely predictable. Jump over to him to deal damage while doing your best to avoid his laser.
Wrath Beam Derodomtatus fires a purple laser from the bottom of his egg body while against a wall in the enclosed stage, moving his body up and down while angling it to create a "lash" effect. While it can be spotdodged, it's incredibly difficult to do so here because of how fast and aggressive the beam is. It inflicts 10% damage with multi-hitting effects, as well as the Bleed status effect if exposed for too long.
All Phases
Sharkticon Summon Derodomtatus summons a Sharkticon, a shark-like robot that attacks with brute strength through their jaw. They can bite the player to inflict 15% damage but can also be easily grabbed or guarded against. Sharkticons have 45% health and Derodomtatus summons one after each phase is completed, totaling for four Sharkticon summons.
Mask Attack Derodomtatus fires off the remaining masks he's not currently using in his current phase to fire them as a spinning, circling projectile that goes horizontal and has invincibility. It guards him from further attacks as well as inflict 13% damage and has a boomerang effect. He pulls this move during the Wrath, Laughter, and Death phases on ocassion.
Prosecutor Crossfire Two Quintesson Prosecutors appear on opposite ends of the stage and point to Derodomtatus to switch him briefly to a different Phase for 20 seconds. This appears very rarely but more commonly during higher difficulties.


List of Enemies

Reel Stage Enemies
Stronghold Galoomba
Stronghold RedKoopa
Red Koopa
Stronghold BeachKoopaRed
Beach Koopa
Stronghold ChargingChuck
Lookout Chuck
Stronghold MontyMole
Monty Mole
Stronghold JumpingPiranhaPlant
Piranha Plant
Stronghold RedMaskKoopa
Mask Koopa
Stronghold JumpingPumpkinPlant
Pumpkin Plant
Stronghold WallTurret
Wall Turret
Stronghold Destroi
Stronghold Greeder
Stronghold Ledder
Stronghold Bot
Stronghold Bubble
Stronghold FieryMoa
Fiery Moa
Stronghold Guma
Stronghold IronKnuckle
Iron Knuckle
Stronghold RedIronKnuckle
Iron Knuckle
Stronghold BlueIronKnuckle
Iron Knuckle
Stronghold Mago
Stronghold BlueOctorok
Stronghold Ra
Stronghold Stalfos
Stronghold Wosu
Stronghold Enemies
Stronghold GemCaveCreature
Cave Creature
Stronghold WaterBear
Water Bear
Stronghold SnowMonster
Corrupt Jasper
Stronghold WormMonster
Worm Monster
Stronghold BigBird
Big Bird
Stronghold ObeliskGem
Stronghold AmethystHomeworld
Homeworld Amethyst
Stronghold JasperHomeworld
Homeworld Jasper
Stronghold RubyHomeworld
Homeworld Ruby
Stronghold Jade
Homeworld Jade
Stronghold Pebble
Stronghold Rainbow Caterpillar
Rainbow Caterpillar
Stronghold Motobug
Stronghold BuzzBomber
Buzz Bomber
Stronghold Hatchet
Stronghold AlEGator
Al E. Gator





Galoomba Red Koopa Beach Koopa (Red) Lookout Chuck
Galoombas flip over when jumped on and can be picked up and thrown to be defeated or kicked a short distance. After a couple seconds they'll right themselves if no interaction has taken place. Red Koopas are mindful of the edges of a platform. They can be stomped out of their shells and become Beach Koopas or killed if destroyed by a projectile. Their shells can be used as a moving projectile that stays to the ground. Beach Koopas are the result of a Koopa being stomped out of their shell. While they're incredibly vulernable and can be killed with a single attack, they can kick shells as well as inhabit new shells. Red variants are mindful of edges. These Charging Chucks always dash straight towards the player to deal damage. They take three stomps to the head or five projectiles.





Monty Mole Jumping Piranha Plant Mask Koopa (Red) Jumping Pumpkin Plant
Appearing from the ground, Monty Moles jump up and then run towards the player at a incredibly fast pace, making them hard to attack at times. They are defeated in a single attack. Piranha Plants that jump out of pipes for a distance and then float back down. They can be attacked while in the air. Special end-game variant of a Red Koopa that replaces past instances of Red Koopas with Red Koopas with a Mario Mask. All behavior stays the same. Special end-game variant of a Jumping Piranha Pant that replaces past instances of Jumping Piranha Plants with a leaping pumpkin. All behavior stays the same.





Wall Turret Destroi Greeder Ledder
Wall Turrets have a rotating cannon and only activate when the character gets in range. They can be destroyed rather easily and have a variety of firing directions. Destroi pop out of the ground when you are within firing range. They can only fire ahead, and you are safe attacking them when you crouch as their bullets will fly over the character. Greeders run across the screen and jump when they reach a ledge. They may fire bullets at you occasionally with a gun but can be shot down quite easily. Ledders stand in place and fire at you with much better aim than the other projectile enemies due to their ability to fire in of the eight directions.





Bot Bubble Fiery Moa Guma
Bots are weak jumping enemies that can defeated often in a single strike. They tend to reappear quickly when the player returns to an area. Bubbles have erratic flight patterns, bouncing off the walls, floor, and ceiling in diagonal paths as they move. They take a lot of hits to defeat but halt when hit. Fiery Moas fly overhead, usually requiring high jumps to attack and defeat. It drops flames as it flies over past and deal damage on contact as well as the burn effect. Gumas constantly hurl chain hammers in an upward arc, like some kind of bro with a hammer. They can be struck if you can get past their hurl of chain hammers.





Iron Knuckle Iron Knuckle (Red) Iron Knuckle (Blue) Mago
Iron Knuckles fight with a Sword and Shield, simultaneously blocking attacks and stabbing their Sword at their opponent. Look for openings or attack from the back. Red Iron Knuckles are simply more powerful than orange Iron Knuckles, with more powerful attacks and more health. Blue Iron Knuckles are somewhere in the middle of Red and Orange Iron Knuckles in power and health, but can throw knives instead of swinging a sword. Magos appear and disappear using their magic to warp around the room, usually in pairs. They attack through conjured flame that travel a short distance away from them, dealing the burn effect.





Octorok (Blue) Ra Stalfos Wosu
Octoroks attack by firing stone projectiles from their mouths and can jump. While their projectiles can be blocked with a simple guard, this blue variant has more power and health. Ras fly straight ahead and move in a wavelike pattern as they fly across the room. They are temporarily paralyzed when stabbed with a sword and defeated when hit enough times. Stalfos wield a sword and a basic shield. They use their shield to block attacks from their upper body, however as they do not move their shields, their legs are vulnerable to attacks while crouching. Wosu use their speed to ambush Link and a small blade-like weapon to inflict damage. Interestingly, the Wosu also saps the player's Finisher meter as it deals damage.

Cave Creature

Water BearPNG


Worm Monster

Cave Creature Water Bear Corrupt Jasper
Worm Monster
The Cave Creature can burrow into the ground as well as evade attacks by growing extra limbs to escape from fights faster. It can project out spikes from itself that deal damage, which can launch. The Water Bear attacks by projectile spewing water projectiles that cause the wet effect and then blow out a gust of air that freezes wet victims and blows them back. A powerful bipedal monster that attacks by ramming into the player when possible and dodging physical attacks. They are quite resistant and tough and can roll into balls to attack quickly. The Worm Monster can either be found in water swimming and going towards the player when they get into their line of sight or travel across pillars and occasionally shouting to cause tremor attacks.


Obelisk Gem

Amethyst - Right Shoulder byDavi

Jasper - Left Thigh

Big Bird Obelisk Homeworld Amethyst Homeworld Jasper
The Big Bird is a massive enemy that can pick up and swallow her victim for massive damage. She can also use her wings to blow back her opponents and when hit, splits into small, pincer like bird creatures. These must be destroyed to defeat the Big Bird. The Obelisk is a strange enemy that floats above the ground, spinning it's head as small pyramids float around it, protecting it from attacks while dealing attacks. In order to damage it, the player must attack it while it has a smiling face, which is a small window of time. The Homeworld Amethyst attacks by spinning into a ball, and then dashing forward, homing onto the victim. They can also attack with brute strength attacks and their hair in whip-like attacks. Multiple Amethysts can fuse together to form a bigger, stronger enemy. The Homeworld Jasper attacks by lunging at her foe with a fiery aura, capable of breaking soft platforms with it. They can also attack with brute strength attacks and are quiet resilient compared to Amethysts. Multiple Jaspers can fuse together to form a bigger, stronger enemy.

Left Shoulder Ruby by Lenhi


Brainy pebble

Alien By Rose Cuarzo

Homeworld Ruby Homeworld Jade Pebble Rainbow Caterpillar
Homeworld Rubies attack with burning physical attacks that resemble martial moves. If they are allowed to hit multiple times, they can inflict the burn state. Rubies are notably weak and can be taken out in a couple hits. Multiple Rubies can fuse together to form a bigger, stronger enemy. Homeworld Jades do not attack, but rather support other enemies by creating energy shields that protect them from projectile attacks. They float slightly above them and can cast magic attacks at the player if they attempt to attack them that will turn them into toads. Multiple Jades can fuse together to form a bigger, stronger enemy. Pebbles are tiny miniature enemies that can cling onto you, causing the shoe-glue effect. They can also set off traps harmlessly and defuse bombs. Pebbles also can run away and hide very well, able to fit into cracks in platforms. Their tiny size and sneakiness make them a tough foe. Rainbow Caterpillars are aliens that can cause a variety of effects when they wiggle, such as nightmare, gobstopper, freezing, shocked, petrification, mini, levitation, absorber and umbra. Rainbow Caterpillars can only be damaged by guarding, as their own effects will be reflected back and cause them to be defeated.

Motobug Sonic1

BuzzBomber Sonic1

Hatchet Bonk

Al E Gator Bonk

Motobug Buzz Bomber Hatchet Al E. Gator
Motobugs only move back and forth in their Zone, and will attempt to chase the player if they see them. However, they move very slowly. Buzz Bombers fly through the area, pause, and then fire a small bullet that deals moderate damage. The small hitbox can be hard to see, but they don't fire anything until they pause, making them fairly predictable to attack. Hatchets run forward, swinging a hatchet and attacking for moderate damage. They can be defeated in a single hit, and continuous hits will cause them to be bounced around until they pass the ground. Al E. Gators sluggishly move around and roll up into a ball that allows them to defend against attacks. They can be hit when outside the ball and be bounced around similar to Hatchet.

Etheric Enchantments

At random, the game imbues enemies in Strongholds with Diablo-style random Etheric Enchantments, making them much harder and thus much more rewarding to kill. They drop rarer rewards as a result. The table below showcases all the possible Etheric Enchantments that a enemy can randomly have. Etheric Enchanted enemies can not be copied into Data Models, keeping them an rare occurrence.

Etheric Enchantment
Fire-Blessed Enemy inflicts fire damage and burns on critical attack. Water-Blessed Enemy inflicts water damage and deals the wet effect upon multiple hits. Inflicts the frozen effect on critical attack.
Wind-Blessed Enemy inflicts wind damage and adds a sweeping effect to critical attacks that deals more knock-back or the shocked status effect. Earth-Blessed Enemy inflicts earth damage and buries on critical attack.
Light-Blessed Enemy inflicts light damage and causes the solar effect on critical attack. Dark-Blessed Enemy inflicts dark damage and causes the umbra effect on critical attack.
Astra-Blessed Enemy inflicts astral/star damage and causes the out of body effect on critical attack. Anima-Blessed Enemy inflicts magic damage and causes the Heaven Spell/Makai Spell effect on critical attack.
Candy-Blessed Enemy inflicts candy damage and causes the gobstopper effect on critical attack. Slime-Blessed Enemy inflicts slime damage and causes the absorber effect on critical attack.
Space-Blessed Enemy inflicts space damage and causes the shoe-glue effect on critical attack. Time-Blessed Enemy inflicts time damage and causes the chronowreck effect on critical attack.
Phoenix Enemy heals fully, once, upon getting to low health. Beserk Enemy deals double damage, but hurts itself on attacking.
Blast-Off Enemy tosses players into the air when attacking. Bulwark Enemy has 50% damage resistance to all attacks.
Cloaked Enemy turns invisible when moving. Obscuring Enemy casts a shadow effect around the player that makes it hard to see anything around them.
Ender Enemy teleports around to avoid attacks. Lifesteal Enemy can drain health from the player's attacks when glowing red.
Amber Enemy slows the player's movement speed when they land hits. Tar Enemy slows the player's movement speed when the player attacks them with physical attacks.
Projectile Thief Enemy steals projectiles and then releases them when they attack. Wither Enemy inflicts the wither effect on hit.
Bleeder Enemy inflicts the bleeder effect on hit. Røkkr Enemy takes on the Røkkr effect. Extremely rare and removes other Etheric enchantments.
Revenger Enemy inflicts more damage as they take more damage. Feeble Enemy inflicts less damage as they take more damage.
Major Enemy is doubled in size. Minor Enemy is half their original size.
Iron Enemy is covered in iron, increasing their defense by 25%. Gold Enemy is covered in gold, increasing their defense by 50%.
Cobalt Enemy is covered in cobalt, increasing their defense by 75%. Platinum Enemy is covered in platinum, increasing their defense by 99%.
Bubbly Enemy extrudes bubble particles that catch and bubble particles automatically. Shielded Enemy is carries a shield in the direction they are facing which stops physical attacks.
Slippery Enemy leaves behind slippery puddles that will cause the player to trip if they run over them. Ultra-Instinctive Enemy can dodge physical and projectile attacks when standing still.

Nemesis Nightmares

Nemesis Nightmares are fights that re-use assets from the game in a similar fashion to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it's Spirit Mode fights. You defeat these Nemesis Nightmares to obtain Dream Pieces, which can be used to synthesize Dream Eaters, which are customizable, special Familiars you can use in battle.

Now located on it's own subpage.

Nemesis Nightmares
Dulcet Type
Nightmare WaterLilySiren
Water Lily Siren
Nightmare DonBongo
Don Bongo
Nightmare Art
Nightmare SlimeChamber
Slime Chamber
Fleeting Type
Nightmare AlMcWhiggin
Al McWhiggin
Nightmare SeymourSkinnerReal
Seymour Skinner (Real)
Nightmare SilverChariot
Silver Chariot
Nightmare LankySchmidt
Lanky Schmidt
Nightmare SlugStudent
Slug Student
Grim Type
Nightmare Nagini
Nightmare Aversa
Nightmare Chahut
Nightmare Roz
Nightmare DarkWarrior1
Dark Warrior 1
Intrepid Type
Nightmare Endeavor
Nightmare Remele
Nightmare CDAAgent
CDA Agent
Nightmare QueenBee
Lofty Type