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Flat Pack Puzzler is a 3D puzzle platformer by Fusion Entertainment. It stars a saviour of a rare species escaping the evil Flat Packer, by completing a series of puzzles. It is for the Hybrid Delta and Novaya, and is to be released in Spring 2013, with Golden Saviour being their second project later on in the year.


The menacing threat, Flat Packer captures many of the Recti, becomes their ruler, and builds walls and fortresses all around and one of the last remaining of it's kind knows it's now or never, his species is on the line and it's all down to him.

But, along the way, he finds out that he is not alone on his quest. He encounters a female with the same purpose, Sabrina. She joins him on the adventure to save their race.


There are 10 worlds in the game, with the Polyverse being the main hub. Once in a section, levels can be selected separately. Each world has 6 levels and a boss, some levels may be designated to make a certain shape.

Image Name Description Levels
Polygonopolis A once thriving city slowly declining in citizens. Save the remaining species before it's too late.


The game is a sidescrolling 3D puzzle platformer where you try to complete certain shapes to advance. Their is the possible boss with hard shapes. Water can be poured on to make a goo form to form into a different shape, like for a cone, you must multipy with start juice in some cases to complete a level, the more times you press b, the most multiplying, but too much could lower your score, and making you restart the level. If you have to restart a level when all your lives are out, it's Game Over and you will have to start from the beginning of that world. Once completing a shape, it can be used as a weapon, or smashed. Smashing earns you more of the in-game currency, Cubes (original troolol). Moulds help you be flattened to be the right shape in a piece of a certain shape before you multiply. When you are touched by a enemy, you will lose a life and have to start the level again. Unless you ram into them. After dieing 3 times on one stage, you can fire smaller cubes to destroy enemies. These can also be obtained forever from Phase 10. On harder shapes, you can scale up the parts you have already added to have a better view of the shape, like the plan view. If the cube isn't completed and goes off the screen, the level must he restarted.

At the end of each level, there is a 'Uber Cube' to complete, a much bigger shape. This one created by Flat Packer, not just his army. Once completed, enemies are released from, the center., and the more you kill, the more extra lives you will get; 10 enemies is 1 life, 20 enemies is too lives, and so on, there are 50 enemies to kill in 10 seconds, so it's extremeley hard to get 50 on each level.

In some levels, there is a Stick Mode, where you flip over on every square. In these levels, you have to unbuild the cube to unleash enemies, a boss, switches or portals, or holes. To complete cubes or destroy all enemies, you rotate with the right analought stick to get another view of the screen, and you can make Recto go there by pressing Y there.

Player One will be the male protagonist followed by a female counterpart as Player 2. A triangle figure met in Polygonopolis called Triad will give you advice and tips on certain levels, either before during or after.

Each enemy's killing pattern could vary as kicking on some can damage your 4 quarter square health bar which can also end your level. Once enemies are defeated, 1-3 Mini Cubes will be able to collect left behind.

The camera being automatically viewed from top left, it has to be changed if you want your cube to survive.


In total their are 20 enemies in the game. They appear randomly throughout each levels, with some more common than others.

Image Name Description How it's defeated
Baticies Baticies will latch onto the corner of a shape and slowly nibble to the middle, flying around and moving onto the next one. Fire 3 Mini Cubes or jump on it once climbing a side of a cube.

Boxing Pests

With their boxing glove appearance, Boxing Pests will keep punching square by square to make the shape more unstable.

Can be kicked or jumped on easily.

Mecha Brat

These heavy-duty enemies may be small, however they can be an annoyance, charging into shapes and rolling straight at Recto. For a newer player Mecha Brats can serve as the first real threat in the level.

Can be pushed into a pit or molded into the shape.

Slave Lifter Bot

Small robots with two lifting planks to take small cubes away from the shapes, the cubes get bigger when more is taken away.

Can be pushed into a pit or hit from behind to deactivate, but will come back after 10 seconds. These appears in The Factory set of levels, and star in every level following that.


Cute, cat-like creatures with a flaming torch on their heads, which they can use to melt molds. Don't let their cute look deceive you, these creatures can be annoying to take out in battle.

Can be pushed into a pit or can be kicked.

Catnap Catorches

Sleeping Catorches that get into the way while they have their sleep. They are more of a nuisance rather than an enemy, and can be easily taken out because they are mainly idle.

Can be pushed into a pit or can be kicked.

Chubby Catorches

Large Catorches are slower and obese which are most likely too chubby to push down a pit. They can be killed by getting kicked several times.

Can be kicked several times.


Small robotic devices who take away cubes one by one.

Kicked, to turn upside down, then jumped on.


W shaped enemies lay on their side, who smash cubes down.

Kicked to lay flat and be jumped on.


Small, pig shaped enemies, they latch onto a cube and start eating it slowly, but gradually builds up.

Kicked, jumped on.


These cubes like to blend in and just be pests!

Knocked off the cube.

Squid. E

Small E shaped squids to just love being a cute little pest. They want to latch onto a cube and gnaw on it.

Kicked, jumped on.


A subspecies of Hogger which are generally faster, are larger than regular Hoggers and have red skin.

Kicked off cliff, jumped on twice.


T shaped small drills which will slowly bisect their way through a part of the cube

Jumped on, kicked.


V shaped multicoloured tornadoes which spin around changing their height in anyway to suck you or Mini Cubes in their top.

Fire multiple mini cubes, kicked off cliff.

Brainwashed Recti

Brainwashed Recti who walk slow but are good at crushing cubes.

Kicked, jumped on.


In total, their are 10 bosses for the 10 worlds, each have a unique defeating method.

Image Name Description How it's defeated
Draco A fierce red baby dragon has fire, a tail and his puny hands to defend. He is checkered black and white to fit in with the colourful Swirling Madhouse Room. Destroying all 6 sections of him, tail and head.
Mr. Fish A gullible guppy will do anything to protect his cube. Trap him in 3 cubes his size.
Mega Wusher

A huge Wusher who can smash down whole rows of cubes.

Trap him in cubes that are a row tall 3 times.
Mega Hogger Eating rows and columns of cubes now? This pig is sure a big hungry pig! Trap his mouth and jump on him 3 times.


These can be achieved when a cube is completed without mistake or interruption, they may be hidden around the cube and can be carried over to the next level. They are activated by walking into them and last until you are hit by a enemy or fail to complete a cube in time and a game over occurs.


  • Stelios7 (tbc) thought of the basic concept at school when drawing (yes, Stiliose drawing trolo) cubes and other shapes with arms and a face.
  • It was intended to be Steli's last original game for a while... but still many more came.
    • But a OC (Graphite Wars) was later merged with Flat Pack Puzzler with it's sequel.