Flat Packer is the main villain in Flat Pack Puzzler. He wields a huge weapon and wants to take over the whole of the Polyverse.


Flat Packer has red skin and wears a orange jacket and has a white belly, and a green shirt. He is rather heavy, medium height and wields a crowbar like weapon. Which has given him the puffed, stocky impression.


Flat Packer was born into a family of "Freedom Poachers" hired to clear the world from pests, now all grown up. Flat Packer has to destroy the Recto, before they defeat him.



Flat Packer sees Recto as his arch nemesis. Although Recto does try to be friendly back, Flat Packer's evil motifs shrugs him off as having no time for him and is very abruptive around him.


Flat Packer is more polite to Sabrina and feels sorry for her, or he may just be a bit of a flirt. But when Sabrina works with Recto, he then dispises her as much as Recto. With this sympathy, he enjoys trying to guilt trip her.


Flat Pack Puzzler

Flat Packer is the main villain in the game, trying to make Recto fall with the Polyverse. He summons many enemies to block Recto's path and setting Trapping Nets, which Recto must make a cube on to proceed.

Stelios Scramble

Flat Packer is a unlockable character and the one of the two playable villains. His moveset revolves around his crowbar, he his one of the slowest and heaviest characters in the game.

Jump -  Chest Puff - Flat Packer tries with all his might, but really can't get that high.

Speed - That's Bull - Flat Packet comes charging in a bull formation to the opponent.

Side - Pest Spray - FP sprays a pesticide immobilizing the foe briefly.

Protect - Crowbar Counter

Combat -

Finesher -


  • Flat Packer was originally the star of the series, but he was changed when Recto was created to add some more story to the game.
    • It is unknown if he still would of been his evil self if he was the main character, but it is assumed so.
      • Flat Packer is commonly confused as the main protagonist, due to a similar name to the games title.
  • He is never referred to as just Flat, he is always known as Flat Packer, probably telling us that Flat Packer doesn't have a second name, like how Mario and Luigi are just known as their respective names despite speculation.
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