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Flipnote Doodle
Official logo
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Publisher(s) Ninkancho
Genre(s) 2D animation software
Series Flipnote Studio
Predecessor Flipnote Studio 3D
Release Date(s) September 2016
Mode(s) Create Flipnote
View Flipnote
Flipnote Kumosāba

Flipnote Doodle is the third game in the Flipnote Studio series, and the sequel to Flipnote Studio 3D, released by Ninkancho to the Display in September 2016. The purpose of the app is to, in the words of a developer, "recapture the magic of the DSi's Flipnote Studio for a new audience to enjoy", and as such it does not necessarily contain features from 3D. It is a frame-by-frame flipbook-style animation program in the vein of its predecessors.

Interface style

Aiming to be a more authentic successor to the original Flipnote Studio, Flipnote Doodle has a flat, bold, more angular interface in conjunction with upscaled iconography from the former title. No gradients are used throughout the app, with a limited, flat color palette being used instead.

Flipnote creation

Flipnote Doodle uses the stylus for precision writing and drawing on the Touch Screen's canvas. On the canvas, DisplayD.png can be used for shortcuts. Pressing down plays or stops the Flipnote, and pressing left or right goes back or forward a page, or for the latter, creates a new page if at the Flipnote's end. A limited number of pages can be created, but this limit is much higher than in Flipnote Studio. The top screen displays important information such as the current tool, layer, and page number, and whether.

Pressing the FlipnoteDoodleFrog.png icon, up on DisplayD.png, or the V stylus button opens the toolbox, with three main toolsets to navigate and other menus to open. The Flipnote being edited can also be saved, shared, and exited here. Pressing Back, down on DisplayD.png, or the V stylus button again closes it.

Drawing Tools
Contains four main tools for use in drawing and erasing: the Draw tool (pencil), for points, lines, shapes, and dots; the Paint tool (brush), for dithered patterns; the Erase tool (eraser), for complete and dithered erasing; and the Fill tool (bucket), for filling enclosed spaces with a color or pattern. Pressing DisplayA.png or the Z stylus button switches between the first three tools. Pressing DisplayL.png or DisplayR.png in the toolbox changes the size and style of the tools. The Select tool in conjunction with the microphone may be used in place of the Fill tool.
Layer Tools
Shows tools for the three layers that can be shown or hidden, and whose colors can be changed. Each layer may only use one color: black/white, red/magenta, green/yellow, or blue/cyan. The color of the paper can be changed between white and black, which inverts all black/white ink, and the ink mixing can be switched between additive and subtractive, switching the other possible ink colors. The Lightbox and Copy tools can be turned on, the latter of which copies ink to newly created pages. Pressing DisplayB.png or the X stylus button switches between the layers. Pressing DisplayL.png or DisplayR.png in the toolbox allows use of the Merge tool, for merging one layer onto another, and the Draft tool which moves further drawing and erasing onto a draft layer whose visibility can be toggled.
Selection Tools
Allow for the selection and manipulation of pixels. The Select tool is for making a lasso selection, which can then be saved to and retrieved from the clipboard using the Copy and Paste tools. There are also Resize, Rotate, Skew, and Flip tools, which respectively shrink the selection, rotate it clockwise by 90 degrees, skew it rightwards by 45 degrees, and flip it horizontally, or do so to all of the ink on the layer if there is no selection. Pressing DisplayL.png or DisplayR.png in the toolbox shows the Cut tool, and makes the Resize tool expand the selection, the Rotate tool rotate it counterclockwise, Skew skew to the left, and Flip vertically flip it.
Edit Tools
A menu used to edit pages, which appear in order in a slideshow format. From here, pages and layers can be deleted and copied to the clipboard.
Camera Tools
Used to take and import photos to 1-bit dithered ink. An image's brightness, contrast, and level of dithering can be adjusted before it is added to the current layer. The image can be switched between a raster and outline style as well. If no photo is being edited, the adjustments will alter the current layer or selection instead.
Stamp Tools
Shows monochromatic stamps that can be placed onto the canvas. Stamps are unlocked by getting stars and Yeahs on uploaded Flipnotes and by scanning amiibo. A selection of stamps can be saved to a Flipnote, making sprite packs and fonts easier to share.
Sound Tools
Allows for the recording, importing, editing, and mixing of sounds and music. This menu has recieved the greatest overhaul from previous titles in the series, with effects like bitcrush, phaser, reverb, and pitchbend being applicable to sounds, and individual placements of sounds being movable and croppable.
Rumble Tools
A Display Pro exclusive, containing tools for vibrating the controller for added emphasis to loud noises and shaking visuals.
3D Tools
Changes the layers' z-position, and thus how they are rendered in 3D on the top screen, for the current page. Layers must be stacked in order from closest (1) to farthest (3), but can be a minimum distance of 0 apart.
Other main toolbox tools, including undo and redo, playing, pausing, and stopping the Flipnote, moving to the first and last page, and the Flipnote speed from 1 to 60 frames per second.


Flipnote speed can be adjusted using DisplayRP.png.

On the canvas, holding DisplayY.png and pressing left or right respectively on DisplayD.png will undo or redo.

Starting a selection within a shape and blowing into the microphone will flood fill the current pattern inside said shape.

Using DisplayD.png on a selection shifts it by a pixel at a time. Clicking DisplayLP.png or DisplayRP.png escapes the selection.

Holding the SELECT button constrains tool use to a straight line. Holding START constrains it to horizontal, vertical, and 45°-angle lines. Holding both makes the tool draw a rectangle.


Flipnote Doodle supports most amiibo for use in unlocking stamps. The stamp unlocked is based on the amiibo that is scanned. Most stamps reflect the first appearance of their respective character, and thus are in an 8- or 16-bit style.

In the following stamp images, black pixels represent the ink color of the current layer, and white pixels represent pixels that will be erased when the stamp is placed.

FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Flipnote Frog
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Draw tool
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Paint tool
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Erase tool
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Heart
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Crown
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Note
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Skull
FlipnoteDoodleFrogWhite.png Star
Amiibo Mario.pngMarAmiibo Mario.pngAmiibo GoldMario.pngAmiibo SilverMario.pngAmiibo 8BitMarioRetro.pngAmiibo 8BitMarioModern.pngGlowAmiibo Mario.png
Amiibo Peach.pngMarAmiibo Peach.pngGlowAmiibo Peach.png

Flipnote viewing

Flipnotes can be stored on the Display or sent to the cloud for personal viewing. They can be sorted into folders with custom icons, with the defaults being heart, crown, note, and skull icons like the stickers in Flipnote Studio.

Flipnote Kumosāba

Flipnotes can be uploaded to an online service called Flipnote Kumosāba (Japanese: うごメモ雲さあば Flipnote Cloud Server), the Ninkancho-managed spiritual successor service to Flipnote Hatena. Flipnotes uploaded to Flipnote Kumosāba are also linked to via Miiverse, as a user's Flipnote Kumosāba account is linked to their NNID.



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