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FlameKing Enterprises
Type of Company Video Game Company
Founder(s) FlameKing6789
Founded at/in July 2nd, 2015
Headquarters West Virginia
Area(s) Served America, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Eruope, PAL Regions
Owner(s) FlameKing6789
No. of Employee(s) FlameKing6789
Predecessor TTY Inc.
Parent Company Nintendo

FlameKing Enterprises is a gaming company currently owned by Nintendo, and is constantly developing new games for the Nintendo Switch. There are also current plans for a system currently known as "Project: Volcano", which is to be revealed for E3 Consoles. It was founded by FlameKing, who is also the current C.E.O. of the company. Anyone who wants to, as the template at the top says, anyone who wants to join can by contacting the FlameKing.

Bowser Jr., Mario Party 9ALL HAIL THE FLAME KING!!!SquirtleByxous54

Current Projects

These are the games that are currently confirmed to be in the works and will be listed in order of planned release.

Game Description Release Date Platform(s)
Request34a-Pokemon NatureRequest34b-Pokemon Fire

Request34c-Pokemon Aqua

The first home console Pokémon games, introducing Generation VIII, which comes with the Sondar Region and two new typings, Robotic and Sound, to mix up your whole game! Late Feb.-Early Mar. 2018 Nintendo Switch
SonicTimeLogo A new fast-paced Sonic game, this one returning to the Adventure-style formula of having friends join the adventure too, while keeping the Boost Formula we all know and love. April 14th, 2018 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Glassbox
MarioKartChallengeLogo Enjoy a new racing experience with Mario as you drive, fly, dive, alter gravity, and grind your way to the finish line! This time it includes the best roster of characters yet, along with fun tracks and battle mode! Summer 2018 Nintendo Switch
ControversyLogo A Smash game that everyone can love and enjoy. A whole new roster of the greatest all-stars yet is bound to get anyone excited for this controversal battle of the ages! Summer 2018 Nintendo Switch



O.I.B. stands for Online Information Blog. See FlameKing Enterprises/List of O.I.B.s for more on this subject.

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