Flame Football: UEFA Euro 2012 is a upcoming sports game made by Flame Sports and published by Flame Games. The game is for Flame Bomb, Flame Xtreme, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360. It features all the sides in qualifying, as well as the hosts.


UEFA Euro 2012

Story of the Euros

Euro 2008 Qualifying

Home Team Score Away Team User Team Time Group Information Points
Finland Finland 0-1 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Finland Finland 63:00 A Finland are losing to minnows Azerbaijan, the Fins need a win to keep qualification a possibility. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 5
France France 0-1 Scottish Flag Scotland France France 64:00 B McFadden has just scored a screamer for Scotland, the French need to win to stay ahead of the Scots in the group. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia 2-2 Turkey Turkey Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia 89:00 C The Bosnia and Herzegovina are drawing with the Turks. A win is vital for both teams. Will anyone nick the points. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 2
San Marino San Marino 0-11 Germany Germany Germany Germany 85:00 D The Germans are hammering San Marino 11-0 away. San Marino are on course for their biggest loss ever. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Make the score at least 16-0
English Flag England 2-2 Croatia Croatia Croatia Croatia 65:00 E England are heading to the European Championships, with a draw. However if they concede they are out, due to Russia beating minnows Andorra. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 2
Northern Irish Flag Northern Ireland 1-2 Spain Flag Spain Northern Irish Flag Northern Ireland 52:00 F Spain have just taken the lead in Belfast. Northern Ireland are looking for their first points in qualifying. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 2
Netherlands Netherlands 1-0 Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg 45:00 G The Netherlands are leading Luxembourg at half-time - can the Luxembourgers turn the game around. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 2

Euro 2008

User Team Score CPU Team Time Round Information Points
Turkey Turkey 0-2 Czech Republic Czech Republic 62:00 Group A The Czechs have gone 2-0 up. Both sides need to win if they are going to qualify for the Quarter-Finals. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 3
Poland Poland 1-0 Austria Austria 90:00 Group B Poland are leading going into the last minute, can they keep the lead with Austrian pressure. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 1
Italy Italy 0-2 Netherlands Netherlands 45:00 Group C Italy are 2-0 down against the Netherlands. Can they back to win? 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 3
Greece Greece 1-0 Spain Flag Spain 45:00 Group D Can the reigning European Champions, Greece, hold their lead? 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 1
Turkey Turkey 0-1 Croatia Croatia 120:00 Quarter-Finals Can the Turks comeback in two minutes to put them into the Semi-Finals 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Win before Penalties
Germany Germany 2-2 Turkey Turkey 86:00 Semi-Final With the game going into Extra Time, can the Germans win the match. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Win before Penalties
Germany Germany 0-1 Spain Flag Spain 75:00 Final Can the Germans turn the final on its head? 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Win before Penalties

Euro 2012 Qualifying

Home Team Score Away Team User Team Time Group Information Points
Irish Flag Ireland 0-3 Russia Flag Russia Irish Flag Ireland 50:00 B Russia has just scored to put them 3-0 up against Ireland. Ireland need at least a draw to keep in touch with Russia at the top of the group. 200 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Win
100 - Score 3
Estonia Estonia 0-1 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 85:00 C Underdogs the Faroe Islands are leading against Estonia, the Faroes haven't got a qualifying point in two years. Can they hold out? 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Concede no more goals
Georgia Georgia 0-0 Malta Malta Georgia Georgia 89:00 F Malta are on their way to a shock draw with Georgia. Malta haven't won a qualifying match for almost seven years and are looking like they could win the match. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Get No More Yellow Cards
Portugal Portugal 4-3 Cyprus Cyprus Cyprus Cyprus 60:00 H Cyprus have shocked Portugal and have lead the game. Portugal have forgot back to lead the match, but the Cypriots won't want to lie down. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 3 goals
Scottish Flag Scotland 1-1 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Scottish Flag Scotland 90:00 I Liechtenstein have been pulled level by the Scots, Scotland are pushing pressure onto the Liechtenstein defence. Scotland need a winner to avoid a shock draw. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 2 goals
Scottish Flag Scotland 0-2 Spain Flag Spain Scottish Flag Scotland 55:00 I Spain have just gone two up against the Scots. Scotland have a good record against the bigger sides and will want to maintain that record. 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 4 goals
Spain Flag Spain 0-1 Czech Republic Czech Republic Spain Flag Spain 65:00 I David Villa is a goal away from being his country's top scorer, but the team talk hasn't worked yet after the Czech's 1-0 lead, maybe the Czech's Good Days are back? 200 - Score and David Villa and Win
100 - Score As David Villa
100 - Win
English Flag England 0-2 Switzerland Switzerland English Flag England 45:00 G England have fumbled two easy goals in, so Ashley Young comes on at Half-time, can he make a impact on the Game?! 200 - Score and Ashley Young and Win
100 - Win
100 - Draw
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 2-0 Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania 60:00 I Liechtenstein came so close against Scotland, now they lead Lithuania 2-0 at home. Lithuania need to win to avoid being the reality of not qualifying for Euro 2012... 200 - Win
100 - Avoid Defeat
100 - Score 4 Goals.

Change the Past

Capitan the Nation

Online Euros


All the 53 UEFA Member nations appear in the game.


Game Icon Flag Team Qualifying Group Finals Group Rating Main Rival Wins Finals Description
Croatia Flame Icon Croatia Croatia F 4.5 Serbia 0 3
Czech Flame Icon Czech Republic Czech Republic I 4.5 Germany 1[CZE 1] 7[CZE2 1]
Denmark Flame Icon Denmark Denmark H 4 Sweden 1 7[DEN 1]
England Flame Icon English Flag England G 5 Germany 0 7 England have only won one major tournament - the World Cup - and that was over 44 years ago. The English have strong rivalries with Germany, Scotland and France.
France Flame Icon France France D 5 Italy 2 7
Germany Flame Icon Germany Germany A 5 Netherlands 3[GER 1] 10[GER2 1]
Greece Flame Icon Greece Greece F 4 Turkey 1 3 The Greeks won glory in 2004 and are hoping to emulate their success in their 4th European Championships.
Italy Flame Icon Italy Italy C 5 France 1 7
Netherlands Flame Icon Netherlands Netherlands E 5 Germany 1 8
Poland Flame Icon Poland Poland none (Hosts) 3.5 Germany 0 1
Portugal Flame Icon Portugal Portugal H 4.5 Spain 0 5
Ireland Flame Icon Irish Flag Republic of Ireland B 4 England 0 1 The Republic of Ireland have only played in one European Championship, however they have made the quarter-finals of the World Cup, in 1990. They're biggest rivals are England and Northern Ireland.
Russia Flame Icon Russia Flag Russia B 4 Ukraine 1[RUS 1] 9[RUS2 1]
Spain Flame Icon Spain Flag Spain I 5 Portugal 1 8
Sweden Flame Icon Sweden Sweden E 4 Denmark 0 4
Ukraine Flame Icon Ukraine Ukraine none (Hosts) 3.5 Russia 0 0

Didn't Qualify

Game Icon Flag Team Group Rating Main Rival Wins Finals Description
Norway Flame Icon Norway Norway H 4 Sweden 0 1
NIreland Flame Icon Northern Irish Flag Northern Ireland C 3 Republic of Ireland 0 0 Northern Ireland have never qualified for the European Championship finals. The Northern Irish have a strong rivalry with the Republic of Ireland and England
Scotland Flame Icon Scottish Flag Scotland I 3.5 England 0 2 Scotland have played in 10 final tournaments (Euro's - 2; World Cup - 8), but have never passed the first round. The Scots have a rivalry with England.
Serbia Flame Icon Serbia Serbia C 4 Croatia 0 5[SRB 1]
Turkey Flame Icon Turkey Turkey A 4 Greece 0 3
Wales Flame Icon Welsh Flag Wales G 2 England 0 0 The Welsh have only played at one World Cup. They've never qualified for the European Championships. They have a rivalry with England.
Belgium Flame Icon Belgium Belgium A 3.5 Netherlands 0 4
Finland Flame Icon Finland Finland E 3 Sweden 0 0
Hungary Flame Icon Hungary Hungary E 3.5 Romania 0 2
Iceland Flame Icon Iceland Iceland H 2 Norway 0 0
Israel Flame Icon Israel Israel F 3 Iran 0 0
San Marino Flame Icon San Marino San Marino E 0.5 Italy 0 0
Andorra Flame Icon Andorra Andorra B 0.5 Spain 0 0
Montenegro Flame Icon Montenegro Montenegro G 4 Croatia 0 0
Switzerland Flame Icon Switzerland Switzerland G 3.5 Italy 0 3
Faroes Flame Icon Faroe Islands Faroe Islands C 1 Denmark 0 0
Malta Flame Icon Malta Malta F 0.5 Cyprus 0 0
Luxembourg Flame Icon Luxembourg Luxembourg D 0.5 Belgium 0 0
Azerbaijan Flame Icon Azerbaijan Azerbaijan A 1.5 Armenia 0 0
Liechtenstein Flame Icon Liechtenstein Liechtenstein I 1 Switzerland 0 0
Georgia Flame Icon Georgia Georgia F 2 Russia 0 0
Moldova Flame Icon Moldova Moldova E 3 Russia 0 0
Kazakhstan Flame Icon Kazakhstan Kazakhstan A 0.5 Russia 0 0
Armenia Flame Icon Armenia Armenia B 1.5 Azerbaijan 0 0
Estonia Flame Icon Estonia Estonia C 2.5 Russia 0 0
Lativa Flame Icon Latvia Latvia F 2.5 Lithuania 0 1
Lithuania Flame Icon Lithuania Lithuania I 2.5 Latvia 0 0
Albania Flame Icon Albania Albania D 2.5 Greece 0 0
Austria Flame Icon Austria Austria A 3.5 Germany 0 1
Belarus Flame Icon Belarus Belarus D 2.5 Russia 0 0
Bosnia Flame Icon Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina D 3.5 Serbia 0 0
Bulgaria Flame Icon Bulgaria Bulgaria G 3.5 Romania 0 2
Cyprus Flame Icon Cyprus Cyprus H 3 Turkey 0 0
Macedonia Flame Icon Macedonia Macedonia B 3.5 Greece 0 0
Romania Flame Icon Romania Romania D 4 Hungary 0 4
Slovakia Flame Icon Slovakia Slovakia B 3.5 Czech Republic 0 0
Slovenia Flame Icon Slovenia Slovenia C 3.5 Croatia 0 1


  • Britain
    • England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  • Former-USSR
    • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
  • European Union
    • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Wales
  • English-Speaking
    • England, Ireland, Malta, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  • German-Speaking
    • Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg
  • French-Speaking
    • Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Non-UEFA Nations

Flag Team Rating Main Rival Description
Guernsey England
Gibraltar England
Greenland Denmark
Isle of Man England
Kosovo Albania
Jersey England
Monaco France
Vatican City Italy


Notes on Wins

  1. Including 2 as West Germany
  1. Including 1 as the USSR
  1. Including 1 as Czechoslovakia

Notes on Qualifications

  1. Including 5 as West Germany
  1. Including 5 as the USSR and 1 as the CIS
  1. Including 3 as Czechoslovakia
  1. Including 5 as Yugoslavia
  1. Including 1 when they appeared due to War in Yugoslavia


All the stadiums from the final tournament will be in the game.

Stadium City Nation Capacity Football Use
Olympic Stadium Kiev Ukraine 70,050 none
National Stadium Warsaw Poland 58,145 national stadium
Donbass Arena Donetsk Ukraine 51,504 FC Shakhtar Donetsk
PGE Arena Gdańsk Poland 44,636 Lechia Gdańsk
Municipal Stadium Wrocław Poland 44,416 Śląsk Wrocław
Municipal Stadium Poznań Poland 43,090 Lech Poznań & Warta Poznań
Metalist Stadium Kharkiv Ukraine 38,863 Metalist Kharkiv
Arena Lviv Lviv Ukraine 34,915 none
Camp Nou Barcelona Spain 99,354 FC Barcelona
Wembley Stadium London England 90,000 national stadium
Stade de France Saint-Denis France 81,338 national stadium
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Madrid Spain 81,254 Real Madrid
Signal Iduna Park Dortmund Germany 80,720 Borussia Dortmund
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza Milan Italy 80,065 AC Milan & Internazionale
Luzhniki Stadium Moscow Russia 78,360 PFC CSKA Moscow, FC Spartak Moscow & national stadium
Old Trafford Manchester England 75,957 Manchester United
Atatürk Olympic Stadium Istanbul Turkey 75,145 Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor
Millennium Stadium Cardiff Wales 74,500 national stadium
Puskás Ferenc Stadion Budapest Hungary 68,976 national stadium
Hampden Park Glasgow Scotland 52,063 Queens Park & national stadium
Aviva Stadium Dublin Ireland 51,700 national stadium
Estádio da Luz Benfica Portugal 65,647 SL Benfica


Type FX Pts Name Description
PS3 Plat 1000 European Champion Win the all the Trophies in the game.
PS3 Gold 155 Online European Champion Win the European Championships online.
PS3 Gold 155 ½ Star Glory Win the European Championships online with a ½ star team.
PS3 Silver 75 1-2 Star Glory Win the European Championships online with a 1-2 star team.
PS3 Silver 75 European Championship Winner Win the European Championships.
PS3 Bronze 25 Spanish Beater Beat Spain.
PS3 Bronze 25 Greek Beater Beat Greece.
PS3 Bronze 25 French Beater Beat France.
PS3 Bronze 25 German Beater Beat Germany.
PS3 Bronze 25 Danish Beater Beat Denmark.
PS3 Bronze 25 Classic Winner Beat West Germany, USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.
PS3 Bronze 25 Host the Euros Win the bidding to host the Euros in Change the Past.
PS3 Bronze 25 Home Nations Beater Beat all the home-nations
PS3 Secret Secret Trophy ???
PS3 Secret Secret Trophy ???
PS3 Secret Secret Trophy ???
PS3 Secret Secret Trophy ???
PS3 Secret Secret Trophy ???

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