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Fly Guy
Species Origin Shy Guy
Mr. Cake
Koopa Troop

Fly Guys are Shy Guys with propellers. They mainly appear in the Yoshi series but have appeared in a few Mario games as well. In the Yoshi series, they hold items when flying.


Super Mario MHL

Fly Guy appears in Super Mario MHL as a playable character along with Shy Guy.

Mario Power Tennis 2

Fly Guy appears in Mario Power Tennis 2 as a tricky playable character. His best partners are Shy Guy and Paratroopa. They also appear in Mario Tennis Legends.

Lets-a-go, Mario

They return as enemies in Lets-a-go, Mario. They attack like they did in Super Mario 64, spitting fireballs at the heroes. When hit from below, they fall down onto their heads and become vulnerable. Then they are vulnerable to everything, including being run at from the side. They can even be stomped on when they're flying - doing so results in a large Spin Jump similar to the effects of jumping off of a Spindrift. However, they are always too high to stomp on without hacking.

Pokey's Island

Fly Guys appear as common enemies in this game. There are two types of general Fly Guy behavior: some idly fly around a specific area before spitting fire at the player, a la Super Mario 64. The other type of Fly Guys only appear in rows. If Pokey manages to take out all of the Fly Guys in a row with one segment, he will be awarded a yellow Sphere.

Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains

Fly Guy appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains. Fly Guy is a tricky playing type having curved topspins but slower hits and ball speeds. Fly Guy’s zone shots are Propeller Dive (Fly Guy dives forward Propeller first forwards or backwards) and Wacky Flying (Fly Guy flies in a two circles left or right). Fly Guy’s Special Shot is Tornado Slam in which Fly Guy spins his Propeller so fast it creates a tornado that pulls the ball down to in front of him. Fly Guy’s hero is Toadette and his Hero Special Shot is Fly Guy Carry where three other Fly Guys fly by, pick up Toadette, and carry her farther back on the court. If Toadette uses her Villian Shot Cancel Fly Guy will point for the other Fly Guys to come but they never do causing the Fly Guy to be embarrassed and the cutscene to end


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