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Flame Chomp
Dino Rhino
A Flame Chomp
Species Origin Chain Chomp
Alignment Neutral

Flame Chomps (also called Fire Chomps) are airborne Chain Chomps that have fireballs for tails. They first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3, normally in sky levels. They fly around Mario, attempting to hit him with the Fireballs that make up its tail by spitting them at the plumber. If all of its fireballs are used up, it will begin flying around Mario faster while flashing, exploding afterward. Unlike Chain Chomps however, Flame Chomps can be defeated with most attacks, including jumps and Fireballs from Fire Mario.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Maker Chi

Flame Chomps are enemies in Super Mario Maker Chi and are introduced for the first time in the series along with four new sub species. Freeze Chomps fire iceballs that freeze Mario, Superball Chomps fire off Superballs, Dirt Chomps shoot rolling dirt balls, and Volt Chomps fire direct bolt projectiles.