Fortnite Guy (SSBU)
Fortnite Man Render
Fortnite Guy Drops onto the Battlefield
Universe Fortnite
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash The Storm

Fortnite Guy (フォートライトガイ Fōtoraitogai) is the name used for the various default avatars used in Fortnite: Battle Royale, a newcomer to the Super Smash Bros. series. He was initially revealed after the announcement of the Save the World campaign coming to the Switch version of Fortnite during the August 23rd Nintendo Direct. Although Fortnite Guy’s default skin is the character Jonesy, the character was simply named Fortnite Guy as it included the iconic title of the game. When using female alts, the name changes to Fortnite Gal. The inclusion of Fortnite Guy was met with immediate distaste by the Smash Bros. community and is one of the most controversial newcomers to date.


Fortnite Guy uses a variety of ranged weapons and explosives. Additionally, he uses a pickaxe, shopping cart, and the building mechanic in his combat. The ranged weapons and explosives are tied to Fortnite Guy’s main gimmick. All ranged weapons have a specific amount of ammo that are depicted on the damage meter after use, and there are a set amount of explosives that can be used. Once out of ammo or explosives, those moves are practically useless, leaving Fortnite Guy’s moveset limited and vulnerable. In order to remedy the situation, Fortnite Guy reloads through his neutral special which functions similarly to Cloud’s limit meter charge.


Ground Moves

Name Damage Description
Jab Pickaxe Swing 5% each strike Fortnite Guy performs a 3-hit combo using his pickaxe.
Dash Attack Shopping Cart Ram 8% Fortnite Guy dashes through with a shopping cart, dealing 8%. This can also pick up nearby items.
Floor Attack Revival 8% The revived animation plays, humorously dealing knockback if the hit lands.
Edge Attack Sweep Kick 4% The Fortnite Guy gets up from the ledge, delivering a sweep kick.
Forward Tilt Build 5% Fortnite Guy builds a wall in front of him. The attack cycles between wood, stone, and metal each time it has been used. If Fortnite Guy puts up a metal wall, it will reflect projectiles. The wall can be used for defense and disappears after one second.
Up Tilt Mid-Air Grenade 5% (Throw) 8% (Grenade) Fortnite Guy throws a grenade up in the sky, exploding mid-air. Additionally, the throwing animation deals damage and some knockback.
Down Tilt Tactical Shotgun 3% (Miss) 15% (Hit) Fortnite Guy shoots the Tactical Shotgun. This deals a good amount of knockback and damage but has a cooldown, thus making it impossible to spam. Moreover, Fortnite Guy may miss from time to time dealing only a fifth of the normal damage.
Forward Smash Minigun 13% - 18% After charging, Fortnite Guy unleashes the might of his minigun, firing away at the opponent. This works in a similar vein to Mii Gunner's forward smash.
Up Smash Tactical SMG 15% (Uppercut) 8% (SMG) Fortnite Guy does an uppercut with his gun, letting out a rapid fire aiming upwards with the Tactical SMG.
Down Smash Damage Trap 18% A damage trap appears in front of Fortnite Guy and the spikes activate.


Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial Dual Pistols 1% (Hits 1-8) Fortnite Guy fires dual pistols in both directions mid-air.
Forward Aerial Pickaxe Dunk 16% Fortnite Guy strikes the opponent with a pickaxe swing. This can be used as a spike.
Back Aerial Tactical Shotgun Strike 10% Fortnite Guy turns back, unleashing a shot from a Tactical Shotgun. This also boosts Fortnite Guy horizontally similar to Corrin’s back air.
Up Aerial Upwards SMG Strike 2% (Hits 1-8) Fortnite aims a rapid fire Tactical SMG shot upwards, similar to the Mii Gunner’s up air.
Down Aerial Dive 13% Fortnite Guy plunges in the air with his full body.

Grab and Throws

Name Damage Description
Grab Grab None Fortnite Guy grabs the opponent by torso, like most characters.
Pummel Fortnite Knee 2% Fortnite Guy knees the opponent.
Forward Throw Clinger Grenade Throw 12% (Throw) 8% (Grenade) Fortnite Guy throws the opponent with a clinger grenade attached to their face.
Back Throw Shopping Cart Send-Off 18% Fortnite Guy puts the opponent in a shopping cart and flings the opponent around similar to Mario’s back throw.
Up Throw Supressed Pistol 13% (Throw) 3% (Shot) Fortnite Guy throws the opponent upward, shooting them with a single shot from a suppressed pistol.
Down Throw Tactical Gundown 18% Fortnite Guy puts the opponent on the floor, gunning them down with a Tactical SMG.


Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Reload None Fortnite Guy reloads all of the ammo on his guns and recovers all of the used explosives. There is a long cooldown however and reloading takes pauses you for a few seconds, leaving you vulnerable.
Forward Special Rocket Launcher 13% Fortnite Guy fires a rocket from the rocket launcher.
Up Special Launch Pad None A launch pad appears under Fortnite Guy, propeling him into the air like Sonic and Mega Man’s up specials. Like Mr. Game & Watch, Fortnite Guy briefly lands with a glider right after the recovery.
Down Special Remote Explosives 10% (per explosion) With this move, Fortnite Guy can place up to 4 remote explosives on the field. Once all have been placed, pressing Down B again will cause them all to explode.
Final Smash The Storm 8% (1-30 Hits) Fortnite Guy runs away from stage temporarily and a storm appears similar to Luigi’s Negative Zone from Brawl. Once trapped inside the storm, opponents will take damage rapidly and will be sent flying when they escape the storm.


  • Holding on the jump button mid-air will activate the jetpack which can be used as an additional recovery. A meter next to the character’s portrait will indicate how much fuel is left. Once you’re out of fuel, you’ll end up in a helpless state.
  • All of Fortnite Man’s gun related attacks have a set amount of ammo. When being used, the ammo count will be displayed next to the character’s portrait. Additionally, gun related attacks have a cool down which prevents some of them from being spammed.
  • Fortnite Guy can crawl.

Alternate Skins

  • Jonesy (Default)
  • Wildcat
  • Spitfire
  • Banshee
  • Hawk
  • Ramirez
  • Renegade
  • Headhunter


  • Entrance Animation: Fortnite Guy lands on the stage with a paraglider, similar to Link’s entrance animation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Taunt 1: Dance Moves - This taunt shuffles through Fortnite's various default dance moves.
  • Taunt 2: Make it Rain - Opponents who get hit by the cash will take a small percent of damage similar to Luigi and Greninja’s taunts.
  • Taunt 3: Orange Justice
  • Victory 1: Fortnite Guy drinks a shield potion before looking at the screen.
  • Victory 2: Fortnite Guy kneels down, wrapping himself with bandages, before standing up to face the screen.
  • Victory 3: Fortnite Guy crouches, facing a Cozy Campfire. Once the fire runs out, Fortnite Guy stands up facing the screen.

Victory Theme

An 8-second orchestral remix of the Fortnite Dance Moves theme. (From 0:00 to 0:09)



  • Fortnite Guy was immediately met with heavy criticism from the western Super Smash Bros. fanbase during his initial reveal.
  • Fortnite Guy led Super Smash Bros. Ultimate into the mainstream, selling millions of Switch units in the process.
  • Fortnite Guy is the only playable western third-party character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, beating characters like Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, and Banjo & Kazooie.
  • Fortnite Guy's inclusion led to a long-lasting partnership between Nintendo and Epic Games.
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