Forrest (PokéJourney)
Starting Species Treecko
Ending Species Sceptile
Hometown Cotton Town
Availability Joins after tutorial
Party Status Permanent
Voice Actor(s) Troy Baker (All forms)
Abilities All non-Mega forms: Overgrow

Mega Sceptile: Lightningrod

Forrest is your first ally gained in PokéJourney: The Shirla Chronicles after the tutorial ends, whether viewed or skipped. Forrest will join the team regardless. Forrest does not know that Tidero and him are cousins.

Personality and Aptitudes

Forrest is the strong and silent type. He doesn't say much, but usually comes out as logical, cool headed, and most of the time, respectful. When Forrest sets out to take up a task and/or do something, that something gets done. He mostly takes things seriously. However, his seriousness is not taken overboard. Forrest is seen as a "cool guy" and a nice guy, so he gets embarrassed over some of the attention he gets.

As a Grass type, he's no stranger to taking care of plants for preservation and gardening. He can tell if a whole forest is thriving or withering away. Forest can also know if there are pollutants found in plants if pollution is cause. As a Sceptile, he can harness the energy given off by a Sceptilite to temporarily access its Mega Form, which lasts only until the fight ends. Said Mega form provides a temporary increase in all statistics since the Mega forms last only until the fight ends.


Level Up Techniques
Type Technique Description Level Learned
Dark Crunch Bites down and crunches foes between the teeth. 1 (Egg Move)
Normal Pound Attacks with a pound. 1
Normal Leer Gives a sharp look at foes to lower defenses 1
Grass Absorb A weak drain of nutreints of the target. Half of the damage dealt to the target becomes the HP healed on the user. 5
Normal Quick Attack Lunges at a target at nigh-invisble speeds. Ensures it will strike first. 9
Grass Mega Drain A drain of of the target's nutrients. Half of the damage dealt to the target will heal the user. 13
Bug Fury Cutter An attack made with scythes or claws that gets stronger if used successfully. 16
Dark Pursuit This attack does more damage if hitting a foe that attempts to escape battle. 18
Grass Leaf Blade Uses a sharp bladed leaf to attack a target. Critical Hit chances hit easier. 23
Normal Endeavor An attack that levels the target's HP to the user's 26
Psychic Agility Greatly boosts speed by relaxing and lightening up the user's body 28
Grass Giga Drain A powerful drain of the target's nutrients. Half of the damage dealt to the target will heal the user. 32
Normal Slam Uses a tail, vines, or the like to bash a target. 35
Fighting Detect Enables a attack to a move to be evaded by anticipation. It's more likely to fail if used successively. 39
Bug X-Scissor Slash the target with claws or scythes as if they were scissors. 41
Grass Energy Ball Drawing power from nature, the user fires this at a target. This may drop the target's Special Defense. 47
Normal False Swipe A restrained swipe that stops a user from K.Oing the foe. Never drops the target's health below 1. 51
Fighting Quick Guard Guards the whole party, including itself, from priority attacks. 55
Grass Leaf Storm The user whips a storm of leaves around the target. This reduces the user's Special Attack harshly as recoil. 60
Normal Screech The user unleashes a ear-splitting screech that lowers a target's Defense. 65
Dark Night Slash The user delivers a dark slash at an optimal moment. Critical hits land easier. 69
Dragon Dragon Pulse A draconic shockwave is blasted out of the user's mouth. 73
Grass Seed Bomb A barrage of hard shelled seeds a slammed down on a target. 76
Team Techniques
Team Technique Technique Teammate(s) Technique of Teammates'/'s Description
Triple Shot Solarbeam Tidero, Gulf

Tidero: Hydro Pump

Gulf: Fire Blast

Forrest, Tidero, and Gulf unleash their powerful attacks in unison.
Triple Fury Frenzy Plant Tidero, Gulf

Tidero: Hydro Cannon

Gulf: Blast Burn

Forrest traps foes with Frenzy Plant, Tidero blasts foes with Hyrdo Cannon, and Gulf finishes the team attack with Blast Burn
Triple Pledge Grass Pledge Tidero, Gulf

Tidero: Water Pledge

Gulf: Fire Pledge

The columns join in unison, hitting foes with a powerful attack.
Sea Fire Pledge Grass Pledge


Fire Pledge Creates a sea of fire by using the grass against all foes, doing massive damage. The sea fire does 1/8 of the foes' maximum HP if the foes are not Fire types. Rain removes the sea fire.
Swamp Pledge Grass Pledge Tidero Water Pledge Creates a swamp around the foes that slows them down.
Crunch-o-War Crunch Tidero Crunch Forrest and Tidero use Crunch in a "Tug-o-War" fashion. This does double damage than a single use. This may still cause flinching.
Tutor Techniques
Tutor Type Techniques Description Condition
Bloom Grass Frenzy Plant Slams a huge tree or branch onto a foe. Cannot move or attack for 8 seconds Forrest must be a Sceptile.
Bloom Grass Grass Pledge A grass column appears to strike a foe Forrest can learn this in any form.
Bloom Grass Solarbeam Gathers sunlight for 10 seconds and fires it as a beam. Sunny Day eliminates the wait. Forrest can learn this at any form. Must have Tidero and Gulf as permanent party members.
Bloom Grass Synthesis User restores HP, varies based on the weather. Forrest can learn this at any form
Zar Dragon Dual Chop The user delivers two brutal, draconic strikes in one attack. Forrest must a Sceptile.
Zar Dragon Outrage The user goes on a draconic rampage. The rampage stops in confusion after 2-3 consecutive attacks. Forrest must be a Sceptile.


  • Before the reveal that Tidero and Forrest are cousins, their shared Monster egg group and Crunch technique tips off the relationship if players are knowledgeable enough.
    • Forrest and Tidero's dialogue referring to each other as friends will change to cousin or "cuz" after the revelation.
  • Triple Shot is based off of the Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon's Final Smash "Triple Finish" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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