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Written by Buziel
Main Theme "Souvlaki Space Station" by Slowdive
Co-Writer Hemu
Original Run January 5th, 2012 - March 16th, 2012
Genre Serial Drama, Suspense and Romance
Motto "Your ambition guides you, but your envy and greed compel you far more."
Total Chapters 40
Air Dates Monday-Friday
Status Ended


As a young teen, Blazer faces many hardships and feels as though he is not understood. His mother and older sister wish for the best for him, even though they live in poverty. Blazer ambitions to become a very rich, famous and well known company owner. Years later he meets Sierra Granish de Hayward and her husband, the respected and humble company owner, Avalon Hayward. Managing to become part of the company, he begins his own plans. An ambition that may sever an innocent, harmonic matrimony and friendship.

Main Characters

Main Protagonist/Main Villain

Blazer Aristo - Greedy, calculative, cynical and envious. Employee of the Hayward's company, best "friend" of Avalon. In love with Sierra. Villain Protagonist


Avalon Hayward - Owner of the Hayward company, husband of Sierra and in love with her. Loyal friend of Blazer.

Sierra Granish de Hayward - Elegant, kind and respectful. Works at her husband's company, loves her husband but also has feelings for Blazer.

Candice Aristo - Older sister of Blazer, respected by the people of the Morbido vicinity. She little by little discovers Blazer's true nature.

Main Antagonists

Cole Beltran - Old classmate of Blazer, dislikes and ridicules him. Enemy of Blazer since childhood.

Valencia Hayward - Sister of Avalon and employee of the Hayward Company, dislikes and distrusts Blazer.

Newel Roberta Kitsch - Employee of Hayward Company, ally of Blazer.



  • The first series to use a true Villain Protagonist, while the first attempt was done in Darkest Skies.
  • Fifth and final production by Buziel before his retirement.
  • First time Buziel features a new co-writer, Hemu.
  • This was the first series of Buziel to go into hiatus.
  • The series had many beta names such as, "Blazer Aristo", "Imperial Outlaws" and "Thorn To Sautés".
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